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0 23 robbironas 9/23/14 10:54 PM
by: robbironas

2014 July 2nd Coverage

I just released a free notebook of what's going as this week's July 2nd signing period opens,

0 62 KileyMcDaniel 7/1/14 1:05 AM
by: KileyMcDaniel

FREE Kids Tickets For Rutgers Football

Children 12 and under can get FREE tickets for the Rutgers home opener against Howard on

0 54 HeavenUniversity 6/21/14 11:31 AM
by: HeavenUniversity

2014 MLB Draft Board

Just posted my Draft Board, complete with a ranked top 291, 748 total players, signability

0 218 KileyMcDaniel 6/4/14 3:59 PM
by: KileyMcDaniel

For anyone interested in a league filled with Phillies phans....

Here's an invite to my free yahoo fantasy baseball league. Haven't posted on here in quite some

0 111 cdcool62 3/24/14 3:00 AM
by: cdcool62

Former Phillie Glenn Wilson's son.

Kid's got some quick hands.

0 179 txbaseballfan 2/6/14 2:25 AM
by: txbaseballfan

Top 100 Prospects & More Rankings

I've been running through prospects lists of all sorts lately, so here's some links covering my

1 196 KileyMcDaniel 2/6/14 2:16 AM
by: txbaseballfan

International Content

I recently went to the Dominican Republic and have posted a lot of content the last few weeks

0 131 KileyMcDaniel 2/6/14 1:17 AM
by: KileyMcDaniel

Rule 5 review

I broke down the Rule 5 Draft, along with new Phillies RHP Kevin Munson (and former Phil Seth

0 186 KileyMcDaniel 12/29/13 1:20 AM
by: KileyMcDaniel Top Phillies Prospects List

I ranked the top 22 prospects in the Phillies system along with scouting reports on every one

0 323 KileyMcDaniel 11/30/13 11:46 AM
by: KileyMcDaniel

We are now 10 games under .500

Our season is slipping away. We literally have to win the rest of our games to make the

1 369 HickamHeel 8/4/13 9:57 PM
by: thatdude

Proposed trade

Royals send Jarod Dyson to Phillies for Aaron Altherr.

0 393 wildcatguy1952 7/17/13 1:41 PM
by: wildcatguy1952

Hamels is a mental midget

and we are stuck with him for 5 more years after this!! Woo hoo!!!! Another awesome job

0 322 dep026 6/26/13 11:27 PM
by: dep026

Andrew Knapp scouting report ...

Hey folks, Ryan Gorcey here, publisher of Cal Sports Digest for and FOX Sports NEXT.

0 383 RyanGorcey 6/7/13 12:31 AM
by: RyanGorcey

Is Ruben Amaro the worst GM in sports????

Ben Revere Chad Durbin Delmon Young John Lannan They couldnt start for the Iron Pigs. Cant

0 592 dep026 5/20/13 9:40 PM
by: dep026

PollWho needs to go first?

0 459 dep026 5/5/13 2:56 PM
by: dep026

Phillies @ Reds

Erik Kratz is the worst player in the entire game of baseball. But good ole Cholly keeps sending

1 361 dep026 4/17/13 8:29 AM
by: dep026

Phils @ Phish

Halladay gets another start. Good opportunity for him against a team he usually does well

2 603 ljlarry 4/14/13 3:54 PM
by: ljlarry

Schmets at Phils

Doc still struggling to throw strikes.

5 708 ljlarry 4/8/13 9:58 PM
by: HickamHeel

Royals at Phils

Howard looks so bad againt lefties, I'm tempted to think he should be platooned with Ruf, of

10 652 ljlarry 4/7/13 5:03 PM
by: ljlarry

Phils at Braves

Cole Hamels tonite, with the slate wiped clean. Lots of questions going into the season.

12 756 ljlarry 4/4/13 7:19 PM
by: ljlarry

What I want to state.

If you think Scott`s story is impossible,, last week my dads girlfriend basically also made the

0 423 Cordwell12 12/10/12 12:35 AM
by: Cordwell12

Fightin' Phil's at .500

4 and 1/2 back for second WC slot. Winner of six in a row. Does anyone else on this board

7 1084 HickamHeel 12/10/12 12:32 AM
by: Cordwell12

Phillies Acquire Michael Young

Phillies Acquire Michael Young By Mike Axisa [December 8, 2012 at 12:49pm CST] The

0 375 Mark478 12/8/12 4:11 PM
by: Mark478

Changes to the message board

Hi all, Just wanted to let you know that there are going to be changes coming to the message

1 473 ralmar 10/1/12 2:47 AM
by: HickamHeel

"Babe" Ruf

His first major league hit is a long home run. Hopefully there's more to come ! This kid could

0 387 brokensoui 9/26/12 4:09 PM
by: brokensoui

Showing signs of life

Four wins in a row and everyone is back from injury. Maybe we can make a WC run???

2 578 HickamHeel 9/3/12 12:48 AM
by: HickamHeel

This may be stating the obvious

But man we really suck this year. It makes no sense. We are not even a shell of the

2 607 HickamHeel 8/26/12 8:52 PM
by: HickamHeel

Halladay and Lee

Cant get rid of these two guys fast enough. Will be two of the worst contracts in baseball next

1 487 dep026 8/26/12 8:51 PM
by: HickamHeel

Worst third base situation in baseball

Between Polly being ready for the senior center, Wiggington happier being at a buffet line, and

2 779 dep026 7/29/12 8:38 PM
by: KisRat


How amazing has he been ? In this injury filled disappointing season.

0 493 brokensoui 7/24/12 10:42 PM
by: brokensoui

Fans have lost interest

No activity on this board.  Of course the contributors to this board saw the impending

1 635 ljlarry 7/13/12 10:59 PM
by: HickamHeel

Dear fair-weather fans.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

STFU. I see no positivity on this board, at all. It's all bitching about the phillies. Jesus, do

43 1169 brokensoui 7/8/12 11:40 PM
by: HickamHeel

Welcome back Ryan Howard !!

Good to see you back :D

1 514 brokensoui 7/8/12 11:25 PM
by: HickamHeel

Petition to fire Amaro

Sign me up!!!! This guy is worse than Wade. Overpaying players, bad trades, and ruining the

2 831 dep026 7/8/12 11:24 PM
by: HickamHeel

Completely overhaul this organization NOW

Fatally flawed organizational philosophies re: 1-major league acquisitions

7 794 thatdude 7/4/12 2:06 AM
by: thatdude

Welcome the Phillies to Baltimore

If half as many fans make the trip to Baltimore as make the run to Washington, this is the

1 488 oltrex 6/10/12 7:57 AM
by: oltrex

Should the Phillies rest

Utley, Howard, and Halladay for the rest of the year and tank? This team sucks. They might

0 456 dep026 6/7/12 2:56 PM
by: dep026

Sillies at Cardinals

6 runs through 3 innings is a good for the Phillies.  The bad news is that the Old Joe Blow

2 602 dep026 5/27/12 3:42 PM
by: ljlarry

Jimmy Rollins leadoff batting needs to end...

It was a great ride and he provided a lot of great memories there...but he is just a bad hitter.

1 561 dep026 5/20/12 4:26 PM
by: thatdude
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