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Florida's most successful high school football programs

Posted: 12/21/2008 4:00 PM

Florida's most successful high school football programs 


1.  BOLLES- 10

1986(2A), 1990(2A), 1993(3A), 1995(4A), 1998(3A), 2002(2A), 2004(3A), 2006(2A), 2008(2A), 2009(2B)

runner up(2):  1996(4A),  2003(3A)

2.  GLADES DAY-  7

1980(1A), 1982(1A), 1986(1A), 1995(2A), 2006(1A), 2009(1B), 2010(1B)

runner up(7):  1983(1A), 1984(1A), 1985(1A), 1987(1A), 1988(1A), 1993(1A), 1996(2A)


1992(4A), 1997(5A), 1999(4A), 2007(5A), 2008(5A), 2010(5A)

runner up(7):  1991(4A), 1996(5A), 2000(4A), 2001(4A), 2004(5A), 2005(4A), 2006(4A)


1986(5A), 1996(5A), 1999(5A), 2004(5A), 2005(5A), 2006(5A)

runner up(1)-  2008(5A)


1971(3A), 1972(3A), 1998(4A), 1999(3A), 2000(3A), 2006(3A)

runner up(4):  1979(3A), 1997(4A), 2009(2A), 2010(2A)


1989(2A), 2003(2B), 2004(2B), 2006(2B), 2007(2B), 2008(2B)

runner up(3):  1976(2A), 1998(3A), 2005(2B)


1996(2A), 1998(2A), 1999(1A), 2000(1A), 2001(1A), 2008(A)

runner up(3):  1995(2A), 2006(1A), 2007(1A)


1973(1A), 1987(1A), 1989(1A), 1991(1A), 1992(1A), 1994(1A)

runner up(1):  1990(1A),


1966(B), 1972(1A), 1974(2A), 1982(2A), 1991(2A)

runner up(0):   none


1995(6A), 1998(6A), 2006(6A), 2007(6A)

runner up(2):  2001(6A), 2008(6A)


1977(4A), 1996(6A), 1997(6A), 2003(6A)

runner up(2):  1976(4A), 1989(5A)

T10.  MANATEE-   4

1983(4A), 1985(5A), 1989(5A), 1992(5A)

runner up(2):  1993(5A), 2009(5A)


1987(3A), 1988(3A), 1989(3A0, 1990(3A)

runner up(1):  1999(3A)

T10.  BAKER-  4

1983(1A), 1984(1A), 1985(1A), 1993(1A)

runner up(1):  1980(1A)

T10.  FAMU-  4

1976(1A), 1977(1A), 1978(1A), 2006(1B)

runner up(1):  2007(1B)


1963(2A), 1964(2A), 1967(2A), 1968(2A)

runner up(0):   none Florida Recruiting Analyst

Last edited 12/20/2010 12:34 AM by GVogt

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Posted: 12/24/2008 10:40 PM

Re: Florida's most successful high school football programs 

Baker High didn't win it in 1995. It was 1993
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Posted: 12/31/2008 11:22 AM

Re: Florida's most successful high school football programs 

Florida's Best since 1999 by LAZL...
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Posted: 2/1/2009 8:09 PM

Re: Florida's most successful high school football programs 

UC will rise again from the ashes!
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Posted: 2/21/2009 11:39 AM

Re: Florida's most successful high school football programs 

UC will never win their district...Say hello to ashes and dust...
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Posted: 10/8/2009 6:28 PM

Re: Florida's most successful high school football programs 

live oak will get back

say it, dont spray it , brother dang!!!

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Posted: 10/31/2009 1:33 AM

Re: Florida's most successful high school football programs 

Northwestern has 5 state titles they won it in 08 for the record

The Rodent Knight

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Posted: 10/31/2009 6:39 AM

Re: Florida's most successful high school football programs 

Seminole beat MNW in 2008 for the State Championship.

Last edited 10/31/2009 6:40 AM by dontbeaRAIDERhater

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Posted: 2/8/2010 1:55 AM

Re: Florida's most successful high school football programs 

A Decade in Review: The Program's

By Geoff Vogt
Posted Dec 21, 2009


Another decade came to a close last weekend, takes a look at the best big class programs from that period.

1. Lakeland Dreadnaughts

Lakeland made the playoffs all ten years, they made four state finals, won three championships(in a row) and finished with a 27-7 record in the playoffs. Their three wins over St. Thomas in title games give them the nod in a tight race---that 2006 epic final taking on even greater significance. The Dreadnaught's are known for great defense and terrific offensive play-makers.

