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Re: 2015 All-Star Game coming to Cincinnati


Posted: 1/23/2013 11:49 PM

Re: 2015 All-Star Game coming to Cincinnati 

cincykid wrote: Reds' all-time All-Star lineup
......check out the All-Star lineup above here, before ya look...who is at 1st and CF?

I'd go Klu over Joey myself at first.

I had pinson in center but how many of the rest of you gents had him?  If not who? 

Reds have fielded sooo many excellent players over history there needs to be a .......5th string.  1 thru 5 each position.
C  Bench  HoF
1b  Votto (as fendercat stated, he gets benefit of projection for $200mill + an MVP)
2b  Morgan   HoF  -- and no, BP not even close, not even sniffing this spot
SS  Larkin  HoF
3b  Rose   *HoF*
Cf  Eric Davis (Davis was best player on WS winner, but close w/ Pinson & Foster)
Lf  Edd Roush  (He is in the real, not just Reds, HoF and best player on WS winner)
Rf  Frank Robinson  HoF
SP Eppa Rixey  HoF  (Close w/ Derringer, Walters, and Browning, but Rixey is Reds all time win leader)
CL Nasty Boys --  I mean, thats the standard.  But if just 1 guy, then Franco for the career #'s is fine.

So all but Votto, Eric Davis, and the closer are in the HoF (*Rose).  Better team that the Enquirer's anyway...

edit -- upon reflection, as much as I want Eric D and Votto on my squad, one would have to go in favor of Tony Perez (in either 1b or Lf), so that would be another HoF position filled

Last edited 1/24/2013 7:47 AM by BlackPeteIbold

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Posted: 1/25/2013 8:44 AM

Re: 2015 All-Star Game coming to Cincinnati 

^^^^  Ya what's not good about that?  Nothin' at all.......Rousch sp? eppa, the old gents are names i Heard from dad and grandpa talking ball.  LOL on the closer, I vote Nasty Boys too.  lol........I'll keep Klu #1 for now at 1st.  MVP #2.  He'll live.....

what AS Reds team would be complete without the Big Doggy?  I can still see him rockin the batter's box.  Little Joe's elbow cocking away, and peter edward crouching and hollering at the pitchers, cept for Gibson.

sneaking whiskey in as kids late 60's early 70's, guys would see us bold little shits mixing it in our pepsi it they'd laugh and ignore it or maybe say to be good and dont get outta control.  We were always cool, never any trouble.  Talking jr high sitting right around homeplate, lmao....drinking whiskey having a grrrreat time.  Sometimes dudes would keep score on the card thru games.  I'll take homeplate anytime.

honestly, My mother in law is interred just below Big Klu in the masoleum Gate of Heaven, so I feel the need to vote klu 1.  lol

Last edited 1/25/2013 10:45 AM by cincykid

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Posted: 1/26/2013 6:29 PM

RE: 2015 All-Star Game coming to Cincinnati 

So who is gonna make the phone call and pull strings to get a group of tickets so we can all go and do some boozing?
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