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2 57 tylerzickel 09/23/14 1:40 AM
by: ChargersWinII

Lake Elsinore Storm 2014

Those boys are putting together a nice season so far. SPs Ross, Eflin, and Rea are as good as

0 83 bullg8rdaddy 07/08/14 12:37 AM
by: bullg8rdaddy


Padres fans, where will Casey Kelly and Anthony Rizzo start this year?  Hoping that they are in

4 447 88vandals 07/04/14 3:45 PM
by: chrisgoff

anyone have a thought !!!!

I saw many Eugene Emeralds games last season, and recall 3rd baseman, SS Chase Jensen, as a very

5 333 patara61 06/12/14 9:15 AM
by: CameronBloch

Top Ten Prospects

Multiple Pages 1 2 

As the minor league regular season comes to a close, I wanted to list my top ten . I am sure

36 3159 hoffy51 04/30/14 6:24 PM
by: BillGerlt14

Triple A all stars = Dean Anna

If triple AAA is the top tier for the minor league system why do you think Anna was ignored for

1 370 follower220 06/19/13 3:05 PM
by: Dre1023

Lefty Werner

Keep an eye on Lefty Werner. Who said offensive lineman can't pitch.  He seems to be moving up

0 305 wmsbase 07/27/12 12:53 AM
by: wmsbase

2011 Draft Any Thoughts

Any thoughts on the 2011 draft. I heard on one of the radio shows this morning the Padres are

3 690 padreforlife1 05/27/11 6:54 PM
by: BrewinAU

Nick Schmidt?

Anyone know what happened to Schmidt? Where is he?

3 515 dpdale 05/03/11 7:54 AM
by: hogdog52

Padres extended spring training 2011


2 452 alt000111 04/26/11 10:25 AM
by: davidjay

Who has been released from minor league camp

Can you keep us updated on who has been released from minor league camp

0 350 perthheat 03/22/11 6:42 PM
by: perthheat

future Padres

Is it me or are the Padres totally overlooking the guy who has led their minor league clubs in

1 535 dbonanno1211 02/10/11 6:54 AM
by: FENN68

Come See Tomorrow's Padres

The future Padres are playing right up the road for the Storm in Lake Elsinore. The season

0 356 cstorm45 01/24/11 12:27 PM
by: cstorm45

Jaff Decker

Where is he?  I can't find him on any roster.

3 579 TinCaps 09/30/10 10:43 PM
by: boostersd

Evan Scribner

This guy has been nothing but nasty since entering pro baseball, and I am wondering why he is

1 487 MikeP11 07/08/10 6:59 AM
by: davidjay

Jedd Gyorko

Hi everyone,  First post here. Have been a padres fan for 15 years and have been excited

1 606 NZFriar 07/02/10 4:18 AM
by: hoffy51

Internet Broadcast?

I am new to the forums and was looking for any information about the AZL rookie league padres

0 334 sports4me11 06/24/10 7:38 PM
by: sports4me11

Joe Agreste

Any word on how Joe Agreste is doing in Extended Spring Training?

0 505 HRkid 04/26/10 6:27 AM
by: HRkid

Radhames Liz (AAA)

Dude is absolutely beasting a starter 22k in just 14IP. He's only 26, has a huge

0 406 CptJack 04/23/10 12:52 PM
by: CptJack

Friars Top 10 Prospects for 2010 (Baseball America)

1. Donavan Tate, of 2. Simon Castro, rhp 3. James Darnell,

1 918 TheBaseballLover 02/11/10 7:34 AM
by: Icebolt

What's up w/ Tyson Bagley- Emeralds Pitcher???

Why do you think he isn't getting innings?  Seems to me he has the goods.  His control is

4 973 bags554 08/20/09 2:20 PM
by: Ryan619

Mat Latos

Any chance he gets called up this year and makes his MLB debut? Seems to have handled the jump

4 778 ac0n007 08/10/09 10:14 AM
by: padrefanforever

RHP Wynn Pelzer

A little trade deadline break...found a scouting report on RHP Wynn Pelzer on

0 797 grad02 07/31/09 12:09 PM
by: grad02


Anyone have any idea of where any of the Catchers in minors might end up for this coming

8 1290 Canhamfan11 07/30/09 11:56 AM
by: Padres54

2009 Pro-Side Scouting Report: Cory Luebke, LHP

there's a scouting report of Cory Luebke from the Cal-Carolina League All Star Game at

0 1018 grad02 07/18/09 6:49 PM
by: grad02

Great Article on Mike DeMark

Posting great numbers year after year.  Everyone agrees; that is why I support the Free agents

1 934 theKman3 06/24/09 4:45 PM
by: theKman3

San Diego Padres - Mexico City Red Devils Agreement

I found an very interesting old article between Padres and Mexico City Red Devils agreement

3 1538 chiefgaytonfan2 05/17/09 11:47 AM
by: chiefgaytonfan2

New Dominican Training Facility

The Padre brass if flying to the new Dominican Training Facility . Can we get some pictures of

12 1690 hoffy51 05/05/09 11:28 AM
by: lombard

What's up with Kellen Kulbacki

Looking for any kind of time table on Kellen Kulbacki coming off of the DL and joining the

0 805 SgtDave 04/22/09 7:02 PM
by: SgtDave

Could Antonelli move to the OF

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

So is poss. Antonelli moves to the OF or does he stay at 2nd? How is his progress and what is

59 2208 kaos13 04/12/09 10:18 AM
by: alexpadres

Lake Elsinore Storm

The paper this am said that the Padres are thinking of putting Matt Latos at Lake Elsinore. If

6 1384 hoffy51 03/24/09 7:02 PM
by: hoffy51

Cricket Wireless AAA All-Star Game at Portland on Wed, July 15th

The AAA All-Star Game is going to be held at Portland this year. It sure would be good to see

0 668 hoffy51 03/06/09 10:44 AM
by: hoffy51

Most Impressive Minor Performers

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I'm relatively new to the board but I life long Padres fan...Could anyone give me the scoop on

37 3442 ac0n007 02/03/09 2:16 PM
by: hoffy51

Cesar Carrillo Projected to Start the Season 2009 @ PETCO PARK !

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Cesar Carrillo our 1st pick of 2005 is now preparing for the AFL, in Peoria AZ, he will be

36 1988 CarrilloPeavyFan 01/16/09 8:48 AM
by: padrefanforever

Josh Alley

I was wondering if AAA OF Josh Alley has a chace to play in at least 1 game in the Majors. I

0 1067 NumberOneArencibiaFan 01/02/09 9:43 PM
by: NumberOneArencibiaFan

Topps Class A All-Stars

The Padres had three players on the Topps Class A All-Star Team, the Giants had two, other

0 927 hoffy51 11/27/08 7:20 PM
by: hoffy51

LockedCarrillo is Back With an Attack !!!!!

For the many that were quick to judge it finally happened ! Yesterday our top pitching prospect

2 970 CarrilloPeavyFan 11/05/08 1:51 PM
by: Dre1023

Rank the Top Ten Bull Pen Prospects at all levels

Very curious on who are the top prospects in 2008 and where they fit as future Padres?

14 2181 theKman3 11/02/08 8:29 PM
by: thatjusthappened

Top Prospects Realistically...

so there is always lists up with top prospects. when you play close attention to the list it is

4 1337 thatjusthappened 11/02/08 10:14 AM
by: thatjusthappened

Greg Burke

Greg Burke is having one of the best seasons of any pitcher in Minor League ball for the

2 1296 birds1 11/01/08 4:37 PM
by: thatjusthappened
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