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Purple Thoughts

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Pinned2014 Vikings Draft Pick Contest Updated 04 15 14

FIRST ROUND Brett10 Fresno State QB Derek Carr Lord100

3 363 Proudhorn Today 1:03 AM
by: RS Express

PinnedUpdated NFL & Vikings offseason schedule

Vikings minicamps/OTAs will be April 29-May 1, May 16-18, May 28-30, June 3-5, June 10-12,

6 1809 Proudhorn 4/7/14 4:32 PM
by: SunnyinAZ

Bridgewater in MN for 3rd day? SMOKESCREEN!!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Rumor says Teddy B is still at winter park for a third day. I see this as another major smoke

23 1748 sullytool Today 11:58 PM
by: kenlingbeck

Is there a Sharif floyd in this year's draft?

Meaning a guy that every mock had going in the top 10, many in the top 5 and then dropping all

18 962 NYPurplePeopleEater Today 11:52 PM

paging mike lynn: mock has vikes trading up to #4

4.    TRADE Minnesota Vikings - Khalil Mack, DE, Buffalo Minnesota trades picks 8,

18 1861 noodles4u Today 11:50 PM
by: kenlingbeck

HotBig Papi effect on Red Sox History

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

1919-2002. Red Sox made 9 postseason appearances, and won Zero World Series Titles Big Papi

49 1080 taz24 Today 11:49 PM
by: taz24

If this orginiztion selects Bridgewater, I will throw up

8 236 sullytool Today 11:48 PM
by: kenlingbeck

OT-Twins disappoint

the PT gloom squad by leading in the 5th 2-0. Hughes pitching well, as have all the starters

4 132 Brewtown Today 11:36 PM
by: taz24

Sydney Rice cleared

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Sydney has been cleared to play , is there any interest to sign him or is his injury report to

23 919 frozenhorn Today 11:33 PM
by: vikingjedi

Here's a surprise. The Vikings are number one on one list.

I was surprised to see the Vikings had the highest average per player annual salary of NFL teams

0 78 jkuet21226 Today 11:03 PM
by: jkuet21226

Ball State quarterback Keith Wenning in for visit this week

Ball State quarterback Keith Wenning @ Wenning10 visiting Ravens today, Vikings on

2 258 Proudhorn Today 10:57 PM
by: Vikingmac28

OT: Fargo on FX

Watched the premiere tonight, and it's awesome. Thoughts?

0 30 HuffMental Today 10:54 PM
by: HuffMental

A reminder of why Bridgewater is a top QB prospect

1 203 royalpurple Today 10:23 PM
by: claykenny

Draft Day Movie - Trade

For those of you who didn't see the movie, there was a trade made in the movie.  The #7 pick

5 298 CAVike2 Today 9:35 PM
by: medlynn

Erin Henderson, now sober, 'would come to practice hung over'

Erin Henderson, now sober, 'would come to practice hung over' # Vikings (via the 1500 ESPN

12 2486 Proudhorn Today 9:17 PM
by: LongCobra

Interesting Comments From Brinkley

Today Brinkley said he will play almost completely inside the box, with minimal coverage

8 1073 Amaroneville Today 9:12 PM
by: LongCobra

Vikings were awarded linebacker Terrell Manning off waivers

Matt Vensel ‏ @ mattvensel 16s The # Vikings were awarded linebacker

7 1378 Proudhorn Today 9:11 PM
by: UrbandaleVike

My 1st Round Draft Pick Is - Mettenberger

First it Mike Evans, then it was the best defensive player. But now I think Mettenberger is to

11 314 CAVike2 Today 9:02 PM
by: greatvikenorth

A reminder of why Teddy is a top QB prospect

0 42 royalpurple Today 8:55 PM
by: royalpurple

HotBridgewater killed it in Vikings workout?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Hope it's true...

32 3671 vikingjedi Today 8:53 PM
by: Woody640

A reminder of why Teddy is a top QB prospect

0 56 royalpurple Today 8:52 PM
by: royalpurple

the last thing the vikings need

Is another qb that has a question of his throwing hand,when culpepper was drafted,the knock on

18 837 purplemastiff Today 8:50 PM
by: sullytool

Adrian Peterson believes he can buck running-back trend

Adrian Peterson believes he can buck running-back trend  http://

11 916 Proudhorn Today 8:39 PM
by: Msp0818

PollPT's Figure out the draft: Oakland Raiders #5

Last week's poll for the Browns pick at #4 finished in a tie between Sammy Watkins and Johnny

10 667 vikingjedi Today 8:33 PM
by: SemperFeist Mock Drafts

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

With five weeks to go, let's change things up about the draft For those that like

76 5253 budgrant1964 Today 8:14 PM
by: budgrant1964

Priefer investigation

I got to thinking today and realized I never noticed any conclusions about the Priefer

2 247 dalarsen08 Today 7:45 PM
by: hauts81

When 31 other teams know the Vikings need to draft a QB.........

do you think it makes the Vikings susceptible to being cut in front of by another team via

5 201 mattybaby Today 7:20 PM
by: RedKangaroo

Lonnie Ballantine u of Memphis

I am not real familiar with him. Just heard him and about him on NFL radio. DB. Safetey 6

0 44 vikingfan52 Today 7:17 PM
by: vikingfan52

We were thin at guard--now thinner yet !!!

Assuming Josh Samuda's ankle is shot, I believe the time has come to bring in Travelle Wharton

12 1043 nypurple Today 7:00 PM
by: Viking Tom

noone notice

Multiple Pages 1 2 

that the twins are .500  and 1 game out of the division lead everyone gave up after nine games

21 841 doowhap Today 5:24 PM
by: doowhap

First post.

Hey everybody! Brand-spankin'-new to the board. First post, but been reading since Viking Update

6 448 millard89 Today 4:45 PM
by: RioGrandeVike

Source: Vikings sign TE Allen Reisner


3 778 Proudhorn Today 3:21 PM
by: mjollnirk

WR Technique Roundtable - Five receivers talk shop.

WR Technique Roundtable - Five receivers talk shop. http:// ******/LRQY5P

0 150 Proudhorn Today 2:51 PM
by: Proudhorn

if we add Justin Gilbert, our pass defense will be near tops

i think its the right move to let the high-risk QBs slide past.  with X.Rhodes/Captain

14 1220 drink Today 2:40 PM
by: VikesDominate

7th rounder to UFDA

Rand Getlin ‏ @ Rand_Getlin 2m Former # FSU RB James Wilder, Jr.,

4 696 Proudhorn Today 2:30 PM
by: Vikings66

Media coverage of workouts today

Kyle Rudolph claims to be healthy from two broken bones in his foot in the November loss at

2 583 Proudhorn Today 2:22 PM
by: Proudhorn

MOVED: Local brews

- - - -

Minnesota S Brock Vereen in for visit this week

Ian Rapoport ‏ @ RapSheet 8m # Minnesota S Brock Vereen, brother of

2 722 Proudhorn Today 1:06 PM
by: skolvikings44

OT: Give my son a vote for breakout player of the week.

Game was tied 1-1 when he came in to pitch in the 5th. He then hit a 2 out bases loaded triple.

15 847 Drewfish Today 1:04 PM
by: Vikingmac28

Brandon Lloyd back to the 49ers


0 141 Proudhorn Today 12:46 PM
by: Proudhorn
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