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Friar Fanatics

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PinnedOn The Farm

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...51 52 53 

Took over 4 years to fill up the other thread. With Tate to Eugene Renfroe to Fort Wayne

1043 5032 BenDavey 11/19/14 8:12 PM
by: MrPadre19

PinnedAround the MLB- Non-Padres...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...62 63 64 

Thought I'd start up a thread about Major league happenings outside of Friar land... No

1270 5591 HALOS23 Yesterday 1:57 PM
by: ChargersWinII

HotHot Stove

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...7 8 9 

Apparently the Padres are getting calls about their Catchers as well..... Hmm....could we trade

163 1525 MrPadre19 Today 10:58 AM
by: claykirby1969

About that new shortstop...

12 601 LevelAgain Today 10:32 AM
by: USMC53

Stupid season about to start

Team start to play with Monopoly money and start signing players way over their heads. It

14 544 Icebolt Yesterday 4:49 PM
by: MrPadre19

I cant take any more Buddy Black

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Just let Spangenberg lead off every day the rest of the way and forget about matchups. Black

55 680 claykirby1969 Yesterday 4:42 PM
by: MrPadre19

Filling 2015 Needs [Reset Thread]

Morning. After reading MLBTR's post that the Padres are willing to listen to offers of on

18 644 LevelAgain Yesterday 11:50 AM
by: Icebolt

Padres in Winter Leagues

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

The AFL started today.  The Padres are part of the "Surprise" team. They lost today

87 1612 BenDavey 11/15/14 6:41 PM
by: ChargersWinII

What about this KHK?

From SK Wyverns Accept Padres’ Bid For Kwang-Hyun Kim By   Tim Dierkes

11 549 LevelAgain 11/15/14 4:16 PM
by: Moldenke

Yasmany Tomas

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

Interesting article, talking about Padres extreme interest despite price tag, what do you guys

130 1728 tmshrout 11/13/14 5:16 PM
by: Commie

Arbitration Projections

Ian Kennedy 10.3m up 4.2 BLaine Boyer 1m up 300k Everth Cabrea 2.9m up 450k Andrew Cashner

10 467 SDsportsfan458 11/12/14 2:02 PM
by: MrPadre19

Trades, signings, and roster move ideas

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...73 74 75 

I know there was another thread similar to this, bit it was getting pretty big, so I started

1491 6451 ultratvfan 11/12/14 1:35 PM
by: MrPadre19

Padres' Impressive New Front Office

So I'm really impressed with what the Padres are doing with their front office this year. The

16 830 sportwarrior 11/07/14 8:52 AM
by: ChargersWinII

Bochy revisited.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Thought some of you might enjoy this little "tip of the cap."

36 691 LevelAgain 11/02/14 10:48 AM
by: tmshrout

Just kill me now.

For those of you who don't know, I live in the Bay Area. And my Facebook page is on fire. I

4 227 LevelAgain 10/29/14 10:54 PM
by: ChargersWinII

Phil Plantier fired as Hitting Coach.

Alonso Powell stays on and is candidate to remain as Hitting Coach for Padres in 2015. Does

14 417 MrPadre19 10/24/14 9:43 AM
by: WindsorUK

Chargers/Broncos game already sold out - Padres FO need to learn

That was quick. It proves that tickets sell and fast when there is a good product on the field.

12 416 ultratvfan 10/17/14 3:43 AM
by: MrPadre19

Ninja best defensive SS in the league per Bill James

What do the haters say now?

17 603 claykirby1969 10/11/14 12:46 PM
by: thrownoutatsecond

OT Stretch

I sat right behind home plate on one afternoon when then San Diego Padre Willie McCovey swung

0 101 ChargersWinII 10/10/14 12:05 PM
by: ChargersWinII

AJ Preller is the new. GM

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

Geez! Not another A.J. !!! A.J. Smith, A.J. Hinch. Now A.J. Preller Seriously though I

120 1749 SteveInCbad 10/07/14 5:11 PM
by: ChargersWinII

The argument for letting top prospects develop at AAA...

