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Dallas Mavericks and the NBA

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PinnedPosting a link that works - it's not rocket surgery

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Since so many people still complain that they can't post working links, here is a simple

44 1623 Mongorr 7/27/14 10:16 PM
by: GetKiddARing

PinnedRandom Off-Season Ideas II (trades, free agency, draft, etc.)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...71 72 73 

Post 'em HERE instead of creating a new thread. Important NBA Dates: May 20 -- Conference

1449 26017 MrMak Today 3:52 AM
by: CrazyB0y

Finals ?

So I have been reading a lot of articles that mention Dallas built like Spurs . Lets

0 14 HotrodBeaubois Today 5:54 AM
by: HotrodBeaubois

TEAM SALE: Judge rules against Sterling, approves sale of LAC

Marc Stein  ‏ @ ESPNSteinLine     1m RT @ AP : BREAKING: Judge rules against Clippers

17 999 kammrath Today 5:20 AM
by: DLordOfBasketball

PJ Tucker arrested for "Super Extreme" DUI

8 1054 TheCustodian Today 4:04 AM
by: catsil

HotNew Kardashian joining the Mavs

Multiple Pages 1 2 


35 3975 Roddyb3 Today 2:33 AM
by: ZombieFrog

HotEveryone shouls stop worrying about our backcourt

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

In today's NBA its all about speed, spacing, and effective three point shooting. Size only

40 1449 ParsonsProject27 Today 2:28 AM
by: UncleDrew22

Tyson Chandler is set up to be the fall guy

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

MBT brought Tyson back, finally and three years too late, after intense criticism from the

61 2703 JeffAtDeepEllum Today 2:13 AM
by: UncleDrew22

Was Cuban Right(ish)?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...7 8 9 

The ridiculous offseason that the Mavs are having got me to thinking tonight: was Cuban partly

168 4395 Jwood029 Today 1:58 AM
by: samperkinsfan

FIBA News....

NBA Legion  ‏ @ MySportsLegion     55s Draymond Green tried to throw it down on Andre

12 1286 kammrath Today 1:32 AM
by: Mavs2012

THE remaining move

Multiple Pages 1 2 

ok, well, might take moves to accomplish this, but 1) load up on good value, helpful mins

20 2598 fifteenth Today 1:10 AM
by: elbowj

Curry to Wall, Wall to Chandler Parsons...SLAM!

7 1422 zatch Today 1:01 AM
by: MrMak

HotSign up here: The Mavs 2014-15 Official Bandwagon

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I'm already on board and riding this sucker. This is gonna be a fun year. Anyone else wanna

56 1355 DLordOfBasketball Today 12:58 AM
by: MrMak

Last Week in Review and a New, Old, Nickname

Courtesy of Bryan Gutierrez at MAVS Outsider Report:

10 1089 VintagePeja Today 12:45 AM
by: MrMak

Clippers Financials for those interested

Thanks to Donald Sterling's ongoing legal battles,  ESPN was able to get its hands on

0 167 nbajunkie123 Today 12:45 AM
by: nbajunkie123

HotCBS Power Rankings

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 I think we are better than the Pacers and

50 2827 monopolyman Today 12:30 AM
by: BigDBamBam

Who's going to play the role of JET in next year's Mavs

I'm not talking about his point production and fourth quarter clutch play but more about his

13 1253 MTLMavsfan Today 12:25 AM
by: VetminFA

Shawn Marion raps about the Mavs Shawn Marion feat T-Pain, Dorrough

8 1056 DWhistle Today 12:09 AM
by: VetminFA

HotLineups you would like to see

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I want to see the following on the floor at the same time: TC - 5 Dirk - 4 Aminu-3

37 1501 bushwacker1969 Yesterday 11:42 PM
by: tonyTroLLmo

Comedy over at clutch fans

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Quotes like THIS  are running rampant as moron Rocket fans continue to lick their wounds after

92 3926 Mavmaniac Yesterday 10:39 PM
by: HotrodBeaubois

Backup Rim Protector

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Why not take a shot at Ekpe Udoh?  I'd feel a lot better with him and Smith protecting the rim

