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Explorer Sports Forum

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Pinned and Forum Rules

Below is a set of forum rules, we ask that all customers and visitors obey these set rules.

0 5046 Explorer88 2/23/07 6:03 PM
by: Explorer88

Pinned and Forum Rules

Below is a set of forum rules, we ask that all customers and visitors obey these set rules.

0 6594 Explorer88 2/23/07 6:05 PM
by: Explorer88

New explorer site

If you've linked here to scout, this board is no longer active due to 's inability to

0 29 aImiIIer 8/28/14 9:17 AM
by: aImiIIer

Nightmare to Come!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Exploiter Steve (Coach D) promised the Moderators at the new Explorers Town board a nightmare.

28 908 VictoriousLaSalle 11/13/13 9:03 PM
by: VictoriousLaSalle

newscorpoop should not have even played the internet board game

Aside from wrecking scout, NEWSCORP KILLED MYSPACE by tearing out the grass roots.  we could be

0 81 aImiIIer 6/30/13 9:35 AM
by: aImiIIer

That's What Dreams Are Made Of! The 2012-13 La Salle Explorers.

Jack, BK, Neo-con (the volunteers) at have put together video highlights

9 265 ExplorerStevesBack 6/5/13 9:01 PM

Sweet 16: West Bracket Breakdown

1 100 MattS23 6/5/13 11:03 AM
by: almiller

will Bailey

DePaul fan here, please tell us more about your assistant- Will Bailey. Is he a good recruiter,

1 146 mush1745 5/14/13 11:08 AM
by: almiller

Good luck tonight!!! Love, the nuthouse

I'll be rooting for you tonight Hopefully we win as well... Go explorers!

5 179 poptartbox 4/22/13 5:22 PM
by: almiller

Ole Miss's Marshall Henderson

Please accept our (SEC) apologies for his juvenile actions. We can't stand him either. Unless

3 150 Avenger 4/22/13 5:20 PM
by: almiller


Good game with you guys and congrats on your season.

1 124 ShockWSUShock 3/31/13 10:13 PM
by: almiller

Your Sweet 16 Redemption ...

.... can be had here:

0 136 BigTenSven 3/27/13 4:42 PM
by: BigTenSven

Sweet 16! Explorers vs. Wichita State at 10pm on 3/28

The Explorers have a great chance to advance to the Elite 8 against Ohio State or Arizona on

0 71 almiller 3/27/13 10:07 AM
by: almiller

Tyrone Garland

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Per his tweet he is Transferring out of VT. I wonder if G has interest?

40 1949 lasalleed 3/27/13 10:01 AM
by: almiller

Congrats La Salle

From a Vanderbilt fan.

2 134 dore88 3/25/13 4:50 PM
by: aImiIIer

Hats off, guys, great win from a Rebel.

Keep going and going and going!

1 119 Gluteus 3/25/13 1:50 PM
by: almiller

BSU fans looking to learn about La Salle

Don't post or read anything on this site. The proper representatives of La Salle have a new

3 468 vigilant4BSU 3/21/13 2:32 PM
by: aImiIIer

Explorers to Take on Butler

Expecting a big game from both Jerrell and Sam Mills today. Tyreek is going to take us to

0 112 almiller 3/15/13 2:06 PM
by: almiller

Exploiter Steve Skunked!

The big news today is, its a puff of black smoke. Announcing to the world, no new Pope yet.

2 163 VictoriousLaSalle 3/15/13 2:05 PM
by: almiller

NCAA needs to take top 5 A10 teams including La Salle...

All of the top 5 in the A10 standings have done what is necessary to punch their ticket.

0 75 almiller 3/12/13 9:47 AM
by: almiller

Keep winning Explorers!

We need to see the Explorers win the next 2 games to close the regular season. I'd like to

0 83 almiller 3/4/13 4:01 PM
by: almiller

Former La Salle guard excelling at Longwood

Tristan "TT" Carey scored 40 points for Longwood last night. He had 31 in a previous

1 153 neutralobserver78 2/26/13 2:41 PM
by: almiller

Nothing but the Truth, so help me God.

3 219 almiller 2/23/13 11:01 AM

Parking at the Palestra

I was wondeing if anyone had some good recommendations for parking at the Palestra for

1 170 WCU99 2/15/13 8:17 PM
by: hykos1045

Move over Exploiter Steve!

Exploiter Steve is no longer the lone gunman with a bead on corrupt sport's

13 379 VictoriousLaSalle 2/13/13 9:00 AM
by: VictoriousLaSalle

A-10 power rankings

LaSalle makes a move in ISL's latest A-10 Power rankings. A-10 power rankings

2 147 cliffbrunt 2/3/13 12:23 AM
by: almiller

A-10 power rankings

ISL's Chris Goff unveils his latest power rankings and looks at each team in the conference.

1 134 cliffbrunt 1/23/13 9:16 AM
by: aImiIIer

Rotnei Clarke out vs. LaSalle

Butler G Rotnei Clarke, the team's leading scorer, is out for the next game against LaSalle.

1 139 cliffbrunt 1/22/13 10:14 PM
by: almiller

Charlotte video

I forget how to post a link here, but:

2 173 spaceghost99 1/14/13 1:21 PM
by: almiller

A-10 power rankings

ISL's Chris Goff posts his latest A-10 power rankings. A-10 power rankings

0 94 cliffbrunt 1/11/13 12:45 PM
by: cliffbrunt

OT: Notre Dame goes for their 12th National Championship tonight

Go Irish!

2 137 almiller 1/9/13 2:26 PM
by: aImiIIer

End of the 1st quarter BCS Championship

Ladies and gentlemen this is HELL!

1 116 VictoriousLaSalle 1/7/13 10:06 PM
by: VictoriousLaSalle is nominating Charity or Worthy Cause

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Dear Fellow LaSallians: is nominating a Charity or Worthy Cause

20 506 ExplorerStevesBack 1/7/13 10:15 AM
by: almiller

Aaric Murray not traveling with WV to play Michigan in NY

4 277 LSUmascot 12/26/12 11:42 PM
by: almiller

A-10 power rankings

ISL's Chris Goff posts his latest power rankings. These were posted before the weekend began .

1 130 cliffbrunt 12/26/12 11:24 PM
by: aImiIIer

It Feels A Lot Like 1988 As The Explorers Beat Big 5 Rival Nova

Be sure to check out the game article at:

17 591 ExplorerStevesBack 12/12/12 1:49 PM
by: ExplorerStevesBack

Outside of Palestra gets a facelift - no more ugly fences!

The tennis courts and ugly fencing in front of the historic Palestra is now replaced by green

3 504 almiller 12/10/12 12:44 PM
by: almiller

New TV deal in the works - 8 yr deal

8 yr deal with ESPN, CBS, NBC Sports, details to follow starting with '13-'14. The devil is

12 906 weston2 12/10/12 12:43 PM
by: almiller

WH player rankings

I seem to remember WH talked about not having time to spend on the A10 as he had in the past and

1 348 larryc54 12/10/12 12:41 PM
by: almiller

WH Predicitions on the A-10 Board

La Salle - #6 Team G - #10 Coach Duren - #1 Point Guard Galloway - #3 Shooting Guard

15 1103 Explorer88 12/10/12 12:40 PM
by: almiller
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