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Dallas Mavericks and the NBA

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PinnedHot4/23 PLAYOFFS GAMETHREAD:Bobcats@Heat & Trailblazers@Rockets

Multiple Pages 1 2 

36 499 MrMak Today 1:17 AM
by: SigUp

PinnedPollHotGAME TWO: April 23, 2014 | Mavericks@Spurs | 7PM CT | KTXA21

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...33 34 35 

686 1499 MrMak Today 1:28 AM
by: TheCustodian

PinnedRandom Off-Season Ideas II (trades, free agency, draft, etc.)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...43 44 45 

Post 'em HERE instead of creating a new thread. Important NBA Dates: March 1 -- Playoff

881 17941 MrMak Today 1:33 AM
by: apb26

HotPopovich named NBA coach of the year

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7

120 997 juicyj2400 Today 2:09 AM
by: grumpy23

The Mavs will never beat the Spurs again

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Prove me wrong.

47 1651 Branduil Today 1:55 AM
by: grumpy23

PollSeries is 1-1; what do you think?

I realize there have been a lot of new topics created in the wake of the victory..and I

10 405 Mavs22690 Today 1:44 AM
by: Mavs22690

Not getting too far ahead here but

The Heat don't have anybody that will be able to slow down Monta Ellis.   Norris Cole, Mario

5 282 Ignatowski Today 1:41 AM
by: grumpy23

Calling out bartlebeebear (or whatever)

Wright plays 9 minutes. Mavs blow out the Spurs. 

14 478 purplehaze89 Today 1:40 AM
by: Mavs22690

How long until Terry Stotts and the Blazers faceplant

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...6 7 8 

and freefall down the standings? I like Stotts but he's no better than average NBA coach and

153 3034 JeffAtDeepEllum Today 1:38 AM
by: grumpy23

Congrats my fellow die-hards

We've suffered for a few years. Our last win in the playoffs was the series clincher in The

12 504 marquel Today 1:17 AM
by: KentATM

The games at home will be ugly

Prepare for heartbreak.

19 927 cloudscream Today 1:14 AM
by: KarlPilkington2011

This might be the best team we've had at attacking the paint

For years we used to live and die with Terry and Dirk shooting jumpers. Monta, Devin and VC

9 393 realdeal17 Today 1:07 AM
by: KarlPilkington2011

Congrats to new father Marion

Marion had a good day!

4 218 DevilMaskRascal Today 1:03 AM
by: TheCustodian

For the love of GOD please guard Danny Green on Saturday

I just know Green is gonna hit 6 or 7 threes one game. How can we stop this? Could Crowder be

2 146 MavsFanTillIDie Today 12:54 AM
by: MavsFanTillIDie

Greatness of Devin Harris.. Mahoney veers into hyperbole in a few

0 151 Stackhouse2011 Today 12:43 AM
by: Stackhouse2011

Great Article About Rick Carlisle During This Series

Carlisle has upper hand in series over 'Coach of the Century' April, 23, 2014 APR 23

1 199 Karam4Ever Today 12:34 AM
by: Jommybone

PollWhen Will Dirk Have a Vintage DIRK Game?

Simple question. If you know Dirk, you know what I mean. He hasn't been 'Dirk' thus far, but

6 317 MrMak Today 12:25 AM
by: Mavs22690

Off Their Backs: Mavs Have A Playoff History

Off Their Backs: Mavs Have A Playoff History  Of Hitting 'Urgency Meter'

0 66 MikeFisher Today 12:22 AM
by: MikeFisher

#TheCountdown: 15

2 174 MrMak Today 12:18 AM
by: scottsp1

Dirk's comments about playing at home

Said the Mavs have been much better as a road team but doesn't seem to play as well they should

2 469 realdeal17 Today 12:12 AM
by: MavsFanTillIDie

mavs/spurs 06 semis

This series has gone almost exactly like that one so far: Game 1:  Mavs lose disappointing,

16 747 NardDog41 Yesterday 11:49 PM
by: NardDog41

Greet Mavs At The Airport?

