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The Rest Of The World

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Is that a rainbow in the flesh?  Germany, Japan and S. Korea to follow? As BRICS

2 93 HoopsGirl10 Yesterday 10:58 PM
by: supermanonsteroids

Malaysian Airlines - You're President. What next?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

At the press conference with Obama's press rep for State, a reported claimed that there are 23

55 538 Globemaster Yesterday 10:57 PM
by: supermanonsteroids

When the Dems moan about no compromise with the Pubs

What they really mean is that the Pubs won't give in.  They aren't really interested in

18 312 justa25thTA Yesterday 9:24 PM
by: dude1394

Bill Gates is a climate change denier that I can listen to.

Mr. Gates says all that is right with respect to climate change.  He gets it.

11 366 dude1394 Yesterday 9:44 AM
by: dude1394

The Left now wants illegal immigrants on military bases... "Punish your enemies"...

9 149 Globemaster Yesterday 6:50 AM
by: HotrodBeaubois

Obama -20 according to Reuters...

I guess foreign policy matters...

3 80 Globemaster 7/29/14 6:58 PM
by: Globemaster

Uber and Lyft banned in Austin.

One of the main ideas expounded upon in atlas shrugs is that who you know is more valuable than

16 372 dude1394 7/29/14 8:00 AM
by: balldontliez

This is what Gun control gets you

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Chicago the city with the strictest gun control laws .. Over weekend 60 Shot 9 Dead.

97 408 HotrodBeaubois 7/25/14 10:35 AM
by: robillionaire

Another plane crashes off radar This

2 70 juicyj2400 7/25/14 1:49 AM
by: Globemaster

Ben Carson's Book - "One Nation"

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Just about finished reading this gem. For all you Democrats out there - certainly, it has a

88 472 Mavs22690 7/23/14 11:03 AM
by: justa25thTA

Lecrae on "5 Fingers of Death"

Did he wreck it?

0 43 Mavs22690 7/23/14 1:26 AM
by: Mavs22690

This would be laughable if they truly believe this

Earnest Stands by Claim that Obama Administration Is ‘Most Transparent’ in U.S. History

25 348 justa25thTA 7/22/14 3:25 PM
by: hipster6tyson6hooray6

60 districts sign on to Obama boys’ initiative

President Barack Obama will announce on Monday that 60 of the nation’s largest

6 122 justa25thTA 7/22/14 11:32 AM
by: robillionaire

Things are going to the dogs

Victor Davis Hanson does a US wrap-up...  It ain't pretty.. " T he summer of 2014 will

8 196 dude1394 7/22/14 9:08 AM
by: robillionaire

Obama fudging immigration numbers, what a shocker

Multiple Pages 1 2 

With the ongoing catastrophe that Obama has caused at our borders I thought it funny that he was

40 398 dude1394 7/22/14 2:38 AM
by: dude1394

Operation choke point needs to be ended now.

I've been reading about operation choke point for a while. It allows the doj to decide which

2 66 dude1394 7/21/14 8:31 PM
by: justa25thTA

A note that is troubling about the ACA

This is a reference to an article run by an independent source, that being Motley Fool which is

11 199 halfempty2 7/21/14 8:26 PM
by: JeffAtDeepEllum

My personal favorite response to the IRS SCANDAL

Stockman bill allows taxpayers to use same lame excuses as IRS Jun 20, 2014 Press

4 124 halfempty2 7/19/14 8:04 AM
by: justa25thTA

We'll done Barry

I'm shocked, but kudos. "The Obama administration opened up the Atlantic to oil and

0 49 dude1394 7/18/14 10:50 PM
by: dude1394

Obama at -19% by Reuters...

Now that we have Obama's weak kneed diplomacy coupled with the October health care rate hikes

0 42 Globemaster 7/18/14 4:10 PM
by: Globemaster

Latest IPCC report discussed by bjorn Lamborghini

Bjorn Lamborg discusses the latest IPCC report so you don't have too. I expect the IPCC doesn't

7 116 dude1394 7/17/14 11:34 PM
by: dude1394

Jefferson & the "Wall of Separation B/t Church & St

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Why does the secular crowd so commonly invoke Thomas Jefferson's "wall of separation

39 500 Mavs22690 7/17/14 3:56 PM
by: Mavs22690

Malaysian Airlines Passenger plane crashes with 295 on board

New incident:

4 137 hakeemfan 7/17/14 12:38 PM
by: juicyj2400

Happy 30th birthday, Central American humanitarian crisis

Heh.. "It's been fun to watch the media

4 89 dude1394 7/17/14 9:08 AM
by: vg2011

Eight of Nine Chinese Leaders Are Engineers

- Or Scientists. Just thought this was interesting. Make of it what you will.

15 271 vg2011 7/17/14 7:12 AM
by: vg2011

Obamacare social engineering...just the beginning.

Now we have to pay for potheads. Obamacare, social engineering that just keeps on giving. For a

2 59 dude1394 7/16/14 10:48 AM
by: robillionaire

Another case of welfare entrapment

Another instance of what welfare policies do to people. Obviously the Palestinian component is

0 21 dude1394 7/16/14 8:33 AM
by: dude1394

Raise the minimum wage, have stronger job growth.

Again, it is worth noting that these findings are not dispositive, given the nature of the

28 347 HeNeverLies4 7/16/14 8:07 AM
by: dude1394

Border deniers

The science is settled. "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Tuesday asserted

0 22 dude1394 7/16/14 7:55 AM
by: dude1394

My local state official may have debunked climate change

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Sen. Brandon Smith, R-Hazard: “As you (Energy & Environment Cabinet official) sit there

36 407 robillionaire 7/16/14 7:29 AM
by: dude1394

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

It's amazing how divided this forum is, and how divided American society as a whole is. Left

12 290 Mavs22690 7/14/14 9:26 PM
by: vg2011

Go get 'em Holder...

It's not  like you would want to actually investigate anything that matters.

3 58 dude1394 7/14/14 4:33 PM
by: dude1394

Not a smidgen of temperature.

How convenient and a bald faced lie to boot I would imagine.

23 341 dude1394 7/14/14 10:09 AM
by: dude1394

cops gone wild

16 214 robillionaire 7/14/14 10:08 AM
by: dude1394

Barack Hussein Obama...He's our man!!

If he can't do it no one can!! Heh.. " President Barack Obama’s approval rating is

12 183 dude1394 7/12/14 4:58 PM
by: justa25thTA

You can all go to hell -- I'm going to texas!


0 42 dude1394 7/11/14 9:02 AM
by: dude1394

Has Obama's policy on Iraq ...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Has Obama's handling of Iraq been one of political expediency in the US, with a result of

86 725 DLordOfBasketball 7/10/14 8:23 PM
by: benholt06

Well DUH!

1 35 justa25thTA 7/10/14 8:57 AM
by: Benskix2

Scorched earth abortion supporters...

Nice... " The National Organization of Women (NOW) has compiled a list of what they're

21 290 dude1394 7/9/14 4:41 PM
by: justa25thTA

Unemployment is down again...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Didn't we cancel that extension of unemployment benefits a few months ago?

34 305 Globemaster 7/9/14 2:05 PM
by: hipster6tyson6hooray6
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