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Scout Fantasy Talk

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PinnedWeek 7 Content!! (Updated 10/19 - 9:15 AM ET)

Week 7 approacheth! You should be banging on all cylinders by now with a roster full of

0 2961 mattkdelima 10/13/14 11:40 AM
by: mattkdelima

Owen Daniels, Jermaine Gresham, Clay Harbor, Heath Miller, Chand

I need a tight end?   Owen Daniels vs. Atlanta Jermaine Gresham @Indy Clay Harbor vs.

7 127 PowerDoppler Yesterday 11:37 PM
by: PowerDoppler

Ques from @DriGetsMad Re: WR2

@DriGetsMad: @Fantasytaz 12 team PPR WR2 Wallace or Sanu? It doesn;t look good for AJ Green

9 169 Fantasytaz Yesterday 3:48 PM
by: driny27

Ques from @JustinSchnee Re: Start

@JustinSchnee: @Fantasytaz need 2 rbs and 1 flex K Benjamin, A Ellington, B Oliver and Gio

0 31 Fantasytaz Yesterday 12:27 PM
by: Fantasytaz

Need to choose QB

I have Murray and Bryant starting. Do I start Romo or Ryan in PPR?

3 60 andrewscott Yesterday 11:55 AM
by: DrRoto

Doug Martin

What are your thoughts on Doug Martin? My buddy is trying to get a trade going with him

4 79 BrianMP69 Yesterday 11:55 AM
by: DrRoto

RB Help

Who would you all start this week, Antone Smith or Crowell? Thanks

4 65 57bronc Yesterday 11:53 AM
by: DrRoto

Jimmy Graham & Mark Ingram Active - Calvin Johnson Inactive

Graham will be limited. Being reported he will only be used in red zone chances, so use him

0 8 Fantasytaz Yesterday 11:33 AM
by: Fantasytaz


@fantasytaz Hi Who would you play as at flex, Hopkins, wayne, allen, james jones? Also my rb

8 96 ravensfan727 Yesterday 9:07 AM
by: Fantasytaz

Ques from @Jesse11James Re: Flex start

@Jesse11James: @Fantasytaz PPR league flex spot, royal Malcom floyd, v Davis , Antoine smith. QB

0 0 Fantasytaz Yesterday 8:47 AM
by: Fantasytaz

Ques from @Andreslopez8040 Re: WR Start

@andreslopez8040: @Fantasytaz Steve Smith Jr or DeSean Jackson? both matchups are pretty

0 33 Fantasytaz Yesterday 8:20 AM
by: Fantasytaz

Ques from @tracyv50 Re: QB Start

@tracyv50: @Fantasytaz Good Morning, Cam or Cutler? Thank You! I have Cutler slightly higher

0 33 Fantasytaz Yesterday 7:59 AM
by: Fantasytaz

Ques from @fantasyguy1234 Re: Pick 2 .3 PPR

@fantasyguy1234: @Fantasytaz hunter wright watkins hopkins, need 2. .3 ppr I would go with

0 23 Fantasytaz Yesterday 7:54 AM
by: Fantasytaz

Ques from @RobertIrvin210 Re: RB Start

@RobertIrvin210: @Fantasytaz storm or jstew for ppr? Thanks! It looked like Storm would get

0 29 Fantasytaz Yesterday 7:47 AM
by: Fantasytaz

Ques from @clemsonryan Re: Trade

@clemsonryan: @Fantasytaz  .5ppr, trade spiller & Kearse for K Allen & Palmer.

0 42 Fantasytaz Yesterday 7:32 AM
by: Fantasytaz

Ques from @larkinbriley1 Re; Trade

@larkinbriley1: @Fantasytaz My Vereen and Josh Gordon for his Alfred Morris? .5 PPR 12 team.

0 39 Fantasytaz Yesterday 7:23 AM
by: Fantasytaz

Ques from @Scott2345 Re: Pick 1

@Scott2345: @Fantasytaz this week, non ppr. Pick one. J.Stewart, Kearse, Wheathon? Thanks. Hi

0 57 Fantasytaz Yesterday 7:12 AM
by: Fantasytaz

Ques from @ikeandprince Re: WR Starter

@ikeandprince: Jermaine kearse or Andre Holmes?? Kearse may be in line for more work with

0 49 Fantasytaz Yesterday 7:06 AM
by: Fantasytaz

Question from @NinoArusso "kirk cousins or matt ryan"

Definitely not sold on Cousins. Plus Ravens give up 4th-most points to WRs. Go with Ryan and

1 12 EatYouAlive Yesterday 7:02 AM
by: Fantasytaz


Receive- DeAndre Hopkins Trade Away- Reggie Wayne I feel pretty confident im getting the

3 63 Pureballa159 Yesterday 7:01 AM
by: Fantasytaz

2 QB league

Alex Smith, Ryan Tannahel(sp), or Joe Flacco

3 48 AZBOYZFAN Yesterday 6:49 AM
by: Fantasytaz

Flex Help

Who should I start for my flex, Andre Homes,  Odell Beckham  or Michael

3 50 57bronc 10/18/14 5:13 AM
by: EatYouAlive

Week 7,,another question for all you great FF minds!!

