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Purple Thoughts

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PinnedMessage board improvements on the horizon

In about a week, the message boards will be going into beta testing as part of

18 1956 vikingspub 8/20/14 11:17 AM

Pinned and LockedFantasy posts...

There have been various fantasy posts appearing. This is understandable. It's that time of year.

0 944 vikingfan52 8/9/14 4:09 PM
by: vikingfan52

Two more days, Wolves fans!

hopefully the Kevin Love trade is a done deal on Saturday. Jon Krawczynski of the AP said his

12 598 hauts81 Today 9:14 AM
by: 5844cx

Fred Evans is gettin' cut

The 7th rounder is younger, cheaper, more versatile, and oh yeah....BETTER  

2 108 EdgeRush Today 9:05 AM
by: SunnyinAZ

Just Re-Watched the Vikes/Cards Game - Some Observations

Sharrif Floyd was nearly unstoppable...When Everson Griffen, Anthony Barr, and Sharrif Floyd

14 1578 purplePHX Today 8:57 AM
by: purplePHX

First Play from Scrimmage Sat

Short left pass to Kyle R for 7 yards.

4 462 plunderingpurple Today 8:54 AM
by: Vikesrule73

HotIce Bucket Challenge

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

anybody else bored with these stupid videos?

81 2278 hauts81 Today 8:50 AM
by: Vikes45

Something seems right

I know it is not always in fashion to be an optimist, purple and gold in the preseason but there

6 839 Inspiredvike Today 8:50 AM
by: Viking Tom

VIDEO: Teddy trying to ‘chase perfection’

VIDEO: Teddy trying to ‘chase perfection’

2 408 Proudhorn Today 8:46 AM
by: purplePHX

Defensive Holding Penalties Called Through Week 3 of Preseason

Defensive Holding Penalties Called Through Week 3 of Preseason 2013 27 2014 116

4 110 Proudhorn Today 8:34 AM
by: omyshoes


Does anyone have tickets to sell at a fair price?  I'm a Vikings fan and am going to make the

0 44 Ticketsbruh Today 8:18 AM
by: Ticketsbruh

Teddy is ready

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Bridgewater did his best impression of Russell Wilson last night shredding the Cardinals behind

92 4518 vikingjedi Today 7:45 AM
by: vikingjedi

HotVikes Uni's

Multiple Pages 1 2 

What is/are everybody's opinion's on the uniforms? I was hoping they would not wear the same

27 1253 VikusFanaticus Today 7:34 AM
by: Phire

Greenway solves one problem, may have created another

Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway returned to practice Thursday after sitting out a day to rest

1 1059 willbjammin66 Today 7:17 AM
by: formerlypurplewhizz

stephen hill WR for all those experts who were heart broken

spielman didn't move up to draft WR Hill.   Bust written all over him. New York Jets WR

11 1763 ticestinks Today 7:06 AM
by: thelongrun

Any weather is Teddy Bridgewater-type

Asked Teddy about playing when it'll be near 100 degrees in KC: "Any weather is Teddy

8 1147 Proudhorn Today 6:31 AM
by: mattybaby

Today's baloney statement

"Percy Harvin said he actually battled with training staff to let him practice more in camp

11 1515 Proudhorn Today 6:23 AM
by: medaille

HotThat's why some of us said Rodney Smith belongs on this team

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

You can't coach 6'5 with a wingspan like that. Absolutely nothing the DB could do to stop it.

120 5283 DUKEofDUBUQUE Today 6:20 AM
by: medaille

Defensive injuries could hinder playing time Saturday By Tim Yotter Injuries on defense

1 604 vikingspub Today 2:27 AM
by: NorthwestNorseman

Packers are on nfl network

Multiple Pages 1 2 

good to see Rodgers healthy.

27 1847 MV1967 Today 1:32 AM
by: SFVikeFan

MOVED: Victim Says OU's Joe Mixon Broke Her Face With One Punch

- - - -

KC & Matt Cassel

8 1299 PitbullDaddy Today 12:24 AM
by: PitbullDaddy

Steelers' #1 and #2 are in deep #2

PIT : Report: LeGarrette Blount arrested Wednesday PIT : Report: Le'Veon Bell busted

17 1740 Proudhorn Yesterday 10:40 PM
by: GVvike

NFL wants SB halftime acts to pay to play

The NFL has narrowed down the list of potential performers for the 2015 Super Bowl to three

10 949 hauts81 Yesterday 9:47 PM
by: vikergirl

is Charlie Johnson going to be our left guard?

I've only been able to see snippets of the preseason game so far, but how has Charlie Johnson

15 1320 darktest1 Yesterday 9:40 PM
by: LongCobra

Now. I'm all for purchasing jerseys on the cheap but............

9 1481 Proudhorn Yesterday 8:19 PM
by: Scoog

HotTeddy's gameday preparation

Teddy studies everything about the opposing team.  Even their fan rituals. Here is Teddy

7 2379 Gruffmusic Yesterday 8:05 PM
by: plunderingpurple

Vikings At Chiefs: Things To Look For

Things To Look For

4 1093 Proudhorn Yesterday 5:59 PM
by: BStads1

Matt Cassel talks about return to Kansas City


0 132 vikingspub Yesterday 4:21 PM
by: vikingspub

Vikings Thursday practice report

Vikings Thursday practice report

1 1405 Proudhorn Yesterday 3:58 PM
by: Flosser

I have 2 tickets for sat. game vs Chiefs if interested

Just asking for the $70 I paid for them. LL about the 20yd line. Not at home to get specific

1 302 VikesPhotographer Yesterday 3:02 PM
by: Ticketsbruh

Battling behind the D-Line

We have some hard decisions coming in terms of our linebacking corps.  First of, a decision

5 908 JBrowner47 Yesterday 2:22 PM

Bills a Brawling

Bills players ion the field yesterday.  Again in another brawl today.  Didn't they get in a team

0 288 vikingfan52 Yesterday 1:34 PM
by: vikingfan52

Need an answer my Viking brothas, I have Direct TV and need to

Find out what channel I can see the Vikings at Chiefs game.  I know NFL Network will show a

6 588 Vikes2012 Yesterday 12:42 PM
by: PApurple

Can Peterson Catch Emmitt?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

A few threads have discussed Peterson's career trajectory and how much longer he can be

28 1586 claykenny Yesterday 12:35 PM
by: PurplePounding

Veteran linebacker Greenway gets the green dot

One of the responsibilities that typically fall into the lap of a starting middle linebacker is

5 849 willbjammin66 Yesterday 11:53 AM
by: hauts81

Mick Tingelheoff FINALLY!!!!!!!!

Mick Finally gets a call...the Pro Football Hall of Fame is only nominating one player from the

13 1178 gpgaughan Yesterday 11:24 AM
by: lunas

Is anyone going to the Vikings/Chiefs game?

My family and I are headed to KC on Friday night. We'll be staying at the Holiday Inn right next

3 295 manntech8 Yesterday 11:01 AM
by: cerberus54

Cassel on Mike & Mike with Cris Carter #

2 1290 DUKEofDUBUQUE Yesterday 9:27 AM

Vontaze Burfict's extension with Bengals 4 yr, $20M deal, $7.6 m

Vontaze Burfict's extension with Bengals 4 yr, $20M deal, $7.6 million this year.

3 476 Proudhorn Yesterday 9:02 AM
by: vikingfan52
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