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Los Angeles Clippers

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Hopefully CP is just taking it easy

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

It is only preseason so I'm not too worried but so far in the preseason he has looked average at

47 903 sipclip Today 11:11 AM
by: sipclip

Hero Ball

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I hadn't heard that expression used in a long time till Charles Barkley said it regarding Chris

22 719 moneyclip2 Today 9:37 AM
by: alon8882

At long, long last....

....the NBA season starts for real tonight!  Stephen A. Smith actually picked the Clippers to

14 532 GarySvo Yesterday 10:17 PM
by: rick3262

GAME THREAD #1: vs OKC Okies—7:30PM TNT/980 The Beast

Yo, Clipper Nation—we finally got our very own station!  980-AM pregame starts @ noon.

1 96 esqtvd Yesterday 9:41 PM
by: rick3262

The Clipper Credo

Some of you guys (and gals) may have heard about Steve Ballmer and Doc Rivers creating a mission

9 381 ShawnieMac Yesterday 9:31 PM
by: BlueJaysClippers

PollOur Annual Win Prediction Poll

Here we go again, once more into the breach. Vegas over/under is 55.5

1 100 esqtvd Yesterday 6:38 PM
by: esqtvd

BGCP3 TV In HD: Episode One

0 64 ClipperNation Yesterday 1:15 AM
by: ClipperNation

JJ Barea anyone?

released by Minnesota. Seems like an upgrade over Farmar due to the fact that he player 74 and

7 352 lacfan4ever 10/28/14 8:42 PM
by: TucsonClip

We should waive CDR and bring in Jordan Hamilton

Hamilton has looked great this preseason but for the raptors it is strictly a numbers game and

4 426 sipclip 10/27/14 8:20 PM
by: clipfever

Breaking news, Doc finds us another gem, a back up PG (JOKE) Breaking news starts at 3:30

0 258 lacfan4ever 10/27/14 12:25 AM
by: lacfan4ever

Preseason Recap

Good: - Blake Griffin looks fantastic. If he can combine that new outside jumper + stepback

9 431 DariusNaz 10/26/14 1:30 PM
by: SoCalBBallJunkie

Final roster spot(s)

Most of our roster is a foregone conclusion due to guaranteed contracts. Even if a couple

13 568 statsman 10/25/14 3:47 PM
by: undonefan

For the record

2011-12 (before Chris Paul): pf:  Blake Griffin, Reggie Evans  sf:  Caron Butler, Nick

15 302 rick3262 10/25/14 3:43 PM
by: DariusNaz

Preseason Finale vs. Portland

I am not yet drinking that kool-aid on Cunningham. I know preseason is sloppy by nature, but I

9 340 clipfever 10/24/14 11:48 PM
by: jcwla

Blake and assault?

There's a short in the Lincoln, NE, paper about Blake being investigated about a supposed

6 278 GarySvo 10/24/14 12:36 PM
by: rick3262

Preseason roster thoughts

I've seen only three preseason games: the two against the Warriors and last night against the

7 256 statsman 10/24/14 5:27 AM
by: rick3262

Vs phoenix

Anyone watching? Good game so far. Bledsoe and green look great for Phoenix. Paul and Blake

15 528 lacfan4ever 10/23/14 12:36 PM
by: kelphus

VS Golden State

My gosh, there's passing.  Clippers are utilizing the entire court. An NBA basketball game has

19 647 rick3262 10/22/14 8:11 PM
by: lacfan4ever

OT: preseason thoughts

- Noel looks terrible in 1st game. - Jordan Clarkson on Lakers may have been a steal. - Kobe

18 943 DariusNaz 10/22/14 2:11 PM
by: waasai

OT-ish: multi-sport comparison thread

Sports discussion: Fill in the blanks below (NFL QB = NBA star = MLB star). Think about

2 128 statsman 10/22/14 2:04 PM
by: waasai


This is so sad to say but so far in the preseason Dudley looks better than all of our sf's.

