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Dallas Mavericks and the NBA

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PinnedRandom Off-Season Ideas II (trades, free agency, draft, etc.)

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Post 'em HERE instead of creating a new thread. Important NBA Dates: May 20 -- Conference

1459 27170 MrMak 8/29/14 6:13 PM
by: DevilMaskRascal

Donnie Nelson Jr. what do we know of the real man ????

It would be an interesting study of the true role of Nellie Jr. as President of basketball

6 533 nbajunkie123 Today 4:22 AM
by: DaenerysTargaryen

I hope the Mavs some how find a way to Rondo

And while I'm posting a thread, can you guys do me a favor and click this link thanks. -

0 98 swish041 Today 2:58 AM
by: swish041

HotTRADE: SAC trades Jason Terry to HOU

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Adrian Wojnarowski  ‏ @ WojYahooNBA     8s

56 3010 kammrath Today 12:32 AM
by: DLordOfBasketball

What does the treadmill of mediocrity look like?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

When the last three seasons are 36-30, 41-41, and 49-33 with a 8th seed first round out, missed

41 1895 Ignatowski Today 12:16 AM
by: mavsluvr

HotRondo wants out, how do mavs get in!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Rondo has put the Celtics on the clock ,he is on the last year for 12 million a year. Would the

34 2860 anunez87 Yesterday 11:39 PM
by: mavsluvr

Stein: SAC waived Wayne Ellington

Marc Stein @ ESPNSteinLine  ·  36 Min. Sacramento, I'm told,

19 1753 JamesConway Yesterday 9:41 PM
by: tonyTroLLmo

Stein: Mavs prospect Petteri Koponen eyes NBA in 2015

BILBAO, Spain -- Finnish point guard Petteri Koponen hopes to be playing in the NBA by the

2 743 jodo24 Yesterday 6:31 PM
by: Mythago

Mavs Draft Rights at the World Championships

Day One Emir Preldzic started for Turkey in a 76-73 win over New Zealand. He played a

9 1651 Mavs2012 Yesterday 4:54 PM
by: Mavs2012

Ian Mahinmi out for 2-3 months with shoulder injury

Tough break for one of the championship Mavs. It just keeps getting better and better for the

4 987 MrGoat Yesterday 3:39 PM
by: DevilMaskRascal

Friday Mavs Donuts

We cherrypick through Mark Cuban's recent  Top 10 Takes in Mavs Donuts  

15 919 MikeFisher Yesterday 1:46 PM
by: nbajunkie123

Stein: Mavs, Clips, Spurs and Cavs interested in Ray Allen I

6 1540 VetminFA Yesterday 1:37 AM
by: Aarond84

Mavs Icon Jet Traded To Rockets -

Mavs Icon Jet Traded To Rockets -

3 991 MikeFisher 8/31/14 11:24 PM
by: Ignatowski

Moore gives Mavs' Offseason an A+

Matt Moore raves about the Mavs' offseason -- Instead of building on last season's defensive

18 2921 mavsluvr 8/30/14 11:29 PM
by: Jpar212

The Mavericks, Basketball & Having Fun Again

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Good read!   The Mavericks, Basketball & Having Fun Again

21 1756 HEYWOODjablomi 8/30/14 10:42 PM
by: purplehaze89

Analysts Take the Over on Mavs' 48.5-Win Line

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Seth Partnow and Co. have done podcasts evaluating all the league's teams wrt their lines.

28 1988 mavsluvr 8/30/14 6:30 PM
by: nbajunkie123

TRADE: Dudley+1st (LAC) for Delfino+Raduljica+2nd (MIL)

Adrian Wojnarowski ‏ @ WojYahooNBA 25 Min. Bucks will send Carlos Delfino and

13 1823 JamesConway 8/30/14 1:48 PM
by: DLordOfBasketball

Whens Team USA Game Start and

Is it on TV?

