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Purple Thoughts

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PinnedHot09 21 14 Vikings @ Saints gameday thread

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323 2343 Proudhorn Today 5:24 PM
by: dtviking88

PinnedPredict the Score - Week 3

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

The Vikings travel to New Orleans to take on the Saints at Noon CST this Sunday. Reply with your

40 658 jarheadvikesfan Today 7:41 AM
by: Vikagra

PinnedBYOB: Week 3 - Vikings @ Saints

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

There were 73 players for week 2 and an average score of 3.96 due to the unfortunate situation

42 551 silverjoel Today 3:17 PM
by: silverjoel

Pinned11th Annual Wolverine End of the Year Prediction Contest

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

That's right my Viking Sisters and Brothers from other Mothers, it is that time of year again.

46 1612 Wolverine 9/16/14 11:59 AM
by: NHesterly

Bad Signing: Kyle Rudolph Addition

Kyle Rudolph is really over rated.  I think Spielman will look bad signing this guy long term to

5 443 GVvike Today 5:28 PM
by: mtvikeguy

Draft 2015

I absolutely love the running back from Wisconsin...Melvin Gordan. He would be a late first

0 2 NMVike Today 5:28 PM
by: NMVike

Positives from this game....

This will be short...unfortunately.... 1. Teddy gets some play time....mixed reviews, only

0 4 OregonViking Today 5:27 PM
by: OregonViking


Didn't see the game. Like the comments about his poise. Question: does he play fast?

15 443 Prospectsrising Today 5:27 PM
by: PJM3414

I like Teddy but this season is over

a joke of a running game and a lousy o line will doom us

9 675 Brett10 Today 5:23 PM
by: minnesotaheel

Ugh....7 quarters, no td's.

We can all guess the reasons correctly - reason 1 is OL. We can't replace em all in one year,

5 251 purplefaithful Today 5:20 PM
by: RS Express

Cassel: multiple fractures in foot

Teddy Time now

13 1485 Vikingmac28 Today 5:20 PM
by: AustralianVike

Our offensive line needs to be fixed...and NOW....CJ is awful.

I taped the game and watched, at this point, only the Vikings' offensive plays. The line is weak

4 253 OregonViking Today 5:20 PM
by: dano75

We can't keep starting Asiata

27 carries 81 yards 3 yards a carry.This needs to change

6 320 willbjammin66 Today 5:20 PM
by: NMVike

they didnt play that poorly after it was 13-0

I mean it looked like it could have been  38-0 or something at the half......with a quarterback

6 266 VikingScott62 Today 5:19 PM
by: BStads1

Our next draft needs to focus on a rb out of..............


5 114 Brett10 Today 5:17 PM

Asiata too slow, McKinnon can't get a yard after contact do

give Banyard a chance. Asiata and McKinnon are role players but we need someone with

7 300 Orevike Today 5:17 PM
by: lunas

Our replacement for Peterson....he can do it again!!!

What we need is a replacement for AP.....and here he is....some of you might remember who

14 1452 OregonViking Today 5:07 PM
by: cacophonix

Is it Tebow time?

Cassel is done. Teddy should play until he gets hurt.......which I predict he will So, do

11 354 Wasco Today 5:00 PM
by: greatvikenorth

So we're 1 snap from Ponder saving our season...cough cough


3 138 PurpleNJersey1 Today 4:58 PM
by: millardaholic

Per NFL Network(Ian Rapoport)

Multiple Pages 1 2 

RB Adrian Peterson’s legal team is pushing for an expedited trial, rather than have it next

21 2248 willbjammin66 Today 4:54 PM
by: vikergirl

The defense played fine? Give me a BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No reasonable person would say our defense played fine.  Yeah, the point total wasn't so bad,

6 360 Wasco Today 4:52 PM
by: drink

1 for 8 in #1 picks the last 4 years!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

We have had 8 #1  picks since 2011. One is a stud The rests........are duds! Ponder- bust

23 1034 Wasco Today 4:50 PM
by: Viper05

Teddy Era Begins Next Sunday...

I can't wait to see what happens now that he will get a full week of practice. Falcons will

7 562 rowjo7 Today 4:46 PM
by: purplefaithful


Captain after the game going over to Brees and sucking him off. Brees acted like a ******** baby

7 689 Vikings66 Today 4:36 PM
by: KayRoc

No Offensive Line, No Running Game & No Verticle Passing

Top  draft here we come...

13 476 kryde Today 4:25 PM
by: kryde

Defense was not the problem

Other than the first two drives the defense did pretty well considering the firepower of the

3 158 Ikaikavike Today 4:24 PM
by: Wasco


so its ok your guys hit us late in bounty butt will cant sack you..............

12 860 Dadthegreat Today 4:23 PM
by: FLVike

Can Turner Establish A Running Game Without AP

Turner has to show today if he can make the adjustment and come out running the football with

11 460 sandollor3 Today 4:19 PM
by: bayouvikings

If we can somehow be 2-2 after this stretch without our best

player I will be satisfied. I am also thinking we may again be in one of the NFL's most

0 110 Orevike Today 4:18 PM
by: Orevike

What a stupid penalty slamming Brees

Sacked for a big loss on 3rd and 14. Instead of getting off the field and getting the ball back

12 1098 NJVikesfan Today 4:16 PM
by: FLVike

hit him again and harder!!!

bogus call

13 827 mnboy Today 4:13 PM
by: drink

Worse than last year!

Despite dumping a horrible coaching staff, benching a bad QB, hiring a new coaching staff,

10 584 Wasco Today 3:55 PM
by: tavike

Matt Cassell's Horrific Stat

He's the first QB since before 2000 that hasn't completed a SINGLE pass downfield past 10 yards

11 760 CanadaVike Today 3:54 PM
by: WindyCityViking

We stood up even after the week we've had

I think this Team is going to be fine under Zimmer and with Teddy at QB.

8 468 willbjammin66 Today 3:46 PM
by: NJVikesfan

I thought Norv was an offensive guru?

Keep feeding Asiata and ignoring Patterson.

8 529 Bikeironmuscle Today 3:46 PM
by: GVvike

Robert Blanton is horrible

I've never seen a worse starting db. Blanton can't cover, can't tackle, and looked stupid the

4 342 backdoctor1 Today 3:45 PM
by: RS Express

For those of you who have been to Gopher stadium

Is it really a home field advantage,  Can it get loud enough in there to disrupt the opposing

1 94 tavike Today 3:40 PM
by: WindyCityViking

Just imagine how bad Yankee must be if he isn't playing


0 84 WindyCityViking Today 3:34 PM
by: WindyCityViking

PollWhy is the Vikings Offense so Objectively Putrid?

0 170 drink Today 3:30 PM
by: drink

Khalil, Rhodes and Floyd

Multiple Pages 1 2 

All 3 look borderline at this point. Will be a big setback if all 3 turn out to be mediocre

20 1332 Viper05 Today 3:24 PM
by: backdoctor1
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