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Purple Thoughts

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PinnedBYOB: Week 3 - Vikings @ Saints

There were 73 players for week 2 and an average score of 3.96 due to the unfortunate situation

5 62 silverjoel Today 6:25 PM


Hello all - Due to the unfortunate, emotional and now political nature of the Adrian Peterson

4 2596 HuffMental Yesterday 9:36 PM
by: UrDelusionalAsUsual

Pinned11th Annual Wolverine End of the Year Prediction Contest

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

That's right my Viking Sisters and Brothers from other Mothers, it is that time of year again.

46 1448 Wolverine Yesterday 11:59 AM
by: NHesterly

Stop the "Poor Us", and Get Your Brain Right! (long)

When the news came down last night that AD was done (at least for the near term), it was a bit

7 276 purplePHX Today 6:49 PM
by: purplePHX

HotCowboy's Demarco Murrey could be traded for

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

a 5th rd pick If Peterson is suspended long term,IMO. he's in a contract year and Dallas has a

54 1845 sydneyrobyn Today 6:46 PM
by: achilles01987

Predict the Score - Week 3

The Vikings travel to New Orleans to take on the Saints at Noon CST this Sunday. Reply with your

0 6 jarheadvikesfan Today 6:42 PM
by: jarheadvikesfan

Direct TV waivering on Sunday ticket costs

So I called DTV this morning to cancel Sunday Ticket. Told them they can send the bill to

5 1402 ScreamingKeenan13 Today 6:41 PM
by: bayouvikings

Way to go Minnesota Vikings way to stand by your player

Dear Mn Vikings let me ask the question how on one hand do you back your star and then due to

0 37 Vikinghorseman Today 6:39 PM
by: Vikinghorseman

I Am All For Keeping Teddy On The Bench

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I don't want to risk his chances of reaching his full potential by putting him in too soon.

20 390 sandollor3 Today 6:39 PM
by: viknet

HotI Miss Football

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

How many channels does ESPN have now anyway, 6? Can at least 1 be dedicated to sports? It

49 1021 bongbreath Today 6:22 PM
by: bongbreath

Who wants to come to my Pity-Party > I will bring the beer

Only us Viking fans really know what it is like to feel the sting of constant let downs by

16 627 Wolverine Today 6:22 PM
by: StudioFiftyFour

VIDEO: Zimmer addresses Peterson situation

0 44 willbjammin66 Today 6:20 PM
by: willbjammin66

I say now is the time to play Jerrick

He is supposed to be  a very fast back with moves so now is the time to see what you indeed

11 607 willbjammin66 Today 6:09 PM
by: willbjammin66

Arizona Cardinals RB Jonathon Dwyer Arrested for DV

Arizona Cardinal's RB Jonathon Dywer Arrested for DV today in Phoenix. Accused of punching wife

9 448 ScreamingKeenan13 Today 6:08 PM
by: plunderingpurple

On a positive note - if the Vikings were to start Banyard Sunday

He will rush for 100 yds + They will give Asiata the carries but Banyard would run for 50%

6 613 dave33outlaw Today 6:06 PM
by: Proudhorn

I still hate the Saints

Going on 5 years now since that travesty in the Superdome. Anytime I see these a-holes on our

7 212 WaswaSerwanga Today 5:55 PM
by: ctrvol

Greenway has a broken hand... case you needed any more bad news. Zimmer still expects him to play vs. Saints.

15 1094 DUKEofDUBUQUE Today 5:52 PM
by: Legion11


We as a fans owe it to ourselves to move on from this as soon as possible and rally behind the

18 559 Rooster5369 Today 5:52 PM
by: wolfpack87

Wild fans! Josh Harding suffers fractured foot

he's expected to be sidelined for a few months. apparently it happened during an altercation

1 84 hauts81 Today 5:51 PM
by: Shawn3458

Does Patterson become our main RB threat?

He leads team in rushing. My guess is he will get overworked and hurt wearing too many hats.

1 42 plunderingpurple Today 5:47 PM
by: jumanji4132

HotBridgewater should not play under any circumstances

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Bridgewater and AD should be a package deal. If AD is out then Bridgewater should be out

27 979 vikingjedi Today 5:44 PM
by: Legion11

So did you hear the news?

Mike Priefer is back.  

1 98 wanderingvike Today 5:11 PM
by: Proudhorn

wish i wouldnt have wasted money on the ticket

Watching the Vikes play one good game  was not what i got it for

10 564 Brett10 Today 5:00 PM
by: MadtownVike

Need a New Face?

Purely speculation here- but what do you think are the chances that the AD mess will push the

3 352 vikev Today 4:41 PM
by: omyshoes

Rashard Mendenhall

I expect to get blasted on this one, but is there any chance Mendenhall can be lured from

6 491 omyshoes Today 4:40 PM
by: hauts81

Without AD do we have a chance against a team with no defense?

Aints haven't slowed anyone all year and I don't respect there ability to run the ball. They

6 302 taz24 Today 4:36 PM
by: surfnw

With AP on the shelf, could we trade for a RB?

Maybe trade Ponder and a mid round 2015 draft pick? We need someone with more experience than

12 836 upstateVike Today 3:49 PM
by: Purp70

Does any one else think our Secondary seems to be looking better

I re-watched the first and second games and while we still gave up a lot of passes we were right

6 352 toledoviking Today 3:38 PM
by: drink

Who will we draft with our top 10 pick next year?

The AP fiasco will kill all chances for success this year but the silver lining is that we will

13 822 lunas Today 3:36 PM
by: drink

Turner needs to adjust the offense now quickly

I don't believe he had enough time to make full adjustments last week when AP was deactivated, I

7 422 tavike Today 2:52 PM
by: seibedaj

HotThe stars are lining up for Teddy to start in week 4 IMO

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I think there is a good chance we fall behind on Sunday and in a come from behind effort Cassel

32 1392 dave33outlaw Today 2:44 PM
by: Charvik

HotAnother wasted year

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Distractions, disappointment, drama boy would it not be nice to have just one year without all

33 1452 psblake Today 2:36 PM
by: wanderingvike

HotHow do we win next week

Multiple Pages 1 2 

For the last 7 years we have had the absolute joy to know that every defense coming into every

26 926 Inspiredvike Today 2:35 PM
by: PitbullDaddy

one and one... Could

the winner of the NFC North win it with like an 8-8 record?

4 381 vikingfan52 Today 12:47 PM
by: Peaceful Warrior 444

This year is toast...Time to start TB and let him learn...

With AP gone AT LEAST until the vikes are out of playoff contention, there is absolutely no

15 764 upstateVike Today 12:42 PM
by: Charvik

Changing my win total from 8 to 5

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Too much distraction and Cassel isn't good enough. Asiata is a horrible backup too.

22 674 WindyCityViking Today 12:39 PM
by: vikingfan52

its time for a breakout offensive performance from turner &

the saints have allowed 63 points and 892 yards through 2 games.  good for #31 & #30

4 326 drink Today 12:37 PM
by: Charvik

Harrison Smith is ballin'

Anyone see him on that 4th and 1 hit to drop the RB short? I've seen Vikes safeties who could

11 765 SFVikeFan Today 12:05 PM
by: SFVikeFan

Any explanation given why Patterson didn't run the football?

That is a real head scratcher for me. We used him as a decoy several times, but never gave him

18 1143 dave33outlaw Today 11:38 AM
by: Peaceful Warrior 444

Here's a list of free agent running backs

Cierre Wood RB UFA BAL TBD Ronnie Wingo RB UFA BUF TBD George Winn

9 744 tavike Today 11:05 AM
by: Vikesrule73
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