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Chicago Bulls

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Bulls vs Wizards Playoff discussion

I don't think it could have played out any better than that for our Bulls No overlooking

6 73 BULLS4LIFE2 Today 7:22 PM
by: Lozenger4

The only thing I don't like about Noah

He's shouting at his teammates and throwing little tantrums when they don't pass him the ball

2 96 BULLS4LIFE2 04/08/14 11:12 AM
by: TheUFan

Trade idea thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Trade with Celtics Bulls trade: Taj Gibson, Teague and 2nd round pick Bulls

34 722 BULLS4LIFE2 04/05/14 2:37 PM

Kirk Hinrich Wants to Re-Sign with Bulls Here is my latest article

2 108 EMasseySports 04/03/14 6:32 AM
by: Lozenger4

Sometimes I hate Thibs

Snell came into the game and was on fire, he had 7 quick points, so Thibs takes him out to bring

11 365 BULLS4LIFE2 03/30/14 12:33 PM
by: daoriginalmookie

nba draft

i know the draft isn't for  awhile but i'm thinking the kansas big guy Joel Embiid could

2 115 facewweasel 03/28/14 8:29 AM
by: facewweasel

Noah has become a triple double machine

It's fairly obvious that he's looking for the assists, and on a few occasions it's forced, but I

9 210 BULLS4LIFE2 03/14/14 8:48 AM
by: daoriginalmookie

How Tough is Jimmy Butler?

Had to mention this as I found this feat of playing through pain by Jimmy Butler truly

7 276 TerryBull 03/13/14 5:13 PM
by: daoriginalmookie

Bulls vs Warriors post game aka Thibs is stupid

Great coach, but terrible at rotations Seriously you're up by 30 with 6 minutes to play and

4 173 BULLS4LIFE2 03/02/14 11:58 AM
by: TheUFan

Bulls trade Deng to Cavs for Bynum, 1st rounder

According to ESPN, the Bulls have traded Deng to the Cavs for Bynum, a first rounder via

19 712 Varsity878 02/05/14 3:49 PM

James Johnson

I always liked this kid, and a lot of Bulls fans called him a waste and a scrub He's been

11 269 BULLS4LIFE2 02/04/14 2:32 PM
by: DenyRide

Bulls vs Clippers post game

How the hell does this team always get on fire against the Bulls? They made 9 of their first

1 151 BULLS4LIFE2 01/27/14 11:20 AM
by: Lozenger4

Bulls vs Bobcats

I didn't get to see the first half, but DJ is dominating the 4th quarter and Tony has hit a few

1 139 TheUFan 01/25/14 9:28 PM

BULLS in the lotto

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

The bulls are going to be a lotto team this year.  They might has well move Deng now and make

44 724 slipperypete9696 01/20/14 8:56 AM
by: slipperypete9696

Bulls trade Teague to Nets for Shengelia

This will clearly change things... No idea who Shengelia even is...

2 214 BULLS4LIFE2 01/19/14 7:11 PM

Bulls: 128 @ Magic: 125 (3OT)

I've been too depressed to watch many of the games this year, but I turned it on midway through

4 187 Lozenger4 01/18/14 6:51 AM
by: Lozenger4

Augustine & Martin

I really like what I've seen from DJ so far this season. He does a great job of keeping his

2 209 BULLS4LIFE2 01/12/14 3:55 PM
by: TheUFan

Our future

This is my hope for the remaining season............. 1.  Everyone is shopped but Butler and

13 505 TheUFan 01/10/14 6:36 PM

Luol Deng Receiving Interest From several teams

Luol Deng Receiving Interest From Cavaliers, Mavericks, Lakers, Raptors, Spurs, Grizzlies, Nets

9 398 BULLS4LIFE2 01/02/14 11:23 AM
by: Lozenger4

Report: Bulls frontrunners to sign D.J. Augustin

According to Yahoo Sports, Bulls are the frontrunners to sign recently released point D.J.

