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Los Angeles Clippers

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Those no longer with us! (No, not dead!)

A lot of Clipper fans are no longer posting on this forum, so they are missing the new Glory

9 201 GarySvo Yesterday 10:41 PM
by: kelphus

2014 Free Agents

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...12 13 14 

Check out the list of potential FA's Who do we

272 2177 waasai Yesterday 7:13 PM
by: rick3262

OffTopic OffSeason: NBA This & That

Multiple Pages 1 2 

-- Sixers give contract to player injured in the 1st summer league game.  Pierre Jackson, a

20 586 esqtvd Yesterday 4:05 PM
by: esqtvd

Blake out w/ "small" fracture in his back

The report doesn't make it sound serous, but how can "back fracture" not make you

4 386 clipfever Yesterday 2:15 PM
by: GarySvo


Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

So far, Judge rejecting every single DTS argumenment

41 803 kelphus Yesterday 8:01 AM
by: waasai

Decision due soon?

Isn't the Sterling fiasco due for a ruling by the judge, very soon? 

12 352 GarySvo 07/28/14 2:49 PM
by: esqtvd

Thanks, guys

Just a quick note. I've been extremely happy with the level of discussion these past few

4 393 statsman 07/27/14 1:59 PM
by: NiceMarmot

Saga continues

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...15 16 17 

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Sterling tells The News he will speak about V. Stiviano racist rant as new

333 1910 rick3262 07/25/14 1:43 PM
by: esqtvd

Available free agents

Seeing all the bargain signings since we added Hawes and Farmar is making me a little nervous

3 278 sipclip 07/25/14 11:39 AM
by: kelphus

Fire Richard Parsons

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Ramona Shelburne: Clippers CEO Dick Parsons says that Doc Rivers has told him, 'If Mr.

57 565 rick3262 07/25/14 10:32 AM
by: BlueJaysClippers

What we still need

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Roster as of July 14: PG - Paul, Farmar SG - Redick, Crawford, Wilcox SF - Barnes, Bullock,

66 980 statsman 07/25/14 8:11 AM
by: statsman

Donald Sterling's Honorable Way Out

Donald T. Sterling's last chance at decency in this life is to fall on his sword at the NBA's

12 897 esqtvd 07/24/14 11:10 AM
by: Touch

Summer league updates

Multiple Pages 1 2 

First time in three years am not with the MVPs group in Vegas. So, no reports from me...anybody

21 1031 kelphus 07/21/14 10:10 PM
by: NiceMarmot

Ekpe Udoh

Sam Amick          ✔   @sam_amick Free agent big man Ekpe Udoh considering

6 626 rick3262 07/21/14 1:49 PM
by: waasai

Why we should be hoping Cavs trade Wiggins for Love

Multiple Pages 1 2 

1) Ensures Warriors don't get him. I'd much prefer to see our rivals overpaying Klay Thompson

39 692 DariusNaz 07/21/14 1:44 PM
by: waasai

Sam Cassell

Adrian Wojnarowski:  Clippers working on arrangement w/ Wizards to hire Sam Cassell for Doc

3 372 rick3262 07/19/14 1:36 PM
by: SoCalBBallJunkie

Lawrence Frank

Report: Clippers have eye on Lawrence Frank for coaching job With Kevin Eastman promoted

10 799 rick3262 07/18/14 11:03 PM
by: Touch

HOT TIP: ESPN Mag + ESPN Insider Free

Shhhh.  $7/yr, 27 ¢ an issue.   Really. Pops up every once in awhile, hit it while you can.

1 366 esqtvd 07/18/14 6:52 PM
by: esqtvd

OT - Bledsoe

Can't believe he is turning down the Suns offer because he wants the max over 5 years. His agent

3 326 clipperlover 07/18/14 4:13 PM
by: rick3262

Boozer amnestied, do we have interest?

Boozer just amnestied today....

18 693 kelphus 07/18/14 12:18 PM
by: kelphus

and BABY makes 4

Big Baby is our back up power forward. 1 yr 1.2.... I think this is a very good signing all

13 581 SoCalBBallJunkie 07/18/14 11:10 AM
by: statsman

Creative Ways to dump Dudley

I know in other threads people are giving up hope on dumping Dudley.  However, I believe he has

5 246 TheCrimsonKing 07/18/14 10:04 AM
by: SoCalBBallJunkie

and Lionel Hollins makes 5

Clippers Re-Sign Ryan Hollins July 10 2013 at 4:59pm CDT By  Chuck Myron JULY 10TH:

3 310 rick3262 07/17/14 8:04 PM

Blake vs. Drake


1 216 alon8882 07/17/14 7:31 PM
by: GarySvo

Reggie Bullock's transgender sib murdered in Baltimore

Thoughts to Reggie and his family...

1 200 clipfever 07/17/14 11:17 AM
by: rick3262

Hornets sign Lance Stephenson

I was really hoping the Lakers would sign this guy.  Total cancer...  Bad move by MJ.   Kobe

9 372 OCBALLS 07/16/14 11:38 PM
by: esqtvd

Update on Spencer Hawes Signing

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I read on twitter from one of the pundits that LAC is trying to complete sign and trade for

20 1152 rlb186 07/16/14 8:20 PM
by: RichardPetty43

Pierce to the Bullets

I mean Wizards...

18 744 GMohammad 07/16/14 4:30 PM
by: waasai

Unconventional Starting 5

Looks more and more like we won't get away from Dudley and Barnes as our SF. I was thinking

16 698 TopRank 07/16/14 3:15 PM
by: rick3262

B Diddy part deux

8 505 kelphus 07/15/14 6:29 AM
by: rick3262

Could we trade for Josh Smith?

Would it be a possibility or even the right choice to try and trade for Josh Smith and make him

6 390 sportznutt 07/14/14 8:36 AM
by: SoCalBBallJunkie

Thus far Clippers dodging major bullets

3 days ago a nightmare scenario was unfolding of Bosh to rockets, Gasol to Spurs and Love to

17 774 DariusNaz 07/13/14 10:10 PM
by: RDforty2

LeBron James

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

• The Los Angeles Clippers? Well, a source said James and his wife, Savannah, love Los

65 1325 rick3262 07/13/14 11:47 AM
by: sipclip

Summer League Sleepers

Was wondering what you guys thought about a few off the guys on our Vegas Squad. It looks to me

10 584 SoCalBBallJunkie 07/13/14 7:56 AM
by: rick3262

Former Clippers in the news

After a masseuse told Rick Brunson to stop requesting her services, the former Chicago Bulls

2 468 rick3262 07/12/14 5:30 AM
by: clipfever

New Name,Logo,Colors

When this Sterling mess is over, I think they should change the name, logo, and colors. Just

9 402 mxkawi1 07/11/14 4:45 PM
by: clipfever

Summer league wish list

Patric Young could make our bench deeper Khem Birch JM McAdoo Pg's- Deonte Burton ,Bryce

10 669 SoCalBBallJunkie 07/11/14 4:38 PM
by: esqtvd

RUMOR: Bosh and Houston "heavily engaged" in talks

ESPN sources say Rockets are "heavily engaged" with Chris Bosh in attempt to get Bosh

17 845 clipfever 07/11/14 9:49 AM
by: DariusNaz

Whatever you want to say about the Clippers

They've been very progressive. In the 1980's they fielded the first all African-American

5 435 rick3262 07/10/14 2:41 PM
by: Touch

Darius Miles, SLAM Magazine Aug 2014

I honestly couldn't get past the first paragraph... Ah, what could have been.  So bitter-sweet

11 818 50CALguns 07/08/14 7:49 PM
by: rick3262
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statsman, rick3262