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Purple Thoughts

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PinnedVikings' Top 30 visits : updated 04 19 14

Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater Towson RB Terrance West Louisiana State LB Lamin Barrow

4 920 Proudhorn 4/18/14 2:03 PM
by: skolvikings44

Pinned2014 Vikings Draft Pick Contest Updated 04 19 14

FIRST ROUND   Brett10 Fresno State QB Derek Carr

2 781 Proudhorn Today 6:28 PM
by: studvike84

PinnedUpdated NFL & Vikings offseason schedule

Vikings minicamps/OTAs will be April 29-May 1, May 16-18, May 28-30, June 3-5, June 10-12,

6 2045 Proudhorn 4/7/14 4:32 PM
by: SunnyinAZ

Turner will "turn" Ponder around...

Musgrave was a cancer for Ponder. I've gone back on youtube and watched every video I can find

14 573 OregonViking Today 9:28 PM
by: Viking Tom

PollIf the Vikings take Manziel at #8

What would your reaction be?

10 1226 vikingjedi Today 9:25 PM
by: nordicvike

Greenway rankings amongst OLBs. interesting

Multiple Pages 1 2 

B/R NFL 1000: Top 35 4-3 Outside Linebackers 29. Chad Greenway, Minnesota Vikings « PREV8 of

29 1753 LongCobra Today 9:24 PM
by: ugotbud222

Oakland takes a qb??

Report: Raiders to trade or cut Pryor

2 100 ejv711 Today 9:24 PM
by: zombiejesushunter

Aaron Donald as our next Randle

A few days ago someone posted on here that a sports writer made a case for Aaron Donald to the

5 255 Ikaikavike Today 9:22 PM
by: Viking Tom

Vikings rebuilding - look at 2012

Interesting article that discussed our roster turnover.   Here's our starters in Jan 2012:

3 329 SFVikeFan Today 9:19 PM
by: LongCobra

Manziel Catches Deep Throw One-Handed While Riding Jet Ski

4 482 noodles4u Today 8:59 PM
by: LongCobra

HotInteresting New Mock From Rotoworld

Multiple Pages 1 2 

No QB taken before pick #26 (Manziel to Cleveland).  No other QB's in round one.

25 2602 Amaroneville Today 8:17 PM
by: purplepat69

Adrian Peterson Still Thinks the Vikings Should Have Signed Vick

Could Peterson undermine his value to the franchise?  It's difficult to keep a balance with

18 1176 JBrowner47 Today 8:03 PM
by: bastardometer

Dark horse teams that could take a QB in round 1

I'm thinking the battle for the top QB's is shifting to the back half of the 1st round/early

7 534 vaviking Today 7:58 PM
by: purplepat69

Playoff Hockey absolutely rocks!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The NFL is the only thing that comes close to the excitement of playoff NHL Hockey!  Go Wild!!!

36 1009 OriginalRealFan Today 7:58 PM
by: NHesterly

PollBiggest P/T flip flops

what say you? Seemed like good ideas to most...but then...

11 648 Brewtown Today 7:20 PM
by: Brewtown

Report: Loucheiz Purifoy was caught with drugs, avoided arrest

Report: Loucheiz Purifoy was caught with drugs, avoided arrest Posted by Michael David Smith

5 837 JBrowner47 Today 7:11 PM
by: vikingfan52

All 32 team fan 3 Round Mock Draft

Over the last 3 weeks a group of fans representing all 32 NFL teams held a mock draft. Each

9 1671 NJviking Today 6:21 PM
by: MrMinnesotaViking

Did Norv like what he saw ... in Ponder?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I know when they Vikings got together all they did was lift and stuff, but I wonder IF Norv

20 1822 MutantVikingFan Today 6:21 PM
by: UrDelusionalAsUsual

Hot15 of 35

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

first round QB successes. 43% success rate.

