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Virginia Tech Election Year Politics

Posted: 1/18/2012 5:12 PM

Virginia Tech Election Year Politics 

No, no, no not the Presidential kind. I'm talking 'bout the voting with your feet kind or more specific-like voting with your game ticket kind. Right now there is a large independent block in Hokie Nation that refuses to go to a game over six hours driving time given that they consider that a game that requires purchasing a plane ticket. I'll just call it a plane ticket game.

This large decided (don't call 'em wishy washy or flip-flopping or nuthin' like that) group I'd say is about 15,000 to 25,000 strong. The Big Easy could've been run over in Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange had Beamer gotten more out of his new guy Offensive Play-Calling O'me O'my O'Cain.

But alas he hasn't.

Just like Stinespring before him, O'me O'my stalls once our boys get to around our opponent's 25 yard line. At least O'Cains calls just get stuffed as they are obvious, but alas they are at least still going North-South. Stinespring would start going sideways with his endless sniffed-out and busted up end-arounds and sweeps.

As was said about a-many-a President: "Dance with the one who brought you." It appears that in the latest game against Michigan when we were moving the ball well with the pass, O'me O'my then started calling O'my Gods out there with repeated runs that got us no where.

Dance with the one who brought you, O'Cain; And I'd betcha bottom dollar you would've had your sweet tooth satiated in this last bowl game.

I've always been told only wooden nickels beats experience. It seems that with the way things are going offensively in Blacksburg, those old head Hokie coaches with all their purported experience traded in that experience for bushels of those damn things! cause their experience doesn't seem to be doing them any good

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