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Chicago Bulls

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Bulls _efense

Giving up 99 points a game so far this season to their opponents To give you an idea of how

2 38 BULLS4LIFE2 Today 1:28 PM

Bulls vs Nuggets - You've been Hinriched

I don't care how close it got at the end, the Bulls never really had a chance Yes the offense

2 32 BULLS4LIFE2 Today 8:06 AM
by: mvjohn

Bulls vs Jazz - It didn't need to be that close

Bulls love to stress out their fans don't they. You shoot 50% from the field, 45% on

2 36 BULLS4LIFE2 Yesterday 9:07 PM

Around the NBA

Firstly I just want to say I'm glad we didn't get Melo. This guy has been garbage all season,

7 124 BULLS4LIFE2 11/22/14 8:20 PM

Bulls vs Blazers - Can we please never play in that building?

Seriously not only is that team cursed with a history of injuries but so is their building. Last

1 32 BULLS4LIFE2 11/22/14 5:47 AM
by: Lozenger4

Bulls vs Kings - The Vlade Divac special

Not since Divac have I seen a big man flop around that much in a Kings jersey. Cousins may be a

0 22 BULLS4LIFE2 11/20/14 11:23 PM

How good could this team be?

A team full of players 6'6 to 6'8 and no 'superstar' players or multiple allstars such as Kobe,

2 46 BULLS4LIFE2 11/20/14 12:13 PM

Bulls vs Clippers - Undefeated on the road

How can you not be proud of those guys? That was without a doubt their best game of the season

5 84 BULLS4LIFE2 11/19/14 4:59 AM
by: Lozenger4

Bulls vs Pacers - The pick & roll trap game

Credit to the Pacers and Vogel, they saw a weakness in the Bulls defense and exploited it time

4 94 BULLS4LIFE2 11/17/14 11:04 AM
by: TheUFan

Bulls vs Raptors - Please be OK Rose

Seems it was his hamstring, hoping he recovers soon and it's not knee related. Him smiling on

5 103 BULLS4LIFE2 11/14/14 9:41 AM
by: TheUFan

Gasol to Bulls.

Adding Rose, Gasol, McDermott, and Mirotic to last years team is not bad at all.  If we have

15 574 uncfolife 11/11/14 3:26 PM
by: Sixtimeworldchamps

Bulls vs Celtics - A deserved loss

Firstly give the Celtics credit, they had a lot of guys step up and play with the kind of energy

2 54 BULLS4LIFE2 11/11/14 3:22 PM
by: Sixtimeworldchamps

Bulls vs Pistons - Thank you Josh Smith

Firstly credit to the Pistons announcers for calling the game fair and not being as biased as

2 52 BULLS4LIFE2 11/11/14 7:19 AM
by: mvjohn

Bulls vs D-league Sixers Postgame

Is there such a thing as a bad win? Typical Bulls playing to the level of their competition

2 46 BULLS4LIFE2 11/08/14 2:36 PM

2014-15 Style Comparison

I find it very interesting that the Bulls this year are completed different from any team in the

1 59 Lozenger4 11/08/14 2:16 PM

Trade idea thread

I'll just start by saying I LOVE Noah, he's the heart and soul of this team but I'm concerned

3 113 BULLS4LIFE2 11/08/14 6:51 AM
by: mvjohn

Bulls vs Bucks, who had homecourt?

Thibs remains undefeated in the Bradley Centre Ugly ugly game A combined 30 turnovers by

3 56 BULLS4LIFE2 11/06/14 10:01 PM

Bulls vs Magic postgame

Firstly, give the Magic credit. That team might be 0-4 but they have some really good pieces.

