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Fantasy Leagues

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Pinned and LockedRandom Off-Season Ideas (trades, free agency, draft, etc.)

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Post 'em HERE instead of creating a new thread. 2012-13 NBA Draft Lottery: May 21st, 2013.

1972 13012 Atrain5 6/1/13 10:29 AM
by: jdennis82

4 Future First Round Picks for Lebron?

A guy who has Lebron proposed a trade that would involve me giving my first round pick for the

1 41 Mavericksfor3 10/8/14 4:34 PM
by: Mavericksfor3

★MAV CASINO★ UPDATE: Prizes List + Scoreboard + Other Changes!

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Back-Up Site: (updated standings are in the works) See Updated

372 3006 MrMak 7/25/14 11:27 PM
by: robillionaire

PollGamethread: OKC at Mavs 3/25/14

4 131 MavsFanRy 6/9/14 7:17 PM
by: robillionaire

NBA Yahoo League - 10 team H2H -4 open slots -Draft Sunday 10/27

Standard scoring - if interested just leave your email and i'll send the invite.  Live

2 176 nRVaNa 1/8/14 1:54 PM
by: robillionaire



16 747 Rich5th 11/26/13 4:57 PM
by: Jpar212

yahoo basketball roto 16 teams league

Hey, anyone who wants to play fantasy basketball for the whole season can come to join.

2 216 andrewolf 9/23/13 3:51 PM
by: andrewolf

OT: help- need 1 more fantasy football player Totally casual free league auto pick draft- Tyson Chandler fanboys are

1 386 MisterRj 9/3/13 1:37 AM
by: MisterRj


it's your pick bro

1 256 sheehanHIMSELF 6/17/13 12:47 PM
by: Madmavs

I need trade advice; ASAP!

I need help/advice bad! I need a upgrade at RB and "I got a great trade in mind that might

2 317 swish041 3/8/13 7:32 PM
by: swish041

Looking for a yahoo fantasy league invite/or start one

Used to win the league a lot of times but haven't played in 3 years.  A bit rusty.  Beginning

3 318 TheLazyBum 10/31/12 10:24 AM
by: TheLazyBum

Draft at 430! H2H Yahoo League

Hey guys, have a head to head league and looking to draft in a hour and a half. 4 divisions

0 205 HEYWOODjablomi 10/28/12 2:45 PM
by: HEYWOODjablomi

Yahoo H2H League - Live Draft 1PM Central Sunday

Hey guys, I have 3 spots left in a 10 team H2H league, standard scoring if anyone is

1 232 nRVaNa 10/28/12 12:13 PM
by: nRVaNa

Yahoo BBall Fantasy Keeper League - 1 Spot Open

Got one opening left in a primarily keeper league. PM me with your email and I'll send

0 218 viggenja37 10/24/12 10:44 AM
by: viggenja37

16 team Manager League missing 2 spots

I've moved a 2 year fantasy league to ESPN manager leagues and I have 2 spots left, all the

0 237 Adanos 10/10/12 12:57 PM
by: Adanos

Need advice for my FF keepers

2 Keeper League, I have Aaron Rodgers, Arian Foster and Calvin Johnson. It's a pseudo-PPR,

1 246 ingademic 8/16/12 11:56 PM
by: swish041

2nd year Dynasty league;

I got a Dynasty league that will be going into it's 2nd year and I it is a 20 team,

0 264 swish041 6/12/12 12:06 AM
by: swish041 mock draft - final results

Final results for the 2010-2011 mock draft. Final results are as follows:

7 865 grumpy23 5/12/12 12:39 AM
by: grumpy23

Great News!

The NBA just announced that they are extending the First round to a best out of 9 games series.

24 1030 Delux247Manny 5/9/12 10:44 AM
by: MrMak


Multiple Pages 1 2 

Hey man I am trying to send you a trade proposal but your mailbox is full, clear it out, and I

38 847 ObliqueOfMusicConveyor 4/23/12 6:17 PM
by: swish041

Just looking for a place to vent.......

I am off to a hot start in my fantasy b-ball league but damn it really sux when Durant and Roy

6 510 hutch41 4/6/12 6:25 PM
by: MrMak

Anybody doing any fantasy baseball leagues?

It's my favorite fantasy sport.  Feel like you have the most control here.

5 58 grumpy23 4/6/12 7:59 AM
by: theKillerLeft


I got a yahoo fantasy football league that will be going in it's 2ND year and I am wondering if

0 63 swish041 4/2/12 11:30 AM
by: swish041

So draft people, what do your teams look like so far?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

70 1104 fifteenth 2/18/12 10:06 AM
by: J0nathan

first thread! should i cut brandon tate?

or is he going to become the new randy moss of the patriots?  i already gave up on devin

8 581 balldontliez 2/4/12 4:25 AM
by: GetKiddARing

Tell me what youthink about this trade.

Rose Gay for Carmello David Lee Dorell Wright I pulled the triger and took the

7 510 OriginalReunionRowdy 1/29/12 11:22 PM
by: GetKiddARing

Traded Ray Allen and Rubio for Stephen Curry

Thoughts? It is a Keeper league.

3 383 dgLuvsTheMets 1/25/12 1:48 AM
by: dgLuvsTheMets

Traded Danny Granger for David Lee Straight Up

Two weeks ago. LMFAO did I punk that chump. D Lee is a MONSTER. What do you think?

1 338 dgLuvsTheMets 1/18/12 5:22 PM
by: dgLuvsTheMets

PollN.Washington or J.Maclin as WR2 in Week 16?

16 436 syshs 1/16/12 1:58 AM
by: grumpy23 League on ESPN?

Does anyone want to join a dallsbasketball members fantasy basketball league for 2011-2012? I

2 339 ColePhelps 12/18/11 3:31 PM
by: David276

MFFFL Fantasy Basketball League - Yahoo


3 386 viggenja37 12/18/11 3:30 PM
by: David276

PollWitten or Spiller in flex spot for week 14?

Who should I play in my flex spot this week??? CJ Spiller (Buf) @ SD or Witten (Dal) vs

3 365 syshs 12/9/11 2:55 PM
by: syshs

Calling on the experts.

I got 10 hours to decide whether to start Dez Bryant or Stevie Johnson for my team today.

2 292 tonyTroLLmo 11/13/11 5:09 PM
by: tonyTroLLmo

i'm in on the football league. Who is with me?

10 710 MikeFisher 10/16/11 5:27 PM
by: GetKiddARing

Miles Austin VS Chris Johnson

Who ya got?

4 434 MrMak 9/21/11 2:01 PM
by: GetKiddARing

Question for you fantasy gurus....

I'm in a 14 team keeper league and am having trouble deciding which player to keep. My top 2 are

2 367 hutch41 9/3/11 12:01 PM
by: hutch41


Okay there was another topic that was attempting this but I say this thread should be ROSTERS

27 2096 ObliqueOfMusicConveyor 8/26/11 7:59 PM

What does my team need?

Ok it's my last pick . What does my team need? PG-Curry/Sessions/Walker

3 485 HotrodBeaubois 8/26/11 8:56 AM
by: tonyTroLLmo

So draft people, what do your team's look like so far?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I don't want to read 33 pages of stuff to figure it out yo. Someone should post a thread with

86 2641 fifteenth 8/23/11 12:56 AM
by: GatorCowboy9

Would you trade...

Me: - Antonio Gates - Willis McGahee Other Guy - Felix Jones - Jimmy Graham I've

2 333 mileage88 8/22/11 7:58 AM
by: mileage88
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