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Scaife City

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Pinned2013-14 Schedule

2013-14 Arkansas State Men’s Basketball Schedule Nov. 2  vs. Henderson State

19 3591 Arkstfan 10/10/13 7:38 AM
by: SageHog

Roster 2014-15

23 Sturdivant, Jammar G 6-0 187 Fr. Tyronza, Ark.(East Poinsett County) 14 Downs, Kelvin F 6-9

13 1627 bigdhl54 7/20/14 8:23 AM
by: SageHog

UALR, UCA sign five year basketball deal

2 314 Asteron 7/16/14 10:13 PM
by: howling

zuppardo signs with Mississippi State

SMH. He wasn't any good either...

12 1740 bigcat34 7/7/14 8:57 AM
by: KickingWing

Horry joins the list of speaking out against AAU

0 224 Arkstfan 7/6/14 11:18 PM
by: Arkstfan


At an auction that has an old basketball Jersey. Can't tell who it is. #42. Any ideas? Looks

0 319 Coyoteguy777 6/28/14 9:50 AM
by: Coyoteguy777

All Conference Games will be Doubleheaders

I've heard that all conference games will be Thursday and Saturday Doubleheaders this year.  I

13 1088 bigdhl54 6/27/14 10:27 PM
by: arkansasstateredwolves

The newest commit: CJ Foster

12 1230 Arkstfan 6/26/14 3:37 PM
by: RedWolfJay

Naming rights to the Convo?

Seems like a logical move to sell the naming rights to the convo right? It holds far more

2 285 IndianBird 6/26/14 2:28 PM
by: arkansasstateredwolves

Barker leaves

Corey Barker has been hired as assistant basketball coach at Bowling Green State.

11 1754 Arkstfan 6/17/14 9:21 PM
by: bigdhl54

Melvin Johnson III

Melvin is working out for the Utah Jazz today. Good luck to him. I hope he does well.

7 645 MarkCRX 6/16/14 9:20 AM
by: lateshow

Brady looking to sign for this season

Interesting that he has offered Dickerson a scholarship to complete his degree.

3 908 Arkstfan 6/13/14 7:14 PM
by: headscalper

Rakeem Dickerson Transferring

Would have been a senior this year.  Very interesting. 

23 1627 headscalper 6/7/14 8:51 AM
by: LVWreds

Bocoum Commits

27 2753 Arkstfan 5/28/14 9:21 AM
by: wildwolf1

Connor Kern

6 1428 bigdhl54 5/14/14 10:53 AM
by: Arkstfan

Visitor Coming In

DFDubb Recruiting  ‏ @ DaDFDuBB   12h Paris JC Post Nouhoum Bocoum will take a visit to

1 680 runninjoe 5/4/14 10:10 AM
by: LVWreds

2015 Offer

DFDubb Recruiting  ‏ @ DaDFDuBB   15h 2015 Arlington Martin PG Andrew Dotson has been

1 437 runninjoe 5/2/14 3:00 PM
by: IndianBird

Maybe a transfer option we could maybe pick up

Kentucky F Derek Willis is transferring. If we had an open slot that would be a big pickup. Just

1 555 Kitchenballer 4/28/14 1:26 AM
by: lilredwolffan

6'9' Livington signed.

Out of juco with three years to play.

0 603 bigdhl54 4/16/14 4:17 PM
by: bigdhl54

What the Howl? Basketball article

from the ASU Herald.  Though I agree with his assessment on Brady needing to find a

2 698 RamblinRedWolf 4/15/14 6:04 PM
by: AstateEditor

Kevin Ware

Supposedly Ga St is recruiting him to go there...that would be q big get for them...wonder if we

4 1138 RedWolfJay 4/12/14 11:35 AM
by: gostAte87

Dusty Hannah

Any chance that he might want to come here?? We did offer him before he went to Texas Tech

5 891 RedWolfJay 4/9/14 11:03 PM
by: mjsphd1

Townsel, Reed, Van Slyke to All-Star Game

0 374 Arkstfan 4/2/14 2:24 PM
by: Arkstfan

Post Season

Other than NCAA, was there ever consideration to a post season bid?  With a least three

6 1079 ASU1982 3/23/14 10:52 PM
by: Floridaredwolf

A look at next years roster

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I realize there is a lot of important basketball to be played this year, however, I've been

36 2274 cardinalfan3 3/18/14 11:30 PM
by: headscalper

Where do we go from here with Men's BB?

Where do we go from here? We replaced Nutt butt what more have we gained in that last several

12 1330 astatesig 3/18/14 7:56 PM
by: crahar33

sideline reporter for the tournament telecast...

Is apparently karl's daughter?

8 1153 RamblinRedWolf 3/17/14 6:27 PM
by: RedWolfJay

Did anybody improve from last year?

Was thinking about this.  Out of the returning players, I couldn't think of one single player

7 839 HankWilliams4President 3/16/14 9:52 PM
by: OsageJ

GA st game

well....last night was fun at least. panthers up by 13 and our bench received at technical

16 1154 RamblinRedWolf 3/15/14 11:26 PM
by: Senatobia

Brady on 103.7 The Buzz

Just listened to Coach Brady on 103.7 in Little Rock. Here is a quick run down. *Tommy Smith

4 926 gostAte87 3/15/14 1:02 PM
by: Arkstfan

ASU/UALR Game Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Figured there was already one going but I will start one at halftime. Trojans are up 41-37.

111 1834 gostAte87 3/15/14 7:38 AM
by: SageHog

Former Indians

Former ASU Indians Micah Marsh, Jay Cook and Bobby Gross all reach HS state finals as coaches.

9 911 Hunn85 3/14/14 1:31 PM
by: bojo1324

MOVED: How 'bout them Hawgs!

- - - -

When does game start on Friday?

Anyone know what time the game will begin on Friday and will it be on ESPN3?

7 770 RedWolvesFan 3/13/14 2:17 PM
by: RamblinRedWolf

Roll Call

Is anybody going to New Orleans on Friday?

6 655 RedWolvesFan 3/11/14 10:23 PM
by: arkansasstateredwolves

ASU vs the Cajuns

Brandon Reed could have stayed at GT as far as I am concerned. He is nothing like the player he

14 1399 RedWolfAlphaMale 3/11/14 9:47 AM
by: Mongo77

I Have $1,000 In The Pot

How much can we put together on here to buy out Brady?

19 1937 LRJoe1 3/10/14 12:12 PM
by: RedWolvesFan

We suck

Multiple Pages 1 2 

No excuse for tonight's showing.

30 1982 LRJoe1 3/9/14 11:07 AM
by: petepistolwhip

van slyke out ....

With his ejection, He likely will not be able to play against lala due to his ejection from the

8 1037 RamblinRedWolf 3/9/14 5:49 AM
by: LVWreds


Looks like Memphis going through some of the same issues and they play ion a different

2 591 Hunn85 3/8/14 5:18 PM
by: Hunn85
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