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Halas Hotel: All Bears, All the Time

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There are many folks that post here from different teams who share different perspectives. At

0 5123 js11342 3/15/11 11:32 AM
by: js11342


Bear Report has a Facebook fan page and Twitter page. Both are updated daily with all the

5 8681 js11342 4/19/13 2:26 PM
by: grumpyybear

Lombardi name remove from SB trophy

Iam a long time fan of the NFL. I cheer for many teams, and root against many also. There are

14 452 paredskins91 Today 8:18 AM
by: Muntz

Some advice please

Hey guys As I mentioned before, my wife is flying me out to Chicago at the end of the year for

3 225 pacey121 Yesterday 10:30 PM
by: chicagoHOOSIER

HotJust another Mock draft

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The more I research prospects and mock drafts the more I feel we should go DB in the first.

39 1173 jblaze28 Yesterday 10:06 PM
by: lagos777

The negatives on prospects?

I've seen many pros and cons on players in the draft. Give me the negatives on prospects the

0 66 chicago23fan Yesterday 7:24 PM
by: chicago23fan

Possibly linebackers at #14........

C.J. Mosley or Anthony Barr? I'm in favor of Barr.....who you guys got?

15 710 chicagosports Yesterday 7:01 PM
by: chicagosports

Why did they move the draft back?

Tired of waiting, will it ever get here?

18 1048 Northsiders Yesterday 6:08 PM
by: bearbut

Who do you NOT want to draft?

Opinions? Who would be a bad draft choice? For me, it's Ra'shede Hagerman. I know he's

14 430 njc41980 Yesterday 4:56 PM
by: rmanson

Aaron Donald

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

I have serious reservations that he can be a solid 3 down DT.  Against NFL OL, he won't be able

103 2130 illsports Yesterday 4:50 PM
by: WilberMarshall58

take with wroth draft qb

i think time better wroth pick him bears must have backup new QB draft A.J. McCarron so what 3rd

13 964 BOB1961 Yesterday 10:06 AM
by: frontera

Pryor to the Bears

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

With the bears bringing in Buchanan and Pryor in for visits it seems that Conte is safe (pun

43 1823 daburs85 4/14/14 12:45 PM
by: NorthHill

RT Situation - Jordan Mills or a New RT in the Draft

Multiple Pages 1 2 

In my draft sheet that I am putting together, I have the Bears taking either available

34 1482 markdalby 4/14/14 7:31 AM
by: msqboxer2011

Must Have Draft Picks Regardless of Need

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Who are the draft prospects that the Bears absolutely must pick, regardless of need, if they

42 1685 NYCIllini29 4/13/14 10:47 PM
by: GameBear

Roster turnover under Emery

Just saw an article on writing of the roster turnover in the NFL.  Our Bears have 10

11 782 chicago bear jim 4/13/14 2:27 PM
by: TexasBearsFan

Live Chat at 11:30 am

We're about to get started with our first draft chat, talking Bears draft from 11:30 until the

0 108 js11342 4/13/14 11:25 AM
by: js11342

A little help guys

I've seen Deone Bucannon and De' Anthony Thomas have visited or planned a visit with the bears.

3 489 Tonysteven10 4/13/14 11:00 AM
by: jblaze28

Would you take a look at Erin Henderson if price is right?

I know he had legal issues, but he has entered rehab, and if successful, I think it would be

7 470 slm123214 4/13/14 10:43 AM
by: JohnnyBailey


Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

This just in from Halas Hall...shocking news here. Sorry if I'm getting the scoop on any sports

110 2849 Muntz 4/12/14 9:06 PM
by: lagos777

deep draft

This year the draft is very deep. Here are some of my favorite skill position guys no one cares

11 889 tragicslip 4/12/14 1:13 AM
by: tragicslip

Cowboys board

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Sunday night I went over to the Cowboys board to ask about Kyle Orton.  Long story short, I had

24 1380 chicago bear jim 4/11/14 4:22 PM
by: BearsnHB

Brian De La Puente signs a 1 yr deal.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Interesting signing, adds much needed depth.

46 1579 ssp27 4/11/14 10:54 AM
by: misky

Dickfingers signs with...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The Giants, 1 year deal. Might as well pencil them in as NFC champs.

25 1155 jimmyray78 4/11/14 9:20 AM
by: omc1969

1 Year Deals...Too Many?

Sitting here browsing the web while the "ol' ball and chain" (wife) catches up on her

14 858 Bearsfan247 4/11/14 8:27 AM
by: omc1969

15 years of Pick #14

11 888 Drippingblueorange 4/10/14 11:50 PM
by: mcrann

Wow, my jaw is still on the floor.

So I was sitting drinking a cup of coffee this mornin lookin up some info on this mornin on a lb

9 1071 MADONE77 4/10/14 4:03 PM
by: tafkayeah

Preseason Schedule for the Bears

Philadelphia at Chicago ( Aug 7th-10th) WEEK 2 (Aug. 14-18) Jacksonville at Chicago

4 333 outkasted2006 4/10/14 8:55 AM
by: Cubfan41

Bears add CFL long-snapper Rempel

11 855 NYCIllini29 4/9/14 8:45 PM
by: ghostd00d

Josh Freeman? Interesting.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Looks like Freeman had a visit today. If somehow Trestman can get his head straight I wouldn't

30 1346 jeffparkbearfan 4/9/14 3:35 PM
by: DaKnuckles

Conte out

Multiple Pages 1 2 

4-5 months after undergoing shoulder surgery.

26 1095 AxleFoley 4/8/14 9:57 AM
by: Evesowner


Posted: Today 9:17 PM guess who know or not guess NFL draft  my options if bears will get

8 673 BOB1961 4/7/14 8:57 PM
by: njc41980

Major Wright signs 1 yr deal with tampa

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Thought I'd share.   

23 980 Diem 4/7/14 8:25 PM
by: Ontherebound

melton gone ?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

henry melton is saying that he would like to play for dallas since he grew up there and

40 1487 misky 4/7/14 10:21 AM
by: seanyboyspiff

Top 5 @ 14

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Many mocks and experts have the following 5 for Bears at 14.

26 1853 plank46 4/6/14 2:09 PM
by: tragicslip

LockedJared Allen

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...9 10 11 

Is now a Bear.

213 2743 gcoop33 4/6/14 10:51 AM
by: jimmyray78

Top rated WR duo in the NFL is right here in Chicago Kinda like the Twilight Zone, isn't it?

10 624 TheBowlPole 4/5/14 12:52 PM
by: Bearsfan247

Brandin Cooks

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Something tells me that Emery trades down 10 spots and picks up a second and fourth round picks

36 1637 405134 4/5/14 10:38 AM
by: FloridaBearsFan

Bears taking corner at 14?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

According to Matt Miller, he thinks Bears are. "The Chicago Bears are rumored to have

62 2268 GGGilliniballa18 4/4/14 4:39 PM
by: bearbut

daniel manning free ??

Multiple Pages 1 2 

daniel manning has been released by the texans !  is he to old for the bears to take another

25 1267 misky 4/4/14 12:01 PM
by: Northsiders

Ebon Britton Re-Signed

Can't post the link, but just read it. It's a 1-year deal it appears. Good signing.

6 690 Bearsfan247 4/4/14 8:32 AM
by: ComplementaryColors
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