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San Francisco Giants

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SJ Merc Posters 2nd thread

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Apparently 100 pages is the cap. Out of town announcers rave about Pablos D. No errors in his

187 4075 QueerAthlete22 Yesterday 5:19 PM
by: giantmike2

Starting Pitching Is a Serious Problem For the Giants

The San Francisco Giants  are one of the hottest teams in baseball right now, but you wouldn’t

0 66 lokupe 09/06/14 8:06 AM
by: lokupe


On Dominguez Jeff, he would be a fine replacement for Arias, he plays every last position

0 29 giantmike2 08/15/14 1:59 PM
by: giantmike2

LockedWelcome SJ Merc posters !!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...98 99 100 

The forums at are being shut down by the paper. A * HUGE * welcome

1980 15550 MarcoPolo 08/15/14 11:07 AM
by: QueerAthlete22

2014 July 2nd Coverage

I just released a free notebook of what's going as this week's July 2nd signing period opens,

0 119 KileyMcDaniel 06/30/14 10:16 PM
by: KileyMcDaniel

2014 MLB Draft Board

Just posted my Draft Board, complete with a ranked top 291, 748 total players, signability

0 134 KileyMcDaniel 06/04/14 12:40 PM
by: KileyMcDaniel

NLCS Game 2 thread: Cards at Giants: Mon 10/22

Multiple Pages 1 2 


27 716 SFGiantsSF 05/28/14 1:47 PM
by: babydaddyschlegel12



3 950 SwinelovinBear 05/28/14 1:46 PM
by: babydaddyschlegel12

I see some of my old friends from the SJ Mercury board.

You would have known me as Va Giant there. Hope you are all doing well.

3 286 ndbutch 05/11/14 7:22 PM
by: ndbutch

New Baseball Twitter and Instagram pages

Hey guys, my name is Patrick and I just started a Twitter page and an Instagram called,

0 58 BigP50 04/26/14 3:36 PM
by: BigP50

Good analysis on what went wrong this year...

0 219 Dubville 10/03/13 1:28 PM
by: Dubville

Brandon Crawford article

0 366 QueerAthlete22 05/07/13 5:59 AM
by: QueerAthlete22

Giants take first series of the season!

Taking two out of three from the doggies in their own yard is SWEET !! Giants in first place

0 341 MarcoPolo 04/03/13 10:20 PM
by: MarcoPolo

Brian Wilson

Moving the BW discussion to a new thread (here) from the "welcome" thread...

0 314 MarcoPolo 03/31/13 7:28 PM
by: MarcoPolo


From an Indians fan...

0 308 jason251213 10/28/12 10:03 PM
by: jason251213

Congrats guys

From a Royals fan!

1 321 WeirdScienceRoyalsFan 10/28/12 9:12 PM
by: SFGiantsSF


Multiple Pages 1 2 

SF leads the series 3-0.

26 599 SFGiantsSF 10/28/12 9:05 PM
by: SFGiantsSF


GIANTS FANSSSS!!!!! Could you guys do a small favour for a fellow Giants fan and a

0 317 mattcain7109 10/16/12 4:29 PM
by: mattcain7109

NLCS Game 2 thread: Cards at Giants: Mon 10/15

Multiple Pages 1 2 


35 518 SFGiantsSF 10/15/12 8:25 PM
by: SFGiantsSF

Help Me Win a Matt Cain Baseball!!!!

Hey Giants Fans!!! I know it's not been the most amazing of days – having witnessed the

0 301 mattcain7109 10/15/12 10:29 AM
by: mattcain7109

NLCS Game 1 thread: Cards at Giants: Sun 10/14

Multiple Pages 1 2 


27 517 SFGiantsSF 10/14/12 8:42 PM
by: SFGiantsSF

NLDS Game 4: San Francisco 8, Reds 3

Where are the SF fans? All the other teams in the playoffs have very active fan

2 446 WSUGuy1982 10/13/12 4:49 PM
by: Spartans11

Vernon Wells & 3 million for Barry Zito....

Is that enough to get the giants interested???

0 341 JMUplayermike 08/30/12 8:22 AM
by: JMUplayermike

Melky Cabrera Suspensed

Melky Cabrera has been suspended  immediately for 50 games for testing positive for

1 421 TRrrr 08/16/12 5:23 PM
by: tustindave

Gettin' tired of Lincecum

I say we trade him for what we can get.  Matt Harrison maybe?  Think the Rangers would do it?

4 724 grumpy23 07/26/12 12:24 AM
by: DodgerBlueWarrior

Free Yahoo H2H Fantasy baseball

We need a couple more players. League ID#: 133301 League Name: The

0 57 pglegend 03/20/12 11:43 PM
by: pglegend

Adam Duvall

I was wondering if anybody on this Giants board knows anything about Adam Duvall.  I'm from the

1 97 gregslaten 03/09/12 9:28 PM
by: ZackSeward

Should the Giants pay for Prince Fielder?

With the acquisition of Melky Cabrera, do the Giants have more moves in mind? The Giants offense

1 475 EvanScott 12/28/11 4:42 PM
by: oltrex

Ramon Ramirez and Andres Torres traded to Mets for Angel Pagan.


0 388 ZackSeward 12/06/11 7:01 PM
by: ZackSeward

Would you trade Barry Zito for Vernon Wells

Both are horrible.... Wells deal costs more but you would actually get "some"

5 645 JMUplayermike 11/08/11 3:25 PM
by: EvanScott

Melky trade

Thoughts? Seems like the jury is still out on it.

1 553 ZackSeward 11/07/11 12:39 PM
by: EvanScott

AT MLB team from your home state

Look, I am from CT, so we have no chance; but, this is a question I posted on the Yankee board.

0 413 karl1958 11/04/11 11:10 AM
by: karl1958

Trade Proposal from an Angels fan

You guys need a leadoff hitter and a SS. We want an upgrade at 3b. What are your thoughts on an

3 746 ncaspi 11/02/11 10:57 AM
by: EvanScott

Who should Sabean trade for? And who are you willing to deal?

We already dealt our top pitching prospect (Zack Wheeler) last year. You willing to ship talent

0 394 ZackSeward 11/01/11 5:19 AM
by: ZackSeward

Trade proposal: Zito and Belt to the Yanks...

Giants get Burnett, Swisher and Romine for Zito and Belt plus 10 million.  Yanks pick up the

5 718 karl1958 10/28/11 4:01 PM
by: egstitt

Does Bochy hate Belt?

I wondered that this season.  Does anyone else think Bochy unfairly picked on Belt?  I mean not

3 597 MadBumFan 10/27/11 8:12 PM
by: killjoebuck

Ryan O'Neal reads Barry Zito's contract It's not pretty

1 451 SullyBaseball 10/21/11 7:41 AM
by: ZackSeward

Which AFL dudes are gonna have MLB impact next year?

Open question. Giants in the AFL: Who are you excited about? Pitchers Austin Fleet

1 374 ZackSeward 10/19/11 10:58 PM
by: egstitt

Season over?

Feels like it.

0 378 ZackSeward 09/05/11 1:07 PM
by: ZackSeward

Tejada and Rowand get DFAed

The Giants made a sizeable move on Wednesday, designating for assignment both Rowand and Tejada

0 359 EvanScott 09/01/11 10:03 AM
by: EvanScott
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