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The Rest Of The World

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Alternative energy not really happening...

I've got no problem with renewables,  as long as they are not forced down my throat in the form

3 93 dude1394 Today 5:01 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

Mother of jailed marine makes plea to Obama

0 17 NirkDowitzki Today 2:31 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

So now the emails are NOT lost?

Ignore the man behind the curtain.  Wow...the country is in the best criminal hands possible.

1 64 dude1394 Today 12:27 AM
by: NirkDowitzki

Almost like clockwork..

Pretty much like clockwork.  Elections coming,  democrats find something racist to demagogue.

1 33 dude1394 Yesterday 9:35 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

Dang...and Harry Reid told me the border was secure...

11 132 dude1394 Yesterday 2:16 PM
by: dude1394

Brown caused "Orbital Eye Socket Blowout Fracture" on

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Drip... Drip... Drip... Ok... So now we have xrays... Still don't think he assaulted the cop?

132 469 Globemaster Yesterday 2:12 PM
by: dude1394

You go Barry..... Carlisle would cut your arse.

What a tool...  You guys actually elected this empty bag twice?

10 171 dude1394 Yesterday 12:26 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

Obama increases homeschooling in North Carolina.

Thanks Barry, anything that increases home schooling and decreases our pathetic public school

1 16 dude1394 Yesterday 12:11 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

Tea Party Descends on Ferguson to Combat Al Sharpton

The Tea Party decided to not take the race hucksters lying down!!  Way to go tp'ers...

2 60 dude1394 Yesterday 11:26 AM
by: NirkDowitzki

Another racially motivated cop killing?

3 91 justa25thTA 8/29/14 9:44 PM
by: dude1394

Michael Brown robbed a convenience store right before shooting..

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

Drip... Drip... Drip.... Now I completely

177 665 Globemaster 8/29/14 3:41 PM
by: dude1394

Jason riley AND Chris Rock Walter Williams tell hard truths

Well worth a listen, read. "I am

13 342 dude1394 8/29/14 12:30 PM
by: dude1394

how to speak leftist

0 24 NirkDowitzki 8/28/14 4:20 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

LockedSATIRE WEBSITE STORY: Ferguson Gang Leader Admits “Eric ...

Ferguson Gang Leader Admits “Eric Holder Paid Us To Start Riots” - See more at:

7 165 NirkDowitzki 8/27/14 3:52 PM
by: DLordOfBasketball

Black Man Shot to Death in Missouri...No, not Michael Brown

Here is the full video of Kajieme Powell being shot dead in Missouri, "not far" from

5 121 beempty 8/27/14 9:07 AM
by: justa25thTA

The madness of 2008

We are going to reap what this pos has sown for man decades. "America is suddenly angry

1 70 dude1394 8/27/14 8:57 AM
by: NirkDowitzki

Democrats really don't like Asians do they?

From Mitch McConnel's wife to this "LEADER OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY".    Just wait

28 334 dude1394 8/26/14 8:51 PM
by: Mavs22690

proof the left is for the militarization of the police

6 194 NirkDowitzki 8/24/14 4:35 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

The Left now wants illegal immigrants on military bases... "Punish your enemies"...

11 229 Globemaster 8/24/14 3:54 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

Judgmental Maps (Dallas)

4 128 JeffAtDeepEllum 8/24/14 12:51 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

Another plane crashes off radar This

3 155 juicyj2400 8/23/14 3:16 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

Something we can all agree on: Kill ISIS

Honestly, I feel more passionate about killing every single member of ISIS then I could ever

14 342 HeNeverLies4 8/22/14 4:02 PM
by: Benskix2

Gun Control

Gotta love CNN and the Gun Grabbing Media . So a Police Officer probably justified shoots a

4 97 HotrodBeaubois 8/22/14 2:34 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

How come no mention of race in this killing?

2 arrested in teen’s slaying; third at large Police say men robbed 3 boys; shootings may be

3 121 justa25thTA 8/21/14 9:16 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

Harry Reid - Senate Obstructionism?

Is there a reason Democrats keep deriding Republican Congressional "obstructionism,"

7 243 Mavs22690 8/21/14 4:02 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

will this guys 15 minutes be more than 15 or not?

0 20 NirkDowitzki 8/21/14 1:26 AM
by: NirkDowitzki

More rioting...

Great call by the Governor to lift the curfew.  It's time for the National Guard...

15 278 Globemaster 8/20/14 2:45 PM
by: Globemaster

Rick Nicked: Possible Prison for Politically Perverse Perry?

He's getting brought up on charges for trying to use his office to pressure a special

27 390 hairdude47 8/20/14 12:39 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

More than a dozen witnesses corroborate Cop's story...

2 78 Globemaster 8/19/14 10:22 PM
by: beempty

1st autopsy...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

1.  He could've been shot with his arms in the air...  Nothing really definitive though. 2.  1

66 512 Globemaster 8/19/14 10:11 PM
by: beempty

Another business flees Kalifornia...'s not a gun manufacturer, but...we love all  business in Texas.  Come on down pards...

4 150 dude1394 8/18/14 9:19 PM
by: MFFLSanDiego

What No Ferguson Riot and Looting thread ?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I would have thought the race baiters would have been all of over this ...

50 359 HotrodBeaubois 8/18/14 9:06 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

Another conservative hack calls out Obama for lying.

Those faux newsies, so far removed from reality.

5 169 dude1394 8/18/14 8:55 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

Oliver nails Ferguson

John Oliver on Ferguson -- he nails it.

3 120 MFFLSanDiego 8/18/14 8:47 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

The officers account.

Don't know if right, wrong, whatever.   Just saw it posted and it seems plausible.

1 78 dude1394 8/18/14 8:42 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

Interview of the Accomplice's Attorney...

Apparently there was a struggle in the car, but Michael Brown's friend is claiming that the Cop

1 48 Globemaster 8/18/14 6:48 PM
by: NirkDowitzki

RIP Robin Williams


3 174 SauceMcboss 8/18/14 1:35 PM
by: NirkDowitzki


Is that a rainbow in the flesh?  Germany, Japan and S. Korea to follow? As BRICS

10 324 HoopsGirl10 8/18/14 1:27 PM
by: NirkDowitzki I can believe in!!

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Have A Headache? Have Some Sex. “Streicher went on to cite a study out of

2 78 dude1394 8/18/14 11:06 AM
by: juicyj2400

I'd say this doesn't look good for the cop...

16 180 Globemaster 8/18/14 10:38 AM
by: dude1394
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