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Cincinnati Reds

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Pinned2012/2013 Red's Rumors / Roster Moves ........Going All In #2

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...89 90 91 

That is one long history filled thread put to rest.  Rest in Peace.  Link last page old thread

1800 6947 cincykid 11/19/14 2:30 PM
by: karl1958

PinnedNon-Red Rumors 3.0 - Hot Stove 2011-12-13 Discussion

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...73 74 75 Cardinals Targeting Jake

1494 5450 kots4mvp14 11/20/14 11:44 AM
by: wvubassrfl

PinnedRed's Minor Leagues IV - The Farm

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...27 28 29 

New thread time again.  I have my harmonica, jews harp, john deere and a wagon behind her with

565 851 cincykid 8/12/14 12:46 PM
by: YearOfTheHusky

PinnedAmateur Draft Thread II - The Future

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...66 67 68 

Here is a link to the old thread.

1350 5908 RDriesenUD 6/14/14 1:26 PM
by: kots4mvp14

PinnedEx-Reds Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...54 55 56 

I'm starting a new thread and nominating it for sticky.  I'm not in love with hearing about

1112 7858 mcwax 3/16/14 9:26 PM
by: kots4mvp14


As Reds fans we are privaliged (not sure if I spelled that right) and spoiled to watch the Reds

6 320 nyjpsycho 11/7/14 9:47 PM
by: nyjpsycho

Fire Price. Joe Maddon is Available

Not that our front office would be proactive but you at least have to talk to Maddon IMO. Price

6 212 TheKaiser21 11/3/14 7:37 PM
by: wvubassrfl

Price's job and his 3rd base coach

I know the Reds season is dead, but if Price does not fire the 3rd base coach he should get

5 297 mattd149 10/21/14 10:31 AM
by: YearOfTheHusky

Reds on Sunday

I'm not sure of the record, but it seems like the Reds have won quite a few games this season on

9 356 nyjpsycho 9/9/14 6:03 PM
by: TonyStark

Homer Bailey Injury: Updates on Reds Pitchers Arm and Return

The Reds official Twitter account has a discouraging update on Homer Bailey’s forearm: “Homer

0 90 lokupe 9/6/14 11:08 AM
by: lokupe


Wow...what the hell happened to this guy?? Can't put this guy in with any type of lead anymore

2 142 DocBuc 8/31/14 4:13 PM
by: nyjpsycho

JJ Hoover

Multiple Pages 1 2 

1-6 5 ERA Discuss.....

23 802 wvubassrfl 8/20/14 10:00 AM
by: TonyStark

scout Internships

Take your membership up a notch and become a Scout sports reporter! The Scout network has a

0 68 LexRedsFan 8/18/14 8:53 PM
by: LexRedsFan

Are we too banged up to make a move?

Honestly we need trade pieces for one, but what do you go get if it isn't Zobrist? If those

11 555 TheKaiser21 8/9/14 9:40 PM
by: nyjpsycho

Cincinnati Reds Live Stream

Watch Cincinnati Reds online Upcoming match: Miami Marlins vs Cincinnati Reds

2 162 lokupe 8/5/14 1:42 PM
by: lokupe

8/3 Reds v. Marlins

C'mon Reds. Let's see a big offensive day.

5 206 nyjpsycho 8/5/14 1:08 AM
by: Stratbuck

How far can this team go?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

This team has looked very very good the last couple of weeks, but will it sustain it? The

42 701 wvubassrfl 7/31/14 11:13 AM
by: YearOfTheHusky

7/27 Nationals v. Reds

C'mon Reds. Build on that victory yesterday and get a winning streak going.

