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San Francisco Giants Minor League Forum

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2013 minor league rosters announced

Grizzlies (AAA, Fresno) :

0 455 MarcoPolo 04/02/13 3:30 PM
by: MarcoPolo

2006 AFL factoid

Owner of the second-highest OPS in the 2006 AFL: the one, the only, Kevin Frandsen. Dude hit

0 483 ZackSeward 10/26/11 7:03 PM
by: ZackSeward

AFL scouting video of Daryl Maday Where do you think he fits in to the Giants' plans?

0 375 ZackSeward 10/19/11 7:28 PM
by: ZackSeward

So long Thomas Neal, Thoughts on the O-Cab/Neal trade.

With Thomas Neal being dealt to the Indians for Orlando Cabrera the Giants minor league system

0 413 EvanScott 08/02/11 11:44 AM
by: EvanScott

Wheeler to the Mets

Interesting note from today's Baggarly column: –The Giants decided to give up Wheeler only

1 483 ZackSeward 07/30/11 7:19 PM
by: ZackSeward

Question about Bobby Haney - A SS drafted in this years draft

He was drafted in the 22ND round out of university of South Carolina, What farm team would  be

0 943 TRICCIO 06/14/10 5:25 AM


Just wanted to test something out here. My name is Joshua Kusnick and I am an mlbpa certified

0 790 jak2788 03/01/10 8:54 AM
by: jak2788

Ehire Adrianza (SS) Scouting Report    

0 1148 lupdy 10/16/09 9:30 PM
by: lupdy

Buster Posey on reserve

Can anyone tell me why Buster Posey was placed on reserve? He's was playing well after he moved

2 1007 apartin 08/25/09 11:57 AM
by: apartin

Augusta (South Atlantic League) Prospects

Go check out for info on your favorite Giant Prospects in Augusta,

0 978 lupdy 08/13/09 10:24 PM
by: lupdy

Sale of Conn Defenders falls through

A group of buyers from Richmond, Va has been trying to buy the team for quite a while now. It

1 944 MarcoPolo 07/25/09 3:00 PM
by: MarcoPolo


Buster Posey hit his third home run in the last four games as part of a perfect 3-for-3

3 1185 NoleIn1 06/23/09 8:44 AM
by: NoleIn1

Garrett Broshuis

Hey Giants fans.  I come in peace.  I've followed Garrett Broshuis the past couple seasons

1 1191 TacomaPadre 04/20/09 5:53 PM
by: ysbvyfi

Bumgarner Negotiations???

Any word on how the negotiations with Madison Bumgarner are progressing? Last we heard is that

4 2846 clvclv 04/08/09 10:33 AM
by: MarcoPolo

Giants 2012 Opening Day Lineup

1. CF Rafael Rodriguez 2. SS Emanuel Burris 3. C Buster Posey 4. 3b Pablo Sandoval 5. 1b

0 2085 nrosas 03/07/09 6:31 PM
by: nrosas

Brian Anderson spotting?

Whats the status with Brian Anderson? After a very promising 2007, he showed up in a few early

0 1386 TimmysArmy 11/26/08 9:02 PM
by: TimmysArmy

Henry Sosa

How is he doing and when will he be in the majors?

3 2827 camdencane 11/23/08 5:32 PM
by: Jennifer13

Jerimiah luster

Does anybody know what the status of luster is?  Talking to him this winter he thought he was

0 1948 ysbvyfi 05/21/08 10:27 AM
by: ysbvyfi

Marcus Sanders

anyone know the where-abouts of him? I know he was cut by the giants earlier this spring but Im

1 2384 CTDefenders 05/02/08 11:07 AM
by: davidjay

Darren Sack

Does anybody know what happen to Darren Sack?  I thought he was looking pretty good last couple

2 2486 ysbvyfi 04/14/08 7:03 AM
by: davidjay

Few Questions...DavidJay?

Hoping David or somebody knows the answers to these questions.   1.)  Where does Brian Bocock

8 2240 BioFreeze 04/05/08 12:05 PM
by: MarcoPolo

wendell farley

whats his deal.  dont see him on any of the giants minor league rosters?

1 2618 davestanton 04/05/08 3:16 AM
by: davidjay

'08 Giants minor bb rosters

anyone have the skinny?

16 2578 greg837 04/04/08 7:21 PM
by: DerKomminskSar

Defenders roster

Just swung up to the Defenders office.  The roster they had dated 3/28 was: Pitchers: Cowart,

1 1897 greg837 04/01/08 2:30 PM
by: MarcoPolo

Good luck Dave Machemer

Speaking for myself I liked Dave and thought it was pretty crappy that the organization

1 2633 easternleaguefan 07/26/07 8:33 AM
by: CTDefenders

Kelyn Acosta???

Is he still alive, and is there any chance he's still with the organization? I've got him in a

1 2068 clvclv 07/14/07 9:44 PM
by: MarcoPolo

Jennings to Fresno

Jennings 52 games,  188 BA , 0 HR,  15 RBI,  36 SO,  6 errors Holm 51 games, 287 BA,  7 HR,  20

6 1910 ysbvyfi 07/03/07 10:20 PM
by: leftarm

website update question

there havent been updated stories on the site... the last minor league notebook was June 20th...

1 1839 707fan 07/02/07 5:38 PM
by: MarcoPolo

Ishikawa to Fresno

I read in a couple of places that Ishikawa will go to SJ to rehab then to Fresno.  Interesting.

13 2317 fttts 07/02/07 4:24 PM
by: boredfan


Is EME hurt again? Anybody have any info?

7 2019 boredfan 07/02/07 1:43 PM
by: boredfan

Batting third, Playing 3rd Base

Villalona is batting third and playing 3rd base for AZL Giants in their season opener!

12 2335 phillramirez 07/02/07 12:40 AM
by: MarcoPolo

Velez in CF?

Saw in the box score that E. Velez played tonights game in CF.  This seems pretty strange.  I'll

6 1840 fttts 06/25/07 6:02 AM
by: CTDefenders

Conn Defenders

Today's starting lineup - Dobson .221 Wald .248 Bowker .274 Sosa .323 Minicozzi .221 Ishikawa

14 2274 boredfan 06/22/07 9:53 PM
by: leftarm

Sosa & Bocock named to Futures Game

Link Interesting choices.  Sosa isn't a surprise, with his performance, but Bocock had really

0 1915 BruteSentiment 06/21/07 3:41 PM
by: BruteSentiment

If you're at the California/Carolina All-Star Game...

...say hey to me.  I'll be mostly in the first base photo box (Grey shirt), but feel free to

0 1959 BruteSentiment 06/19/07 4:39 PM
by: BruteSentiment

Villalona going to S-K for NWL

Announced at the exhibition game last night...Volcanoes seeking spanish speaking host family.

4 2009 molddad 06/19/07 6:11 AM
by: phillramirez

Sosa promoted to SJ; Will Start on Father's Day

Just got the final word. Should be verrrry interesting to see.  Good luck to the kid!

3 1774 BruteSentiment 06/18/07 8:42 AM
by: britgiantsfan

Nick Noonan signs The Giants have

1 2401 britgiantsfan 06/16/07 6:41 PM
by: BruteSentiment

shouldn't lower round high schoolers be more valuable now?

Are high school picks more valueable or less with the new rules Arguement for Less 1. no draft

1 1803 MelOttFan 06/15/07 11:41 AM
by: BruteSentiment

Brute, why is Wilson pitching in San Jose instead of Fresno?

What is the story? Is he on rehab from his surgery?  Thanks in advance for any info you may

5 2034 jeffnorton 06/15/07 2:43 AM
by: BruteSentiment
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