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Re: Bremen

Posted: 2/20/2012 9:29 AM

Re: Bremen 

--- dwightgold wrote:

Well if the were in AA this year the would only had 1 Title Zach Young 120,no team, Baxley 285 3rd,132 no way he beats Owens twin or Kelley,145 probably wouldnt have placed, Chris Solar from BT got 6th I think this year last years runner up!!195 I think there other Champ, could he beat Dakota Greene or Westmimister,doubt it!With that said I say they woulda been around 5th or 6th in AA,we were loaded this year!As for next year with them only losing 2 and over the years have built a good program they will be a top 5 team IMO!


Dwightgold, do your homework dude. Bremens 145 beat some good competiton this year such as Starnes (ALX), Horton (PTR), Brandon's 145, Collins Hill's 145.....I could go on. I am not bragging on my son or putting anyone else down but I will defend him since you have probably never seen him wrestle. To say he wouldn't even place in AA is disagreeable for sure. But we look forward to the challenge next year. This kind of crap only fuels my son, his teammates and coaches.

Last edited 2/20/2012 9:56 AM by theirbiggestfan

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