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Cowboys and the NFL

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Game Day Cowboys Vs. Giants

the dallas cowboys vs the new york giants, a rivalry dating back to 1960.  that first

7 183 4evrHawk Yesterday 5:48 PM
by: 4evrHawk

The Bye week

I might be somewhat Bored but things are still going on at Valley Ranch at a rapid

7 250 4evrHawk 11/18/14 7:45 AM
by: 4evrHawk

Cowboy Leadership

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Hawk Universal Guide Joined: 02 May 2009 Posts: 1929 Location: Caribbean

40 718 4evrHawk 11/13/14 4:26 AM
by: 4evrHawk

Game Day....Jolly Old England...

I don't often drink Martini's but when I do I bet on the Cowboys Overall

21 529 4evrHawk 11/11/14 10:20 AM
by: 4evrHawk

Onto the Jaguars

Going into London 6-3, worlds better than anyone thought we'd be at this point. Coming off two

1 122 beempty 11/9/14 11:35 AM
by: MrGoat

Misery loves company. Nick Foles out with broken collarbone.

Aaron Rodgers missed 7 weeks with that last year.  Cowboys might miss him twice?

3 90 Hypermav 11/5/14 8:26 PM
by: Mavs22690

Game Day....Cowboys Vs. Cardinals

Multiple Pages 1 2 

You do have to at least be as old as bevo and me to remember the old days when we

36 626 4evrHawk 11/4/14 6:30 AM
by: 4evrHawk

Romo has two small fractures?

1 84 Mavs22690 11/2/14 11:52 AM
by: MrGoat

Do We Make a Deal Tomorrow?

With the news that Durant is out for the year and the realization that our LB corps aren't the

7 177 beempty 10/30/14 7:39 PM
by: Mavs22690

Onto the Redskins

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

6-1 for the first time in a while, and it feels good. Washington "should" be a

75 862 beempty 10/29/14 8:45 AM
by: 4evrHawk

Onto the Cardinals

6-2 on the year, but that great record is coming with a blemish for the first time in a while.

1 103 beempty 10/28/14 9:18 PM
by: Mavs22690

39 pass plays, 25 runs

Does anything else need to be said? Coaching = Disaster Courtesy of your 2011-2013

7 167 Mavs22690 10/28/14 6:25 AM
by: 4evrHawk

Onto the Giants

5-1 for the first time in a while, and it feels good. There's definitely some magic about this

21 682 beempty 10/23/14 1:59 PM
by: beempty

Early predictions for the Cowboys 2014 record

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It's still early in the game, and a lot could change, but as it stands I'll predict they finish

58 933 robillionaire 10/16/14 4:50 AM
by: 4evrHawk

It's about Us

I think if red ball and the players keep that the priority this team has a chance to be better

3 126 ptp39 10/15/14 12:58 PM
by: 4evrHawk

Onto the Seahawks

4-1 for the first time in a while. I don't think anybody expects us to win next week, but the

28 759 beempty 10/13/14 1:05 PM
by: 4evrHawk

Onto the Texans

The Cowboys need to not get trapped here. The Texans are hungry for legitimacy, and they aren't

6 288 beempty 10/6/14 10:52 AM
by: 4evrHawk

Is that Chandler Parsons?

Guess he is a Cowboys fan now!  Maybe he always was... Found this looking through

0 150 Hypermav 10/6/14 7:21 AM
by: Hypermav

Onto the Saints

Facing our old offensive AND defensive coordinators, we seem to be at a particular disadvantage

18 476 beempty 10/1/14 12:05 AM
by: samperkinsfan


Beatdown! Hope Carter's alright. I'm sad for Claiborne, though. Word is that

3 129 Mavs22690 9/30/14 11:13 PM
by: Mavs22690

Time for Chicken Littles to Eat Some Crow

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Cowboys only won because the Titans suck! Tony Romo is awful, he just got lucky! He's

39 634 beempty 9/29/14 11:38 AM
by: budja

Jerry Jones stars in new south park episode

Don't watch south park, but

3 120 SauceMcboss 9/26/14 1:57 PM
by: beempty

Solid Cowboys win

Are the Cowboys playing that much better, or are the Titans that bad?

21 354 dart1 9/24/14 9:57 AM
by: fortyfour

heey guys whats up


9 190 SauceMcboss 9/21/14 4:29 PM
by: MrMak

More Jerry

So with the nationwide witch hunt on for bad owner behavior, IF Jerry is found guilty of

3 114 Hypermav 9/11/14 5:47 PM
by: SauceMcboss

Well, ****...

Tony looked awful. Today was definitely one of his worse days, but what do you expect from a QB

19 309 beempty 9/10/14 7:30 PM
by: beempty

Cowboys Vs. 49ers

VS No predictions from me on

2 175 4evrHawk 9/5/14 4:58 PM
by: hairdude47

Practice squad gets D Lineman

1 104 Hypermav 9/5/14 4:57 PM
by: hairdude47

Yahoo Fantasy Football open slot IF you're looking for a FF league to join

0 47 Derpnowitzki 8/30/14 1:41 AM
by: Derpnowitzki

490 (yes four hundred and ninety) yards allowed vs the dolphins


2 135 SauceMcboss 8/26/14 8:53 PM
by: Mavs22690

3.2 Billion

Cowboys increased in value 900 million from last year.   Rams (last place) total value is

1 92 Hypermav 8/25/14 10:15 AM
by: 4evrHawk


Who wants in?  Cowboys have been EXTREMELY helpful is helping us launch this baby.

1 107 MikeFisher 8/23/14 11:43 AM
by: beempty

Cowboys defense allowed 395 yards against SD


8 201 SauceMcboss 8/22/14 11:11 PM
by: hairdude47

Cowboys vs Ravens

5 155 Hypermav 8/19/14 7:45 AM
by: 4evrHawk

More "Great" News for Cowboys fans

Scandrick got dinged 4 games for taking ecstasy that was apparently laced with amphetamine and

2 120 hairdude47 8/12/14 4:24 PM
by: Hypermav

Scared and short sighted Jerry

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Whoop dee doo, we got an OLman. What we didn't do was energize the franchise and make a real

33 699 fortyfour 8/7/14 4:42 PM
by: nbajunkie123

Weird Jerry Jones Story Make

3 214 beempty 8/7/14 1:22 PM
by: beempty

Mavs 109, Thunder 86: Is In OKC For Video Donuts!

Mavs 109, Thunder 86: Is In OKC For Video Donuts! By Mike Fisher

3 246 MikeFisher 5/30/14 8:28 AM
by: MrMak

For the trolls

This is  from a long time friend of mine that really does hate you more than I do lmao

12 437 4evrHawk 4/20/14 5:26 PM
by: GetKiddARing

Draft A.J. McCarron in the 2nd-3rd Round

Weeden & Orton as options on the bench, as decent of reserves as they may be, there

3 240 HEYWOODjablomi 3/21/14 9:14 AM
by: 4evrHawk
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