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Tech Support: Questions & Comments

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new topic post

I put a new topic post about NFL live talking about 2000 carries for a RB but it wouldn't show

1 10 bearbut 4/16/14 9:51 AM
by: bearbut

format of posts

my list of post show up with the oldest one first and if you have 5 pages you need to go to the

2 38 bearbut 4/7/14 2:59 PM
by: bearbut


Testing the close topic feature

1 91 shark86x 12/8/13 3:37 PM
by: shark86x

Magazine Subscription

Just curious as to when I will receive the magazine.  I signed up in early April and haven't

2 343 shamusbear 10/1/13 9:58 PM
by: shamusbear

Unable to open Videos of OTA's

The screen is blank, and there is a play button that gives audio but no video.  What to do?

9 453 dickbutkus97 6/10/13 1:16 AM
by: SereBEAR

Video format question

Any thoughts of using html5 for videos to replace flash so that they can be easily viewed on

3 195 oneslocamaro 6/8/13 3:37 PM
by: oneslocamaro

Site not displaying correctly on Firefox

When I load the site it doesn't display the scroll bar and the words extend beyond the page

2 369 Muntz 3/13/13 6:28 AM
by: idiosyncronaut

International Prices

How much is a years subscription to the magazine for someone in Ireland Thanks

1 340 SlowLikeTomWaddle 10/23/12 6:13 PM
by: js11342



0 473 Busarider29 10/23/12 3:12 PM
by: Busarider29

Internet Explorer 9.0

I just did an upgrade to my Explorer, and it's not allowing me to post anything on this

5 637 Buzz88 5/28/12 11:56 PM
by: ghostd00d


vikings fan here (I know, I know). Hey how do you put up a profile pic. Promise not to do

1 374 VikingsCurse 1/30/12 9:49 AM
by: js11342

Sig pic

I am trying to add a pic to my signature. I am using Photobucket to host the pic, I added the

0 390 aurorabrad 9/14/11 6:06 PM
by: aurorabrad

New Cheerleader Website: Feed the Cheerleaders

New Cheerleader Website!!! With an impending pro football lockout, much has been said about

3 476 fortuneisblink182 9/6/11 1:08 AM
by: Northsiders

subscription question

hey, i signed up for BearReport in March and am wondering when to expect my first issue?  how

0 376 thescuro 4/28/11 2:22 PM
by: thescuro

Android Phone Users

I just got my first android phone, and I can not enter text into a text box on - new

0 389 shark86x 3/22/11 6:49 PM
by: shark86x

Where do you edit your signature?

I can't find it!

5 764 Northsiders 2/16/11 2:35 PM
by: Faulkner1

New posts in a thread

Is there a button that you can click that will take you to the first unread post in a thread?

1 443 mzahn 1/31/11 2:36 PM
by: ChiefBear

Playing Bear Radio Podcast On Home Page

Whenever I go to the main home page, it appears the bear radio podcast quicktime

2 487 bubbadean84 11/17/10 8:57 PM
by: bubbadean84

Is it just me?

Or is typing in the web address redirecting to for everyone else? It

1 542 camoss 11/17/10 8:25 AM
by: ChiefBear

No delete on a thread that I started.

I have two  questions 1.) In Halas Hall I have athread which I started and desire to delte it.

6 832 B34R51 10/28/10 11:52 PM
by: Northsiders

Advertiment covering site features and options

On my browser, there is a rectangular advertisement window that pops up over my inbox link and

4 907 Behr34 10/20/10 7:30 AM
by: ChiefBear

Why do I get two different front pages on two different browsers

Can anyone fill in on this? I opened up both Firefox and Internet Explorer and logged on to

1 582 NorthHill 9/21/10 9:06 AM
by: ChiefBear

Have to log in too often

I access Bear Report from several computers - desktop and laptop at home, at work, and from my

3 875 shark86x 12/1/09 4:29 PM
by: sanbear

I dont get any e-mail notification's

Im not getting any e-mail notification's when I post on a topic...please help

0 781 Adibear 11/21/09 3:44 PM
by: Adibear

how to watch the Chicago Bear games live streaming online?

I downloaded a software program to my computer that allows me to watch the Chicago Bear and

0 1419 johnbroad 10/30/09 7:03 AM
by: johnbroad

I've Lost Italicize, Bold and Underline

How come on the message boards I now only have plain Jane? I used to have italicize, bold and

6 949 GeorgiaJeff 10/29/09 3:58 PM
by: Buzz88

Can someone help me with the interactive chat?

This is frustrating me... I tried twice now to join in and I can only post one question or

0 791 DaKnuckles 10/19/09 3:13 PM
by: DaKnuckles

Hey I don't know if this is possible or...

if there is already a way to do this but, and option that would make it easier in the larger

0 839 DaKnuckles 10/16/09 1:44 PM
by: DaKnuckles

Mac users

is there any help coming? Where is the love?

4 1672 Northsiders 10/16/09 1:34 PM
by: DaKnuckles

Problem with my webpage on scout, help needed

Forgive me as this as been brought up already, but I haven't been here in a while. About a

8 1138 ChiFan24 8/15/09 9:53 PM
by: ChiFan24

Javascript error in article..

Hi. There is a javascript error being caused when attempting to search for a particular author.

4 908 idiosyncronaut 8/3/09 5:55 PM
by: Northsiders

Posts and replies in text w/o emoticon options

I probably have a settings issue after an IE update. But I am no longer presented with HTML

1 1149 sanbear 5/14/09 10:50 PM
by: sanbear

Is there a way to search the forums?

I thought there used to be a search function, but either I was mistaken or I can't find it any

4 1014 bearsinhouston 4/21/09 10:53 AM
by: skepticalbear

post counts/ ranks

How many posts do you need for each rank you can get (e.g. benchwarmer, starter, all pro,

2 1007 nhbearsfan 3/4/09 10:54 PM
by: nhbearsfan

Cancelling My Account Due to Not Getting Bailout from Government

To whom it may concern: I wish to cancel all supscriptions to Bear Report I currently have,

1 930 sherryb 2/23/09 3:04 PM
by: ChiefBear



0 830 BrettASUSunDevils 2/18/09 12:58 PM
by: BrettASUSunDevils


New Signature Test

0 804 BrettASUSunDevils 2/18/09 12:51 PM
by: BrettASUSunDevils


13 1723 SVBearsFan 2/14/09 4:55 PM
by: shark86x

Bad link on the front page to the QB Feature Story


1 853 vikingsrlosers 2/10/09 1:19 PM
by: ChiefBear



3 1028 FloridaBearsFan 12/26/08 10:19 PM
by: WYObear
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