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Seattle Clubhouse

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PinnedForum etiquette

Hello all, The Jack thread was shut down by me because every thread cannot devolve into name

3 3559 RickRandall 09/06/11 4:06 PM
by: ClosedRoof

PinnedForums FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Forums Users (also try "Help" under My Menu): Q:

0 1389 marinerswinws 05/25/07 11:55 PM
by: marinerswinws

How did Taylor's defense look last night?

Didn't get to see the game. I know scouting reports on Taylor's defense vary from "above

3 44 dawgncarolina Today 7:49 AM
by: RickRandall

HotMariners acquire Kendrys Morales for Stephen Pryor - Taylor up

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Well, even though he apparently didn't want it to happen, Kendrys Morales is back with the

31 282 RickRandall Today 7:25 AM
by: ClosedRoof

July Mariners Game Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

Another umpire with a 6 foot wide strike zone, at least they are being consistent.

138 606 msfann Yesterday 7:58 PM
by: currcoug

Trade Deadline

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

The rumblings regarding the Mariners continue... Alexei Ramirez:  we already have Miller,

136 727 currcoug Yesterday 7:36 PM
by: currcoug

Stone's Folly

Stone essentially makes the same argument for trading Walker and other high prospects for

3 78 currcoug Yesterday 2:12 PM
by: currcoug

Kendrys Morales trade

Mariners Acquire Kendrys Morales By Steve Adams [ July 24, 2014 at 1:41pm CDT ]

0 30 montanamike Yesterday 12:15 PM
by: montanamike

Free Montero!

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Why not? Guy is tearing up AAA, we have a terrible offense.  Perfect match!

50 283 JasonBlanchard Yesterday 12:00 PM
by: currcoug

Good News for Next Year's Draft

Seattle gets another supplemental round B competative balance pick next year. I'm not really

1 122 ClosedRoof Yesterday 8:45 AM
by: issaquahmariner

Z putting it all out there

Walker takes the hill tonight.  Jack is rolling the dice big time IMO. An obvious showcase, if

2 62 TheTopCat 07/23/14 3:51 PM
by: TheTopCat

The Ghost of Munenori Kawasaki

Mark my words.  Munenori is going to break your heart this season. You deserve it for letting

5 74 Ovshinsky 07/23/14 2:41 PM
by: dawgncarolina

Coug was right about Hackley.

It's killing me to admit it. Nice call my friend. By Day/Month AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI

1 54 TheTopCat 07/23/14 11:26 AM
by: currcoug

Jackson Injured

Took a line drive to the face, but may have dodged a bullet (small facial fracture, per Drayer).

0 32 currcoug 07/22/14 9:29 PM
by: currcoug

Free Humberto!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

That is all.

30 342 Ovshinsky 07/21/14 6:54 PM
by: currcoug

Felix names SP at the ALL Star Game

This is a pretty cool video with this article.  Felix's humble aww shucks nature is a joy to

3 121 TheTopCat 07/20/14 10:42 PM
by: chippynuts

A closer look at Ben Zobrist

Multiple Pages 1 2 

No idea what it would take to acquire him, but he'd absolutely be a great addition. He has a

20 326 dawgncarolina 07/20/14 9:48 PM
by: currcoug

A Closer Look at Marlon Byrd

Not the defender or runner that he used to be, but he would be capable in left. or right.  Power

12 306 Ovshinsky 07/20/14 5:22 PM
by: currcoug

Sabathia Surgery

The bad news continues for the Yankees... JULY 18: Sabathia will undergo arthroscopic

2 54 currcoug 07/18/14 3:48 PM
by: TheTopCat

Astros fail to sign #1 pick Aiken, as well as Nix and Marshall

Going to be real interesting to see how the grievances filed by Aiken and Nix go. IMO Nix might

0 36 dawgncarolina 07/18/14 2:21 PM
by: dawgncarolina

Getting set to watch Paxton in Everett

We hear he's going to throw 45 pitches.

4 74 Mojambo 07/18/14 8:36 AM
by: RickRandall

Mariners MiLB All-Stars

Reminder of all levels of All-Stars so far for the organization:

6 138 RickRandall 07/17/14 6:42 AM
by: RickRandall

Saw that Rodney made the AS Team

I missed it, who did he replace?

1 42 ving323 07/16/14 11:21 PM
by: Tron13

Alex Jackson First Pro Homer

May it be the first of many.

2 101 OlyFan 07/15/14 7:18 PM
by: drewdawg11

Futures Game today at 2pm Pacific on MLB Network

If you'd like a chance to see a couple of the Mariners top prospects, today is a good chance.

3 102 RickRandall 07/14/14 12:29 PM
by: ClosedRoof

Zack Littell, new name to watch?

M’s 11th round 2013 draftee is still just 18 until October. Made his fourth start of the

5 178 dawgncarolina 07/12/14 6:39 AM
by: dawgncarolina

Tanaka: Ulnar Collateral Ligament Tear

A huge blow to the Yankees...but a boon for Felix's Cy Young hopes...

5 144 currcoug 07/11/14 12:56 PM
by: TheTopCat

Patrick Kivlehan Interview

Been a while since I did an interview for the site, but I had the chance to interview hot

0 38 RickRandall 07/11/14 4:59 AM
by: RickRandall

Forrest Snow

The sample size is limited, but Snow is making an impression at AAA as a starter.

2 97 currcoug 07/10/14 10:13 PM
by: TheTopCat

Just for fun.....

I saw this on MLB Rumors concerning the possibility of trading Jose De La Rosa. From the

1 84 ClosedRoof 07/10/14 10:12 PM
by: TheTopCat

Z's mistake, combined with McClendon's Mistake

This is an opinion of course.  But you combine Z's ill timed DFA of Buck and its impact on

0 38 TheTopCat 07/10/14 10:09 PM
by: TheTopCat

John Buck DFAd

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Former DH and cleanup hitter John Buck was designated for assignment after tonight's game.

20 331 RickRandall 07/09/14 8:41 PM
by: dawgncarolina

M's Prospect History Pop Quiz

Did some research today on Mariner prospects in the BA top 100 rankings. BA has 25 sets of top

11 169 dawgncarolina 07/09/14 8:41 PM
by: dawgncarolina

Pierzynski DFA'D

DH / backup catcher?  He always seemed to hit well against us.  His slash is better than our

0 208 issaquahmariner 07/09/14 2:40 PM
by: issaquahmariner

Patrick Kivlehan in LF

Kivlehan played LF for Jackson this morning... something to monitor. Peterson still at 3B,

1 62 OlyFan 07/08/14 11:14 PM
by: RickRandall

Congrats to ALL-STAR Kyle Seager

Replacement for Edwin Encarnacion

9 88 Mojambo 07/07/14 5:09 PM
by: currcoug

Chance Ruffin retires

As Mike Curto reported in last night's post game wrap for the TNT , Chance Ruffin voluntarily

9 201 RickRandall 07/07/14 2:36 PM
by: ClosedRoof

Catricala: Police Officer

Few prospects have fallen so quickly, but being a cop is commendable.

5 129 currcoug 07/07/14 1:59 PM
by: currcoug

Alfonso Soriano

His game has always driven me a bit nuts with all the free-swinging but he's always had

2 92 OlyFan 07/07/14 12:18 PM
by: Mojambo

Hector Freaking Noesi?

Why did we make him look like he can pitch?  Never fails. The guy sucks *** and then proceeds to

3 103 TheTopCat 07/06/14 8:20 PM
by: ClosedRoof
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