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So, I just met GopherRock...


Posted: 1/19/2009 2:02 AM

So, I just met GopherRock... 

GopherRock was in town for Sunday's NU-Minny basketball game so we were able to meet up Saturday night.

Food was not on the agenda as he was able to have some Giordano's deep-dish pizza beforehand - that's the one I grew up on and have a soft spot for, hence the recommendation.

We met on Michigan Ave, trying to figure out where to go.  For 3 seconds, we contemplated the bar/club on the John Hancock's 95th floor.  However, longa$$ lines just to take the elevator to get up there quickly became unappealing. 

We ended up at the Saloon Steakhouse - a vodka gimlet and fuzzy navel were my beverages of choice while a couple of Seagram's and 7 were his. 

In no particular order, topics discussed were:

Where we lived in the Twin Cities

- my 2 rather unsavory rooming houses in Dinkytown and his stay in the dorms, where he was a resident advisor

Tastes in music
- his eclectic range (from Johnny Cash to the Metallica/San Francisco Symphony collaboration)
- I only listen to dance music and should probably start listening to more classical again

School of Music
- he actually took a class at Ferguson Hall (music department's main building and my 2nd home)
- he knew a voice major with no drama or baggage (I didn't know those existed!)

Living in other cities
- his stint in Seattle and mine in Raleigh, North Carolina

Minnesota/NU football
- the games I've gone to at the Metrodome, including the famous 'Victory Right' win for the Cats
- he and everybody else can't wait for TCF stadium to open

Minnesota/NU basketball
- I went to a b-ball game each year I was there BUT the only win we got was when 9th-year senior Evan Eschmeyer was on NU's squad
- he told me how apparently, at one time, NU beat the Gophers 6 times in a row (wow - who knew? I assumed we were always on the receiving end of such streaks)
- I was there when Joel Przybilla was still around (his playing days, getting cut for failing his classes and then going to the NBA to get paid$$$)
- different b-ball venues (e.g. Kohl Center has great fans but the building itself is just functional and lacks personality - I guess this is sorta similar to Welsh-Ryan Arena EXCEPT it does not have great fans )

The ladies
- The U of Minnesota has cute girls and they should've been on that Top 50 list (sure, they're all covered up in the winter but the same could be said of the other BigTen universities/in the summer, however, ...damn )
- The gals who've shown up at the Board Meetings are not only gorgeous but they can also hang with the guys, drink for drink

There were probably a few more things but that's a sampling of what went down during the 2 hours we chatted before he had to hop on the train to get back to Waukegan.

Anyway, GopherRock, it was cool as hell to meet u

I hope u had a safe drive back and have a good start to your new year.  I'll be in touch because I'm leaning towards buying that 2nd ticket to the '10 NU-Minny football game in Minneapolis from u.

BTW, I'm sorry u made the trip just to see your Gophers lose...but not really
Top-14 finish in the conference each year
Stellar 3-10 bowl record

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Posted: 1/20/2009 9:03 AM

Re: So, I just met GopherRock... 

I am beginning to believe that Gopher travels more than I do at this juncture. The guy is all over the map.  I agree he is real cool too!


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