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Re: Sorta OT: Are you DePaul grads or how did you get here?

Posted: 1/3/2011 1:38 PM

Re: Sorta OT: Are you DePaul grads or how did you get here? 

Undergrad completed in 2001. Picked up an interest in the Q/Simmons era and then got seats the year after graduation. I picked up season tickets the next season with the DL era begining as they were super cheap for young alumni all relgated to Section 101.

A couple years later I stuck around to fleece Illinois fans (or so I hoped) with AllState hosting a regional final. After that fleecing on those seats my next few years of season tickets were paid for.

I don't want to "improve" my seats as I think there is quite a group of scoundrels and hecklers in Section 101. The OP era ended my pleas for players not to listen to JW during free throw talks (I still believe the few in the arena during Jeremiah Kelly's freshman year heard me plead with him not to listen to Jerry).

All the up until the finale of last season against St. John's with triple OT and a chant with some random guys in the upper deck of  "OBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" after my yelling it for an entire season. So many great memories.

Now hopefully some great memories of entertainment on the court, with OP at the helm.
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