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Seattle Clubhouse

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PinnedForum etiquette

Hello all, The Jack thread was shut down by me because every thread cannot devolve into name

3 3601 RickRandall 09/06/11 4:06 PM
by: ClosedRoof

PinnedForums FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Forums Users (also try "Help" under My Menu): Q:

0 1417 marinerswinws 05/25/07 11:55 PM
by: marinerswinws

September Mariners Game Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 

No harm in not getting this up before today's terrible game. 6-1 loss and Chris Young didn't

36 525 RickRandall Today 11:10 PM
by: dawgncarolina

Unscientific Analysis of Low Batting Averages

A few years ago, after the Maddox-Gregg strikezone issues during the World Series, and Gregg's

4 144 ClosedRoof Today 4:06 PM
by: Ovshinsky

Too bad they won't let Felix hit.

This is pure pain. Again.

8 99 TheTopCat Today 2:20 PM
by: TheTopCat

Elias Out for Season

Ugh...the other shoe finally dropped on Elias... By Shannon Drayer , 710 ESPN Seattle

0 34 currcoug Yesterday 12:59 PM
by: currcoug

Was that the end?

Kinda seems like it after that game on Saturday.  Now down 2 in the WC & facing the

12 211 EastBayDAWG Yesterday 11:40 AM
by: Ovshinsky

Butch Baccala fired

Well, that didn't take long; quite a loose cannon by all accounts.  I guess anything he says

1 205 issaquahmariner 09/15/14 5:36 PM
by: dawgncarolina

Perhaps it's been said many times here.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

But watching Cano turn a DP is a thing beauty. He might be the smoothest infielder I have EVER

35 316 TheTopCat 09/14/14 10:00 AM
by: Ovshinsky

Jack Marder retires

As Chris Harris covered in his blog, Jack Marder has retired from baseball following numerous

0 28 RickRandall 09/14/14 7:17 AM
by: RickRandall


Zunino has been excellent behind the plate, and by all accounts adept at handling the pitching

5 128 currcoug 09/11/14 12:00 PM
by: Ovshinsky

Is an Epic Fail Coming in Oakland?

It's most likely bad timing, but Billy Moneyball traded away a lot of young talent, for the

3 158 ClosedRoof 09/10/14 2:19 PM
by: TheTopCat

Multi-year extension for Jack Z

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Per official release from the Mariners. Discuss.

25 545 RickRandall 09/10/14 10:50 AM
by: SeattleSlewpinella

Saunders off the DL and in the lineup tonight

Batting 8th in right field. Could prove to be a huge boost as he has the 3rd highest OPS vs RHP

4 102 RickRandall 09/09/14 8:19 PM
by: currcoug

Ron Washington Resigns

Bummer.  Baseball was better with him in the game.

8 108 Ovshinsky 09/07/14 7:12 PM
by: TheTopCat

A Sad State for this Message Board

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

The Seattle Mariners are within striking distance of a wild card bid, Dustin Ackley is a

45 428 ClosedRoof 09/03/14 9:16 AM
by: currcoug

Roster Expansion: Sept 2014

Corey Hart, DH Lucas Luetge, LHP Humberto Quintero, C Stefen Romero, OF Carson Smith,

0 24 Ovshinsky 09/02/14 7:33 PM
by: Ovshinsky

Montero and Romero

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Where have these guys been? I see Romero is back in the lineup now, and doing well, but he

25 322 JasonBlanchard 09/02/14 6:49 PM
by: currcoug

Jabari Henry

I didn't get a chance to write much about Henry this season, but he really had a very consistent

1 43 RickRandall 09/02/14 11:35 AM
by: ClosedRoof

Felix and the end of the season

Felix Hernandez has been awful the last two seasons when it comes to the end of the year.

1 74 BambiKino 09/02/14 7:44 AM
by: TheTopCat

LockedAnthony Rendon

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Glad we didn't draft that guy.      

27 247 dawgncarolina 09/01/14 11:57 AM
by: ClosedRoof

August Mariners Game Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Let's see what these new-look M's can do this month!

97 447 RickRandall 08/29/14 11:41 PM
by: Ovshinsky

M's Sign International FA Shortstop

He's BA's #18 prospect. Reports had him signing with the Yankees. A good signing. From MLB

6 154 ClosedRoof 08/29/14 6:17 PM
by: ClosedRoof

Logan Morrison

This 12-game hitting streak has me believing he may be here next year after all. He looked like

19 448 OlyFan 08/29/14 2:19 PM
by: Ovshinsky

Taijuan Walker

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Totally mental issues right now or mechanical? Seems like ever since lloyd called him out

29 423 JMUplayermike 08/28/14 9:51 AM
by: currcoug

Mariners announce 6 (of 7) AFL assignments

Wrote it up:

2 98 RickRandall 08/26/14 5:47 PM
by: OlyFan

The real problem with defense metrics

Two good defensive infielders ******** about zone boundaries...

0 60 Ovshinsky 08/26/14 8:10 AM
by: Ovshinsky

Ketel Marte Power Hitter

8 142 OlyFan 08/23/14 5:50 PM
by: currcoug

Rusney Castillo working out for Mariners on Sunday

According to Jesse Sanchez from

10 223 RickRandall 08/23/14 10:10 AM
by: currcoug

Alex Jackson returns

So far 0-2 with 2 K’s, but he’s playing

0 48 dawgncarolina 08/21/14 9:32 PM
by: dawgncarolina

New Forums

Anyone checking out the new Beta Forums link? Thoughts?

6 213 RickRandall 08/21/14 6:07 PM
by: Homerman

Stefen Romero Now Has My Attention

That is all.

7 194 OlyFan 08/17/14 6:08 PM
by: BambiKino

Should the M's go"all-in" for 2015?

Look, you know I'm a Yankee fan from CT; but, the M's have the potential to win it all over the

10 200 karl1958 08/17/14 10:41 AM
by: EastBayDAWG

Gotta Loove the National Media Bias

With every top free agent, some the safe bet pick that the Yankees, Red Sox and Tigers are in on

0 62 ClosedRoof 08/16/14 8:16 AM
by: ClosedRoof

A General Question

As touchy as the MLB is about tampering, it seems to me that when Boston tells players that they

3 196 ClosedRoof 08/15/14 7:43 PM
by: Ovshinsky

Felix for MVP?

I would think he is in the discussion.  I'm just wondering if he can step up his game even more.

4 100 chippynuts 08/15/14 12:16 PM
by: BambiKino

Mariners acquire Kendrys Morales for Stephen Pryor - Taylor up

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Well, even though he apparently didn't want it to happen, Kendrys Morales is back with the

44 387 RickRandall 08/15/14 11:33 AM
by: Ovshinsky

Ketel Marte Promoted

Marte was promoted to AAA, and went 2-5 tonight. Marte is only 20 years old, and a prospect to

19 264 currcoug 08/14/14 7:53 PM
by: currcoug

Good news down on the farm tonight

Jackson swept a double header, 2-1 and 8-1.  In the second game they scored 8 runs on 3 base

3 88 BambiKino 08/13/14 10:05 PM
by: dawgncarolina

Nice Article on Tyler Marlette

Good read.

0 34 ClosedRoof 08/13/14 12:21 PM
by: ClosedRoof
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