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didja hear john saunders mention clemson

Posted: 12/4/2012 10:44 PM

didja hear john saunders mention clemson 

in his lead-in to a great jimmy v story (from tonight's jimmy v classic)?

saunders led into the story by saying, "you know when you go to clemson, you fly into greenville-spartanburg airport".

valvano had just been hired at nc state, from iona (ny)..he was making the first of his introductory trips to wolfpott boosters..he was so new and unknown, he had to handle his own flight arrangements.

he landed and was confused that there was no one to meet him, the airport staff did not know him and had no knowledge of anyone arranging to pick him he called (this was pre-cellphone) the nc state basketball offices to see if they knew anything..they said, "coach, where are you?".valvano replied, "i am at the airport and no one is here to pick me up.".his staff member said that the people responsible for picking him up were also at the airport and had called to say they could not find him..she asked what airport he was at..when valvano replied that he was at greenville/spartanburg airport, the staff member informed him that his speaking engagement was in greenville, nc.
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Posted: 12/5/2012 5:26 PM

Re: didja hear john saunders mention clemson 

OK, serious question... is it just a sign that I'm getting old and remembering everything was better than it was... or did the ACC really have the most kick-ass group of basketball coaches imaginable in the late 80s?

Man, those were the days... Lefty, Holland, Jimmy V, Cremins, K, Dean Smith. Those were six out of 8 in the ACC at the time. Considering that even Clemson made the Elite 8 in 79-80, I'd guess that every member of the ACC made it at least that far between 1980 and about 1988.

Those were GREAT days to follow ACC basketball!
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  • mattycu
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Posted: 12/5/2012 6:36 PM

Re: didja hear john saunders mention clemson 

yeah, perhaps it is nostalgia but i remember ACC basketball that time as many view SEC football now.
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