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Los Angeles Clippers

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Clips extend Doc to '19

I saw this posted on the team's Facebook page, but here's the press release from

16 486 ShawnieMac Today 11:32 AM
by: Clipjoint

Ballmer's Billions

As we just found out, the "hard cap" mutes Ballmer's billions.  Can't just go shopping

12 431 esqtvd Today 10:15 AM
by: TucsonClip

Secret Clippers Second Team Secret Weapon

OMG. You gotta see this.  Seattleans JCrossover & Spencer Hoss already a long-time 2-man

4 341 esqtvd Today 7:23 AM
by: rick3262

Dudley Traded

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Bucks will send Carlos Delfino and Radiluca to the Clippers for Dudley and a future

88 653 TucsonClip Today 7:20 AM
by: rick3262

How do we stack up?

Blake Griffin-Kevin Durant Chris Paul-Russell Westbrook DeAndre Jordan-Serge Ibaka

9 348 rick3262 Yesterday 12:58 AM
by: clipperlover

2014 Free Agents

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...13 14 15 

Check out the list of potential FA's Who do we

283 2395 waasai 08/27/14 8:40 PM
by: rick3262

NBA Power Rankings, Post-Kevin Love Trade

NBA Power Rankings, Post-Kevin Love Trade On the positive side, the Clippers are ranked #3

3 158 rick3262 08/27/14 10:50 AM
by: waasai


Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Ballmer's throwing a party Monday at Staples!  [HT: Shawnie Mac] WHAT:  Clippers

77 1063 esqtvd 08/26/14 10:28 PM
by: clipperlover

OT: Wolves getting all three - Wiggins, Bennett, Thad Young

Interesting new wrinkle in this long-unfolding three-team trade. Wolves keeping Bennett, and

9 473 clipfever 08/26/14 12:23 PM
by: TucsonClip

It's Back--HOT TIP: ESPN Mag + ESPN Insider Free

As of Aug 26.  $7/yr, 27 ¢ an issue.   Really. Pops up every once in awhile, hit it while

7 685 esqtvd 08/26/14 11:57 AM
by: esqtvd

The Splash Brothers vs. Chris Paul and J.J. Redick

The Splash Brothers vs. Chris Paul and J.J. Redick

11 397 rick3262 08/26/14 10:17 AM
by: sipclip

Compelling Stories

Cleveland:  Does new  Big Three (LeBron James, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving) have enough juice

11 408 rick3262 08/23/14 12:19 PM
by: rick3262


Multiple Pages 1 2 

Here is Judge Levanas' final ruling, issued yesterday:

31 914 kelphus 08/20/14 3:04 PM
by: statsman

The Top 100 players of the century

The Top 100 players of the century Interesting list.  These are accomplishments from 2000

1 160 rick3262 08/18/14 9:15 AM
by: statsman

Not a bad offseason for Clippers Fans

Obviously, it starts with ownership  Longterm, Ballmer should be great for the Clippers

8 546 ThurstonFan 08/17/14 1:37 PM
by: Clipjoint

Whats your title for the Clippers 30 for 30 ESPN movie?

The Clippers' story will be told some day, what will the movie be titled?  What would you title

6 245 50CALguns 08/16/14 10:52 PM
by: ballmerzdeep

Regular Season Schedule

2015 Regular Season Schedule OCTOBER OPPONENT TIME (ET) TV TICKETS

6 431 jcwla 08/14/14 5:17 PM
by: kelphus

New Forums

The beta of's new forums are coming out next week. Not sure if they will air here or

0 141 TucsonClip 08/13/14 5:36 PM
by: TucsonClip

Thanks, guys

Just a quick note. I've been extremely happy with the level of discussion these past few

9 650 statsman 08/12/14 1:22 PM
by: Touch


Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

So far, Judge rejecting every single DTS argumenment

43 1023 kelphus 08/12/14 12:45 PM
by: rick3262

Clippers working out bigs: Blatche, Oden, Bynum, Okafor

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Jorge Sedano: Clippers to work out back up Centers this week. Names that will come thru: Andray

29 949 rick3262 08/12/14 12:12 PM
by: RiskyChanman

Sam Cassell

Adrian Wojnarowski:  Clippers working on arrangement w/ Wizards to hire Sam Cassell for Doc

11 1058 rick3262 08/12/14 12:00 PM
by: RiskyChanman

Clipper All-Time Machine: Who would you want/not want in 2014?

