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Dallas Mavericks and the NBA

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PinnedPosting a link that works - it's not rocket surgery

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Since so many people still complain that they can't post working links, here is a simple

42 1369 Mongorr 7/23/14 8:13 PM
by: CrazyB0y

PinnedRandom Off-Season Ideas II (trades, free agency, draft, etc.)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...70 71 72 

Post 'em HERE instead of creating a new thread. Important NBA Dates: May 20 -- Conference

1434 25736 MrMak 7/23/14 10:55 AM
by: dude1394

PollWhere will the Mavs finish in the West

9 214 juicyj2400 Today 9:21 AM
by: dcon4mavs

Mark Cuban Interview at The Howard Stern Show

6 1248 SwedenMFFL Today 9:21 AM
by: en455

HotJameer Nelson Signing w/ Mavs - $2.7M Exception

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...7 8 9 

Marc Stein  ‏ @ ESPNSteinLine     45s ESPN sources say Mavs on track to complete the

175 6686 zatch Today 9:19 AM
by: DirksKnee

Parsons putting unnecessary pressure on himself

I really like that he has a lot of confidence in himself and that he wants to be a star player

11 600 dallasfan1986 Today 9:14 AM
by: CrazyB0y

PollHotMore ESPN idiocy: Who is J.A. Adande and how does he

Multiple Pages 1 2 

have a job in "journalism"? While I agree with his point about the Spurs having a

27 2737 catchnshoot Today 9:12 AM
by: DunkmasterDarius

Mavs MVP

My prediction for this year, barring major trades along the way, is that the MVP for the Mavs

10 876 TOB41 Today 9:11 AM
by: CrazyB0y

HotIf Things Work Out For Mavs, I Will Feel Sorry for V. Carter

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I can't help but be excited for next season with the moves the Mavs have made. In the past, I

55 2341 schneirc Today 9:09 AM
by: CrazyB0y

HotCan the Mavs still sign Sarge?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

If Nelson agree and sign to Mavs, are we over the cap? Can we still sign Sarge? If yes, for how

25 1936 watanabe013 Today 9:00 AM
by: Scott4theMavs

HotThe Pelican's Assessment of Al-Farouq Aminu

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I have not seen much game action of Aminu so I wanted to get a better idea of what New Orleans

32 3932 tricky020 Today 8:41 AM
by: michaeltex

PollHotWhat grade would you give the Mavs this offseason?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Personally, id give them an A+. Mavs knew they weren't getting lebron or carmelo. Every move

51 2628 Roddyb3 Today 8:13 AM
by: NardDog41

HotHarden now jabs Parsons too

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

As for the Rockets’ future, Harden said he’s not worried that Jeremy Lin has left for the Los

77 4155 DevilMaskRascal Today 8:13 AM
by: dcon4mavs

HotMavs agree w/ Al-Farouq Aminu: 2 years $2.1M (PO 2nd year)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...7 8 9 

Retweeted by  Jeff Stotts Chris Haynes  ‏ @ ChrisBHaynes     3m Free agent

167 6043 LoneDanger Today 8:08 AM
by: mavsluvr

HotComedy over at clutch fans

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Quotes like THIS  are running rampant as moron Rocket fans continue to lick their wounds after

64 2823 Mavmaniac Today 8:08 AM
by: en455

Not trying to poo poo on this brilliant offseason.......but.....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Where is our 3pt shooting going to come from?? 

22 2027 cowlunteer Today 7:54 AM
by: YBSport

TRADE: KLove to CLE 'getting real,' Wiggins/Bennett/1st

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

Chris Broussard  ‏ @ Chris_Broussard   20s Source: Cavs have told Wiggins he's not being

117 7982 kammrath Today 12:59 AM
by: LuckyLucciano

CyberDust for Mavs fans

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I am sure some of you (if not all) have heard of Cubes new app "CyberDust". Here is

56 3124 HeNeverLies4 Yesterday 11:37 PM
by: jalexander91

Can Cuban Outright Waive Mekel?

And pay him hiS owed 600k, opening a roster spot?

