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RE: Oversigning Day

Posted: 2/3/2012 7:09 PM

RE: Oversigning Day 

rammerjammer13 wrote: Rev you keep on with the crying and that is EXACTLY what it is. You have built in resources that Alabama and Auburn do not have. More people in metro Atlanta than the state of Alabama. It is exactly that attitude of looking down on Alabama that makes us sick. Do your history and you will realize there was a time, not too long ago, when the entire country looked down on the south. The fact is the entire south took pride in Bama because they were able to go and beat some of those east and west coast schools. But you ,just like many UGA fans, are national champions at making excuses and whining. Just last year you were ready to fire St. Richt. If making excuses makes the success of Bama, Auburn, Troy, North Alabama, Jack ST. easier to handle then keep on or demand excellence. Bottom line getting blown out in the SEC championship game is good enough for Georgia fans. This is not Rec ball and everybody gets to play and gets a trophy at the end of the season.

I will grant you that taking a scholarship away from a kid who is in good academic standing and stays out of trouble is wrong. But as we have talked about many times if a kid chooses to go play somewhere else because he in number 3 or 4 on on the depth chart well who can blame them. The want to play.
Typical.  No real substance here, just a lot of the same old, same old about "crying" and "whining," plus a lot of statements that are simply untrue.  (For example, I was one of the people arguing with the "Fire Richt" crowd, though I did erroneously predict he'd choose to retire on his own after this season; getting beaten in the SECCG is not "good enough" for me or most other UGA fans, though we do recognize that winning the SECE is a sign that the program is on the upswing after a couple of down years; and you have NEVER seen me suggest that college football should be conducted like rec league.  Those are just three of your stupidly wrong statements.)

You need to take fivey's approach.  He knows that Saban is gaming the system and just doesn't care.  He doesn't try to defend it.  You, on the other hand, are making yourself look silly trying to defend the indefensible. ohlord

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