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Cowboys and the NFL

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Scared and short sighted Jerry

Whoop dee doo, we got an OLman. What we didn't do was energize the franchise and make a real

26 478 fortyfour Yesterday 2:15 PM
by: fortyfour

Early predictions for the Cowboys 2014 record

It's still early in the game, and a lot could change, but as it stands I'll predict they finish

1 82 robillionaire 6/9/14 10:40 PM
by: hairdude47

Mavs 109, Thunder 86: Is In OKC For Video Donuts!

Mavs 109, Thunder 86: Is In OKC For Video Donuts! By Mike Fisher

3 141 MikeFisher 5/30/14 8:28 AM
by: MrMak

For the trolls

This is  from a long time friend of mine that really does hate you more than I do lmao

12 345 4evrHawk 4/20/14 5:26 PM
by: GetKiddARing

Draft A.J. McCarron in the 2nd-3rd Round

Weeden & Orton as options on the bench, as decent of reserves as they may be, there

3 196 HEYWOODjablomi 3/21/14 9:14 AM
by: 4evrHawk

Melton Back To DFW, Visits Cowboys On Monday

Melton Back To DFW, Visits Cowboys On Monday By Mike Fisher IRVING, Texas – Contrary to

1 1149 MikeFisher 3/16/14 10:46 AM
by: 4evrHawk

Former Packer confirmed for rapist

2 238 SauceMcboss 3/5/14 9:09 PM
by: hairdude47

Richard Sherman

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Sherman was a 5th round pick. We traded up into the high first round to get Mo Claiborne.

60 511 TheBuckStopsHere 2/6/14 6:52 PM
by: hairdude47

Percy Harvin

Skilled? Oh ya. Injury prone? OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ya. Want him on my team? Oh NO. The under

15 372 rayfa 2/3/14 12:35 PM
by: UnknownCowboy

Jerry speaks on the new coaching hire

"We are just so pleased to have Linehan join our team. He's a guy we've had our eyes on

1 140 fortyfour 1/29/14 7:22 PM
by: TOB41

Gosselin's column on underclassmen entering draft

Just don't get why the old school guys like Gosselin act like it's such a bad decision.  His

2 167 RoRoRo22 1/25/14 9:31 AM
by: fortyfour


Cowboys sign Dan Bailey for a 7 year!!! Actually, that might be the best signing Jerry will

2 225 TOB41 1/23/14 3:31 PM
by: TOB41

Peyton Manning

Is there anyone who dislikes this guy? I loved him even before I moved to Indiana, but the

12 289 TOB41 1/21/14 9:32 PM
by: beempty

Drew Pearson, Next In Ring of Honor

August 06, 2011 Drew Pearson will be next player in Ring of Honor CANTON, Ohio – Drew

15 408 BevoMav 1/21/14 11:22 AM
by: TOB41

Goodell's Inbox

1 130 MrMak 1/19/14 10:06 PM
by: beempty

One that I noticed about both teams that won today

They ran the ball a lot. Even the legendary Tom Brady had 25 attempts. Oh well...maybe Jason

11 282 SauceMcboss 1/13/14 12:52 PM
by: TOB41

Kiffin has been hired

The Dallas Cowboys have reached an agreement with Monte Kiffin for him to become the team's

24 616 UnknownCowboy 1/11/14 6:40 PM
by: samperkinsfan

Jason Garrett isn't getting fired

11 306 SauceMcboss 1/9/14 8:26 PM
by: TOB41

Dan Patrick says he's been told that the NFL will add WC team I guess the cowboys will go

5 214 SauceMcboss 1/9/14 8:20 PM
by: TOB41

Time to change the play-off/division structure

Multiple Pages 1 2 

This isn't the old NFL when it was a 2 or 4 team to championship and is insane that average

38 446 rayfa 1/7/14 10:15 AM
by: ingademic

Marinelli Sought By Tampa Bay

To work with Lovie Smith. The one coach they need to be sure to keep. But the Cowboys

10 317 vg2011 1/3/14 11:35 PM
by: SauceMcboss


So, how should the Cowboys be approaching the draft? I think my 7 picks would be: 1. DE/DT

5 185 beempty 1/3/14 8:24 AM
by: 4evrHawk

Fans crack me up on the Cowboys

I am as big a fan as anyone and realized 10-12 years ago Jerry is the problem. But every year

3 156 TheBuckStopsHere 12/30/13 4:51 PM
by: Mavs22690


Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5

129 616 SauceMcboss 12/30/13 1:19 AM
by: SauceMcboss

Obviously Romo's Fault

Tony Romo blew this game for us against the Eagles. Now, all the Romo haters are vindicated.

19 294 beempty 12/30/13 12:38 AM
by: robillionaire

same old ****

same shitty unclutch QB, same shitty coaching, same shitty defense, same shitty team. 4 years in

29 606 robillionaire 12/29/13 10:47 PM
by: Mavs22690

The Book Somebody Should Buy Jerry Jones

Colin Powell’s 15 Lessons on media handling Colin Powell, former United States Secretary of

3 327 MikeFisher 12/27/13 5:24 PM
by: MikeFisher

Statistically, Nick Foles is the best QB in the NFL

The numbers suggest he might be the greatest ever. And he's a winner.  Don't see how

11 230 fortyfour 12/27/13 4:01 PM
by: samperkinsfan

Cowboys Reuniting w Kitna? The best story ever on him

Jon Kitna's greatest play: NFL QB to high-school math teacher A few months after retiring

0 1752 MikeFisher 12/24/13 5:34 PM
by: MikeFisher

Great Article

" Tony Romo's Back Injury Has Caused Me To Lose My Cowboys' Mind"

1 158 beempty 12/24/13 12:21 PM
by: fortyfour

The ol Jerry Debate

On the radio yesterday, they were asking does he want to win or does he want to make show and

4 235 fortyfour 12/24/13 11:06 AM
by: fortyfour

Game Thread


12 286 vg2011 12/22/13 8:09 PM
by: vg2011

Cowboys D: Are Kiffin Schemes At Fault? X-n-O stuff

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Cowboys D: Are Kiffin Schemes At Fault? By  Mike Fisher

59 500 MikeFisher 12/16/13 7:46 PM
by: samperkinsfan

Guys, this one is on me.

You can all stop blaming Romo and our defense. I now have clear-cut documented evidence that the

2 191 TOB41 12/16/13 2:19 PM
by: rayfa

Best 4th quarter QB of all time rocks December again

Multiple Pages 1 2 

How lucky are we to have the most clutch player in NFL history 108 million well spent Take

38 625 robillionaire 12/16/13 1:16 PM
by: Mavs22690

No guts, no glory.................Predictions

Flynn, Nelson, Jones, Quarless and Starks, indoors, too much for leeless

11 352 rayfa 12/16/13 11:19 AM
by: rayfa

What the Cowboys Really Need

Is a new training staff. Everyone keeps getting hurt, so something has to be re-evaluated.

5 199 beempty 12/16/13 7:15 AM
by: vg2011

Hey guys, did I miss anything?


9 225 SauceMcboss 12/15/13 9:24 PM
by: toby451

Pro bowl numbers tonight from ya boi Miles 2k Austin

2 Rec, 35 yards. Is there anything this man can't do?

1 136 SauceMcboss 12/15/13 8:23 PM
by: robillionaire

Tony Romo- America's Whipping Boy

Long Sports Illustrated cover article that mostly documents Romo's work ethic and how he made

11 271 vg2011 12/13/13 7:03 PM
by: vg2011
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