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Milwaukee Brewers

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0 23 robbironas 09/23/14 7:54 PM
by: robbironas

Pitch damages Stantons face

On Thursday night in Milwaukee, Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton was struck in the face

0 21 lokupe 09/12/14 6:06 AM
by: lokupe

so good all year

Alright Brewers you guys have been in 1 st place all year long so pick it up and finish in 1st

0 58 bflana36 09/01/14 9:29 AM
by: bflana36

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0 85 slowdownot 07/15/14 7:21 PM
by: slowdownot

Horrible News

Pirates fan here. Just saw the news about Segura's. What a horrible thing to happen. Prayers are

0 100 vinnybravo 07/13/14 8:17 AM
by: vinnybravo

Why is this forum so dead?

seriously? I was looking for a new Brewers board, got directed here via google No one

4 1059 slappzilla 07/13/14 1:17 AM
by: cardinalnationhouston

2014 July 2nd Coverage

I just released a free notebook of what's going as this week's July 2nd signing period opens,

0 102 KileyMcDaniel 06/30/14 10:14 PM
by: KileyMcDaniel

2014 MLB Draft Board

Just posted my Draft Board, complete with a ranked top 291, 748 total players, signability

0 130 KileyMcDaniel 06/04/14 12:45 PM
by: KileyMcDaniel

What's gotten in to these Brews?

Does Braun have 'em all juicing? Just kidding. They've been amazin' so far. But tonight they

0 226 Carter64 04/14/14 10:33 AM
by: Carter64

Top 100 Prospects & More Rankings

I've been running through prospects lists of all sorts lately, so here's some links covering my

0 271 KileyMcDaniel 02/05/14 10:33 PM
by: KileyMcDaniel

International Content

I recently went to the Dominican Republic and have posted a lot of content the last few weeks

0 199 KileyMcDaniel 02/05/14 10:32 PM
by: KileyMcDaniel

Matt Garza signs with Brewers

According to a co-worker who played with him.  He will be signed within the next 48 hours.   You

0 439 NHesterly 01/22/14 1:21 PM
by: NHesterly

Rule 5 Review

Wrote up new Brewer Wei-Chung Wang with links to all the Rule 5/Winter Meetings content here:

0 288 KileyMcDaniel 12/28/13 10:25 PM
by: KileyMcDaniel


what sould the brewers so to get back in the playoffs

0 284 Jay02 11/13/13 6:33 AM
by: Jay02

OT: Oakland vs Detroit Game 4

The over/under for this game is 8.   I need some help (as I am more a Packer/NFL fan than

0 245 BrianNoble91 10/08/13 7:44 AM
by: BrianNoble91

Braun is a fraud....the Brewers should get rid of him

Braun must think we are all stupid. He's been linked yet again to PED's. He keeps lying through

2 822 mcx99 09/26/13 9:37 AM
by: Rosebow1Robertson

Manager of the Year

I know it will never happen, but consider everything Ron has done with the Brewers. Throw out

0 275 teach4u59 09/18/13 8:34 AM
by: teach4u59

Another losing season in Milwaukee.

The Brewers have been around since 1970. This will be their 32nd losing season in 44 years. One

0 311 mcx99 09/08/13 2:40 PM
by: mcx99

Axford Did OK

Compare him with the other closers and 9 blown saves tops them all, but not by as much as people

0 511 jake1962 10/02/12 11:56 AM
by: jake1962

Grienke Trade Thread....

Would a brewers fan do this deal? 3-way deal idea -- Rangers get Grienke Brewers get

7 955 JMUplayermike 07/31/12 1:12 PM
by: JMUplayermike

Milwake Brewers!

Greinke is pichting really doing great with alowing 5 hits outb of 24 AB's ,but linup is

2 716 nsacpi 06/15/12 8:46 AM
by: nsacpi

Chat Room?

PLAY BALL!! New guy looking for fellow chatters during games. Will anyone be there  this

1 189 1hoophead 04/05/12 7:31 PM
by: 1hoophead

Free Yahoo H2H Fantasy baseball

We need a couple more players. League ID#: 133301 League Name: The

0 145 pglegend 03/20/12 11:38 PM
by: pglegend

OTL: Ryan Braun failed PED test

9 1658 DoctorMorphine 02/27/12 7:02 PM
by: trwi7

Where did everyone go?!?


0 742 TRrrr 01/18/12 4:15 PM
by: TRrrr

Ex-Brewer Graeme Lloyd coaching 'Down Under' MLB prospects

Former World Series reliever Graeme Lloyd coaches Australian Baseball League's Best: HEAT

0 611 mlbblogger 11/26/11 5:58 PM
by: mlbblogger

What Happen?


1 810 doggyfront 10/31/11 12:30 PM
by: illini122002

McGehee or Green?

Halos fan who comes in peace...huge Packer fan and grew up with my dad being a Brew Crew fan.

2 785 mwpitch 10/24/11 6:17 AM
by: mwpitch

Go away Axford!!

Again a closer that doesn't know how to close games. New year, same 9th inning problems.

5 1179 ohbucky 09/21/11 2:08 AM
by: Robby316

Brewers Classics

Gotta say, I'm really lovin' the classic games on FSN North.  Watching Brewer baseball in

10 917 MUAlum99 09/21/11 2:05 AM
by: Robby316

The Phils look bored with you guys

They're floating out like half of their starters and still beating you bad.  You guys are

1 683 methinks112 09/09/11 9:01 PM
by: SD70Mac

Brewers raise money for foundation!

300,000 BIG ones during their foundation week recently, great organization!

0 587 buckeyeinWV 08/31/11 6:07 AM
by: buckeyeinWV

Brewers: Community Week!!!

Foundation week upon us!!! Enjoyed this article about some great people in the Brewers

0 626 buckeyeinWV 08/15/11 8:18 AM
by: buckeyeinWV

Doug Elliot

Hey guys. I'm a UConn baseball fan and I've been keeping tabs on the alumni in the minor league

0 590 mets1090 08/06/11 2:36 PM
by: mets1090

2011 Baseball Fan Attitudes Survey

Hot off the pres... er... powerpoint... enjoy.

0 661 sturt 07/02/11 7:00 PM
by: sturt

CORRECTED >>> 2011 Baseball Fan Attitudes Survey

Brewers fans... begging your indulgence (and that of in taking advantage of the forum

1 844 sturt 06/29/11 1:43 PM
by: sturt

Trip to Wrigley

Im on the right....

0 639 BigP50 06/18/11 10:45 AM
by: BigP50

2011 Brewers Game Thread

At Milwaukee Brewers Record: 0-0 Hitting Stats

0 827 645 03/30/11 5:34 PM
by: 645

2011 Brewers Prediction Signup

I know I'm really late to get set up this year. It's our 10th Season and for the 3rd time I'm

1 727 645 03/30/11 6:21 AM
by: Robby316

Free H2H Fantasy baseball league (yahoo)

Still need some: League ID#: 91475 League Name: The Process

0 769 pglegend 03/13/11 2:32 PM
by: pglegend
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