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Dallas Mavericks and the NBA

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PinnedRandom Off-Season Ideas II (trades, free agency, draft, etc.)

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Post 'em HERE instead of creating a new thread. Important NBA Dates: May 20 -- Conference

1463 27558 MrMak 9/13/14 12:03 PM
by: nbajunkie123

CALLING OUT @geoffcase

I hope you enjoy your $1000 winnings and seasons tickets but I'm going to keep it real.

3 216 sheehanHIMSELF Today 7:19 PM
by: RonMexicoSr


Holger Geschwinder  has become something to close a mythical figure for his role in helping

0 16 STLMav Today 7:05 PM
by: STLMav

Inside Scoop Interviews with Dirk Nowitzki 2014

Interesting video with Dirk and also Brandon Wright: Dirk:

3 800 HoopsGirl10 Today 7:00 PM
by: HoopsGirl10


Tim MacMahon: Mark Cuban, on chance of Tyson Chandler's stay lasting more than 1 season this

9 529 juicyj2400 Today 6:53 PM
by: NardDog41

SG Rankings: Monta number 10?

It is unbelievable how bad these are....   1) Harden 2) Klay Thompson 3) Ginobili

8 538 kammrath Today 6:45 PM
by: MarvinMartian

Myths & Realities of Domestic Violence

For those of you willing to gain a better understanding and discuss less emotionally  the issue

14 669 nbajunkie123 Today 6:34 PM
by: dart1

Guess who?

Guess who's in the Mavs AAC basement right now working individually? Monta Ellis on

12 999 MikeFisher Today 6:30 PM
by: dart1

Apparently the team has started practising together... any pics?

Multiple Pages 1 2 


34 3590 syshs Today 6:27 PM
by: HoopsGirl10

Dirk 2011 Finals

This guy on YouTube FINALLY made a highlight video of the Wunderkind in that great series.

2 271 iTzRocco Today 6:26 PM
by: Mythago

Dallas Basketball Fantasy League (still have open spots)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Hey guys, just renewed Dallas Basketball Fantasy League for a second season. Congrats to last

84 1161 mavsman91729 Today 6:02 PM
by: mavsman91729

Scott, any last-minute prediction on Bledsoe?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

We're a week from the drop-dead deadline for Bledsoe to make a choice (unless his agent is

20 830 DLordOfBasketball Today 5:46 PM
by: Benskix2

Dirk is awesome!

Bobby Karalla  ‏ @ bobbykaralla     5 Min. Per @ johnschuhmann , last season Dirk

3 477 paco7799 Today 5:35 PM
by: CrazyB0y

HoopsGirl10 Comes Out....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Finally.....for the guys who love or hate me, I thought I would begin the 2014-2015 a little

32 2616 HoopsGirl10 Today 5:24 PM
by: HoopsGirl10

Mavs Envision Dirk + Company As Non-20-PPG Team

Mavs Envision Dirk + Company As Non-20-PPG Team

3 394 MikeFisher Today 5:02 PM
by: tonyTroLLmo

Villanueva officially signed

Deal is now done. The total is now 19.

2 274 DLordOfBasketball Today 5:00 PM
by: markus1234

So it has been said, and so it shall be done

“I’m going to make them defend,” Tyson Chandler said, interrupting in the middle of the

19 1638 fifteenth Today 4:53 PM
by: kammrath

New jersies

Multiple Pages 1 2 

So, they are unveiling the new jersies today.   But why are they not using them until next

23 1504 RoRoRo22 Today 4:26 PM
by: SwisherPrice

HotMavs Press Conference

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Can I watch it anywhere, or have to wait till afterwards?

45 1600 Nowitzness06 Today 3:50 PM
by: Bin610

Mavs sign Doron Lamb

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) –  The Dallas Mavericks have announced the signing of free agent guard

5 1543 Peja4theWin Today 3:10 PM
by: sarcosuchus

OT: Video of Ray Rice laying the smack down

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...6 7 8 2 games suspension....ok. Interesting how

141 2194 Madmavs Today 2:44 PM
by: nbajunkie123

Any Word on Fan Jam?

Anybody heard anything on a date for Fan Jam this year? It has usually been on a Friday night

4 400 JayTx03 Today 2:00 PM
by: GarlandSteve

MOVED: OT: these pop-ups are out of control

- - - -

Point Guard Position: The Fight Begins....

Fellas, it's getting ready to go down!  Who will be our starting point guard for the

15 1781 HoopsGirl10 Today 10:02 AM
by: markus1234

Rick Carlisle CBS Sports Coach Rankings

I agree and at worst number 4.

7 996 froggy1026 Today 9:58 AM
by: froggy1026

benholt06's Team-by-Team Preview: Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Coach: Brad Stevens Prediction: 23-59 (28th) Projected starters:

7 376 benholt06 Today 8:47 AM
by: juicyj2400

Mavs Half-Empty V Mavs Half-Full

Mavs Half-Empty V Mavs Half-Full

0 152 MikeFisher Today 8:34 AM
by: MikeFisher

benholt06's Team-by-Team Preview: Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks Coach: Jason Kidd Prediction: 19-63 (29th) Projected starters: G

18 803 benholt06 Today 7:45 AM
by: benholt06

Woj: Sessions signs with SAC, $4,2M/2yrs (BAE)

Adrian Wojnarowski ‏ @ WojYahooNBA 3 Std. Free agent guard Ramon Sessions

4 712 JamesConway Today 12:31 AM
by: UncleDrew22

Stein: Nowitzki Experiments with Release

Nowitzki Experiments with Release When he wasn't on the promotional trail for  his new

10 1860 benholt06 Today 12:26 AM
by: UncleDrew22

Lakers sign Wayne Ellington

Ex Mav finally finds a new home after a tumultuous offseason. Didn't dislike the guy so I wish

3 506 MrGoat Yesterday 10:42 PM
by: Moviemavguy

Tyson Fires Back At Knicks

Multiple Pages 1 2 

33 2464 HotrodBeaubois Yesterday 8:50 PM
by: Platinumseats

Mavs in Germany

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

53 3102 nailuJ Yesterday 7:39 PM
by: HoopsGirl10


9 1618 juicyj2400 Yesterday 5:01 PM
by: Sh0vel

benholt06's Team-by-Team Preview: Philadelphia 76ers

Doing a preview of each NBA team, mostly for my own amusement, starting at worst and ending

8 580 benholt06 Yesterday 4:38 PM
by: fifteenth

Mavs Monday Donuts: Join Us To Meet The Team!

  It's time to 'Meet The Mavs' ... To say fond farewells to Trix and Jet ... to get

2 338 MikeFisher Yesterday 4:37 PM
by: xeno75

Were the New Jerseys Revealed?

Can't find info on it...

3 620 beempty Yesterday 12:00 PM
by: ringdreamer

Dwight Howard.....Dumb Ways to Die

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Red lights don’t apply to  Dwight Howard . Or speed limits. Or toll booths. Well, they

23 1825 nbajunkie123 Yesterday 6:26 AM
by: Whatthaballdo

Dirk / all time scoring

So, he will play three more years and he needs 3214 points if he wants to reach 30000. That's

16 1774 markus1234 9/21/14 6:47 PM
by: NoSuchSol

Woj: Andray Blatche to China

Count that as one less potential target for camp.  Blatche will make $2.5M for the Xinjiang

8 835 MrGoat 9/21/14 3:57 PM
by: hairdude47
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