The offseason debate now begins about how to fix the Padres wretchedly bad offense. Common

19 576 brianmcon 10/06/14 11:35 AM
by: Icebolt

MLB to test ways to speed up games

MLB will test 6 ways to speed up the game beginning in the AFL starting next week.

11 293 BenDavey 10/04/14 3:27 PM
by: ChargersWinII

"Consensus" Top 40 Prospects

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Finally!    Consensus Prospect time.   But first a look back at how the Top 40 from 2013

38 1828 brianmcon 10/04/14 9:21 AM
by: BenDavey

Edinson Volquez

Explain. Why didn't he have this kind of success in a Padres uniform?

8 274 ChargersWinII 10/02/14 4:33 PM
by: thrownoutatsecond

How do you Construct Padres roster just going into Rule 5 draft?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Pads end season with 46 guys on roster counting 60-day DL.  My guess is they will add 4 guys to

20 476 brianmcon 10/01/14 1:18 PM
by: brianmcon

Pin Drops

One more game, and it's that time again. Not the offseason. The quiet season. Where we often

18 501 LevelAgain 09/30/14 10:32 AM
by: thrownoutatsecond

All that talent

and they frikin hire AJ Hinch? I thought the sabre guy was bright?

4 195 claykirby1969 09/29/14 11:34 PM
by: BenDavey

Guess the Pads 2015 draft position

Im guessing 20

18 414 claykirby1969 09/29/14 11:49 AM
by: MrPadre19

2015 Outfield

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Anyone have any idea what our outfield will look like next year?I cant imagine Liriano is in the

43 482 BenDavey 09/28/14 10:04 PM
by: ChargersWinII

Final 2014 Series: Padres @ Giants

Grandal hits a Grand Slam followed by a Rivera HR.

10 391 ultratvfan 09/28/14 9:27 PM
by: brianmcon

Padres Could Be Trade Deadline Buyers

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

By  Tim Dierkes [May 5 at 1:41pm CST]Padres Could Be Trade Deadline Buyers By Tim Dierkes [May

110 815 FENN68 09/28/14 2:53 AM
by: ChargersWinII

Evaluating the Padres' Pitching Going Forward

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I, for one, am not as certain about the continued success of the pitching as are some.  From a

23 871 FENN68 09/26/14 3:48 PM
by: MrPadre19

Giants at Padres

Once again the Padres are on a verge to sweep the Giants.

7 258 ultratvfan 09/25/14 8:11 PM
by: MrPadre19


Both Moldenke and Mr. Padre really nailed it. They individually (to the best of my knowledge

0 142 ChargersWinII 09/23/14 1:36 AM
by: ChargersWinII

Hey, there's no place to post the about the game.

Seeing the Pads win big tonight was ah-some since all my friends and neighbors here in the Bay

4 221 LevelAgain 09/21/14 10:44 PM
by: LevelAgain

OT: Beer

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...7 8 9 

Note to the MadFrairs Faithful : If this is unacceptable in this forum, please accept my

172 2569 LevelAgain 09/21/14 8:29 AM
by: LevelAgain

Phillies @ Padres

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Cash pitches a complete game shutout of the Phillies on only 92 pitches. This is this his best

22 484 ultratvfan 09/20/14 7:54 PM
by: MrPadre19

Another bunt tred

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I had to start it sa opposed to committing suicide. At least we have a place to come and

34 602 claykirby1969 09/19/14 7:09 AM
by: thrownoutatsecond

Moral Standards for Owners / FO / Players

Given the recent events in the NBA and the NFL … are we beginning to see a change in attitude

2 145 FENN68 09/19/14 4:17 AM
by: WindsorUK

Padre MiL Affiliate PDAs Expire

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Apparently all 5 PDAs (EP/SA/LE/FW/EU) expire at the end of the season … as do PDAs with a lot

27 653 FENN68 09/19/14 12:39 AM
by: sportwarrior
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