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Phoenix Suns

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Pinned2012 Phoenix Suns Roster

NAME POS AGE 2012-2013 SALARY Michael Beasley SF 23 $5,750,000

5 3169 Maligzar 06/07/14 12:52 AM
by: Hueqw123

First Round: Suns vs. Spurs

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

I created this so everyone can put in their two cents about strategy, rotations, matchups, and

115 4040 PhxIn07 08/15/14 4:00 PM
by: bwaaanduil

Why do we need yet another point guard?

We already have five. Thomas looks like a great player, but still  . . . position? Fit?

0 78 Gorgon 07/13/14 7:46 AM
by: Gorgon

Suns acquire Marcus Morris reunite Morris twins in Phoenix!!!!!!

Morris twins reunited -- and it feels so good   (AP Photo/Julio Cortez) zoom Out

1 1140 phxsunsfanatic873 06/07/14 1:04 AM
by: Hueqw123

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1 1596 comtiwen 06/07/14 1:03 AM
by: Hueqw123

We are screwed until Sarver sells.

Jerry Colangelo needs to step in and save our team!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 2721 lu01eg 06/07/14 1:03 AM
by: Hueqw123

When I saw this Suns roster in September I wondered......

How would they even reach 20 wins? And I doubt they will but as a fan it's the best thing that

2 1308 PHOsure1 06/07/14 1:01 AM
by: Hueqw123

Side show Bob is finally gone THANK GOD!!!!!! The Suns

2 2706 phxsunsfanatic873 06/07/14 1:00 AM
by: Hueqw123

Your NCAA Brackets Are Shot But ...

.... you can still vote yourself some Sweet 16 redemption:

1 781 BigTenSven 06/07/14 1:00 AM
by: Hueqw123

Suns to pick 5th!!!!!!

Suns end up with 5th pick in 2013 draft!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had 4th best chance at #1 pick and ended

1 699 phxsunsfanatic873 06/07/14 12:59 AM
by: Hueqw123

Horny is coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 2

1 717 phxsunsfanatic873 06/07/14 12:58 AM
by: Hueqw123

Suns Draft Grade

1 633 phxsunsfanatic873 06/07/14 12:58 AM
by: Hueqw123

Suns three way trade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eric Bledsoe a Sun!!!!

1 683 phxsunsfanatic873 06/07/14 12:57 AM
by: Hueqw123

If anyone is watching, the Suns are tearin' it up

Suns are on a 4-game win streak, won 5 out of last 6, beat the best record in the NBA (Pacers)

3 284 Gorgon 06/07/14 12:56 AM
by: Hueqw123

Eddy Johnson

Does Eddy Johnson ever shutup???????  He ruins every game I watch.  Now I turn the sound off and

3 418 pra1130 06/07/14 12:56 AM
by: Hueqw123

Is there a suns board out there that isn't dead like this one!?

For **** sakes Go Suns

2 343 PHOsure1 06/07/14 12:54 AM
by: Hueqw123

Amazing that this board is dead

When we have probably the most exciting team in years and one that should make the

3 273 Gorgon 06/07/14 12:53 AM
by: Hueqw123

The NBA is a joke

I swear it's rigged. How many times can the Suns lose big leads and then lose the game? Hawks in

1 191 RyanNDAyers 04/17/14 7:41 PM
by: DrKnipe

Suns need to sign, Tommie Adams. Youtube him under g.smith dunks


0 1624 Prince7 09/28/12 5:49 PM
by: Prince7

Frye out indefinitely with enlarged heart

This roster looks worse by the minute.

0 1591 Gorgon 09/24/12 9:25 AM
by: Gorgon

Eric Gordon inks offer sheet with Suns

0 2414 Maligzar 07/12/12 6:30 PM
by: Maligzar

message to diehard loyal Suns fans!!!!!!!!

Lets see, if you are a true loyal diehard Suns fan like Myself then you lived through the Alvan

0 2593 phxsunsfanatic873 07/06/12 3:56 PM
by: phxsunsfanatic873

Nash Traded to Lakers for multiple picks!!!!!!!!

Steve Nash to be traded to Lakers for Multiple First round picks!!!!!!!!!

11 2792 phxsunsfanatic873 07/06/12 11:27 AM
by: Maligzar

Suns sign Dragic

I do like this signing.

1 2485 lu01eg 07/05/12 9:50 PM
by: Maligzar

Suns Draft Kendall Marshall............

I don't see how this team even sniffs .500 with it's current roster....

1 2656 JMUplayermike 07/04/12 7:53 PM
by: Maligzar

April 24 at Utah

Hi.  Next is at Utah.  Game time is 9:00 p.m. eastern or 6:00 p.m. in Phoenix.  Well, we lose

1 166 desifan 04/25/12 9:49 AM
by: Gorgon

April 21 versus Denver

Hi.  Next is Denver.  Game time is at 5:30 p.m. eastern or 2:30 p.m. in Phoenix.  Well, looks

0 237 desifan 04/21/12 7:16 AM
by: desifan


Suns are 2 and 1/2 games out of the 4th seed and 5 games out of the 3rd seed with 17 games

2 250 phxsunsfanatic873 04/15/12 11:38 AM
by: desifan

March 28 at LA Clippers

Hi.  Sorry I missed last game.  We really got our asses kicked today.  That wasn't great.  Well,

3 214 MavAlbert 04/15/12 11:35 AM
by: desifan

April 16 versus Portland

Hi.  I know it's been a while.  I had other things going and this board is not high priority.

0 238 desifan 04/15/12 11:32 AM
by: desifan

April 1 versus New Orleans

Hi.  Next is New Orleans.  We are back into a slump again.  Game time is at 9:00 p.m. eastern or

0 192 desifan 03/29/12 3:13 PM
by: desifan

Steve Nash

I'd out assist him on the Internet

1 247 theREALfelipegarza 03/28/12 5:12 PM
by: grumpy23

March 23 at Indiana

Hi.  Next is Indiana.  Well, we seem to be having a bad road trip.  Game time is at 7:00 p.m.

3 253 desifan 03/28/12 5:11 PM
by: grumpy23

March 27 versus San Antonio

Hi.  Next is San Antonio.  We really kicked ass today.  That was great.  Well, game time is at

1 221 desifan 03/28/12 5:11 PM
by: grumpy23

March 25 at Cleveland

Hi.  Next is Cleveland.  Well, we managed to win last night by a couple.  Game time is at 3:30

0 197 desifan 03/24/12 12:48 PM
by: desifan

March 21 at Orlando

Hi.  Next is Orlando.  Well, so my losing prediction didn't work last time.  Oh well, game time

0 200 desifan 03/21/12 2:50 PM
by: desifan

Suns to acquire POWER FOWARD JJ Hickson???

0 212 phxsunsfanatic873 03/19/12 5:10 PM
by: phxsunsfanatic873

March 20 at Miami

Hi.  Next is Miami.  Game time is at 7:30 p.m. eastern or 4:30 p.m. in Phoenix.  Well, I will

0 198 desifan 03/19/12 1:49 PM
by: desifan

SUNS ARE BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Desi you should quit saying we will lose every game, we will win every game and go all the way

2 216 phxsunsfanatic873 03/17/12 6:30 AM
by: desifan

March 17 versus Houston

Hi.  Next is Houston.  We're hot right now, but ever since I predicted losses, we're hot.  Game

0 221 desifan 03/17/12 6:27 AM
by: desifan
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pudding, Maligzar