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Men's Hoop Board

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Pinned and LockedOfficial NCAA® Men’s Basketball Tournament Tickets

Get the ultimate March Madness experience with tickets and VIP Hospitality from our ticket

0 390 ScoutTickets 3/13/14 3:36 PM
by: ScoutTickets

3 Key Ingredients to Creating A College Basketball Powerhouse

The latest from College AD. UConn is mentioned in it, thought I'd share!

0 44 ncaafanatic029 11/14/14 3:28 PM
by: ncaafanatic029

Uconn recruit Jalen Adams Highlights

The kid is special

1 444 HoopReality85 6/8/14 11:47 AM
by: HoopReality85

Deng Adel 2015 SF

Here is some video on 6'7" SF Deng Adel. This kid is vastly underrated and he will see his

0 498 bjcart53 5/29/14 11:32 AM
by: bjcart53

Daniel Hamilton 1-on-1

This is a great article that introduces people to Daniel Hamilton, one of UConn's top incoming

1 551 kdayton 5/7/14 10:00 PM
by: Outlaw32

Congrats from UNC TAR HEELS!

Happy for you guys! Shabazz played with heart, Ollie is a hell of a coach. Good for you guys!

16 1117 LawsonLover 4/12/14 6:33 PM

Congrats from the VILLE

Way to represent the AAC and hopefully we will see you guys in the ACC soon! Thanks for slaying

8 755 CARDNAWLS 4/9/14 7:39 PM
by: briggsky

UCONN's athletic achievements are impressive, BUT

There's no debate about it, UCONN is the best athletic department in the country.  If I was

2 980 Hawkinsouthland 4/9/14 6:07 PM
by: babigos

Congratulations from Hawk Hill

As a Saint Joseph's fan who lives in New Jersey and drove up to Buffalo I certainly drove home

0 258 JoeCabrey 4/9/14 9:25 AM
by: JoeCabrey

Congrats from the Crimson Tide

to the awesome Huskies both men and women. Killed it.

0 236 rltyd 4/9/14 2:50 AM
by: rltyd

Congrats from a Kentucky fan

You guys just flat got it done and are deserving of the championship.  I come in peace and make

5 642 ElizabethtownCatFan 4/9/14 12:43 AM
by: harryhsky


Multiple Pages 1 2 

UCONN starters vs. Kentucky: Nolan, Daniels, Giffey, Boatright and Napier. The National

30 807 UCONNBasketball 4/8/14 9:02 PM
by: UCONNBasketball

Congrats from New Mexico

Most impressive run through the NCAA Tourney that i have ever seen from the first round to the

0 215 DvLOBO 4/8/14 6:09 PM
by: DvLOBO

Congratulation UConn!!!

Congratulations UConn on winning the 2014 NCAA Tournament. 

0 178 EChicas 4/8/14 12:53 PM
by: EChicas

From a Ky fan

Congratulations , you guys have a great team and coach . Best program in the last 15yrs . hands

0 198 POWERMAKER 4/8/14 11:57 AM

Morgantown WV is proud of your team

Congrats. Way to slay the giants once again. Sure wish Boatright would have stuck around back

0 288 HardCoreGamEer 4/8/14 10:48 AM
by: HardCoreGamEer

Congrats from the Pirates of East Carolina

Way to represent the AAC..............ACC who? Ollie is the man.  I cant wait to see your

0 222 AirForcePirate 4/8/14 9:05 AM
by: AirForcePirate

Way to go Huskies! from a UH Coog

Way to go Huskies, your team has played great in the tourney and are still going!  You are

3 342 red80 4/8/14 8:59 AM
by: HolmesUkraine

Bearcats Pulling for The Huskies...!!!!

All of Your Victories have Been Outstanding.....Great Victory over FLA...!!!....Keep it

4 511 brell 4/8/14 1:09 AM
by: brell

Louisville fan here.

Was pulling for you guys, congrats on the Championship over Kensucky!

1 296 Redshift79 4/8/14 12:33 AM
by: IH8BlueDevils

congrats from a big East fan

Unbelievable, finally you guys stopped the Kentucky madness. Roxbury represent!

0 164 ihatethesec 4/8/14 12:18 AM
by: ihatethesec


Way to represent!!!!!!  Trust me when I tell you that us Memphis fans knew that Napier was a

0 222 Memphistiger2000 4/8/14 12:08 AM
by: Memphistiger2000


Every Louisville fan thanks you from the bottom of their heart.  We'll vote for you when ACC

0 218 slippery2 4/8/14 12:08 AM
by: slippery2

From a K-State Fan

Good luck in tonight's big game.  Hope you take them! 

1 326 TexasCat1 4/8/14 12:06 AM
by: TexasCat1


Way to go UConn! One more game!

6 444 CoxsCreekCardinal 4/8/14 12:04 AM
by: CatFansince73

Louisville fan here

Congratulations on an awesome run to the title!

0 137 shelbycard66 4/8/14 12:02 AM
by: shelbycard66

Congrats from Louisville...

You made my night.

0 149 CardsChad 4/7/14 11:59 PM
by: CardsChad


I hated to see my guys lose but your team played better.

1 213 KSRbadrose 4/7/14 11:43 PM
by: bash38

Congrats from UCLA

Well done Huskies.. What a team.. Now go get the double..

0 154 BRUINPHILCO 4/7/14 11:39 PM



3 420 send2den 4/7/14 11:33 PM
by: flipcard

u of l fan

I'm a Louisville fan pulling for UConn, I'm hoping you all kick their arse and expose

2 241 jordanman1 4/7/14 11:29 PM
by: villBil83

Congrats From KU Fans

Better you guys than UK 

0 131 mavrick721 4/7/14 11:26 PM
by: mavrick721

GO Huskies!!!

Every Louisville fan in America is rooting for you guys tonight!!!

1 167 slippery2 4/7/14 10:26 PM
by: MissULCardFan

Good luck tonight from this Marquette fan

Wish we were still all in the Big East together but football ruined a great conference.

0 176 markedman5 4/7/14 8:03 PM
by: markedman5

You guys should know....

Cardinal fan here pulling for you guys tonight. Just thought i would let you know a few things

0 215 bigbadcard 4/7/14 6:59 PM
by: bigbadcard

Good luck guys

Good luck Monday night against the evil empire.  I absolutely cannot stand John Calipari and all

7 777 LuvCards 4/7/14 3:08 PM
by: cardsrbest

Game Thread: No. 7 UConn vs No. 1 Florida 4/5 6 pm TV: TBS

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Uconn starters vs. Florida: Nolan, Daniels, Giffey, Boatright and Napier. Tipoff is about an

27 568 UCONNBasketball 4/7/14 3:00 PM
by: MilotheMan

EAST Carolina Pulling for the Huskies

Bring it home to the AAC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0 133 AirForcePirate 4/7/14 11:08 AM
by: AirForcePirate


My daughter played soccer and graduated UConn 2010 - so UConn IS part of us - congrats

0 126 RUMan79 4/5/14 8:45 PM
by: RUMan79

SOLID fellas

Congrats guys. Finish the job on Monday night.

0 171 NJOwl 4/5/14 8:31 PM
by: NJOwl
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