Awesome win tonight! Does anyone know if fans will be able to welcome back the Mavs outside the

6 391 DOLLAZTEXAS Yesterday 11:47 PM
by: GetKiddARing

Is this the first time the Mavs, Stars, and Rangers have played

. . .on the same day?

3 206 marquel Yesterday 11:45 PM
by: nowhereman523

Rick Carlisle Apology Thread

Please sign here:  X___________________________________________________

8 294 purplehaze89 Yesterday 11:45 PM
by: GetKiddARing

Did Ledo not make the trip ?

I haven't seen Ledo on the bench anywhere . I see Mekel in street clothes behind the bench .

1 130 HotrodBeaubois Yesterday 11:44 PM
by: MrMak

Mavs 113 - Spurs 92 - What the heck happened?!

I defended my thesis this morning and so was compelled to go to dinner with two professors, a

4 316 Mavs22690 Yesterday 11:41 PM
by: Archerbro

Old Man Marion still showing his defensive versatility

Too bad we didn't trade him since he's washed up.... can't wait to get Loul Deng replace him

1 165 realdeal17 Yesterday 11:24 PM
by: KarlPilkington2011

Refs and Harden, Wade and Manu

I dont understand for the life of me why these three continue to get flopping calls dont the

8 358 bartlettbear Yesterday 11:16 PM
by: KarlPilkington2011

Fre carlile dirk is dun

mavs r so bad omg fire carlisl he is a stupid idiet and mark cubin is so fukin dumb omg

1 102 beempty Yesterday 11:09 PM
by: rhynodaddy

Can Dallas get away again with Ellis defending Leonard?

This was a success in game 1.  But it appears the Spurs after reading Tim McMahon article  will

12 615 realdeal17 Yesterday 11:08 PM
by: Jommybone


One more win, and then there will only be one man standing.

8 243 DevilMaskRascal Yesterday 11:06 PM
by: Mavmaniac

PollThe Dirkie -- Mavericks stomp Spurs, 113-92

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Holy [bleep]! I say holy [bleep]!  Admit it, you were thinking 'sweep' after that last game in

20 798 BJ1980 Yesterday 11:06 PM
by: Ryan4131

'We're Not In It To .. Feel Happy' Mavs 113, Spurs 92:

Mavs 113, Spurs 92:  Who Deserves 'The Dirkie'? By Mike Fisher The

0 98 MikeFisher Yesterday 11:02 PM
by: MikeFisher

Hotwhy didn't dallas tank to keep their 2014 first rounder?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

I am aware of all the typical responses this question will generate. Dallas wouldn't want to

112 1303 DWhistle Yesterday 10:59 PM
by: DevilMaskRascal

If this had been returning team

Instead of a team with two important players starting the year injured and 9 new players overall

2 202 wordsr Yesterday 10:59 PM
by: realdeal17

Best win of the year

In the face of Popovich winning COY, we deal the Spurs their worst playoff loss since the 1970s

11 575 DevilMaskRascal Yesterday 10:58 PM
by: wordsr

★CASINO★ Updated SCOREBOARD + Mavs/Spurs Game 3 ODDS Inside!

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...21 22 23 

Who can play? When can I play? Anyone.  Anytime. There are plenty of Mav games left,

449 2734 MrMak Yesterday 10:56 PM
by: MrMak

The Mavs are more team confident with D.Harris

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Just watching the team play and run through defense/offense series you can tell they believe in

24 781 HeNeverLies4 Yesterday 10:50 PM
by: DevilMaskRascal

Aldridge as Dirk's successor?

I hope Cuban has a plan to lure Aldridge to Dallas, he checks all the boxes. Dallas native

7 294 Derpnowitzki Yesterday 10:49 PM
by: apb26

How to watch Game 3 on TV

I am going to be in Dallas for the weekend and naturally my parents don't have cable. So when

2 123 wuhanjay Yesterday 10:48 PM
by: dart1
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