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Toppers on Tour- Louisville


Posted: 6/9/2014 9:27 PM

Toppers on Tour- Louisville Post Rating (1 vote)

I was unaware that both basketball coaches and our football coach are Kentuckians. Appropriately, since we are THE University of the Commonwealth.   :) The following is a brief summary of remarks by the coaches


Coach Harper-Rostov has been cleared for conditioning, but no contact for at least three more weeks. Kaspar has been cleared today for conditioning/playing. JJ is a warrior, has a knack for rebounding. Sprewell is reminiscent of Sergio Kerusch. Patterson, like JJ, is a tough kid. Green is the second leading scorer ever at his high school, behind Steve Miller, who was on the Hill in the eighties. Clayton is the most talented recruit.

I did not know  that Harper had been national Coach of the year five times. (Troll Warning--either group--take it to another thread).

COACH CLARK-HEARD-We needed height and we got it. We signed our first Miss Basketball in Kentucky since Crystal Kelly. All players on the team are currently healthy.


Coach Brohm noted that we had lost some excellent talent off last year's squad, predicting that four would play on Sundays this year. However, he noted that we signed MR. Football in Kentucky and Tennessee this year. Leon Allen is stronger and faster than AA, but does not have his natural running instincts, per coach. Several of our coaches were recruited by Petrino but chose to stay at Western, including Coach Holt. Holt coached at USC with Pete Carroll, and Carroll currently runs the same defense at Seattle as Western, with the same terminology. The defense solidified this spring and Coach feels it will be good this year. Doughty is ready for a big year, as is Taywan Taylor. The two jucos are rangy and strong, giving us more threats through the air. Will Bush, the Ballard receiver, beat James Quick for the 200 meter state title in 2013.
The new conference has Bowl tie-ins in the Bahamas, Hawaii, St. Pete, Boca Raton, New Orleans, Shreveport and Dallas. (Sorry, no Detroit).
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Posted: 6/9/2014 11:53 PM

Re: Toppers on Tour- Louisville 

Wow, awesome update. Thanks friend.

Agree with just about of all of that, although I still have concerns about WKU's defense. I have no doubt they will be improved from a schematic, "understanding their role" standpoint this year, compared to last--but will that be enough to make up the departed talent? Not saying it can't happen, but I have to see it first.

I will say, there are more returning starters on "D" than people realize. Couple of DL's got hurt last year, Marcus Ward another that would have been counted as "returning starters" without injury. The LB's are talented, just have to see how quickly they can adjust.

Jordan Wells


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Posted: 6/10/2014 7:20 PM

Re: Toppers on Tour- Louisville 

Does the phrase "Coach Harper-Rostov" mean we now have a player-coach...
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