TITLES: 5A, 5A, 5A

Top Players: John Brown(UF), Chris Rainey(UF), Ahmad Black(UF), Maurkice Pouncey(UF), Michael Pouncey(UF), Jarred Haggins(FSU), Quayshawn Nealy(GT), Wil Lucas(Purdue), Javares McRoy(Texas Tech)

2. St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders

St. Thomas reached an amazing seven finals this decade---but were just 2-5 in title games. A triple OT loss to Pine Forest in 2000 and the comeback vs. Lakeland that came up an inch short in 2006 are two of the more heart-breaking defeats. Bottom line, Lakeland won three and the Raiders only two. Their 36 playoff wins are the most of any school. From top to bottom, the Raiders are perhaps the best coached team in the state.


Top Players: Nate Salley(OSU), Anthony Wollschlager(Miami), Tavares Gooden(Miami), Anthony Reddick(Miami), Richard Goodman(FSU), Geno Atkins(Georgia), Sam Young(ND), Dan Wenger(ND), Marcus Gilbert(UF), Leonard Hankerson(Miami), Major Wright(UF), Andrew Datko(FSU), Jeremiah Harden(Syracuse), Duron Carter(Ohio State), Gabe Holmes(Purdue), Gio Bernard(ND), Keion Payne(Miami), Lamarcus Joyner(FSU), Brandon Linder(Miami), Jermaine Barton(Miami), Cody Riggs(UF)

3. Miami Northwestern Bulls

The Bulls have a strong case for the best team of the decade---the '07 group having not lost a game in two years despite a coaching change. The Bulls were in the playoffs every year, compile a 28-8 record, make four finals, but only walk with two state championships. The Bulls are big, fast, and athletic.


Top Players: Travarous Bain(Miami), Taureen Charles(UF), Leo Waiters(Miami), Clifton Dickson(FSU), Romeo Davis(Miami), Khalil Jones(Miami), Trevor Ford(FSU), Chris Barney(Miami), Dustin Forston(Ole Miss), Tim Brown(Rutgers), Jacory Harris(Miami), Aldarius Johnson(Miami), Marcus Forston(Miami), Sean Spence(Miami), Ben Jones(Miami), Tommie Streeter(Miami), Brandon Washington(Miami), Kendal Thompkins(Miami), Quavon Taylor(USF), Wayne Times(FIU), Daquan Hargrett(WVU), Todd Chandler(USF), Michaelee Harris(undecided)

4. Tampa Plant Panthers

A relative newcomer to the scene, Plant only makes the playoffs five times, but they have an amazing 18-2 record and three state titles. They are the program of the second half of the decade without question, but land here at #4 because they got a late start. The Panthers have made a name for themselves with a wide open passing attack.

TITLES: 4A, 4A, 5A

Top Players: Mike Williams(USC), Keron Gordon(LSU), Kyle Pupello(GT), Robert Marve(Miami), Rhonne Sanderson(FSU), Derek Winter(Auburn), Orson Charles(Georgia), Aaron Murray(Georgia), Eric Dungy(undecided), T.J. Glover(undecided), Mike Mirabella(undecided), Andre Mondor(undecided), James Wilder(undecided)

5. Armwood Hawks

Armwood is in the playoffs nine times, they won two state titles and played for a third while compiling a 28-7 overall record. The Hawks had plenty of opportunity to be #1 on this list, but they were not able to capitalize in the latter half of the decade with some great teams. The Hawks typically have an outstanding OL and lights out defense.


Top Players: Jariette Buie(USF), Kalvin Bailey(Iowa), Torrey Davis(UF), Matt Patchan(UF), Eric Smith(Auburn), Ryne Giddins(USF), Mywan Jackson(UNC), Petey Smith(Alabama), Theodore Jackson(undecided), Alton Bailey(undecided), Josh Grady(undecided), Matt Jones(undecided)

6. Glades Central Raiders

The Raiders took home two State Titles and played for a third this year. A 24-7 record is very solid and they are known as one of the state's most talented teams year in, year out--particularly at WR. These Raiders are known for their speed---at every position.

Titles: 3A, 3A

Top Players: Santonio Holmes(OSU), Ray McDonald(Florida), James Lee(Georgia), Garland Heath(NCSU), Albert Dukes(OSU), Randy Phillips(Miami), Damien Berry(Miami), T.J. Porter(Pitt), Deonte Thompson(UF), Ernest McCoy(LSU), Jatavious Jackson(USF), Johnie Lee Dixon(Auburn), Travis Benjamin(Miami), Rantavious Wooten(Georgia), Henry Orelus(FSU), Greg Dent(FSU), Travis Bell(WVU), Clive Walford(Miami), Kelvin Benjamin(undecided).

