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The Rest Of The World

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2014 Election...

Watching MSNBC tonight I'm not getting the vibe that you guys are all that excited about the

8 209 Globemaster Today 2:04 PM
by: Globemaster

Lumosity VS Video Games

Knowledge , for those who may be interested.

2 43 MrMak Today 1:14 PM
by: Benskix2

Michael Brown shot at close range inside Cop car...

7 143 Globemaster Today 1:11 PM
by: Benskix2

"The Modern Campus Cannot Comprehend Evil"

Multiple Pages 1 2

31 763 Mavs22690 10/19/14 9:46 PM
by: JeffAtDeepEllum


Rhymes with: Cola, Ricola, Pensicola, My girl Lola, a hyperbola, hola, Mickey Spagnola. Any

4 160 1Techsan 10/19/14 12:48 AM
by: vg2011

ISIS working to perpetrate their atrocities abroad? Like, in US?

Apparently, they are exporting their brand of terrorism. Kidnap private citizens, take them

14 428 DLordOfBasketball 10/16/14 12:44 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

A hot sports opinion about Presbyterian and all other hospitals

Reinforcing my previous view, apparently the Ebola patient's temperature at Presbyterian

15 353 1Techsan 10/16/14 12:39 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

Guess Iraq DID have weapons of mass destruction

9 179 justa25thTA 10/16/14 12:06 PM
by: hipster6tyson6hooray6


Okay, this is not really ebola because ebola is highly rumored to be spread just like pneumonic

5 162 halfempty2 10/16/14 11:36 AM
by: Madmavs

no ebola threads I am surprised T his lady has been studying ebola for a

3 116 NirkDowitzki 10/14/14 6:37 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

I am getting hungry just from thinking about this pic

3 146 NirkDowitzki 10/12/14 10:55 AM
by: 1Techsan

Another white cracker racist cop terrorizes black children.

When o when will it ever stop? "I

20 494 dude1394 10/12/14 10:11 AM
by: 1Techsan



1 50 1Techsan 10/10/14 10:13 PM
by: 1Techsan

Has Obama's policy on Iraq ...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Has Obama's handling of Iraq been one of political expediency in the US, with a result of

141 872 DLordOfBasketball 10/9/14 1:51 PM
by: 1Techsan

why do you think Holdie gone decided to vacate?


1 97 NirkDowitzki 9/27/14 8:28 AM
by: NirkDowitzki

Climate Marchers Promote A Moral Travesty

Climate change activists are unwittingly supporting one of the greatest moral travesties of our

9 175 justa25thTA 9/25/14 9:24 AM
by: Madmavs

Some would call it obsessive..


6 201 SauceMcboss 9/22/14 9:14 PM
by: elbowj

Shining glorious example of western democracy Vote rigging caught on camera in Scotland.  And yet all the sheeple

0 68 sarcosuchus 9/22/14 6:30 AM
by: sarcosuchus

Today Thurs Sept 18 is North Texas Giving Day If you donate today (only) via this avenue, your

2 117 DLordOfBasketball 9/18/14 9:44 PM
by: JeffAtDeepEllum

Heh...What do you call a climate conference that no one attends?

Sane... What If They Gave A Climate Conference and Nobody Showed Up?

2 123 dude1394 9/16/14 8:45 PM
by: JeffAtDeepEllum

This week in socialism today!

How special...

5 183 dude1394 9/15/14 11:19 AM
by: Globemaster

Something we can all agree on: Kill ISIS

Honestly, I feel more passionate about killing every single member of ISIS then I could ever

16 512 HeNeverLies4 9/12/14 6:21 PM
by: dude1394

Oliver nails Ferguson

John Oliver on Ferguson -- he nails it.

12 399 MFFLSanDiego 9/12/14 7:25 AM
by: vg2011

Michael Brown robbed a convenience store right before shooting..

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

Drip... Drip... Drip.... Now I completely

197 752 Globemaster 9/11/14 11:34 AM
by: TheBuckStopsHere

Note To Rob and Rayfa

- We know you're out there. Sabbatical is over. Anymore time off and you don't get a

3 175 vg2011 9/11/14 11:27 AM
by: TheBuckStopsHere

Wow...Harry Reid...

How can you have this guy lead your party.

0 42 dude1394 9/9/14 7:12 PM
by: dude1394

Dang...and Harry Reid told me the border was secure...

12 188 dude1394 9/9/14 7:07 PM
by: dude1394

Texas world's 8th largest oil producer.

Way cool....

7 187 dude1394 9/9/14 6:42 PM
by: dude1394

What a surprise

0 26 dude1394 9/9/14 6:33 PM
by: dude1394

Democrat leader accuses Walker of physically assaulting women.

Ride 'em cowboy.  It is amazing that democrats can have Obama, Wasserman-Schultz, Harry

1 80 dude1394 9/8/14 7:16 PM
by: dude1394

Nice Obama will wait until after the citizens vote.

Before illegally changing immigration laws. Ho hum, banana republic anyone? Maybe he can just

7 99 dude1394 9/8/14 2:35 PM
by: dude1394

Judgmental Maps (Dallas)

5 216 JeffAtDeepEllum 9/5/14 9:07 PM
by: tonyTroLLmo

Forcing Democrat to stay on the ballot is voter suppression

Now keeping the democrat elected in the democrat primary on a ballot is  voter suppression.

0 50 dude1394 9/5/14 4:52 PM
by: dude1394

Dang, I thought the science was settled?

Just call me a low-fat denier...and proud of it. "SO BASICALLY, EVERYTHING THE

5 198 dude1394 9/4/14 7:48 PM
by: JeffAtDeepEllum

Mother of jailed marine makes plea to Obama

4 192 NirkDowitzki 9/4/14 10:07 AM
by: balldontliez

Why is Ben Carson so wonderful?

13 236 Mavs22690 9/4/14 8:39 AM
by: NirkDowitzki

Rape epidemic....not

We have a president, vice president,  democrat party and a democrat media that will throw out

3 125 dude1394 9/3/14 9:58 AM
by: dude1394

You go Barry..... Carlisle would cut your arse.

What a tool...  You guys actually elected this empty bag twice?

12 256 dude1394 9/2/14 6:16 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

Obama increases homeschooling in North Carolina.

Thanks Barry, anything that increases home schooling and decreases our pathetic public school

2 66 dude1394 9/2/14 9:36 AM
by: dude1394

Alternative energy not really happening...

I've got no problem with renewables,  as long as they are not forced down my throat in the form

3 139 dude1394 9/1/14 5:01 PM
by: NirkDowitzki
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