Who should I start at TE this week,, KELCE or DONNEL?? Also would I be crazy dropping DONNEL

3 107 DOWNSOUTHKENNELS 10/18/14 12:51 AM

In a PPR which Seattle wide receiver is the top add

With Seattle averaging next to last in pass attempts per game i am wondering if any of the

2 75 RudyL18 10/17/14 11:29 PM
by: ericmcclung

Start or Sit Ems for Dr. X

Dr. X  ‏ @ Ax_P    NON-PPR. please pick 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 Flex, 1 TE #week7

4 79 tworedducks 10/16/14 10:36 PM
by: DraXe

Question from @ro_vee re: Tate and Adre for SSmithSr and FJax?

@ ro_vee Should i trade my ben tate and andre johnson for steve smith and fred

2 93 TheFFGirl 10/16/14 7:42 PM
by: dubshack801

Thursday night help

Need a flex wr/rb: Should I start vereen or Decker? 1pt ppr. Or start crowell vs the Jags

1 45 dante38 10/16/14 7:41 PM
by: Fantasytaz

Trade Help/Sit/Start

Should I trade away Martellus Bennett and Larry Fitzgerald to get Gronk? Thanks!

7 244 Nala5 10/16/14 6:19 PM
by: tworedducks

Ques from @yeagermeister36 Re: Trade

@yeagermeister36: @Fantasytaz trade: marshall n Fjax or mckinnon for dez n bell Id get dez,bell

3 83 Fantasytaz 10/16/14 5:11 PM
by: Fantasytaz

Ques from @Leydecka Re: TE Start

@Leydecka: @Fantasytaz  tough one this week...risk it tonight with Amaro or keep faith in

0 39 Fantasytaz 10/16/14 4:43 PM
by: Fantasytaz

Ques from @Jesse11James Re: Flex start

@Jesse11James: @Fantasytaz PPR league start two one as flex one as wr. decker royal Malcom floyd

0 40 Fantasytaz 10/16/14 4:39 PM
by: Fantasytaz

Question on a trade offer Non PPR Dynasty

Keeper league. I want to offer : Chiefs RB Knile Davis Falcons WR Roddy White for

5 66 Proudhorn 10/16/14 4:30 PM
by: Proudhorn

Start or Sit?

Should I start Pierre Garcon (TEN) or Odell Beckham (DAL) ?

3 72 BigChris4327 10/16/14 4:30 PM
by: tworedducks

Ques from @fantasyguy1234 Re: RB Starter

@fantasyguy1234: @Fantasytaz rb this week. Awilliams, trich, vereen, joique. Thanks I like

0 51 Fantasytaz 10/16/14 4:30 PM
by: Fantasytaz

Trade questions. Need help. Thx

12-team NON-PPR My Team :

4 82 DraXe 10/16/14 3:04 PM
by: DraXe

Question from @ffaddict628 re: Trade Smith Sr for Forsett?

@ ffaddict628 Trade Smith Sr for Forsett? Current team Shady Murray Ellington

0 50 TheFFGirl 10/16/14 3:03 PM
by: TheFFGirl

Eli Manning, Carson Palmer, or Kirk Cousins?

I was hoping I could do this week by myself, but no. I need a QB2, please? I have Foles on

4 83 PowerDoppler 10/16/14 1:35 PM
by: RotoRealtor

Question from @slatteam re: Kelce or Gates?

‏ @ slatteam I'm torn. I have Kelce and gates on my roster this week! Please

0 61 TheFFGirl 10/16/14 11:49 AM
by: TheFFGirl

Question from @TherapistChris re: TE issues

‏ @ Therapist_Chris Jordan Reed or Travis Kelce for this week? Answer:

0 50 TheFFGirl 10/16/14 11:45 AM
by: TheFFGirl

Non-PPR Flex: Wallace, L Miller, or Michael Floyd

Need to pick one of these guys - who gets me the most points, Non-PPR.   My WR's

0 20 RaymHughes 10/16/14 11:43 AM
by: RaymHughes
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