16 1645 MavsFanRy Yesterday 11:17 PM
by: wuhanjay

HotWhy is Kobe considered better than Dirk?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I came across this post on Spurstalk when I got lost on the internet this morning. I found it to

40 2156 Jpar212 Yesterday 11:11 PM
by: samperkinsfan

Daryl Morey ....Alchemist or Urban Cowboy

He was looking for love in all the wrong places lookin' for love in too many places Playin' a

3 413 nbajunkie123 Yesterday 10:39 PM
by: nbajunkie123

The Ray Felton Photoshop Comedy Hour

Several seasons of fan animosity towards Felton and his irrepressible appetite expressed through

13 1461 DevilMaskRascal Yesterday 10:20 PM
by: juicyj2400

Calling BS on Doc

Maybe it's the cynic in me, but I seriously doubt Doc Rivers quits the Clippers if the Sterling

12 974 Jwood029 Yesterday 10:05 PM
by: dart1

official announcment on Jameer


5 1236 MikeFisher Yesterday 8:58 PM
by: nbajunkie123

Mavs needed someone who could defend top wing players

So thank you Cuban for finally realizing this team was devoid of a legit wing defender....I

19 1820 realdeal17 Yesterday 8:47 PM
by: rhynodaddy

George Riba still wants to know

"Then who starts at PG?"

15 1325 JeffAtDeepEllum Yesterday 8:41 PM
by: JeffAtDeepEllum

Don't kill me here guys but....

Richard Hamilton?

14 1246 iTzRocco Yesterday 7:40 PM
by: theKillerLeft

Grantland on Dirk's Celebrity Baseball Game

7 1516 DevilMaskRascal Yesterday 6:53 PM
by: backb0ard

HotWas Cuban Right(ish)?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

The ridiculous offseason that the Mavs are having got me to thinking tonight: was Cuban partly

90 3202 Jwood029 Yesterday 6:13 PM
by: robillionaire

Aminu & jameer; mavs iron men

2 1030 MikeFisher Yesterday 4:07 PM
by: Rb1983

HotThis off season

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Makes me so damn happy to be a Mavericks fan. If any basketball fan (excluding us) doesn't think

39 1849 iTzRocco Yesterday 2:54 PM
by: jodo24

mavs sources tell me jameer

Is a done deal. Full story to come

4 1002 MikeFisher Yesterday 2:38 PM
by: TheNardDog

Backup Rim Protector

Why not take a shot at Ekpe Udoh?  I'd feel a lot better with him and Smith protecting the rim

6 748 kidnova Yesterday 12:42 PM
by: sKENfromLMF

HotIs Al-Farouq Aminu an Elite Defensive Player?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Mark Cuban just blasted this article via Cyber Dust: Is Al-Farouq Aminu an elite

32 6374 MrMak Yesterday 11:05 AM
by: DirksKnee

I like this Al-Farouq Aminu signing here is a highlight reel

Here is what he did to us season before last It

16 2151 LuckyLucciano Yesterday 10:25 AM
by: CrazyB0y

Aminu call from cuban

On July 1, when assorted #Mavs officials made phone calls, Cuban wanted Al-Farouq Aminu on his

16 3207 MikeFisher Yesterday 10:23 AM
by: hutch41

Stein: Omri Casspi Waived

Multiple Pages 1 2 

@ ESPNSteinLine New Orleans, as expected, has released newly acquired forward Omri

22 2181 MrMak Yesterday 10:12 AM
by: MavRoy

Finish it right!

Meckel and Crowder for S&T Blatche at $2.65M VM for B. James The perfect offseason

16 1428 YBSport Yesterday 9:52 AM
by: HeNeverLies4

A Core of Youth Emerging

Griffin (1 yr) Aminu (1 yr + 1 yr player option) Smith (1 yr) Crowder (1 yr?). Ledo (?)

14 1410 dcon4mavs Yesterday 9:42 AM
by: Sribb43

Felton gets 500 hrs community service

Multiple Pages 1 2

21 900 haveitall Yesterday 9:00 AM
by: juicyj2400
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