44 918 Brewtown Today 6:11 PM
by: purplefaithful

Pitt QB Tom Savage was invited to New York for the Draft


19 2167 Proudhorn Today 6:11 PM
by: Proudhorn

Vikings had private work-out with JFF...

My apologies if this is old news. I hadn't heard this before... Despite comments by

5 898 purplefaithful Today 6:09 PM
by: Proudhorn

StarTribune: The Risk/Reward of Johnny Manziel

It was a busted play or a thing of beauty depending on one’s perspective — and there are plenty

5 605 purplefaithful Today 6:01 PM
by: NevadaViking

2014 Purple Thoughts Mock Draft

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Who wants to participate?  We've done them in the past and had fun.  If you want to play just

23 1095 HuskerMadHatter Today 5:41 PM
by: godhead

the seattle-SF paradigm: running QB & strong defense.

I liked russell wilson in college and thought he would succeed in the NFL. I knew he would from

15 693 noodles4u Today 5:40 PM
by: Scoog

Aaron Colvin

7 1069 Proudhorn Today 5:06 PM
by: ugotbud222

seth lobato, 6 ft 6 FCS QB, now the flavor of the day apparently most of the teams in the nfl have

1 522 noodles4u Today 1:53 PM
by: Fatman

Back to where I started on QB

Multiple Pages 1 2 

After months of research, reading, watching games and highlights I am right back to where I was

20 1966 PurpleWarrior Today 12:33 PM
by: Jujigatame

Fraziers treatment of last years rookies

Hey all,  Last year I was as anxious as anyone to see our 1st round picks in action, but in

10 1554 yooperhorn Today 11:37 AM
by: MoeVikingWhazzup

HotEx-GM: Manziel to 'fall more than ppl think'

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Ex-GM: Manziel to 'fall more than ppl think'

29 2507 Proudhorn Today 10:33 AM
by: medaille

Cole & Brinkley splitting time?

Seems logical for them to split time at MLB with Brinkley likely playing in the 4-3 and Cole

5 683 turnedtothepurpleside4 Today 9:03 AM
by: Amaroneville

the Vikings have not exercised Christian Ponder's fifth-year opt

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Matt Vensel ‏ @ mattvensel 1m If you were wondering, NFLPA records show the

29 2238 Proudhorn Today 8:10 AM
by: vik4ever

indy pacers.... could be the worst #1 seed ever

they are just horrible.   getting blown out at home first playoff game.  besides Miami  the

2 452 purplember Today 7:03 AM
by: DBurzon

Wow! Bortles is likely to be our QB?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Houston is definetly going with Clowney unless he gets busted or injured soon which is highly

31 3459 sydneyrobyn Yesterday 8:18 PM
by: wonka22

The Vikings are on the clock at 8 with all 3 QB's left &

Multiple Pages 1 2 

no reasonable trade offers - Mack, Watkins, Evans, Clowney and top 3 OT gone. With the 8th

35 2707 dave33outlaw Yesterday 8:13 PM
by: SFVikeFan Mock Drafts

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

With five weeks to go, let's change things up about the draft For those that like

90 5817 budgrant1964 Yesterday 7:44 PM
by: Blindsniper

Strib: Ranking the QB's....

Ranking the qbs By Master Tesfatsion {1} Teddy

0 636 purplefaithful Yesterday 7:22 PM
by: purplefaithful

Defense consideration - to the beat of a different tune

Everyone knows that Minnesota needs a good safety in this draft to pair with Harrison Smith. The

5 674 SkraelingHammer Yesterday 7:04 PM
by: SemperFeist

Jason Bartlett has told the Twins he will retire

8 882 Proudhorn Yesterday 6:28 PM
by: hauts81

2015 QB Class vs 2014?

I will admit that I am not a huge college football follower so thought I would reach out to some

11 750 VikingDaddy Yesterday 5:56 PM
by: PurplePounding

I hope we take an injured quarterback prospect

I can't say I know a whole lot about college football but I do know you want to get value at

4 447 darktest1 Yesterday 5:23 PM
by: strip
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