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Add Hannahan..What's Left?

Posted: 12/13/2012 1:51 AM

Add Hannahan..What's Left? 

Jack Hannahan will be heading down I-71 behind Choo and Donald.  The Reds signed the veteran infielder to a 1 yr/$2M contract.  It sounds a little pricey to me, but then again it's not my money and it's only for one year.  Looks like his bat is mediocre at best.  He's hit around .250 the past couple of seasons and has homered only 28 times in 500 career games.  He does have a reputation for flashing some good leather in the field where nearly all of his action has been at the hot corner.  Personally I think my opinion of Frazier's glove is a little higher than others, but I'll admit that Hannahan could be a good late-inning replacement.  He's played a little first base and hopefully we'll need only minimal replacement of Votto in 2013. 

Walt has obliterated his offseason to-do list.  We kept our LF/RH cleanup and a closer to release Chapman to the rotation.  He finally brought in a cf/leadoff.  Now he's added two infield veterans from the Indians for the bench, one for the middle and one for the corners.  I can't imagine much effort to prevent Cairo and Valdez from walking.  Gregorius is gone and Rodriguez probably needs some more time on the farm. 

He did everything without sacrificing any pitching too. 

I can't imagine anything else that we need right now.  The bullpen will have a different look without Chapman.  Also, last year's opening day roster had three southpaws in the pen and now it's looking like we'll have only one.  We could use a lefty specialist, but then again, injury derailed Bray's season last year and that group turned in the lowest reliever ERA in baseball without one.  Even if we had a LOOGy, it would be tough finding a place for him, especially if Masset is ready to come back. 

I don't know about Paul as a LH outfield reserve.  He did a tremendous job when he made it to the Reds in the second half of the season.  However, that impressive batting average and OB% was put up over less than 100 plate appearances.  Before that the Dodgers, Pirates, and Nationals all gave up on him since 2011.  Last year he did scorch the ball in the International League all season long while playing for both Louisville and the Nats AAA affiliate, so perhaps that, along with his brief 2012 performance with the Reds is an indication that he'll be a reliable reserve over the course of a season.  It's a safe bet he'll be an upgrade over Willie Harris.  If not, well this team can still accomplish their goals even if they're weak at the fifth outfielder spot.  Hannahan gives them another LH bat off the bench too.  

Now really the main concerns are not as serious and will be answered by players that are already on the team:
-Can Broxton get the job done closing?
-How will Chapman adjust to the rotation?
-How will Choo adjust to center field?

Check out news from the Reds development teams by clicking "Cincinnati Home" beneath the CincyHardball log above. 

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Posted: 12/13/2012 12:50 PM

Re: Add Hannahan..What's Left? 

The only thing I would expect is a LHRP that can throw a fastball or two. We spent the majority of last year with only one LH in the pen (you can't count Chapman as he was the closer and it doesn't matter if the closer is LH or RH - they will stay in and pitch until they close it or lose it). The only other LH we had/have throws rainbows so a LH guy that can come in and throw a little heat to a batter or two would be beneficial.

I really like the makeup of the club going into the spring and Walt has Dusty-proofed it as much nor more than I had hoped he would.
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Posted: 12/13/2012 3:07 PM

Re: Add Hannahan..What's Left? 

Walt has stated that he's got his eye open for another lefty relief pitcher.  Ideally, we flip one of our RH relievers for a LH one if a deal can be found.  We may have to throw in a prospect to make it happen, but that and making a decision on Rolen should be all that remains on Walt's to-do list concerning the roster.

Like wildcat told me today, Cingrani is always an option if needed in relief.  I get the sense though that the Reds would like to groom him another season as a starter, then replace Arroyo with him in 2014.  That would give us a pair of lefty starters to go with three RH's.

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Posted: 12/13/2012 4:45 PM

Re: Add Hannahan..What's Left?

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Posted: 12/13/2012 5:16 PM

RE: Add Hannahan..What's Left? 

Looks like it has been confirmed to be a 2yr deal at $2 per.

RD might not like it, but I don't mind. If we had any legit options to be here 2014 I might object, but I just don't think H Rod is even close to being a major leaguer now, if ever.

Same deal with Ludwick -- who in house could we plug into LF (and cleanup as a RH hitter) in 2014?

That is why I don't mind 2 yrs for both.... but the fact is Walt would have happily signed either to a 1 yr deal if that would have been accepted. It is just a reality of the market that it took a 2yr deal for each to sign, and would have been the same regardless of who the Reds might have waiting in the minors.
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