Sam I Am Cassell is a duh.*  But who else?  Keep salary and attitude in mind.   Danny

16 618 esqtvd 08/08/14 2:01 PM
by: esqtvd

Spurs sign Becky Hammond as Assistant Coach

Doc Rivers needs to sign Lisa Leslie. Hey, she can teach DJ some post moves and can take JJ

1 230 rick3262 08/07/14 10:10 PM
by: undonefan

Clippers Trivia (And its no fun if you google it)

Who is the only current NBA team the Clippers franchise has never been involved in a trade with?

11 415 TheCrimsonKing 08/06/14 10:27 AM
by: statsman

Most Disappointing Clipper Player Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Who earns the title of "Most Disappointing Los Angeles Clipper Player" ever? Here

47 764 ballmerzdeep 08/05/14 10:11 PM
by: rick3262

OffTopic OffSeason: NBA This & That

Multiple Pages 1 2 

-- Sixers give contract to player injured in the 1st summer league game.  Pierre Jackson, a

30 772 esqtvd 08/05/14 10:32 AM
by: TucsonClip

Those no longer with us! (No, not dead!)

Multiple Pages 1 2 

A lot of Clipper fans are no longer posting on this forum, so they are missing the new Glory

21 858 GarySvo 08/04/14 10:40 AM
by: SoCalBBallJunkie

OT: Paul George destroys his leg in team USA scrimmage

If you weren't watching, I recommend skipping the replay. The question isn't when he'll

16 682 statsman 08/03/14 7:27 PM
by: clipperlover

Fire Richard Parsons

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Ramona Shelburne: Clippers CEO Dick Parsons says that Doc Rivers has told him, 'If Mr.

58 675 rick3262 07/31/14 1:47 PM
by: ballmerzdeep

Blake out w/ "small" fracture in his back

The report doesn't make it sound serous, but how can "back fracture" not make you

4 509 clipfever 07/30/14 2:15 PM
by: GarySvo

Decision due soon?

Isn't the Sterling fiasco due for a ruling by the judge, very soon? 

12 438 GarySvo 07/28/14 2:49 PM
by: esqtvd

Saga continues

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...15 16 17 

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Sterling tells The News he will speak about V. Stiviano racist rant as new

333 2052 rick3262 07/25/14 1:43 PM
by: esqtvd

Available free agents

Seeing all the bargain signings since we added Hawes and Farmar is making me a little nervous

3 382 sipclip 07/25/14 11:39 AM
by: kelphus

What we still need

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Roster as of July 14: PG - Paul, Farmar SG - Redick, Crawford, Wilcox SF - Barnes, Bullock,

66 1080 statsman 07/25/14 8:11 AM
by: statsman

Donald Sterling's Honorable Way Out

Donald T. Sterling's last chance at decency in this life is to fall on his sword at the NBA's

12 1008 esqtvd 07/24/14 11:10 AM
by: Touch

Summer league updates

Multiple Pages 1 2 

First time in three years am not with the MVPs group in Vegas. So, no reports from me...anybody

21 1153 kelphus 07/21/14 10:10 PM
by: NiceMarmot

Ekpe Udoh

Sam Amick          ✔   @sam_amick Free agent big man Ekpe Udoh considering

6 750 rick3262 07/21/14 1:49 PM
by: waasai

Why we should be hoping Cavs trade Wiggins for Love

Multiple Pages 1 2 

1) Ensures Warriors don't get him. I'd much prefer to see our rivals overpaying Klay Thompson

39 800 DariusNaz 07/21/14 1:44 PM
by: waasai

Lawrence Frank

Report: Clippers have eye on Lawrence Frank for coaching job With Kevin Eastman promoted

10 871 rick3262 07/18/14 11:03 PM
by: Touch
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