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PinstripesPlus Bar & Grill

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college football 2014

Multiple Pages 1 2 

since SEC media days started today, I might as well throw this out there. Its never to early to

28 404 MemphisYankee 11/10/14 12:49 AM
by: maizeyanks


Tequila & I after much due diligence or drinking, have chosen the following stocks as

15 454 domeplease 11/1/14 10:59 AM
by: domeplease

NFL 2014

Back tonight!!! Seahawks/Packers kick it off...Hopefully not a repeat of this debacle.

6 133 michcusejoe5 10/14/14 11:46 AM
by: michcusejoe5


After viewing & researching the Ryder Cup's picks/teams; it appears in my book, that the

5 100 domeplease 9/30/14 8:59 AM
by: domeplease

OT - 911

My favorite short video...

18 310 NYBorn 9/14/14 7:02 PM
by: kaybli

Robin Williams and Mental health and addiction

Just shifting the discussion from the main board. I understand a tribute to Robin Williams, but

1 99 karl1958 8/17/14 2:03 AM
by: kaybli

RIP Robin Williams

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

It's not baseball, but it surely an unfortunate part of life. Robin always seemed so manic, you

72 844 inger 8/15/14 2:20 PM
by: karl1958


My top seven picks for the PGA this week are: Garcia (I think he is due with his recent play)

10 155 domeplease 8/11/14 10:53 AM
by: inger

Sirima versus Dion?

Sirima got murdered for hugging a Jewish singer, the vocals are quite good; not sure,  Celine

2 103 karl1958 8/4/14 1:59 AM
by: kaybli

Movie suggestions

I currently have access to any movie/tv show/sporting event ever created on my HDTV... I can't

9 269 sierchio 7/27/14 7:37 PM
by: cbpinstripes

The British Open (GOLF)

For years, a buddy & I for each major tournament, would each pick SEVEN players who we

5 152 domeplease 7/20/14 4:57 PM
by: michcusejoe5

2014 US Open at Pinehurst

Any golf fans out there? I love it, gonna be really into this one because Pinehurst has a

4 356 michcusejoe5 6/16/14 7:27 AM
by: domeplease

New York Rangers In Stanley Cup Final Vs Kings

Always good to see a New York team playing for a championship.  The opponent hasn't been decided

2 145 anthonyd46 6/2/14 2:23 PM
by: anthonyd46

N.B.A. Bars Clippers Owner Donald Sterling for Life

N.B.A. Bars Clippers Owner Donald Sterling for Life Donald Sterling, the longtime

14 359 AcuraMan 6/2/14 3:48 AM
by: inger

2014 NCAA baseball tournament

been watching the regionals this afternoon. ESPN has their "Bases Loaded" coverage

0 78 MemphisYankee 6/1/14 9:31 PM
by: MemphisYankee

2014 World Cup

This is our third World Cup since I moved to Mexico.  My entire village basically shuts down

0 129 domeplease 5/31/14 7:52 AM
by: domeplease


H  How, Tequila & I view Easter...go figure. Chocolate Easter Bunnies

3 208 domeplease 4/23/14 8:00 PM
by: sierchio

Frozen Four

Did anyone watch? What a great game. First we gave Chet Arthur to the world, then Fitz Hugh

1 190 emannep 4/13/14 9:58 PM

March Madness 2014

Multiple Pages 1 2 

GO 'CUSE Two upsets already today...11 seed Dayton knocked off 6 seed Ohio State and 12 seed

25 458 michcusejoe5 4/7/14 11:29 PM
by: MemphisYankee

Chat Room

Has anybody here ever used it? I always see (0 fans in chat room). I went in a couple of times

4 161 inger 3/23/14 3:56 PM
by: inger

So who's buying the drinks?????

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...10 11 12 

Never posted in this section before.... figured I would since nobodys talking about

236 942 sierchio 3/7/14 7:32 PM

Regular board working again Thanks again for everyone's patience

2 144 PinstripesPlus 3/2/14 9:53 AM

MOVED: Spring Training Game #4 - Phils @ Yanks

- - - -

Forum Troubles

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 


67 419 kaybli 3/1/14 6:18 PM
by: sierchio

MOVED: ST Game #3 - Yankees @ Tigers

- - - -


The OSCARS ARE HERE...This is big for Tequila & I.  For the Oscars, we get ready by

1 127 domeplease 2/28/14 12:04 PM
by: michcusejoe5

Whatever happened to ultimate road trip?

I was just wondering whatever happened to the ultimate road trip series? I thought it was cool

1 154 restoretheprogram 2/5/14 7:19 PM
by: sierchio

UFC Thread

Anybody here a fan of UFC or MMA in general?

8 230 sierchio 2/2/14 5:07 PM
by: sierchio

RIP Pete Seeger

I saw Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie in a concert in the 1970s, indoors at Stanford.  The music

3 131 jwildfogel 2/1/14 12:31 PM
by: GreatFatness

Could CC Sabathia be done??

Hi all, If you're interested, I wrote a piece for Dynasty Sports Empire about CC's chances of

0 126 RabidJack 1/20/14 9:22 AM
by: RabidJack

What kind of car will I buy for work???

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The company is pulling my company owned 2007 Ford F-150 off the road by October 1. I have to buy

22 461 inger 12/28/13 2:55 PM
by: sierchio

2013 College Football Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Opening weekend of college football. I'm trying to watch three good games right now:

35 535 CHIYANKEE 12/1/13 10:42 PM
by: MemphisYankee

hockey forum

just wondering why theres not a hockey forum here. Just football and baseball? no hockey?

13 273 ggilpereault 9/1/13 11:00 PM
by: inger

Teens Charged In Shooting Death Of Australian Baseball Player

Multiple Pages 1 2 

With a motive that's both chilling and simple – to break up the boredom of an Oklahoma

22 730 yankee54 8/22/13 6:30 PM
by: inger

JJ Cale

I know, I know.. This is not Rolling Stone magazine, but.... Given that we have a few posters

2 518 chuckthblade 7/28/13 2:15 PM
by: cbpinstripes

Zimmerman found Not Guilty of all counts


4 327 kaybli 7/14/13 11:05 AM
by: thefatkid

Canada Day, best group, or soloist?

You can go BTO, Rush, Neil Young, Bruce Cockburn, April  Wine, or Joni Mitchell.  Forgot a

16 397 karl1958 7/5/13 3:55 PM
by: GreatFatness

Aaron Hernandez

Can you believe this idiot? Now they are investigating him for a 2012 double murder as well.

6 234 kaybli 7/2/13 4:33 PM
by: inger

Blackhawks win stanley cup

Didn't see an nhl thread.  Always good to see a boston team lose.  Especially when they choke it

0 203 anthonyd46 6/24/13 11:14 PM
by: anthonyd46


1 314 AcuraMan 6/23/13 8:15 PM
by: michcusejoe5
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