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Randy Jones BBQ

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Charger talk by Padre fans.....and the NFL in General

It is football season and many of us are football fans as well. Let's keep the discussion here.

16 121 MrPadre19 10/24/14 1:04 PM
by: ChargersWinII

Favorite TV shows

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

These can be all-time or just ones you're occupied with presently. One that I sorely miss is

110 636 ChargersWinII 10/03/14 6:52 AM
by: ChargersWinII

Your favorite movies

No porn

11 435 ChargersWinII 08/01/14 11:34 PM
by: ChargersWinII

The Battered Bastards of Baseball

Has anyone seen this movie about the Portland Mavericks of the 70's? Actually.....Documentary.

3 56 MrPadre19 07/27/14 5:09 AM
by: ChargersWinII

Netflix Streaming Recommendations

Just saw "Decoding Neanderthals". A documentary about a species that is far more

3 65 ChargersWinII 07/17/14 2:18 PM
by: MrPadre19

Coke Zero 400

I'm not a huge Nascar fan but I have worked for GM at the Dealership level for a LONG time. I

3 72 MrPadre19 07/05/14 8:12 AM
by: ChargersWinII

World Cup

Anyone following this? i actually enjoy watching the Spanish speaking channel that carries cup

2 46 ChargersWinII 06/22/14 5:20 PM
by: ChargersWinII


Multiple Pages 1 2 

"Is this thing on".. check-check testing...  The most thorough Padres coverage of

23 560 MKoke 04/30/14 3:55 PM
by: tlibby

mlb tracking system

0 381 friarwire 03/04/14 5:28 PM
by: friarwire

Mick Dodge

What's your favorite Mick Dodge moment? And have you ever been a forest man or want to?

3 199 ChargersWinII 03/04/14 4:17 PM
by: ChargersWinII


This is a very tough issue for me. I see the logic in all women carrying them (to fend off

5 300 ChargersWinII 03/04/14 3:43 PM
by: ChargersWinII

Anyone use this anymore?


3 168 MrPadre19 03/03/14 2:10 PM
by: ChargersWinII

Malware and viruses on baseball sites

Hey all - Just a heads up.  The baseball sites many of us visit (not this one) can lead to

0 183 Commie 12/03/12 5:29 PM
by: Commie

The somersault ...

Put me down as a fan of Aroldis Chapman and his somersaults :-)

0 190 LynchMob98 06/27/12 10:50 AM
by: LynchMob98

New SDSU Scout Site

Scout has brought back the SDSU Scout Site, we have great content if you are a Aztec fan or alum

0 63 NealNieves 04/03/12 7:08 PM
by: NealNieves


I can't resist. I am not kidding. I just heard "The Saw" say that the reason that A J

0 227 hoffy51 08/15/11 11:43 AM
by: hoffy51

Does anyone play fantasy baseball?

I am involved in many fantasy leagues on CBS and I am looking to start my own for $50 a person.

1 262 Brien0921 12/09/10 5:19 PM
by: Dre1023

Coming into the 21st century - baseball instant replay

0 240 brouhahasports 10/31/10 3:31 PM
by: brouhahasports

Do you want to make some Giants fans unhappy?

Then please support a local elementary tonight in a national contest against a bay area group.

0 242 janineg 10/14/10 6:59 PM
by: janineg

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Playoffs

What the hell??? I thought I lost to Padchargers in the playoffs. No? I saw I was losing on

3 325 ChargersWinII 10/03/10 7:33 PM
by: ChargersWinII

Did you know Randy Jones is opening a new restaurant

Or more specifically re-branding an existing restaurant. Used to be Trophy's. Now its All

0 264 websoulsurfer 08/26/10 12:38 PM
by: websoulsurfer

Hello Denis...

Chuck here from - per your request.

2 407 chuckyyyy 04/14/10 2:41 PM
by: dgettinger


Hey guys just wanted to post in here.  Thanks to John for joining us on the site.  We are

2 380 SteveAdler 03/29/10 6:23 PM
by: MrPadre19

5 Biggest A-Holes in sports today

stephen jackson might top the list

0 364 zoomass86 01/28/10 3:38 PM
by: zoomass86

Attention Padres and fantasy baseball fans

I am looking for an owner interested in joining my cbssportsline league. It costs $75 a year to

0 368 Brien0921 08/22/09 12:29 PM
by: Brien0921

Pad Squad Girl Just Misses Miss America

Carrie Prejean, Pad Squad girl, finished as first runner up in Miss America. Pretty crazy.

18 1111 DaveyPinstripes 07/07/09 6:04 PM
by: kr1s37

White Sox Forum

over on the White Sox board I was givin my own forum to run, my friend and I was tried to do a

0 476 chs234 06/28/09 10:06 PM
by: chs234

Padres vs. Diamondbacks June 7th

Parents may want to reconsider taking their children to the San Diego Padres game against

0 470 Stevetheumpire 05/29/09 6:52 PM
by: Stevetheumpire

Fish taco

Hey, I was born and raised and am still living in the Kansas City area. I love seafood but have

6 834 adgar09 05/28/09 1:51 AM
by: boostersd

MMA fight

just wanted to let ya'all know that i just had my first MMA fight after seven months of

12 1261 Notmyopic 05/28/09 12:36 AM
by: SanDiego12

Dominican Baseball

0 489 lombard 05/06/09 11:17 AM
by: lombard


7 - 3    @    4 - 4 Friday, April 17 •4:05 PM •TV: 4SD

1 534 jetranger 04/20/09 5:20 AM
by: BarryMcBride

Our 2009 Fantasy Baseball League

It's for our league here. Dre, I hope you allow this. I'm desperate. I wasn't able to

13 630 ChargersWinII 04/12/09 8:13 PM
by: ChargersWinII

Replying, Quoting, Commenting

There seems to be a bug in the WYSIWYG editor. At least there is for me, and I don't come across

2 467 wrveres 04/02/09 3:34 PM
by: Dre1023

2009 Fantasy Baseball Rankings + Projections

After about three weeks of non stop research and projections I have came up with a formula to

5 566 GradysBaby13 02/07/09 11:51 PM
by: Dre1023

MLB 08: The Show or 2K8?

Anybody pick one of these games up? I'm playing The Padres in 'The Show' and having a blast.

13 1342 Bballfan1212 01/14/09 7:22 PM
by: lilokster

Why You NEED To Vote For John Edwards If He's On Your Ballot

John Edwards offers the best of BOTH worlds. He is the best candidate AND the most electable.

9 1030 LoyalSeahawkFan 08/21/08 12:03 PM
by: ChargersWinII

How much a gold metal worth?

Hey guys today is a "Day Of Glory" for Mexico, we won our first gold medal since 2000,

2 1168 alexpadres 08/21/08 8:10 AM
by: padrefanforever

Womens Fast Pitch Softball

Any of you guys have daughters, sisters, family members, friends, etc that play softball at the

0 889 JayDawg27 08/14/08 8:42 AM
by: JayDawg27

Your favorite quotes

Hunter S. Thompson:"The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only

12 1713 jetranger 08/11/08 4:33 PM
by: FriarStorm
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