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Indiana Pacers

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hey guys.

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just thought i'd introduce myself since we'll be spending lots of time together now.

23 309 balldontliez 5/1/12 2:08 PM
by: balldontliez

Making playoffs -- O'Neal stays

If this team keeps it together enough to make the playoffs, do you think O'Neal is a lock to

3 3329 BigFatBuckeye 4/14/12 3:20 AM
by: balldontliez

Ok this is what Donnie Walsh needs to do:

1) FIRE LARRY BIRD 2) Get rid of everyone except Granger, Williams, Daniels, Diogu, and Foster

3 3305 SirGuyIncognito 4/14/12 3:09 AM
by: GetKiddARing

hello ???

anyone here?

15 3324 Rover93 4/14/12 3:06 AM
by: GetKiddARing

Danny Granger

I think he could average at least 18 ppg this season, especailly in the new up tempo offense,

2 3537 314ever 4/6/12 1:00 AM
by: grumpy23



1 159 balldontliez 3/28/12 8:04 PM
by: grumpy23

Allright Grump. Where you at? Hiding in here...

with all these crazy spammers???

2 175 fifteenth 3/27/12 12:31 AM
by: fifteenth

Does anyone here

know how to post videos to ffffffffffffffffff

2 138 MavAlbert 3/27/12 12:04 AM
by: grumpy23

balls and wieners

see subject heading

1 187 MavAlbert 3/23/12 6:12 PM
by: balldontliez


"15th, I'll ask you to please edit this junk out of this thread ... and to refrain from

10 200 grumpy23 3/19/12 5:10 PM
by: balldontliez


is the new Indiana .

1 177 grumpy23 3/17/12 4:08 PM
by: grumpy23

Both teams played hard


1 149 ChipotleW 3/17/12 4:08 PM
by: grumpy23

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2 153 sgsmediasoftenquiry 3/17/12 5:31 AM
by: grumpy23

why does this place exist?

is it just mandatory scout has a forum for every single team? what a joke they are. i'd love

1 147 balldontliez 3/7/12 9:00 PM
by: grumpy23

Mavs have some interesting pieces

Hibbert is a bum we should trade him straight up for Odom. How about Granger for Yi and

3 178 ChipotleW 3/6/12 6:22 PM
by: grumpy23

Deron & Dwight

So what do you think?

3 167 aut0quake 3/6/12 5:28 PM
by: ChipotleW

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0 167 pascalwilli 2/27/12 5:04 AM
by: pascalwilli

All my work here is ruined.

How are people going to know what kind of shoes to wear if they work at a fast food place?

7 141 aut0quake 2/22/12 4:05 AM
by: grumpy23

a bar fight!?!.....really?!

and Tinsley was just starting to score this for real?  What do the Pacers do now?

3 3208 MTHoosier 2/21/12 10:32 PM
by: balldontliez

Look I can post new topics too!!

Pretty cool eh?

1 182 grumpy23 2/16/12 2:01 PM
by: J0nathan

Last posted the front page of the Pacers forum!!!

1 171 grumpy23 2/16/12 1:19 PM
by: GetKiddARing

And with the 42nd pick the Pacers take..

Nice move by the front office losing the first pick.. This team is headed straight to the cellar

1 3138 Claptonrocks 2/16/12 12:57 PM
by: grumpy23

see if you like it.

2 2821 Alabamafan1986 2/16/12 12:56 PM
by: grumpy23 reporting Cavs-Pacers trade

Pacers get Zydrunas Illgaskaus, Anderson Varejo, and 19th pick for Jermaine O'Neal.  This would

4 3125 SackPack93 2/16/12 12:53 PM
by: grumpy23

Its gameday

Anyone here? We need to turn this place into the best Pacers forum on the web.

4 3017 stevekun 2/16/12 12:51 PM
by: grumpy23

NBA Draft.

Who do you guys like for the 11th pick? I think DJ Augustine would be a very nice back up to

1 2604 FreddieTCoug 2/16/12 12:51 PM
by: grumpy23

Welcome to the New Pacers Forum!

Folks it is my pleasure to welcome you to new custom built message board software that Scout

4 3065 BarryMcBride 2/16/12 12:47 PM
by: grumpy23

Laker fan about this trade...

how would you guys like Jermaine/Harrison for Bynum/Odom/Cook/Sasha/08#1.... i dont have your

1 2928 soonerboy824 2/16/12 12:45 PM
by: grumpy23

Can someone help.

Can someone post where the best Pacers message board is?

3 3232 stevekun 2/16/12 12:45 PM
by: grumpy23

Are Y'all crazy

You're wiliing to trade six time all-star, the teams best player, and maybe the best community

8 4083 nwnole 2/16/12 12:44 PM
by: grumpy23

Kobe Bryant Blasts Team

Have you guys seen this? Wow, Kobe can't be that stupid.

2 3212 PippenAintEasy 2/16/12 12:42 PM
by: grumpy23


How can you call this place a pacers board? You have as many topic about basketball as you do

1 438 Northsiders 2/16/12 12:40 PM
by: grumpy23

Pacers will suprise

We are now 3-0 and looking good. I think we just might suprise some teams this year

3 2503 stevekun 2/16/12 12:37 PM
by: grumpy23

Anyone remember me ?


1 315 Rover93 2/16/12 12:36 PM
by: grumpy23

NBA Trivia Question:?

1.Most Points in a season A. Michael Jordan B Kareem Abdul-Jabbar C Wilt Chamberlain D.

1 392 matthew123 2/16/12 12:35 PM
by: grumpy23

Discounted Hollister Clothing??!!?

Where can I buy discounted Hollister clothing and how can I cut down on the shipping costs as

1 434 matthew123 2/16/12 12:34 PM
by: grumpy23

Most buzzer beater in the nba?

Most buzzer beater in the nba? who in nba history has the most buzzer beater and game winning

1 775 matthew123 2/16/12 12:33 PM
by: grumpy23

How much is the 4d theater at kemah boardwalk?

They recently opened up a 4D theater at Kemah, Texas..I wanna know the prices on the tickets.

2 403 modern5d 2/16/12 12:29 PM
by: grumpy23

How many threads in a row can we have with no replies?

This makes like 20.

8 562 grumpy23 2/16/12 12:27 PM
by: grumpy23

Infinite loop

Infinite loop

3 164 grumpy23 2/16/12 12:26 PM
by: grumpy23
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