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Pinned10% Off All Tickets for All Scout Premium Members

We’ve been working on new benefits for members, and we’re excited to

0 210 thehowlin 09/28/14 4:16 PM
by: thehowlin


Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I saw the Rainbow Warriors doing their ridiculous little Haka at the end of Wolf Pack All Access

56 707 unionman2 Today 9:16 PM
by: Wizzinwildly

Extra tickets

Does anyone have 2 extra tickets for the game Saturday? I would love to take the wife (broke

6 278 powerclean Today 9:08 PM
by: NVBleedsBlue

attendance this weekend

I am curious to see what the attendance will be.  If I had to guess with the

15 690 afhockeygoalie Today 5:32 PM
by: PackNation

cold games

i love em.  you know football is reaching the serious point when it gets cold like

4 218 midd2005 Today 4:34 PM
by: silverandblueoutfitters

Aztec Players Speak Out On The Task At Hand Coming Up In Reno...

A couple of poster here have asked questions about J.J. Whitaker (Corner Back) and Quinn Kaehler

1 209 steve aztec Today 1:21 PM
by: GoPackOne

Developing a rivalry

I'm as guilty of it as anyone, but we don't seem to be very excited for this game.

7 273 NVstudent4ever Today 12:54 PM
by: TahoeBlue

Media Day Comments By Rocky Long On Saturdays Game

I think we can all tell that this game is VERY important for the Aztecs, as well as for the

7 235 steve aztec Today 9:37 AM
by: Wolfhomie

Post Fajardo 2015

I know we are having a great year this year and we should all be enjoying playing meaningful

13 585 powerclean Yesterday 6:52 PM
by: wolfan8431

San Diego Union-Tribune Preview Of Aztecs Vs Wolfpack

16 698 steve aztec Yesterday 1:04 PM
by: thehowlin

Brats, Beers and Bullet Points, Week 9

I'm waiting to hear back from the Nevada athletic department on what they think of my slogan

1 95 thehowlin Yesterday 9:28 AM
by: NVstudent4ever

A little OT but kind of cool

Check out the Texas A&M throwback unis:

2 174 PAwolf Yesterday 8:34 AM
by: thehowlin

MWC Football Power Poll: Week 9

We are entering the final stretch of Mountain West conference play and the race for the division

0 109 thehowlin 10/28/14 10:52 PM
by: thehowlin

SDSU injuries

So, I will preface the post with the fact that I am some what ignorant about the super powers

13 490 afhockeygoalie 10/28/14 10:19 PM
by: steve aztec

Aztecs Head Coach Rocky Long Talks About Aztecs vs Wolf Pack

From local radio in San Diego today...

0 219 steve aztec 10/27/14 8:22 PM
by: steve aztec



4 366 PAwolf 10/27/14 8:04 PM
by: BattleReady

Cody Fajardo

As of last night, he has now surpassed 3,000 rushing yards for his career and is just 25 yards

3 477 BattleReady 10/27/14 3:57 PM
by: CashMcCrusher

Hello Reno...Big Game Saturday Night

This should be one hell of a game for the fans of both teams. I have cousins &

6 504 steve aztec 10/27/14 11:03 AM
by: steve aztec

Sebastian Tretola

Threw a td pass for Arkansas today. We could really use that guy. They have him listed at 350

2 369 rimrocker26 10/27/14 7:58 AM
by: battleborne

Hawaii game thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 

What the hell? Nobody started this yet. Battle Ready!

38 769 WolfinSeattle 10/26/14 3:42 PM
by: packwackthemwc

Island victory out of the way

I was nervous about this one.  Glad we pulled it out.  Now to the team we owe

2 386 NVstudent4ever 10/26/14 9:21 AM
by: thehowlin

No TV for Hawaii? WTH is that?

The majority of Nevada games have been televised going back its Big Sky days. What the heck is

15 910 TahoeBlue 10/25/14 10:50 PM
by: blueblood81

Notes from Todays BBall Scrimmage

The Pack held their first full scrimmage in front of Starting 5 members this morning. It was

7 403 NVBleedsBlue 10/25/14 9:27 PM
by: nwp0224


Battle ready

5 161 NVstudent4ever 10/25/14 2:05 PM
by: NVstudent4ever


Between the Browns paying out of the Pistol & Bitonio, maybe I should have paid the big

0 142 SacPackFan 10/25/14 2:02 PM
by: SacPackFan

Notes and Quotes from the Pre-Season Basketball Press Conference

Today the media had a chance to ask head coach David Carter, Mike Perez and A.J. West how they

18 714 thehowlin 10/25/14 1:54 PM
by: PAwolf


Straight up bitch slapping BYU!

0 242 Wolfhomie 10/24/14 8:55 PM
by: Wolfhomie

Credit where credit is due

I know there has been a lot of consternation toward play calling this year and I personally

17 834 Wolfhomie 10/24/14 3:28 PM
by: NevadaWolfpack2012

Highlights from Saturday night

A little taste of our victory over BYWHO for those who haven't seen it:

3 329 PAwolf 10/24/14 2:48 PM
by: wolfgangster

In honor of Hawaii week....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The Rolo pistol is blank. Chow doesn't care, he likes rice.  I want a promise from Ault he won't

29 768 battleborne 10/23/14 10:31 PM
by: Wolfhomie

Is the BB team playing

one of those closed door scrimmages against another team this year?  I don't know if the Pack

3 320 NVspuds 10/22/14 10:47 PM
by: packwackthemwc

Wonder if Burton will come to Bighorns

I hope Deonte can latch on with another team, but this late in the pre-season it's doubtful, do

1 242 Geezer1972 10/22/14 6:41 PM
by: carpen83

Patrick Choudja

Made a couple of big plays tonight, and looked fast on that strip at the end of the game.

19 1293 PistolWhipped775 10/22/14 4:32 PM
by: pfan8


I didn't realize both Josh Mauga and James Michael Johnson were starting linebackers for the

6 472 blueblood81 10/22/14 12:47 PM
by: Wolfhomie

Phil Steele midseason all MWC

1st team Defense - Rykeem Yates 2nd team Defense - Matthew Lyons 2nd team Offense - Cody

2 306 battleborne 10/20/14 4:13 PM
by: battleborne


The review journal actually referred to the the football team as Nevada.  I'm sure someone will

2 304 lvwlfpckfan 10/20/14 3:46 PM
by: Mugtang

Who here thought Nevada/BYU was going to OT?

I did, BYU was moving the ball well prior to the last fumble.I needed a happy ending!

3 235 nwp0224 10/20/14 12:33 PM
by: Slapdad

I haven't seen Hawaii all year.

Learn me up on 'em armchair coaches.

8 548 NVstudent4ever 10/20/14 12:25 PM
by: Wolfhomie

We really had to laugh . . .

When the guys carried Seau off the field & down the sidelines after forcing the fumble.

8 616 wolfan8431 10/20/14 11:16 AM
by: packwackthemwc

BYU win should help

I think this is a BIG win for Polian in the recruiting game. Any thoughts, haven't see much

3 478 kenjones 10/20/14 10:14 AM
by: Packblue1
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Slapdad, Mugtang