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Cincinnati Reds

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Heisey and Cozart

There is no way on God's green earth that there aren't two players in our farm system that could

3 254 wolfpack87 5/14/14 10:40 PM
by: LexRedsFan

GABP Visit

I'll be at the game on Wednesday to do a review on GABP for my website.  I am from the

0 118 arenafanatic 5/11/14 5:41 PM
by: arenafanatic

Zack Cozart

Has not taken the next step like we have hoped. Poor AB after poor AB.

10 477 ZachSooners 5/11/14 7:50 AM
by: RedlegRandy

Rockies v. Reds 5/9

Will the rain hold off and can Johnny C. keep rolling?

4 178 nyjpsycho 5/9/14 9:47 PM
by: nyjpsycho

Jay Bruuuuuuuuuce

Injured, out 3 to 4 weeks. Meniscus issues, definitely the reason for his power drought.

1 146 RedlegRandy 5/6/14 11:26 AM
by: wvubassrfl

Big win

It's still early in the year but that's a big win today. Big difference from 7 1/2 back to 5 1/2

0 167 nyjpsycho 5/4/14 7:58 PM
by: nyjpsycho

5/3 Brewers vs Reds

Need a steroid boy.

10 279 DocBuc 5/4/14 3:18 PM
by: IamRV

5/1 Brewers

Billy Hamilton with a great diving catch to open the game. Cold one tonight, sparse crowd.

11 283 fenderStratCAT 5/1/14 10:15 PM
by: DocBuc

4/27 Reds v. Braves

Cueto is just dealing today. Too bad the offense is not coming thru to get that big hit.

8 260 nyjpsycho 4/27/14 10:28 PM
by: nyjpsycho

4/25 Reds at Braves

"Homer" Bailey pitching...

6 242 DocBuc 4/25/14 10:39 PM
by: ChrisSabo

Billy Hamilton...

15 737 DocBuc 4/24/14 10:43 AM
by: wvubassrfl

4/21 Reds vs Pirates

Missed the BH 1st to 3rd on the grounder to the pitcher! Hmm...hope the highlights have it

13 388 DocBuc 4/22/14 4:55 PM
by: DocBuc

4/20 Reds at Cubs

Alright Homer...please start pitching like you deserved that extension.

7 475 DocBuc 4/20/14 7:30 PM
by: wolfpack87

4/19 Reds @ baby bears

Down 3-2 in the 6th Cozart actually got a RBI though.

13 311 wvubassrfl 4/20/14 7:45 AM
by: RedlegRandy

Price -any heat on him?

Very early but just wondering if this team doesn't start to show some life, is he in jeopardy??

13 440 ncmountie1 4/17/14 6:19 PM
by: IamRV


Doesnt play or act like he cares half the time imo. I like him but man ot is tough at times. He

6 376 BillBraskywvu 4/16/14 10:15 PM
by: kots4mvp14

4/15 Bucs vs Reds


6 185 DocBuc 4/15/14 9:13 PM
by: fenderStratCAT

4/14-15 Bucs vs Reds..c'mon HOMER!


11 344 DocBuc 4/15/14 6:35 PM
by: DocBuc

4/13 Rays v. Reds

Traveling from Indy to attend Sunday's game. Is there any reason at all to believe the Reds can

14 313 nyjpsycho 4/13/14 5:59 PM
by: nyjpsycho

4/12 Rays vs Reds, Votto batting 2nd!


11 337 DocBuc 4/12/14 10:34 PM
by: wolfpack87

F you, Matt Adams (NSFW)

If this was basketball and he touched a fan, this would be news for weeks. As it is, this will

18 572 YearOfTheHusky 4/11/14 9:33 PM
by: DocBuc

This team is terrible

Not even a week in and i am already depressed. Someone tell me why i shouldnt be. I dont see

13 701 BillBraskywvu 4/10/14 5:53 PM
by: mardigan

4/8 Reds vs Birds

Good start....until we blow it.

7 308 DocBuc 4/9/14 1:38 AM
by: mattd149

2014 Reds Runs Allowed

Okay, I’m a little late on getting this prediction up here, but I’ve been pretty busy this

1 201 LexRedsFan 4/8/14 11:51 PM
by: jellyfish

Diamondbacks willing to trade gregorious

Said they are looking at pitchers. Would Leake for Gregorious work? Thoughts

6 775 chkightlinger 4/8/14 11:49 PM
by: jellyfish

4/7 Reds vs DirtyBirds

Let's get em.....

19 334 DocBuc 4/8/14 4:41 AM
by: mattd149

Wow Parra was awesome today...

Looks like Price is a fast shoulda left LeCure in yesterday. Helluva start by

3 251 DocBuc 4/7/14 3:17 PM
by: TonyStark

Part 2: 2014 Reds Runs Scored, Games Won

this is the second of a two-part series.   Earlier I posted a prediction on the number of

0 172 LexRedsFan 4/5/14 2:04 AM
by: LexRedsFan

Opening Day, March 31

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Championship run starts today!

24 557 wolfpack87 4/3/14 10:20 PM
by: wolfpack87

Chapman hit in face

Aroldis Chapman was hit in the face by a liner, carried off on a stretcher, and taken to the

9 685 Nugent4pres85 3/27/14 7:01 PM
by: cincykid

1977 World Series Cincinnati vs New York Yankees

The Dodgers drop to the Yanks in the 1977 WS. Sorry but in my mind, the Reds win their 3rd

1 197 owbeemen240 3/20/14 11:21 PM
by: JDrum

Fantasy Baseball

Well let's try this again. Hopefully posters actually come back to the board now since it seems

10 380 wolfpack87 3/17/14 9:34 PM
by: wolfpack87

Top 100 Prospects & More Rankings

I've been running through prospects lists of all sorts lately, so here's some links covering my

0 215 KileyMcDaniel 2/6/14 10:56 AM
by: KileyMcDaniel

International Content

I recently went to the Dominican Republic and have posted a lot of content the last few weeks

1 215 KileyMcDaniel 2/6/14 9:58 AM
by: RDriesenUD

Trade thoughts

What are the thoughts of the board on a Bailey for Kemp trade, then resign Arroyo for a year?

5 646 chkightlinger 1/3/14 12:09 AM
by: mattd149

Winter Meetings Video: Reds Update

From the Winter Meetings, National Baseball Analyst Kiley McDaniel & I break down what

1 328 amycampbell 12/29/13 12:56 AM
by: KileyMcDaniel

Merry Christmas folks!

How all of you have a safe and Happy Holidays!

0 192 wvubassrfl 12/25/13 6:54 PM
by: wvubassrfl

Price to be named manager

Multiple Pages 1 2 

So will he change much of anything?

22 922 wolfpack87 11/14/13 12:19 PM
by: ncmountie1

Brandon Phillips Trade Scenarios

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It's clear the Reds are shopping Brandon Phillips.  Rather than plugging up the actual rumors

36 1358 OhioRaiderNation 11/8/13 11:14 AM
by: wvubassrfl

Baker To Arizona?

If Kirk Gibson bolts to Detroit does that open up a job near the west coast for Baker, perhaps?

4 569 RatsBuddy 10/31/13 7:25 PM
by: wvubassrfl
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