7. Naples Golden Eagles

Naples is 21-6 in playoff games, they get two titles, and play for a third. Naples does miss the playoffs twice, but six times they are in at least the quarterfinals. The Golden Eagles play a tough brand of football which starts on the defensive side of the ball.

Titles: 5A, 3A

Top Players: Reggie Carter(Pitt), Spencer Adkins(Miami), Jamelle Eugene(NCSU), Jevon Pugh(Iowa), Junior Petit-Jean(Wake Forest), Gelo Orange(Wake Forest), Jack Swanson(Iowa), Nick Alajajian(Florida), Carlos Hyde(Ohio State)

8. Palm Bay Pirates

Palm Bay is in the playoffs all 10 years, they grab two state titles with a 20-8 overall record. One less title game and one less quarterfinal or better appearance than Naples is why they land here.

Titles: 5A, 4A

Top Players: Reggie Nelson(UF), Joe Cohen(UF), Xavier Carter(LSU), Neefy Moffitt(FSU), Ramon Buchanan(Miami)

9. St. Augustine Yellow Jackets

St. Augustine is in the playoffs every year, they go 26-9 and make three title games, but only win one. Very consistent. The Yellow Jackets always play great defense and have offensive explosion.

Titles: 3A

Top Players: Willie Cooper(Miami), randon James(UF), Jacques Rickerson(UF), Rashard Hall(Clemson), Carlton Lewis(Clemson), Rashaad Reid(GT), Caleb Sturgis(UF), Markis Merrill(undecided), Duane Brady(undecided)

10. Lincoln Trojans

Lincoln goes 24-9 and 1-1 in title games, they do make the playoffs every year, but have a little lighter resume than St. Augustine. Lincoln is the only panhandle team on this list and a team that will come at you with plenty of athleticism.

Titles: 4A

Top Players: Pat Watkins(FSU), Greg Threat(Miami), Gavin Dickey(UF), Antonio Cromartie(FSU), Rodney Gallon(FSU), Calvin Darity(UNC), Joe Manning(FSU), Fred Rouse(FSU), Seddrick Holloway(FSU), Brandon Paul(FSU), T.J. Bryant(USC), Jabaris Little(FSU), Josh Gehres(FSU), Jawanza Starling(USC) will have a top 5 from te lower classifications on Wedne Florida Recruiting Analyst
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Posted: 2/8/2010 1:56 AM

Re: Florida's most successful high school football programs 

A Decade in Review: The Program's (Part Two)

By Geoff Vogt
Posted Dec 22, 2009


Yesterday we took a look at the top 10 big class programs, here is a recap of the smaller classifications and the five most successful programs on the decade.

1. Bolles Bulldogs

Bolles sports a 31-5 record in the playoffs with five state titles and one other championship game appearance. They edge Fort Meade for most playoff victories in the decade and have been very consistent. Bolles is very similar to St. Thomas, they are very well coached and pride themselves on execution, Bolles always has a stiff defense.

Titles: 2A, 3A, 2A, 2A, 2B

Top Players: David Mullins(USF), John Frady(FSU), Colin Peek(GT), John Russell(WF), Shaun Chapas(Georgia), Tray Herndon(Minnesota), Garrett Faircloth(FSU), Ryan van Rensburg(Vandy), Chance Raines(WF), Scott Betros(WF), Matt Skinnner(Clemson), Stephen Barnett(Tulane), Mason Johnston(Vandy), Brent Benedict(Georgia), Desmond Cooper(WF), Josh Hood(undecided), Jawan Jamison(undecided)

2. Pahokee Blue Devils

Like Bolles, Pahokee also wins five titles and appears in another championship game. They go 27-4 and miss the playoffs one year. That one year is enough to give Bolles a slight edge. These teams were slotted to play this year, Bolles took care of business, Pahokee did not. Five titles + a championship loss between 2003-2008. Like Glades Central down the road, Pahokee is going to bring speed at you everywhere.

Titles: 2B, 2B, 2B, 2B, 2B

Top Players: Alphonso Smith(WF), Antone Smith(FSU), Ricky Gary(Pitt), T.J. Porter(Pitt), Kavenski McGee(USF), Janoris Jenkins(UF), Martavious Odoms(Michigan), Micanor Regis(Miami), Jatavious Miller(WVU), Nu'keese Richardson(Tennessee), Brandin Hawthorne(Michigan), Vincent Smith(Michigan), Chris Dunkley(undecided), DeJoshua Johnson(FSU), Richard Ash(Michigan), Antonio Ford(WF), Merril Noel(WF), Zachary Allen(WF), Fred Pickett(WVU)

3. North Florida Christian Eagles

NFC goes 26-7 in the playoffs, wins three titles and has two other title game appearances. They beat Fort Meade for all three of their championships. Ernie Sims was one of the most dominant players in Florida high school history.

