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Purple Thoughts

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PinnedBYOB: Week 2 - Vikings vs. Patriots

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

***Due to recent events, the 2 questions involving Peterson will not count.  I'm leaving those

52 1107 silverjoel Today 4:16 PM
by: silverjoel

PinnedPredict the Score - Week 2

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

The Vikings host the New England Patriots in their home opener at TCF Bank Stadium this Sunday

48 893 jarheadvikesfan Today 12:09 PM
by: vikenole67

Pinned11th Annual Wolverine End of the Year Prediction Contest

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

That's right my Viking Sisters and Brothers from other Mothers, it is that time of year again.

45 1280 Wolverine 9/11/14 3:50 AM
by: Viking Tom

Yes Casill was bad but Norv Turner was terrible today

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Great play calling first drive then absolutely pathetic after that. Very conservative for a

24 1167 roywally Today 9:21 PM
by: Luckped

Only one bright spot in the game

Was the sideline reporter. YOWSERS.

7 991 Proudhorn Today 9:18 PM
by: PurpleAndy

few thoughts about offense: obviously cassell was bad but

there was no separation for the WR's.   every time they showed it, no receiver was running

5 249 ticestinks Today 9:14 PM
by: ticestinks

Percy Harvin playing great.

What a horrible Vikings football week.

12 609 sevendust0305 Today 9:09 PM
by: achilles01987

Teddy doesn't play til game 6, maybe 8...

Before the 4th preseason game I pointed out my idea that Zimm and Norv know what they have in

4 143 rowjo7 Today 9:08 PM
by: SunnyinAZ

Vikings rule out releasing Peterson

The Vikings won't release AD, but may trade him if more "ugly" details emerge. League

10 2266 dopetron Today 8:59 PM
by: SunnyinAZ

Not The End Of Days

We lost. Ok, it happens. Got our rears kicked. Yup, it happens. We were probably due for a

3 174 plunderingpurple Today 8:46 PM
by: plunderingpurple


wasn't this guy suppose to have some raw talent that was suppose to develop into something?

9 782 PurpleMember08 Today 8:44 PM
by: DubsOnD

Why no Teddy??

I don't get the Viking games where I live, but was listening online. The fact that it seemed

19 907 wonka22 Today 8:43 PM
by: royalpurple

I dont mind the loss BUT

Multiple Pages 1 2 

with a mastemind of a defensive coordinatohe Vikings have ZERO SACKS!

23 1170 IrishVike Today 8:38 PM
by: Peaceful Warrior 444

Not so confident now are you?

You got the treatment you're expected to get, remember you're still the Vikings we're still the

7 757 biz1983 Today 8:36 PM
by: vikingfan52

HotCassel was worse today than Ponder has ever been in his career.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Cassel (today) 52.80% 202 YARD 1 TD 4 INT Ponder (worst performance

35 1412 drink Today 8:30 PM
by: Peaceful Warrior 444

Predict the Score - Week 2 Results

We had 48 players participate in the Week 2 Predict the Score Contest. Things started out good,

1 96 jarheadvikesfan Today 8:24 PM
by: jarheadvikesfan

Packers down 21-3 second quarter to Jets

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I guess the worst it can be is a four way tie for first place.

20 776 vikewiser Today 8:24 PM
by: StudioFiftyFour

bandwagon fans?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Why is it that we play one really good game last week.....everyone thinks we are going to the

20 501 TCFVIKINGS Today 8:19 PM
by: vikergirl

Turns out St. Louis isn't the worst team in the NFL

And Seattle isn't the world beater they appeared to be last week.  I think things are more even

0 266 purplekiwi Today 7:32 PM
by: purplekiwi

HotWhen Peterson is suspended

Multiple Pages 1 2 

For 6 games we need to start Teddy

38 2716 Purple Fog Today 7:30 PM
by: Purpletrouble

I think we saw how important Peterson is to this offense

I'm not saying he's got to be active next week, but the presense of him on the field changes

4 356 IowaVikingGuy Today 7:30 PM
by: WindyCityViking

Vikings Pic to Caption

"Hey, lemme know if you see Cassel walk out of the stadium. He's gonna get it."

4 568 hauts81 Today 7:16 PM
by: CabbieJoe

they made 2 offensive TDs!

Vikings defense played well enough to win that game! Yes they had little pressure on brady, but

9 532 mnboy Today 7:15 PM
by: PurpleApe

Now we get to face an 0-2 pissed off Saints team

Keeps getting better... Hurry back AD

14 818 wolfpack87 Today 7:08 PM
by: WindyCityViking

new Enland better team

That was it. Patriots came in there and plain ole beat our @ss  NOW a good coach gets them into

0 121 5holeforreal Today 6:50 PM
by: 5holeforreal

Cassel threw as many pics in one day as TB did his senior season

I mentioned this to some friends while watching the game today and got a good chuckle out of

2 198 Legion11 Today 6:49 PM
by: rooscooter


Can we stop the suicide watch already? We are 1-1. We (including Cassel) played great in week

7 463 turnedtothepurpleside4 Today 6:35 PM
by: Minntwin

Defense played better than the score indicates ...

What a complete team failure.   However I thought the defense played much better than people

11 593 SFVikeFan Today 6:34 PM
by: rooscooter

Have to be able to run the ball or we'll get bum rushed

We don't have the threat of a running game without Adrian.Coaching staff should pull Cassel

1 98 willbjammin66 Today 6:26 PM
by: IowaVikingGuy

HotAP ARRESTED: reckless or negligent injury to a child

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...35 36 37 

UPDATE: Jay Glazer @JayGlazer Texas law enforcement handing down indictment today on

727 9779 Vikingmac28 Today 6:13 PM
by: outkasted2006

Hothave you seen enough of matt?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Or not his fault?

26 1127 Vikings66 Today 6:08 PM
by: tavike

Bottom line, If the Niners beat the Bears,The Vikes are in first

Just a small silver lining.

0 158 tavike Today 5:48 PM
by: tavike

HotAAAAAAND the honeymoon is over!! lol

Multiple Pages 1 2 

this board cracks me up.

25 1145 hauts81 Today 5:45 PM
by: Jujigatame

Matt Kalil

Multiple Pages 1 2 

There were a number of commenters on this board in the preseason that had Kalil pegged as a

28 2864 EdgeRush Today 5:41 PM
by: willtheyever

What a let down!


1 126 Wasco Today 5:25 PM
by: willtheyever

Its not all Cassel fault

It didn't help with the AP news and the WR'S dropping catches but 3 Int not good so see not all

4 318 Lord100 Today 4:43 PM
by: Artzor

Over/Under on Brees hanging 40 on us next week

Lock of the year, take the Saints and the over. Mortgage the house. Zimmer will discover what

2 238 MV1967 Today 4:18 PM
by: claykenny

Did anyone else see

RG roll his ankle. YUK!

0 140 eternalpurple Today 4:14 PM
by: eternalpurple

8 for 26 on 3rd/4th down - about 30%

Combined results for first two games.  If that isn't a sign of problems on offense, I don't know

0 70 Vikagra Today 4:11 PM
by: Vikagra

Hot09/14/14 Patriots @ Vikings gameday thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...21 22 23 


457 2130 Proudhorn Today 4:07 PM
by: vikingfan52
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