8 208 nyjpsycho 7/27/14 6:21 PM
by: RedlegRandy

7/26 Nationals v. Reds

A very weak offense against Gio Gonzalez, not a good combo. Gonzalez has always been a problem

5 212 nyjpsycho 7/27/14 9:05 AM
by: DocBuc

Reds at Brewers 7/21

We've got to scratch out some runs. Damn we need a bat or three. Time for Latos to earn that

6 204 TheKaiser21 7/22/14 12:32 PM
by: TheKaiser21

Great American Ballpark Review

The review is finally finished.  Sadly the game I went to got rained out but I still went

0 120 arenafanatic 7/21/14 4:11 PM
by: arenafanatic

7/20 Reds v. Yankees

Let's go Redlegs!!!

12 264 nyjpsycho 7/20/14 7:37 PM
by: nyjpsycho

Bucs v. Reds 7/13

Big game today. Go into the break with momentum.

6 235 nyjpsycho 7/14/14 1:53 PM
by: HBBuck

Pirates v. Reds 7/12

Is Charlie Morton the Cy Young against the Reds?.. Every time he pitches against the Reds they

2 164 nyjpsycho 7/13/14 12:23 AM
by: nyjpsycho

Some teams we should rarely if ever lose to.....

Being a child of the glorious seventies, no doubt, spoiled me.  During those years, I came to

0 182 ram1958 7/10/14 7:29 PM
by: ram1958

Happy Independence Day!!! Brewers v. Reds

Big series!!! Need to start off well for this weekend.

11 262 nyjpsycho 7/6/14 4:00 PM
by: RedlegRandy

7/2 Reds v. Padres

The Reds were bound for a letdown after the big sweep, unfortunately it might mean another

2 186 nyjpsycho 7/3/14 12:16 AM
by: mattd149

2014 July 2nd Coverage

I just released a free notebook of what's going as this week's July 2nd signing period opens,

0 177 KileyMcDaniel 7/1/14 1:13 AM
by: KileyMcDaniel

6/29 Reds v. Giants

As long as Bailey is on his game this will be a low scoring game, I think.

12 303 nyjpsycho 6/29/14 11:28 PM
by: HBBuck


You have to like Jumbo's confidence. Gave up a couple in his first outing and came out against

0 175 mattd149 6/24/14 11:25 PM
by: mattd149

wow - what an inning

looking good - Friday night can either make you or break you sometimes - seems to have woken us

0 199 BillBraskywvu 6/23/14 11:23 PM
by: BillBraskywvu

6/18 Reds v. Bucs

Been playing well lately. Need to win this game to guarantee another series win.

7 216 nyjpsycho 6/18/14 11:50 PM
by: nyjpsycho

Reds/Pirates 6/17

Queto retires the side and Reds up 1-0. Big series with our guys back healthy and beating the

6 246 fenderStratCAT 6/17/14 10:54 PM
by: mattd149

6/15 Reds @ mil

Missed a few..... Right now top 6, good guys up 5-4 SHould have won last night, but

2 254 wvubassrfl 6/16/14 8:08 AM
by: ncmountie1

6/8 Phillies v. Reds

Let's go Redlegs.

13 464 nyjpsycho 6/11/14 6:07 PM
by: TonyStark

6/7 Phillies v. Reds

Time for some runs today!!!!!!!!....... They manufactured a run in the first and got a big fly

3 344 nyjpsycho 6/7/14 7:52 PM
by: DocBuc

6/6 Phillies v. Reds

First team to score wins... Cueto is Cueto and Cole Hamels against the Reds most likely means

7 421 nyjpsycho 6/7/14 7:54 AM
by: nyjpsycho

2014 MLB Draft Board

Just posted my Draft Board, complete with a ranked top 291, 748 total players, signability

0 230 KileyMcDaniel 6/4/14 3:48 PM
by: KileyMcDaniel

Diamond Club seats?

Hey all. Boy has it been a while. Hope everyone is doing well. Anyway, I've been considering

1 241 UCbengal985 6/3/14 11:00 PM
by: mattd149

6/3 Giants vs Reds

Homer Bailey sucking again...Waste of $100m. Nice work Walt....why do people love this guy?

3 359 DocBuc 6/3/14 9:27 PM
by: ChrisSabo
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