8 415 Varsity878 12/24/13 8:50 PM
by: TheUFan

Bulls vs Heat post game

Wait...what post game, the Heat don't have one  Great win after so many disappointing

15 380 BULLS4LIFE2 12/09/13 4:45 PM

Bulls vs Cavs Post game

Pathetic Gibson and Snell big off the bench, everyone else sucked. I don't care if Deng put

0 238 BULLS4LIFE2 11/30/13 10:07 PM

Bulls vs Pistons Post game

Good games from Deng, Taj and Snell Bulls win, not much to talk about really other than Thibs

0 228 BULLS4LIFE2 11/27/13 8:42 PM

Bulls vs Jazz Post game

Not much to say, the team fell behind and couldn't make a run until it was too late. I won't

1 250 BULLS4LIFE2 11/26/13 9:25 AM
by: Lozenger4

Derrick Rose torn meniscus in right knee (not the ACL knee)

I just wanted to weigh in on this as someone who has a torn meniscus in the right knee and

7 412 BULLS4LIFE2 11/25/13 5:08 PM

Bulls vs Blazers Postgame

That was just disgusting Rose re-injuring his knee Blowing a 21 point lead Thibs

11 380 BULLS4LIFE2 11/24/13 7:40 AM
by: Lozenger4

Bulls vs Nuggets Postgame

I'm not going to get too upset at a loss after 5 straight wins Deng just 3-18 from the field,

2 222 BULLS4LIFE2 11/22/13 5:21 PM

Bulls vs Bobcats Postgame

Well that was too close for comfort but it never really felt like the Bulls could lose really,

0 246 BULLS4LIFE2 11/18/13 10:22 PM

What should the Bulls do with Luol Deng?

Since there isn't much basketball news this time of year, the only Bulls update I have seen over

15 831 Lozenger4 11/17/13 7:58 PM

Bulls vs Pacers Postgame

Excellent defense in the first half Great 3 point shooting Pacers got away with a LOT of

1 334 BULLS4LIFE2 11/17/13 7:25 AM
by: Lozenger4

Bulls vs Cavs Post game

Fairly easy win, yes the Cavs did get close but it didn't really seem like they could steal this

4 370 BULLS4LIFE2 11/17/13 3:12 AM
by: TheUFan

Bulls vs Raptors Post game

Easy win, the defense was outstanding for most of the game Not that it matters as Thibs

2 319 BULLS4LIFE2 11/16/13 4:04 PM

Around the NBA

Did anyone watch the Sixers vs Heat? What a game! Sixers started the game on fire, got up by

5 406 BULLS4LIFE2 11/11/13 9:31 AM
by: Lozenger4

Bulls vs Jazz Post game

Well there's still 7 minutes left in the 4th qtr but this game is over, and only one thing has

1 301 BULLS4LIFE2 11/09/13 6:26 AM
by: Lozenger4

Bulls vs Pacers Postgame

What a meltdown The crazy part is the Bulls had a chance to win up until the 4th qtr despite

4 317 BULLS4LIFE2 11/07/13 7:32 AM
by: tyrone70

1980's Bulls/Pistons Games

I am looking for copies of 80's Bulls/Pistons games on vhs or dvd.  Does anyone happen to have

2 403 sonof3m 11/05/13 12:45 PM

Bulls vs Sixers Postgame

I'm so friggin pissed off Rose was terrible in all aspects, Thibs with no recognition of when

4 374 BULLS4LIFE2 11/03/13 10:44 AM
by: Lozenger4

Bulls vs Knicks post game

Ugly game, but Rose coming up big when it mattered Give the ball to Boozer when he's scoring

2 387 BULLS4LIFE2 11/02/13 5:57 AM

Bulls vs Heat postgame

Why am I not surprised, what a **** joke of a start to the season. Right back where we

5 352 BULLS4LIFE2 10/30/13 7:02 PM

Season Predictions

It's that time of year again!  Hopefully we can restore this message board to some of its

1 298 Lozenger4 10/29/13 7:32 PM
by: anthonyd46
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