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The Rest Of The World

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This is what Gun control gets you

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Chicago the city with the strictest gun control laws .. Over weekend 60 Shot 9 Dead.

97 370 HotrodBeaubois Today 10:35 AM
by: robillionaire

Malaysian Airlines - You're President. What next?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

At the press conference with Obama's press rep for State, a reported claimed that there are 23

37 482 Globemaster Today 2:00 AM
by: Mavs22690

Another plane crashes off radar This

2 50 juicyj2400 Today 1:49 AM
by: Globemaster

When the Dems moan about no compromise with the Pubs

What they really mean is that the Pubs won't give in.  They aren't really interested in

2 60 justa25thTA Yesterday 12:31 PM
by: dude1394

Ben Carson's Book - "One Nation"

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Just about finished reading this gem. For all you Democrats out there - certainly, it has a

88 468 Mavs22690 7/23/14 11:03 AM
by: justa25thTA

Lecrae on "5 Fingers of Death"

Did he wreck it?

0 37 Mavs22690 7/23/14 1:26 AM
by: Mavs22690

This would be laughable if they truly believe this

Earnest Stands by Claim that Obama Administration Is ‘Most Transparent’ in U.S. History

25 342 justa25thTA 7/22/14 3:25 PM
by: hipster6tyson6hooray6

60 districts sign on to Obama boys’ initiative

President Barack Obama will announce on Monday that 60 of the nation’s largest

6 118 justa25thTA 7/22/14 11:32 AM
by: robillionaire

Things are going to the dogs

Victor Davis Hanson does a US wrap-up...  It ain't pretty.. " T he summer of 2014 will

8 196 dude1394 7/22/14 9:08 AM
by: robillionaire

Obama fudging immigration numbers, what a shocker

Multiple Pages 1 2 

With the ongoing catastrophe that Obama has caused at our borders I thought it funny that he was

40 390 dude1394 7/22/14 2:38 AM
by: dude1394

Operation choke point needs to be ended now.

I've been reading about operation choke point for a while. It allows the doj to decide which

2 56 dude1394 7/21/14 8:31 PM
by: justa25thTA

A note that is troubling about the ACA

This is a reference to an article run by an independent source, that being Motley Fool which is

11 199 halfempty2 7/21/14 8:26 PM
by: JeffAtDeepEllum

My personal favorite response to the IRS SCANDAL

Stockman bill allows taxpayers to use same lame excuses as IRS Jun 20, 2014 Press

4 116 halfempty2 7/19/14 8:04 AM
by: justa25thTA

We'll done Barry

I'm shocked, but kudos. "The Obama administration opened up the Atlantic to oil and

0 45 dude1394 7/18/14 10:50 PM
by: dude1394

Obama at -19% by Reuters...

Now that we have Obama's weak kneed diplomacy coupled with the October health care rate hikes

0 40 Globemaster 7/18/14 4:10 PM
by: Globemaster

Latest IPCC report discussed by bjorn Lamborghini

Bjorn Lamborg discusses the latest IPCC report so you don't have too. I expect the IPCC doesn't

7 116 dude1394 7/17/14 11:34 PM
by: dude1394

Jefferson & the "Wall of Separation B/t Church & St

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Why does the secular crowd so commonly invoke Thomas Jefferson's "wall of separation

39 500 Mavs22690 7/17/14 3:56 PM
by: Mavs22690

Malaysian Airlines Passenger plane crashes with 295 on board

New incident:

4 129 hakeemfan 7/17/14 12:38 PM
by: juicyj2400

Happy 30th birthday, Central American humanitarian crisis

Heh.. "It's been fun to watch the media

4 89 dude1394 7/17/14 9:08 AM
by: vg2011

Eight of Nine Chinese Leaders Are Engineers

- Or Scientists. Just thought this was interesting. Make of it what you will.

15 269 vg2011 7/17/14 7:12 AM
by: vg2011

Obamacare social engineering...just the beginning.

Now we have to pay for potheads. Obamacare, social engineering that just keeps on giving. For a

2 57 dude1394 7/16/14 10:48 AM
by: robillionaire

Another case of welfare entrapment

Another instance of what welfare policies do to people. Obviously the Palestinian component is

0 17 dude1394 7/16/14 8:33 AM
by: dude1394

Raise the minimum wage, have stronger job growth.

Again, it is worth noting that these findings are not dispositive, given the nature of the

28 347 HeNeverLies4 7/16/14 8:07 AM
by: dude1394

Border deniers

The science is settled. "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Tuesday asserted

0 22 dude1394 7/16/14 7:55 AM
by: dude1394

My local state official may have debunked climate change

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Sen. Brandon Smith, R-Hazard: “As you (Energy & Environment Cabinet official) sit there

36 403 robillionaire 7/16/14 7:29 AM
by: dude1394

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

It's amazing how divided this forum is, and how divided American society as a whole is. Left

12 290 Mavs22690 7/14/14 9:26 PM
by: vg2011

Go get 'em Holder...

It's not  like you would want to actually investigate anything that matters.

3 56 dude1394 7/14/14 4:33 PM
by: dude1394

Not a smidgen of temperature.

How convenient and a bald faced lie to boot I would imagine.

23 339 dude1394 7/14/14 10:09 AM
by: dude1394

cops gone wild

16 198 robillionaire 7/14/14 10:08 AM
by: dude1394

Barack Hussein Obama...He's our man!!

If he can't do it no one can!! Heh.. " President Barack Obama’s approval rating is

12 183 dude1394 7/12/14 4:58 PM
by: justa25thTA

You can all go to hell -- I'm going to texas!


0 42 dude1394 7/11/14 9:02 AM
by: dude1394

Has Obama's policy on Iraq ...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Has Obama's handling of Iraq been one of political expediency in the US, with a result of

86 725 DLordOfBasketball 7/10/14 8:23 PM
by: benholt06

Well DUH!

1 33 justa25thTA 7/10/14 8:57 AM
by: Benskix2

Scorched earth abortion supporters...

Nice... " The National Organization of Women (NOW) has compiled a list of what they're

21 286 dude1394 7/9/14 4:41 PM
by: justa25thTA

Unemployment is down again...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Didn't we cancel that extension of unemployment benefits a few months ago?

34 305 Globemaster 7/9/14 2:05 PM
by: hipster6tyson6hooray6

Soccer is now a liberal agenda

holy **** republicans are hilarious

27 460 robillionaire 7/8/14 10:28 PM
by: robillionaire

Like the mafia taking federal dollars can cost you in the end.

Funny... Just the act of accepting federal money can cost you money. Just wait until some

4 83 dude1394 7/5/14 8:42 PM
by: robillionaire

Pure Innocence and Happiness....

Day 1: Day 2:

2 79 HoopsGirl10 7/5/14 7:38 PM
by: vg2011


Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Any predictions on the big decisions today? I think Hobby Lobby is going to lose... I don't

65 288 Globemaster 7/5/14 8:36 AM
by: dude1394

Answers to all of your Hobby Lobby Questions.

I always enjoy Megan...she is concise,  usually accurate and not hyperbolic in either

10 185 dude1394 7/4/14 12:32 AM
by: robillionaire
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