18 563 sipclip 10/21/14 11:07 PM
by: moneyclip2

Salt Lake Cities view of Blake Griffin

more haters !!! Utah Jazz forward Trevor Booker exposes Los Angeles Clippers as

6 332 stanleyRoberts 10/21/14 5:48 PM
by: moneyclip2

Divided interests this fall, guys

As a long-time Kansas City Royals fan, I'm not used to having a reason to even think about this

4 184 GarySvo 10/20/14 11:23 AM
by: Touch

Preseason Game #5 vs NUGS in Vegas, baby—7:30PM SAT

Prime Ticket and NBA-TV.  Look for more scrubeenie action tonight. Some preseason team

8 552 esqtvd 10/19/14 7:36 PM
by: esqtvd

Preseason Game #4 - vs Utah at The Stapler - 7:30

It's on NBA TV if nowhere else on your system, not on the regular Fox Sports channel down here

16 528 clipfever 10/19/14 5:27 PM
by: rick3262

Preseason Game #3- at Utah

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Maybe sleep-walking though preseason games is something "good" teams can do... but not

47 730 clipfever 10/18/14 11:15 AM
by: GarySvo

Who Will Step Up? Watching Preseason

Who cares? We have a legit 8-deep playoff rotation, better than last year's 7. That's the

14 576 esqtvd 10/17/14 5:57 AM
by: WorldBeFree

Notes on a Scorecard

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Bob McAdoo has been demoted by Eric Spoelstra.   Wondering if there's any benefit to bringing

47 681 rick3262 10/16/14 10:25 AM
by: RichardPetty43

Durant out 2 months with foot injury

This could change things in the west significantly.

11 425 DariusNaz 10/15/14 8:10 PM
by: BlueJaysClippers

Preason Game 2: 10/12 (Sun) 6:00 pm at Moda Center vs TBlazers

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Let's see who looks a little closer to game shape tonight.  Hopefully, a few practices this week

23 621 badnewsbarnes 10/14/14 5:07 AM
by: rick3262

Preason Game 1: 10/7 (Tues) 7:30 at Staples vs GSW

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Anything you particularly want to see this early in the preseason? No injuries obviously.

56 968 clipfever 10/13/14 12:02 PM
by: waasai

OT: Baseball

Angels and Dodgers...    Both team had great seasons and then come the postseason.

4 170 OCBALLS 10/10/14 9:06 AM
by: Touch

Clippers scrimmage this Wed @ USC

Our timing has been finalized for the event at Galen Center on Oct 8th. Tickets have been

6 485 ClipperNation 10/09/14 1:51 PM
by: jcwla

Board of Governors Voting on Draft Revisions

NBA lottery, draft and combine reform to be voted during board of governors meeting at the

5 284 TucsonClip 10/08/14 1:21 PM
by: TucsonClip

Cavs vs. Clippers Starting 5

I must be a little slow, but I just realized today what a sick starting 5 the Cavs have got

2 278 ballmerzdeep 10/08/14 6:04 AM
by: statsman

New TV Deal Could Blow Up the Salary Cap

It's mostly good news for the Clips because we can keep the family together, that is, DJ.  But

4 265 esqtvd 10/06/14 8:28 PM
by: rick3262

Training Camp 2014

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Key Dates: Media Day - Monday, Sept 29th at Playa Vista 2-a-Days: Sept 30th - Oct 3rd at

21 1003 clipfever 10/04/14 5:37 PM
by: rick3262

Clippers should move.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Either back to San Diego or even back to Buffalo.  L.A. will always be synonymous with the

25 731 DrKnipe 10/03/14 11:49 AM
by: TopRank

OT - Wolves to offer Bled the Max?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Not the biggest fan of ESPN's sensationalism here

30 760 clipfever 10/03/14 10:35 AM
by: pudding

Lawrence coming to the Clippers as assistant coach

7 578 mayormccheesy 10/02/14 12:28 PM
by: WorldBeFree
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statsman, rick3262