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07/02/13 Game 83 - Orioles @ White Sox 7:10pm WCIU 5-2 W

Posted: 7/2/2013 3:55 PM

07/02/13 Game 83 - Orioles @ White Sox 7:10pm WCIU 5-2 W 

(L) Danks 1-5, 4.68 ERA, 1.13 WHIP v (R) Hammel 7-4, 5.09 ERA, 1.40 WHIP

Of the 298 runs scored, 117 have come on home runs
Sox had the lead in 57 of 79 games
Sox are 10-28 when they score 3 runs or less
Starters without a hit in previous game:Rios,Gillaspie,Beckham,Flowers
Sox are 10½ games behind Indians - 5th place.

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Posted: 7/2/2013 4:06 PM

Re: 07/02/13 Game 83 - Orioles @ White Sox 7:10pm WCIU 

Sox's lineup: De Aza CF Ramirez SS Rios RF Dunn 1B Konerko - DH Gillaspie 3B Viciedo LF Beckham 2B Flowers C
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Posted: 7/2/2013 7:29 PM

Re: 07/02/13 Game 83 - Orioles @ White Sox 7:10pm WCIU 

Orioles come in winning 4 in a row (1 Cleveland, 3 New York Yankees) while the White Sox have dropped five straight. But the Orioles  have brought back vets from the DL (Brian Roberts, Nolan Reimold) and today traded Jake arrietta and Pedro Strop to the Cubs for Scott Feldman.

The Orioles have two things going for them - a power laden offense led by 1B Chris davis (31 big flies, 16 of fastballs, 5 off changes, 10 off breaking balls), Adam Jones, Matt Wieters, Nick Markakis and JJ Hardy. The only one of those who hasn't hit double digits in home runs is Markakis. But the real pleasing development is 3B Manny Machado, who hit his first home run since early May to help beat the Yankees over the weekend. He is on pace to set an MLB record for doubles, is hitting to all fields and over 300. Oh, and he looks like he is giving Texas 3B Adrian Beltre a run for the Gold Glove this year.

But the Orioles Achilles Heel this year has been starting pitching. While the Orioles offense has hit the most home runs in the league, the pitching staff up to a week ago had given up more home runs than the offense had hit.

Things to look for:
The Orioles have five Gold Glover winners in their normal lineup (McLouth, Adam Jones and Markakis in the outfield, JJ Hardy at shortstop and Matt Wieters at catcher) plus Machado. They don't generally make errors and give up extra bases or extra outs.
Tonight's starter is Jason Hammel. Six of his seven wins have come on the road with a much lower ERA - we'll see how that works tonight. Hasn't won in June...
The  Orioles bullpen was lucky and good last year, but are still trying to get consistentcy. Closer Jim Johnson has blown more saves this year than all of last year, set-up men Luis Ayala went to Atlanta, Pedro Strop was traded today, and the bullpen has fallen in love with the gopher ball.
The key for the Orioles is scoring 4 or more runs, which they generally do. The most current stats escape me but at one point recently they were 36-17 when scoring more than 4 and 8-19 when less than 4.

The trade for Feldman should strengthen the starting rotation, but getting the bullpen sorted out is another task the Orioles face as they chase the Red Sox. They will face the White Sox for three before going to New York to take on the suddenly vulnerable Yankees. At least, I hope the Yankees are.

A semi-hot Baltimore team against a cold White Sox team, but this may be the classic trap series. I hope for tight well-played games without long rain delays, but we'll see what happens.

Anything I should know about the White Sox?

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Posted: 7/4/2013 11:27 AM

Re: 07/02/13 Game 83 - Orioles @ White Sox 7:10pm WCIU 

One of the worst hitting & OBP Sox teams ever. We're talking late 1960s bad. Don't give Adam Dunn anything inside or over the plate otherwise he'll hit it out. Anywhere else, he won't hit it.

What was once fielding dependable SS & 2B have turned into lead gloves. Tyler Flowers has been an absolute disaster as catcher - he leads the league in passed balls (some wild pitches were actually his fault) & he can't hit his weight. Keppinger spent most of the season around the infield & hitting .200

This team is absolutely poor in fundamentals - in fielding, hitting the cutoff man, putting down a bunt, moving runners over & home. Their RISP is .253 & has to be near the bottom - Ed Farmer & DJ talk about it a lot on the radio. I've heard numbers near .200 for it as well.

Veterans underperforming their career averages, guys getting hurt a lot, free agent busts, the pitching has been the strength by far, and they were actually a Top 8 pitching staff but have fallen to the lower half of MLB. There's over $122 million paid on this team & they're the 4th worst team in MLB. I don't know why they're wait on the firesale. Speaking of Sale, he's getting no run support & it's the opinion of some Sox fans (and self included) that the Sox should trade Sale to restock the farm & fill in some holes. His pitching motion scares us & think it's an injury waiting to happen. It seems like every time we're ready to trade guys (Peavy, Konerko, Crain, Floyd, Danks) they get hurt. The Sox need to unload all the big contracts (including Alexei Ramirez whom many in the Sox management are NOT fans of) and finally trade Beckham & cut their losses at his peak trade value. Sox fans have no hope for the future because the farm is just depleted thanks to Kenny Williams trades & poor drafting. We don't have a lot of hope for the future & thanks to new MLB TV contracts, now all teams have much more money & will resign their free agents so there will be fewer on the market. Building through the draft is SO much more important now. Thankfully Kenny Williams isn't GM anymore. But it's going to be a really rough few seasons & GM Rich Hahn inherited a gigantic mess.

I was pretty keen on Santiago & Quintana early on because they were great, now they're getting figured out & rocked. Axelrod never impressed me. Addison Reed is not a future closer. Thornton has no out pitch & just a lefty specialist and is very old (will be 38 in Sept). Everyone else in the bullpen is filler. Honestly, nothing to like about this team. Incredible how they keep finding ways to lose game.

Emotionally checked out on this team. I thought they would be a sub-.500 team, but not THIS bad.
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