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Want to take a moment to vent about the schedule

Posted: 12/3/2012 9:32 PM

Want to take a moment to vent about the schedule 

I was just checking our RPI for the week when I noticed something I hadn't realized before. Even compared to typical Clemson schedules, this year's b-ball schedule is loaded down with VERY low RPI teams.

There are 347 D-I schools this year. We have #347 (Furman) on the schedule. We also have #345, #337, #330, #306 and #296. We have 6 of the bottom 51 teams in America on the OOC schedule.

I've never understood why there isn't a little more thought put into the OOC schedule. It's possible to still play weaker non-conference teams but not kill your SOS in the process, imo. I've always felt that we should be scheduling teams that were somewhere between 175-275 in RPI the prior year and also have a good number of returning players. That way you get some low major teams that will still finish respectably in their conference.

I'm accustomed to Clemson's scheduling habits and I don't advocate us trying to load the OOC schedule with good teams but this is extreme.

Edit: I just checked about half the other ACC schools' schedules. FSU plays no teams in the 300s in RPI. Virginia and BC play 1 each, Wake plays 2, VPI plays 3 and Maryland plays 5.

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Posted: 12/4/2012 10:10 AM

RE: Want to take a moment to vent about the schedule 

I think part of the reason the schedule has so many lower teams on it is because Brad knew he would have 10 freshman and sophomores playing major roles.
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Posted: 12/4/2012 10:34 AM

Re: Want to take a moment to vent about the schedule 

I don't know. When you schedule patsies in basketball, its hard to tell how good they will be from one year to the next. You might think you have a bad team and their the new Winthrop (Marshall coach) or Charleston of the 90s. And vice-versa.

We lost last year to Coastal and they weren't any good.

The selection committee looks at two things, good wins, bad losses. Main thing is not lose any bad games and beat some teams you shouldn't.

So far we might have a bad loss against Purdue. Maybe Purdue will improve and take away that bad loss for us.

And we've beaten no one. Came close with the Zags, but close doesn't count in basketball. Maybe we can upset Zona. Outside of that, we have 5 ACC teams in the top 50. And one right outside in VT, who unbelievably, hasn't had a bad loss yet.

Just remember that beating a team that is ranked 250 is no better than beating a team that is 150 by the selection committee. Losing to either is really bad.

My expectation is that Maryland will be top 50 by ACC time which will put the ACC at around 5 - 6 good teams for Clemson. And if my calculations are correct, will put us playing 12 good teams (Zona and 11 ACC games). Are record against them will be huge. Plus, we need to minimize loses to Wake, UVA, BC, and FSU. Or the 4 ACC schools need to improve and get above the 100 spot in the RPI.
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Posted: 12/4/2012 11:42 AM

RE: Want to take a moment to vent about the schedule 

Simple solution here is to win Saturday. 'Zona will be top 20 RPI all year. Except maybe right after a loss to us, but they will certainly jump back up.
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Posted: 12/4/2012 6:41 PM

Re: Want to take a moment to vent about the schedule 

I have no issues starting off against patsies when the team is so young. Gotta let them get their feet wet.
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