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Purple Thoughts

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Captain Munnerlyn got food poisoning after Sunday's game.

Captain Munnerlyn got food poisoning after Sunday's game. Said he feels better today. Should

5 301 Proudhorn Today 12:54 PM
by: PurpleNGold98

is Brady the Great done?

Are we seeing the end of the Tom Brady era. Two picks, one stripped ball yesterday. Not a lot of

2 73 vikingfan52 Today 12:52 PM
by: PurpleNGold98

Vikings defensive matchup with Green Bay

Is it me or do our corners match up well with the Packer receivers?  I think the Vikings have to

4 250 KTM300SIXDAYS Today 12:51 PM
by: PurpleNGold98

What's going on with Scott Crichton?

Barr, Bridgewater, McKinnon all are key contributors and I see Wooten and Johnson being worked

10 900 NYPurplePeopleEater Today 12:50 PM
by: vikingfan52

OT: Thoughts on Kyle Orton

Just curious as BUffalo becomes the latest team to turn to this guy.  What about him is so

11 322 rossbach1 Today 12:50 PM
by: retroviking

can you believe the Raiders fire

Coach Allen. I am kidding on the can you believe. Kind of surprised they let him coach this

3 152 vikingfan52 Today 12:45 PM
by: vikingfan52

Spielman's moves as GM

Rick was promoted to GM in 2012.  Prior to that he was part of a TOA, as VP of Player Personnel.

0 40 SFVikeFan Today 12:40 PM
by: SFVikeFan

AD eyeing baseball career with Twins?

Terry Ryan thinks he could be a pretty good switch hitter!

14 1292 hauts81 Today 12:36 PM
by: hauts81

Bridgewater should not play under any circumstances

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Bridgewater and AD should be a package deal. If AD is out then Bridgewater should be out

78 2807 vikingjedi Today 12:36 PM
by: boognish1

The My Cup Is 1/2 Full Mentality

1/2 empty, 1/2 full, it means you still have a long ways to go. How about my cup runnith

2 161 bongbreath Today 12:29 PM
by: bongbreath

Silver Linings Playbook--Vikings style

I haven't posted much, between being so busy with work and everyday life, and just feeling a

9 792 KnowledgeVike Today 12:18 PM
by: PurplePounding

No Greenway

No problem. Always been a favorite of mine. Are his days numbered?

18 1056 MadtownVike Today 12:16 PM
by: LongCobra

HotOT: Gardy out as Twins manager

Multiple Pages 1 2 

per KFAN.

31 1563 skolminded Today 12:09 PM
by: hauts81

HotBrian Robison....watched him closely yesterday

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Brian Robison, someone mentioned him the other day, as a weak link in our pass rush. I supported

32 2076 OregonViking Today 12:05 PM
by: PurplePounding

HotStart Ponder Rest Teddy! CP7 !

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Ponder has beaten the packers in a must win game with the playoffs on the line!! This game

43 1633 CC Today 12:01 PM
by: PurpleWarrior


Marvel releases images of new female Thor

17 1229 plunderingpurple Today 11:53 AM
by: plunderingpurple

9 1/2 point dogs to the Packers

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Interesting, think we can score against their defense, and we should be able to apply qb

24 1840 vikewiser Today 11:51 AM
by: DBurzon

Jarius Wright - possible reason for not being as involved

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I may be off base with this but does anyone else notice that Jarius Wright doesn't do a great

36 3014 MindTheGap Today 11:28 AM
by: sfvikes

Green Bay Defense

Look for the Packers defense to throw some goofy blitzes at Teddy and send Peppers &

13 1004 Viking7271 Today 11:24 AM
by: royalpurple

MOVED: 1 for 8 in #1 picks the last 4 years!

- - - -

FCC unanimously strikes down blackout rule

“This is a historic day for sports fans,” Sports Fans Coalition chairman

0 232 hauts81 Today 10:39 AM
by: hauts81

On short week, Greenway unlikely to play By John Holler Chad Greenway

1 150 vikingspub Today 10:23 AM
by: seibedaj

Teddy won't start unless he is 100%, right? We don't want

another RG3 scenario to occur because we played someone who was still hurt and then get a much

18 769 Orevike Today 10:22 AM
by: shinra

Something To Think About

There is a good chance Teddy will not be able to start Thursday night. If so, how do you think

12 1007 sandollor3 Today 10:07 AM
by: vikesfanhawaii

Anyone else notice this?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

TB's bomb to Wright went for 65 yards in the air.  It was incomplete, but I think that settles

20 2308 SkolVike Today 9:49 AM
by: alldayvike28

OT: Lebron's disappearing hair act

Here's LBJ promoting his new shoe on Sept. 16. And here he is more recently at a Cavs

19 698 hauts81 Today 9:46 AM
by: hauts81

Husain Abdullah

And so it begins. As PC as the NFL is I am sure the ACLU hacks are warming up in the bullpen

9 850 surfnw Today 9:36 AM
by: BStads1

Film observations of Vikings D&O: Week 4 vs. Falcons

Film observations of Vikings offense: Week 4 vs. Falcons… Film

1 330 Proudhorn Today 9:35 AM
by: dougpaschal

The Vikings game was shown live in Louisville On the local fox station and drew a 26% share rating, is

2 435 PJM3414 Today 9:31 AM
by: Legion11

Teddy's play fake

Multiple Pages 1 2 

At times the play fake looked terrible, but there were quite a few times he faked the hand off

23 1563 mjollnirk Today 9:01 AM
by: mjollnirk

Vikings signing QB Chandler Harnish to practice squad

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Chandler Harnish | Northern Illinois, QB : 2012 NFL Draft ... Adam

23 2494 Proudhorn Today 8:54 AM
by: bayouvikings

Teddys Confidence

That is the thing I am the most excited about after the ATL game.   Teddy had a great

9 924 SurfnRide Today 8:41 AM
by: jayo1983

HotI thought Patterson was supposed to be lights out this year?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

What is up with this guy? The best WRs still find ways to get open and get their 100 yards. I

30 1687 WindyCityViking Today 8:33 AM
by: YaKnowMuhSteez

Khalil Mack vs Anthony Barr

Stats through four games. I was a big Mack guy for round 1. While its still early it could be

9 1580 surfnw Today 8:31 AM
by: Amaroneville

Packers in a rush to fix run defense By The Associated Press Mike

1 394 vikingspub Today 8:30 AM
by: 4forever

I'm disappointed in the D line...

I really thought they would be a strength, but they can't stop the run and they can't pressure

19 1042 kryde Today 8:21 AM
by: cavehills

Week 5 Predict the Score Contest

The Vikings travel to Green Bay to take on the Packers at Lambeau Field Thuesday night. Reply

4 106 jarheadvikesfan Today 8:04 AM
by: cavehills

What Wright's and McKinnon's success yest. means for the future.

With Jarius Wright's big game and Jerrick McKinnon's success running with the ball (and both

8 935 OregonViking Today 8:04 AM
by: Amaroneville

Saints get killed by Cowboys/Pats get crushed by Chiefs...

Are the Vikes 4-0 had Teddy started from the get go? Just throwin it out there.

16 748 skolminded Today 7:40 AM
by: silverjoel

Could it be a changing of the guard in the NFC North?

After this weekend, and a big IF things go well, the two top teams in the division very well

15 1276 vik4ever Today 7:36 AM
by: purplefaithful
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