Titles: 1A, 1A, A

Top Players: Ernie Sims(FSU), Carlton Salters(Arkansas), Melvin Ray(Alabama), Chase Griffiths(USF), Cody Ledford(Tulane), Clint Trickett(FSU), Chad Hollifield(undecided)

4. Fort Meade Miners

Fort Meade has a 30-9 record. They made six title games, but are just 1-5 there. The Miners had a tremendous decade of success, but came up a little short, they needed to pull at least one more title. Fort Meade is known for having some tough football players.

Titles: 1A

Top Players: Jemalle Cornelius(UF), Ontario McCalebb(Auburn), Jimmy Office(undecided), Brandon Fulse(undecided)

5. Madison County Cowboys

Madison County walks with two titles and two other appearances in the finals. An overall record of 24-8 is very solid. Those four appearances in the finals trump program's like Chaminade, Rockledge, Trinity Christian, and Miami Pace.

Titles: 2A, 2A

Top Players: Jonathan Warren(FSU), Geno Hayes(FSU), Bernard Brinson(FSU), Travis Arnold(FSU), Jacobbi McDaniel(FSU), Chris Thompson(FSU) Florida Recruiting Analyst
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Posted: 2/17/2010 10:29 PM

Re: Florida's most successful high school football programs 

Thanks for the breakdown.  Just moved here from IL and was curious who the consistent powerhouses were so I could go to some games.  Obviously, there are a lot of great football teams with tons of talent, but this shows who dominates.
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Posted: 4/14/2010 10:41 AM

Re: Florida's most successful high school football programs 

Miami Southridge - 2
Champions 1991(5A), 1993(5A),
Runner-Up 1994(6A), 1999(6A), 1983(4A), 1984(4A)
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Posted: 5/20/2010 10:03 AM

Re: Florida's most successful high school football programs 

Bolles recruits quality lawyers

Last edited 5/20/2010 10:05 AM by yodaddy1

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Posted: 7/2/2011 10:34 PM

APPARENTLY North Florida Christian... 

plays in the flag football league!!! Because lil Timmy Cokley was a JOKE, when he went to South Georgia AAAAA!!! He RUINED the Colquitt Co. football program, in three short years!!!disbelief
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Posted: 9/11/2011 12:21 AM

Hey Naughts; did you know... 

that Madison Co., Lincoln, Miami Central, St. Augustine, and Edgewater are 0-6 against teams from Georgia, in the past several seasons??? And just fer giggles, Yulee was edged by Buford 49-7, and unranked Valdosta nudged #2 7A Lincoln last night, 10-7, holding the Tallahasseeans to 85 total yds.!!!rolleyes

Last edited 9/11/2011 12:23 AM by ORabidOne

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Posted: 9/16/2011 3:28 PM

Re: APPARENTLY North Florida Christian... 

ORabidOne wrote: plays in the flag football league!!! Because lil Timmy Cokley was a JOKE, when he went to South Georgia AAAAA!!! He RUINED the Colquitt Co. football program, in three short years!!!disbelief
Colquitt County still blows, even with that goon coach,Propst.

They nearly got beat by Madison County, a school with less than 1,000 students, that has a young team this year and isn't even in FL's top 25 - yet Colquitt County is nationally ranked.

I'd hate to see what would happen if you guys were sent Armwood, Norland, Aquinas, and Columbus. - Jeez those GA schools would have been slaughtered.
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Posted: 12/12/2011 7:45 PM

When we played Madison Co.,... 

our All State Center was in street clothes!!! And there were nine other first time starters on offense in the lineup, including a transfer QB still learning a complicated system!!!

NOW, when they learned the system, they were able to be within a fumbled non call, of beating the #5 team in the nation, to go back to the Georgia Dome!!!
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Posted: 1/10/2012 7:24 PM

Re: When we played Madison Co.,... 

Lets add Plan'ts 4th title to this mix!

First "8A" champs in state history.
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Posted: 1/10/2012 8:11 PM

Re: When we played Madison Co.,... 

southtampa wrote: Lets add Plan'ts 4th title to this mix!

First "8A" champs in state history.

That's OK by me as long as we can add Manatee's 5th.

That was my lame attempt at a little one upmanship on Plant. I like Plant but you see half my family including my dad went to Plant, the other half including myself went to Manatee. It becomes a big deal at family gatherings.
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Posted: 1/11/2012 8:21 PM

Re: When we played Madison Co.,... 

Good stuff. Two winners. Can't go wrong there!
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