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6A Georgia State Championships

Posted: 2/25/2014 9:32 AM

6A Georgia State Championships 

Was flipping through the channels last night trying to get to sleep and came across the Georgia state championships on tv (I think it was fox sports or something). Was in a high school gym I believe. They had excellent tv commentators, excellent tv coverage (views, different angles), excellent post match interviews with the winners. It was awesome to say the least. The kids in the event were all stoked for sure!

So that leads me to this....... And our state can't do anything because......??

Lakeland is a beat hit, there is no kind of anything for the kids once they make it, hell you used to get a bag at least with some type of garb in it, this year they told us they ran out!! We couldn't even get brackets this year!!! What a joke!! LOL

Would almost just prefer to do it in one of these nice high school gyms opposed to Lakeland, I mean seriusly whats the benefit anymore? Do it in a gym and use the extra money to provide some type of coverage for the kids.

I know this has been posted about before but seeing that on tv lastnight kinda made it resurface for me. Good luck to all in the off season (who ever still views this site I guess). Coach Dunham
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Posted: 2/25/2014 9:53 AM

Re: 6A Georgia State Championships 

I can't speak for brakets or bags but I did happen to see the Brighthouse coverage last night of the finals. Would have liked to see some more of the actual mat time. They covered the highlites of each weight class and some interviews of the winners.

There was a live feed I believe of the finals also. Didnt get to watch it though maybe someone could give you some feed back.
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Posted: 2/25/2014 5:48 PM

RE: 6A Georgia State Championships 

The live feed was a little weird. Wish they would have had different commentators on each mat. They had 2 commentators that mainly focused on all the 2A matches. I watched each feed and the commentators were the same on each one.
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Posted: 2/26/2014 10:54 AM

RE: 6A Georgia State Championships 

For the FHSAA to even have that on would be great for our kids. By all means something is better than nothing!
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