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Rangers, Stars, and Other Pro Sports

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Rangers Not Treating the Game Right

Over and over again this year, this group of Rangers are not respecting the game.  For instance,

1 91 MFFLinKerrville 6/9/14 7:38 PM
by: robillionaire

Russell Wilson

Well, it may seem like it's just a publicity stunt. Brady, Manning, these are guys that are

6 149 samperkinsfan 4/20/14 5:03 PM
by: robillionaire

What is your favorite boxing match ever?

Mine is Roy Jones Jr vs Pazienza

6 215 MisterRj 4/20/14 4:41 PM
by: GetKiddARing

Anyone Want a FREE Ticket to the Stars Game Tonight?

Hurricanes-VS-Stars at the AAC tonight, airing on FSSW. Puck drops soon -- 7:30 PM. I'll

3 270 MrMak 2/28/14 1:29 PM
by: swish041

Shin Soo Choo signed

I think its a great deal. With the new tv contracts there's going to be salary inflation so a

2 144 Derpnowitzki 12/27/13 7:11 AM
by: Madmavs


Both teams got what they wanted and needed and both teams lost a quality player.

2 136 samperkinsfan 12/9/13 11:11 PM
by: hairdude47


0 102 CnM2011 9/19/13 10:13 AM
by: CnM2011

Chris Davis

Well we knew he could field his position. Elvis could have gone the path of many a SS prospect

2 324 samperkinsfan 8/21/13 9:03 PM
by: JeffAtDeepEllum

First Pitch Carla Rae Jepsen


3 237 BlondBomber 7/31/13 10:07 PM
by: Malisyn

Sucker Punch

So now we have fans beating up the other team's players outside their hotels? Fans are NOT

2 126 samperkinsfan 7/29/13 3:24 PM
by: samperkinsfan

Hey MavsMan

I tried to answer your PM, but I got this;  * MavsMan is not accepting private messages.

0 100 Malisyn 7/11/13 1:46 PM
by: Malisyn

Stars/Bruins blockbuster trade -- Erikkson for Seguin


2 171 lindigj 7/4/13 8:27 PM
by: DwightKnoll


anyone else moderately excited about the new owner/gm/coach/etc? I'm not a big fan of the new

1 143 DwightKnoll 7/4/13 2:51 PM
by: lindigj

Yu Darvish lost a perfect game on the last batter?1

Wow, that had to be painful. I had already switched over to the Mavs and missed it.

2 211 Flashmann 4/5/13 8:25 PM
by: MavsFanRy

Did Hamilton, Lebron the Rangers?

His play the past month seemed like a "give up", like a dumb gm will still give me

6 466 MavsFanRy 2/18/13 8:56 PM
by: olderdallasfan

Angels sign Hamilton

So, the Angels have signed Hamilton for 5 years? They have now solidified their status as the

6 311 MFFLinKerrville 12/21/12 4:19 AM
by: Madmavs

Holland - Ellsbury Rumors

There are persistent rumors out there that wont go away. Suppostly the Red Sox wanne trade

2 377 Madmavs 11/20/12 5:38 AM
by: Mark478

You may only post in this thread if...

your team is still in the MLB playoffs.  ...Not so fast, rangers fans

7 820 SauceMcboss 10/6/12 11:26 PM
by: soundchaser


0 291 SauceMcboss 10/5/12 11:00 PM
by: SauceMcboss

Turn off the Cowboys and watch the Rangers

win their third consecutive AL West title.  2-2 in the 5th @ A's.  Division title on the

15 803 JeffAtDeepEllum 10/4/12 8:10 PM
by: JeffAtDeepEllum

Magic number

3 Bring it home rangers!

11 402 TOB41 10/4/12 9:03 AM
by: samperkinsfan


Pitching exteemly well this year. Ive seen all of his starts this year and he was downright

4 344 Madmavs 10/2/12 11:47 AM
by: samperkinsfan

Dodgers trade

Good news for Rangers ? One less potential high price bidder on Josh.

6 295 Madmavs 9/28/12 10:47 AM
by: TOB41

Profar; How is he going to fit?

I'm a very casual Rangers fan. I do not follow on a detailed level at all. I was wondering how

2 230 Mythago 9/15/12 10:45 AM
by: halfempty2

Fair and balanced

Nothing says fair and balanced more then having Homefield advantage because the MVP of the ASG

1 232 Madmavs 8/20/12 11:15 PM
by: Malisyn

Feliz out for season, needs Tommy John surgery


3 315 Madmavs 8/2/12 4:24 PM
by: hairdude47

And Once Again

Because of an All-Star game the Rangers will be playing on the road in the WS, if they make it a

3 241 CnM2011 7/31/12 3:28 PM
by: samperkinsfan

Gio Soto

Good defender, very good at calling games. But his bat is barely an upgrade over Torrealba,

6 329 Madmavs 7/31/12 3:27 PM
by: samperkinsfan

Cole Hamels

This guy has shown the ability to shut down teams when counted on. Do you think he makes the

21 551 CnM2011 7/28/12 1:18 AM
by: Madmavs

Greinke in LA, Josh booed.

Yeah, the Angels got Greinke and sold what little farm they have for him. Not really sure that I

1 247 Malisyn 7/28/12 1:16 AM
by: Madmavs

Good time to be a Rangers fan.

Seven all stars and possibly an eighth in Yu. Baseball haters will totally demerit me, but this

2 249 Malisyn 7/21/12 5:53 AM
by: Mark478

Free Agent Idea for the Rangers

There are some outstanding free agents available after the 2014 season.  At the end of this year

1 253 FriscoMavsMan 7/11/12 7:32 AM
by: CnM2011

Josh Hamiltons life is being scripted for a movie

2 315 froggy1026 7/10/12 4:57 PM
by: wreckem4187

Feels like forever

.....since the Rangers have won a pitcher's duel. Not only have the Rangers won 3 in a row now,

1 257 Malisyn 6/14/12 6:58 AM
by: Madmavs

Yorvit Torrealba

Maybe its just me but it seems like every time this guy has a chance to come up big he fails

0 248 CnM2011 6/2/12 11:20 PM
by: CnM2011

**** The Haters

2 622 dgLuvsTheMets 6/2/12 9:09 PM
by: twistedspoon


Since this hasn't been posted yet I guess I will post it. The Rangers signed Roy Oswalt on

2 279 CnM2011 5/31/12 10:24 AM
by: Madmavs

Rangers, Stars, and Other Pro Sports - LAME

Naturally, this is so the Mavs do get their own forum, but the Cowboys also

9 399 FriscoMavsMan 5/22/12 8:58 AM
by: jumangi

How sweet it will be

To extend our division lead on the Angels while handing CJ "douchebag" Wilson 2

4 302 CnM2011 5/14/12 9:28 AM
by: CnM2011


Dallas. I live in DALLAS. 99% of all Rangers game that I have or have not watched are on FoxSW

2 307 TheNardDog 5/12/12 8:20 AM
by: Mark478
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