22 2038 kidnova Yesterday 10:23 PM
by: kidnova

Mavs agree w/ Al-Farouq Aminu: 2 years $2.1M (PO 2nd year)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...7 8 9 

Retweeted by  Jeff Stotts Chris Haynes  ‏ @ ChrisBHaynes     3m Free agent

168 6291 LoneDanger Yesterday 10:19 PM
by: kammrath

PollHotWhere will the Mavs finish in the West

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

87 2573 juicyj2400 Yesterday 9:36 PM
by: TOB41

FA Signing: Mo Williams signs with T'Wolves, one year $3.75mil

Kammrath seems to be slacking so, I'll throw this out. Do we care about FA signings anymore?

19 1560 JMitch10 Yesterday 8:17 PM
by: tonyTroLLmo

Why is Kobe considered better than Dirk?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

I came across this post on Spurstalk when I got lost on the internet this morning. I found it to

62 2922 Jpar212 Yesterday 6:01 PM
by: CrazyB0y

HotD-Mo: Harden wouldn't tolerate Parsons being paid that much

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Simonas Baranauskas   @LithuaniaBasket Follow D-Mo on Parsons departing: "He's

39 4135 kammrath Yesterday 5:45 PM
by: kammrath

Hotcould be the 2nd best team the mavs have ever had

Multiple Pages 1 2 

15 players with things to prove to themselves, the Mavs and the NBA. Look what it did last years

30 2378 carlandcookie Yesterday 3:13 PM
by: samperkinsfan

James Harden still being a douche

Multiple Pages 1 2 

James Harden: What did I say? RT @Real_Sean_Ross: @James Harden real dick move to say about

27 3910 monopolyman Yesterday 2:51 PM
by: matt6715

Trade Offer

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Saw this link on bleacher report. Not really into it, thoughts?

47 4456 iTzRocco Yesterday 2:39 PM
by: sKENfromLMF

Who would win best of 7

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Samuel Dalembert                             Tyson Chandler

33 2402 Hypermav Yesterday 1:11 PM
by: DirksKnee

guard positions

anyone worried about the 2 position? I love Monte, but he is small. We escentially have 4 pg's

15 552 Custodian801 Yesterday 12:05 PM
by: beempty

PollWho will have the better NBA career - Ledo or Griffin?

The board is running a bit dry after this summer's FA bonanza of topics and reactions and

11 1284 dcon4mavs Yesterday 10:56 AM
by: JFAN7

HotHow much Free Agent $$$ is left?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Here is a chart from  http://www.basketballinsiders....spending-power/ ....

27 1139 kammrath Yesterday 10:40 AM
by: yeshua2107

Should Aminu Get to Wear Jersey #0?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

To date, only 1 Mav has used #0 in franchise history ...

47 2640 MrMak Yesterday 10:02 AM
by: CrazyB0y

Improved in all 5 positions compared to last year

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Now with the Nelson signing coming up tomorrow, I think we have improved or stayed the same in

44 3018 MTLMavsfan Yesterday 8:22 AM
by: HeNeverLies4

Bleacher Report Power Rankings Post Free Agency - Mavs #12

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Don't let the splashiness of the Chandler Parsons signing distract you. The Dallas Mavericks

65 3952 tr3day Yesterday 6:53 AM
by: HotrodBeaubois

Who is starting at PG?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

First of all, let me say I'm so excited for this season. Second, who are we starting at PG?

42 2036 hussainh1 Yesterday 12:24 AM
by: samperkinsfan

Dirk currently sits at #10 in scoring

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Just speaking as someone who wants to see him keep climbing the all time pts list, with the

23 2733 anunez87 7/27/14 4:57 PM
by: markus1234

Is it fishy that Marion has not signed anywhere?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Could he be waiting for something that Cuban told him would happen, that would allow us to sign

28 3804 Sh0vel 7/27/14 3:38 PM
by: samperkinsfan


You might remember Howard sent some shots towards his teammates after he was traded by the

14 3313 STLMav 7/27/14 7:31 AM
by: Malisyn
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