2 422 MavsFanRy 8/30/14 12:36 PM
by: Mavs2012

Mavs Donuts: A Major Change In Philosophy?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Mark Cuban with Draft Words our D-Lord has longed to hear ..   Mavs Donuts: A Major Change

35 2207 MikeFisher 8/29/14 9:32 PM
by: hairdude47

Cuban's View As Mavs Felton Trade Window Opens -

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Cuban's View As Mavs Felton Trade Window Opens -

34 3957 MikeFisher 8/29/14 3:26 PM
by: nbajunkie123

Felton trade countdown - Mavs are on the clock ...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

We are now less than 24 hours until Ray Felton can be combined in a trade. The countdown to the

84 4562 DLordOfBasketball 8/29/14 1:22 PM
by: sKENfromLMF


So Mavsluvr. We had a discussion earlier and it got me the thinking, how well DO we match up

6 1010 HeNeverLies4 8/29/14 5:37 AM
by: catsil

Worst Finals MVP ever?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Who is the worst Finals MVP ever? I'd have to nominate Kawhi Leonard. Yes he is a good player

22 1968 Mavmaniac 8/29/14 12:28 AM
by: Mavmaniac

Cuban Tempers Expectations

Mark was pretty excited about kicking Daryl Morey's ***. Earl Sneed reports --  But now

12 1988 mavsluvr 8/28/14 11:23 PM
by: tonyTroLLmo

Blast from the past

Was on to check out some of the USA games and as I was scrolling down to see what

8 1165 Platinumseats 8/28/14 7:57 PM
by: Platinumseats

VEGAS ODDS: Mavs 7th most likely to win NBA title at 18/1

Multiple Pages 1 2     Odds

31 1671 kammrath 8/28/14 7:51 PM
by: DevilMaskRascal

Wright all-time franchise leader in multiple stat categories

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

From : Just how efficient is the Mavs’ backup center? After three seasons in

97 2067 DevilMaskRascal 8/28/14 4:56 PM
by: DevilMaskRascal

ESPN: Projecting Top 10 PFs

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Nothing controversial at all about this list.

46 2827 NardDog41 8/28/14 9:49 AM
by: themanallen

Max money Parsons cut from Team USA

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Marc J. Spears  ‏ @ SpearsNBAYahoo     12s Damian Lillard, Chandler Parsons, Kyle

72 3806 purplehaze89 8/27/14 9:54 PM
by: tonyTroLLmo

Good Move NBA

Just heard on 103.3 that the NBA is increasing the area on the baseline around the goal

8 1092 sKENfromLMF 8/27/14 3:49 PM
by: samperkinsfan

Cuban & Parsons partying a year ago

He mentioned it on The Ben & Skin Show Video -> 

5 1750 kurtkbain 8/27/14 2:51 PM
by: xeno75

If T'Wolves can not trade JJ Barea, they will buy him out

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

source: Would the Mavs be interested in bringing him

43 2486 MTLMavsfan 8/27/14 1:30 PM
by: Mavsfan12

Thabeet for backup

Multiple Pages 1 2 

We need size and 6 fouls. Maybe Carlisle can make a backup out of him.

29 1562 dallasfan1986 8/27/14 12:21 PM
by: dcon4mavs

Mark Cuban Willing to Sell Dallas Mavericks

Multiple Pages 1 2 

29 3360 MrMak 8/27/14 11:26 AM
by: nbajunkie123

TRADE: Love-to CLE is now offically done

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

The Love-to CLE trade will get done in the next few days, most likely on Monday. The latest

45 2172 DLordOfBasketball 8/26/14 11:12 PM
by: mavsluvr

Meet Thon Maker, the 7-Foot Phenom.

Meet Thon Maker, the 7-Foot Phenom Who Has College and NBA Scouts Salivating

14 1807 Peja4theWin 8/26/14 10:57 PM
by: MavsQueenB

ESPN Insider: Chandler ranked 9th among SFs

Anyone have the article? I can't believe Parsons would be 9th! He's gotta be top 6 I mean

10 1108 DirtyDirk4life 8/26/14 7:08 PM
by: Ignatowski

What are the odds of Dirk teaching...

What do you think the odds are of DIrk teaching Chandler Parsons that gifted one legged

2 633 alexrubyraps 8/26/14 2:04 PM
by: mavsluvr

Wondering About Parsons' Offense?

Tim Cato studies film on Parsons, reports on offensive strengths and weaknesses (defensive

13 1350 mavsluvr 8/26/14 8:21 AM
by: Mythago

I don't understand.....

For the longest time, I thought Dirk was just an average defender in the NBA but whenever I used

14 1710 apt219 8/26/14 7:51 AM
by: hakeemfan
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