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Re: Continued 2013 Cardinal Nation Community Prospect Voting

Posted: 2/1/2013 11:41 AM

Re: Continued 2013 Cardinal Nation Community Prospect Voting 

I pooled all the different rankings together into one:

1Oscar Taveras1.000
2Shelby Miller  2.100
3Carlos Martinez3.600
4Trevor Rosenthal3.900
5Michael Wacha5.000
6Kolten Wong5.600
7Matt Adams7.300
8Tyrell Jenkins8.000
9Carson Kelly10.200
10Anthony Garcia11.000
11Stephen Piscotty12.375
12Patrick Wisdom13.833
13Greg Garcia14.833
14Jordan Swagerty16.000
15John Gast16.011
16James Ramsey16.743
17Ryan Jackson16.889
18Seth Maness 17.033
19Charlie Tilson17.850
20Starlin Rodriguez19.000
21Kevin Siegrist19.033
22Pete Kozma19.100
23Maikel Cleto19.500
24Victor De Leon21.167
25Breyvic Valera21.250
26Tyler Lyons22.600
29C.J. McElroy23.600
27Steve Bean24.000
28Boone Whiting24.017
30Adron Chambers25.110
31Eric Fornataro24.288
32Sam Freeman24.333
33Eduardo Sanchez26.000
34Tim Cooney29.400
35Robert Stock30.000
36Michael Blazek30.650
37Seth Blair31.333
38Dixon Llorens31.500
39Scott Gorgen33.150
40Mike O'Neill33.667
41Lee Stoppelman35.000
42Adam Ehrlich35.450
43Colin Walsh35.583
44Jorge Rondon36.667
45Audry Perez37.000
46Keith Butler37.667
47Alex Mejia39.000
48Silfredo Garcia42.333
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Posted: 2/1/2013 11:48 AM

Re: Continued 2013 Cardinal Nation Community Prospect Voting 

Some notes:

I gave some players 0.1 votes so there wasn't any ties.  I gave the players rep'd by the birdhouse here the higher vote score. For instance, Gast and Swagerty were both a 16.0, but I gave Gast an 18.1 from our vote, since we had Swagerty higher.

Some players, such as Robert Stock, were highly rated on just, in Stock's case, Mayo's list, which had him at #14.  So the #14 is just averaged with the #46 from here for a #30 overall ranking, despite no other service putting him in the rankings.

Conversely, Anthony Garcia was not included in BA's top 30, meaning he is likely somewhere after #30, but since he wasn't listed, I didn't include a post-30 number for him, keeping his overall score in the low-teens. Interestingly, he was ranked in the top 10 on 5 lists and not at all on 4 others.

I included Domeboys pooled ranking and the Birdhouse rankings despite it already including our Birdhouse ranking. That gives our scores a little more weight in the overall scheme. I did that on purpose as these mean more to me.

I included the following 10 rankings:

Birdhouse (top 50 - our vote)
CN (top 40 - Domeboys, CC, and our vote combined)
Future Redbirds (top 20 - 3 pooled writers from there)
Fangraphs (top 15 - Marc Hulet)
Minor League Ball (top 20 - John Sickels)
Gateway RBs (top 30 - phins)
Baseball America (top 31 - Jim Callis)
Baseball Instincts (top 21 - Thomas Belmont)
Baseball Prospectus (top 10 - Jason Parks) (top 20 - Jonathan Mayo)

Last edited 2/1/2013 11:53 AM by PadsFS

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Posted: 2/1/2013 4:30 PM

Re: Continued 2013 Cardinal Nation Community Prospect Voting 

Comparing the Cardinal Nation rankings with the consensus determined by PadsFS, the following differences of more than 3 spots are from where we ranked higher to where we ranked lower.

O'Neill - +8
Ehrlich - +8
Freeman - +8
A Perez - +7
Walsh - +7
Blair - +7
Sanchez - +7
Chambers - +7
Valera - +6
Butler - +6
Llorens - +5
Maness - +4
Fornatero - +4
Gast - -5
Cleto - -5
Cooney - -5
Wisdom - -6
Kozma - -7
DeLeon - -13

Since PadsFS listed 48 players there are several players on his list that did not make the Cardinal Nation top 40. So I compared his list to the Community rankings.

Differences were
Bean - -12 (Community ranked lower)
Stock - -11
Blazek - -12
Stoppelman - +6
Rondon - -1
Mejia - +8
S. Garcia - +6
Gorgon - -11

Last edited 2/1/2013 4:31 PM by SoonerinNC

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