2 46 BULLS4LIFE2 11/05/14 1:54 PM

Bulls vs Wolves postgame

Well, the Bulls sure do like to stress out their fans This was a game that a healthy Rose

1 36 BULLS4LIFE2 11/02/14 7:40 AM
by: Lozenger4

Bulls vs Cavs Post game

All I care about is Rose being OK **** the Cavs, and Blatt They took double the free

1 54 BULLS4LIFE2 11/01/14 7:26 AM
by: Lozenger4

Bulls vs Knicks season opener

I hope you don't mind me starting this B4L2. What do you guys want to see tonight? Besides

19 305 TheUFan 10/30/14 7:02 AM
by: mvjohn

Bulls vs Wolves Preseason game 8 - final game

Don't care about the loss, even if they had a 10 pt lead late. I actually didn't want the

4 78 BULLS4LIFE2 10/26/14 2:07 PM

Bulls vs Cavs Preseason game 7

Well, not going to get too upset about losing this one preseason game although I would gladly

7 116 BULLS4LIFE2 10/22/14 7:30 AM
by: TheUFan

Bulls vs Hornets Preseason game 6

Not going to do a full recap, feel like it's a waste of time since no one is posting other than

1 42 BULLS4LIFE2 10/20/14 7:43 AM
by: Lozenger4

Bulls vs Hawks Preseason Game 5

I hope the Bulls don't make a habit of falling behind by 21, but if they can keep coming back to

2 60 BULLS4LIFE2 10/17/14 2:51 PM

Bulls vs Nuggets Preseason Game 4

I'll start with the Nuggets, they have a lot of nice pieces but no #1 guy to get them to where

2 64 BULLS4LIFE2 10/15/14 1:30 AM

Bulls vs Bucks Preseason game 3

The common theme so far this preseason has been the starters build a lead and the bench loses

0 44 BULLS4LIFE2 10/12/14 4:55 AM

Bulls vs Pistons Preseason Game 2

Don't care so much about the loss, the Bulls were playing the bum lineup the majority of the 2nd

1 55 BULLS4LIFE2 10/08/14 4:22 AM
by: Lozenger4

Bulls vs Wizards Preseason game 1

Well it's that time of the year again Won't read too much into a preseason game, although it

1 42 BULLS4LIFE2 10/07/14 4:42 AM
by: Lozenger4

2014-15 Bulls Rotation

It's that time again!  The 2014-15 season is upon us.  Something I usually don't think about

4 91 Lozenger4 10/06/14 4:49 PM
by: mvjohn

USA Blue Vs USA White - A chance to see Rose play again

Firstly, I feel terrible for Paul George that injury looked horrible, hopefully he can recover,

4 262 BULLS4LIFE2 09/16/14 5:13 AM
by: Lozenger4

Derrick Rose: FIBA World Cup unqualified success!

The gold medal Derrick Rose won with Team USA at the 2010 world championships in Turkey sits in

0 38 licure 09/14/14 6:41 AM
by: licure


Although these games are meaningless, I want to see them destroy the Wizards and Cavs The

5 180 BULLS4LIFE2 09/01/14 6:48 AM
by: ucrenegade

Bulls this year

I am kinda glad they didn't land melo i am a huge SU guy but he is clearly a me first player.

2 72 ucrenegade 09/01/14 6:44 AM
by: ucrenegade

Rumour Bulls interested in Barbosa

A little concerning considering the Bulls already have Rose/Hinrich/Brooks/Snell/Butler in the

1 116 BULLS4LIFE2 08/28/14 9:27 PM

Rumour Former Magic guard E’Twaun Moore to sign with Bulls

Former Orlando Magic guard E’Twaun Moore will sign with the Chicago Bulls in the next few days,

0 132 BULLS4LIFE2 08/14/14 6:38 PM

Bulls announce season schedule

The Chicago Bulls will tip off the 2014-15 season in New York on Oct. 29 against the New York

0 77 BULLS4LIFE2 08/13/14 6:42 PM

LockedBulls message board participation

I thought it was sparse, check out this board.

2 275 WadeWalker2013 08/07/14 1:44 PM

Good RECENT article on Dougie Mac

Looks like the Bulls have a nice 4 man rotation at SF and SG.  Defense with Jimmy and

0 151 WadeWalker2013 08/07/14 10:30 AM
by: WadeWalker2013

Some RECENT articles on Tony Snell

0 122 WadeWalker2013 08/07/14 8:08 AM
by: WadeWalker2013
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