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Purple Thoughts

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Patterson as RB

Just caught the end today of PA in the am show, KFAN.  Said tomorrow when he has CP on, will

7 210 avguy Today 1:22 PM
by: hauts81

This board is infested with liars.

Last march most of the posters here were extremely excited about our new coaching staff.  They

9 626 SkolVike Today 1:20 PM
by: Powerviking

HotTeddy's stats so far

Multiple Pages 1 2 


30 1379 willbjammin66 Today 1:17 PM
by: jkuet21226

HotZimmer; defensive guru?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Yah right! !!!

28 1425 Bikeironmuscle Today 1:16 PM
by: tavike

Play of the game : 4th and 20

Obviously had we stopped them on that play we win the game and the attitude is decidedly

13 793 dave33outlaw Today 1:11 PM
by: taz24

HotAfter today, Teddy is now the LOWEST rated QB in the NFL

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

Just posting the facts. I hope this was not another miss in drafting a QB for this team.

115 2471 Wasco Today 1:06 PM
by: jimlash

Running game better without AD?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Very impressed by our running game overall. We Avg 4.6yds and 125yds per game this season

22 580 Wasco Today 1:05 PM
by: Wasco

Offensive Rankings thus far

Despite the  34points against STL and the 41 against ATL: we are the 30th ranked offense in

2 60 Wasco Today 1:03 PM
by: Wasco

Teddy has my support

I'm very proud of the way Teddy rebounded after throwing his second int. I know many here are

4 158 mtvikeguy Today 12:54 PM
by: Purple Berserker

Bridgewater Deer in Headlights Look...

Did anyone see the deer in headlights look on Bridgewater face when they showed him on

9 1310 cacophonix Today 12:51 PM
by: 94east

Patterson Kept Teddy's First Touch Down

Ball.  Did anyone else catch that?  Losing respect for Patterson every sunday.

11 1546 GVvike Today 12:45 PM
by: Purple Berserker

OL injuries

Any word on the new OL injuries yet?    I didn't get to see the game (perhaps for the best with

1 94 Flosser Today 12:36 PM
by: 2012mom

You Negative Nellies are hillarious....

Myths: its all Teddy's fault, Turner can't call a good game, Zimmer doesn't know how to run a

16 768 vikingvick Today 12:24 PM
by: 2012mom

2012 Draft Review - look at 31 other teams drafts vs. Vikings

There's not a GM out there that doesn't do the EXACT same thing that Minnesota did in the 2012

2 229 SFVikeFan Today 12:17 PM
by: ForgetU

Zimmer asked his RBs to average 3 yards after contact on Sunday.

Mike Zimmer asked his RBs to average 3 yards after contact on Sunday. Jerick McKinnon delivered

3 437 Proudhorn Today 12:09 PM
by: ForgetU

Pollhypothetical.....would you want Cutler if available

6 257 vikingfan52 Today 12:09 PM
by: Bawookles

OT...Tubby Smith wipe out

3 219 vikingfan52 Today 11:58 AM
by: PurplePounding

HotSo Spielman haters.....Who,pray tell,do you replace Rick with?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Fran Foley off the scrap heap? I love his pick of the New Mexico center. The NFL's first 6-7

53 1281 Orevike Today 11:36 AM
by: PurpleWarrior

Matt Kalil was a bad pick, but would others have screwed it up?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Suppose the Vikings hadn't taken him?  Were other teams onto him?  Would he have tumbled down

21 1019 Vikings11111 Today 11:32 AM
by: SemperFeist

Honest Headline

4 320 TheMongoose Today 11:23 AM
by: nawlinsvike

When is Rudolph coming back?

Anybody know? Perhaps he could give the offense a shot in the arm...

7 388 turnedtothepurpleside4 Today 11:11 AM
by: MrBadgernath

New stadium - sun blinding

Hope we were smart and won't have what Dallas has. That has to be the worst planning ever.

3 572 WindyCityViking Today 11:08 AM
by: HornyNick

Watch for Teddy to shred Tampa

Detroit and Buffalo have probly 2 of the top 3 defensive lines and we have a horrible offensive

2 189 ULTIMATECARDSFAN57 Today 11:08 AM
by: BurntPackerDBs84

Just rewatched the game, some bright spots!

Just watched the game again, just to get a 2nd look without the emotions involved. We did

7 1550 Wasco Today 10:46 AM
by: rooscooter

I hate to rain on your parade

Now what are we gonna do?? Game over man, game over! As stated by Bill Paxson in

5 552 taz24 Today 10:17 AM
by: omyshoes

Some here need a new team, good riddance

Posted this in another thread but here is my take on the team and this board: There is merit

18 942 plunderingpurple Today 10:13 AM
by: vikingfan52

I just want to see Bridgewater survive--physically and mentally.

I think he may be our QB of the future but he's been thrown into an ugly scenario due to

11 489 bushmaster Today 10:06 AM
by: Flosser

Name One Team Who...

Name one team who lost their.... Starting QB Starting RB Starting TE Starting RT Guard

10 916 acqb65 Today 9:47 AM
by: acqb65

So much trading for CJ Spiller

Also noticed Zac Stacy wasn't used yesterday. Must be trade bait as well now. Also Patriots

0 132 Proudhorn Today 9:45 AM
by: Proudhorn

Was Barr Zimmer or Spiman's pick?

I have a feeling Zimmer lobbied hard for Barr, yet Spielman will get the credit for the pick.

10 870 Bikeironmuscle Today 9:45 AM
by: Purple Berserker

Analysis for your eyes & ears

analysis For your ears:… For your eyes:

0 240 Proudhorn Today 9:25 AM
by: Proudhorn

Kalil's feet are still left tackle quality but he has no

functional upper body strength. Also, really concerned about his comment about having

13 1120 Orevike Today 8:53 AM
by: Studwellisgod

Just got back from Buffalo

That was a long 7 hour drive back to Ohio. Just a few observations... There was a lot of

8 1324 Vikingmac28 Today 8:46 AM
by: vikingfan52

ReFo: Vikings @ Bills, Week 7

ReFo: Vikings @ Bills, Week 7

4 291 Proudhorn Today 8:45 AM
by: PurplePounding

HotIt doesn't even bother me anymore!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

What does it mean when I really don't care too much anymore?

30 1196 royalpurple Today 8:39 AM
by: MisplacedViking

Predict the Score - Week 7 Results

We had 32 players participate in the Week 7 Predict the Score Contest. Congratulations to

0 37 jarheadvikesfan Today 8:31 AM
by: jarheadvikesfan

A Lot of ya'll are missing it

1 - Viking Fans have a right to be negative and post what they want.... you have the freedom

4 367 TimSC Today 7:19 AM
by: surfnw

Hot#1 Reason why a baby nursery is better than Purple Thoughts

Multiple Pages 1 2 

forum. With almost 100% certainty, all the regular visitors to a baby nursery will eventually

25 743 nordicvike Today 6:37 AM
by: royalpurple

teddy teddy teddy

Who are the losing I'd get fans going to chant for when they realize this junior college wannabe

11 1174 MV1967 Today 6:37 AM
by: mrflynn

Vikings/49ers 1985

I'm looking for any pics from this game played in the season opener of 1985.  Curious if anyone

7 302 TecmoBowler Today 6:35 AM
by: TecmoBowler
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