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Halas Hotel: All Bears, All the Time

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Hey guys, As some of you might have noticed, a new BETA Forum option showed up on the Forums

3 376 js11342 8/26/14 5:20 PM
by: skepticalbear

PinnedBear Report Site Survey

Hello! We know many of you have strong opinions about how we could improve Bear Report the

0 357 js11342 8/4/14 2:47 PM
by: js11342


There are many folks that post here from different teams who share different perspectives. At

0 6185 js11342 3/15/11 11:32 AM
by: js11342


Bear Report has a Facebook fan page and Twitter page. Both are updated daily with all the

5 10690 js11342 4/19/13 2:26 PM
by: grumpyybear

TRADE RUMOR: Cutler to Texans

Rumors are swirling that the Bears are looking to trade Cutler to the Texans. I'm not certain

9 277 mmontalto Today 10:41 PM
by: FloridaBearsFan

How about a shakeup at LB?

After watching that horrible 60 minutes of football on Sunday that was called a game, I was

16 636 yodalicious Today 10:32 PM
by: marlon48

Witht he 1st pick in the 2015 NFL Draft the Chicago Bears select

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Witht he 1st pick in the 2015 NFL Draft the Chicago Bears select....   Who do you

20 828 idiosyncronaut Today 9:23 PM
by: edjy71

HotTrestman to remove pre-snap option

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Desire to run more, not Cutler, prompted Trestman to remove pre-snap option I remember a

89 1363 lagos777 Today 7:52 PM
by: TheBowlPole

HotUrlacher: "The NFL isn't a talent contest."

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

I love this Urlacher quote: "The NFL isn't a talent contest.  It's a winning

85 1371 Muntz Today 7:26 PM
by: thisotherkingdom

Broncos Practice squad player arrested

This story is a few days old, but in case you missed it this is a good one. Broncos practice

1 132 jimmyray78 Today 3:35 PM
by: DaKnuckles

Cutler ditches own radio show, Kyle long shows up, apologizes

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

That is one thing I don't like about Cutler. When things get tough, he dodges direct

76 1825 bearlysatisfied Today 7:41 AM
by: skepticalbear

that is come bears record season

Bears are not super win still sink ever don't make playoff this year need time off not super

9 553 BOB1961 Yesterday 4:51 PM
by: skepticalbear

Just a dumb thought here...

I was watching an old game from 2011 against the Queens and realized Cutler played good enough

12 534 danzilla Yesterday 4:35 PM
by: bearlysatisfied

Top Ten Reasons Cutler Canceled His Radio Show Last Minute

Multiple Pages 1 2 

10) Dog ate his homework 9) That time of the month 8) Hangnail 7) Wicked brain freeze from

24 806 Muntz Yesterday 4:13 PM
by: wilco501

The Shea Experiment Is Over

Choir boy can't shed a block to save his life.  Falling down repeatedly is part of his

9 586 GameBear Yesterday 1:22 PM
by: 34rocks

Locker room scuffle

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

I'm dying to know the details. Who's still got fire? Who's being blamed by their fellow

97 3758 njc41980 Yesterday 7:19 AM
by: Northsiders

Bears fan still in critical condition

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I am surprised nobody posted on this earlier:

25 740 Cubfan41 10/23/14 8:17 PM
by: seeters

Game 7 Discussion Thread - Gonna need a bigger boat - L 27-14

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...22 23 24 

Can the Bears finally get a home game in the win column today?  The Dolphins come into town

463 3121 skepticalbear 10/23/14 3:07 PM
by: bearlysatisfied

On the bright side- At least we're not the 49ers

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Been a while since we were humiliated that bad.

43 905 njc41980 10/23/14 9:54 AM
by: Cubfan41

ESPN Pickem

Is anyone else having issues making their picks for this week?  I check the box but it does not

4 130 ghostd00d 10/23/14 8:09 AM
by: ghostd00d


After this last week I have a feeling you will see a heavy load of Forte and Carey this week

3 195 AxleFoley 10/22/14 8:18 PM
by: Bearsfan247

Honestly, the loss and Marshall Cutler scuffle pale in comarison

to that damn Rams punt return.  I don't know how many times I had to hear how great that play

0 154 nhbearsfan 10/22/14 6:31 PM
by: nhbearsfan

A common thread we are seeing ?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

“We have no identity,” Jennings said. “We still don’t know who we are.” “As a team, we

33 820 bearlysatisfied 10/22/14 5:26 PM
by: FloridaBearsFan

What states/regions produce what positions in NFL -

Here is a complete breakdown of all the POSITIONS and players currently in the NFL and what

0 56 Jamie Newberg 10/22/14 4:29 PM
by: Jamie Newberg

Trestman Press Conference Today

I got noting except to say it should automatically win the quote of the year award. It ranks

9 663 Cubfan41 10/22/14 2:13 PM
by: bearlysatisfied

Emery's Q&A Session on Bears home page

I read this excerpt from the Q&A session and wanted to share: Emery:  " Jay

5 308 Muntz 10/21/14 11:24 PM
by: jimmyray78

Dan Hampton interview

2 245 bearlysatisfied 10/21/14 9:00 PM
by: bearlysatisfied

Jay Cutler

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

I've been on his side since he become a Bear, one of the better Qb's we've had in awhile. But

100 1790 rhambone 10/21/14 8:22 PM
by: FloridaBearsFan

Guess the QB?

QB #1:   --Drafted in the first round --From Indiana --6'4" 218 --Career QB rating:

12 534 Muntz 10/21/14 7:20 PM
by: chicagoHOOSIER

PollNFC North QB's

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

77 2408 Muntz 10/21/14 6:01 PM
by: misky

0-4 1PM EST starts ; 3-0 all other times

By my count, the Bears are winless in 1PM EST starts and unbeaten all other times ( Mon night ,

8 281 freakmaster 10/21/14 3:17 PM
by: nkilzer

Did the Chicago Bears pick the wrong coach? OR wrong GM or Both?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

From the other options we had and or can Marc trestman right this team.

59 1356 ChicagoBearsSinceBirth 10/21/14 11:08 AM
by: TheUFan

Kyle long upset over the Boo's

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Just saw an interview where he said it's unacceptable to hear boo's being down two possessions

24 739 Northsiders 10/20/14 11:37 PM
by: Muntz

More Impressive 40: Clowney, Donald, or Vernon Davis?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

For reference: Clowney - 6'6", 266, 4.53 Donald - 6'1", 285, 4.68 Davis -

40 1754 OsidiousTheEmphatic 10/20/14 5:25 PM
by: lagos777

Peyton Manning

Multiple Pages 1 2 

1 TD already, 1 more to tie, 2 for the record. ....

28 481 Cubfan41 10/20/14 4:13 PM
by: Cubfan41

DickFingers back in the NFCN

Lions just signed him.....not sure why.

5 407 AxleFoley 10/20/14 4:07 PM
by: AxleFoley

Kyle Fuller: broken hand, hip pointer

Don't shoot the messenger...

19 776 Muntz 10/20/14 12:06 PM
by: FloridaBearsFan

Is it safe to say...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

1) Lamarr Houston is a total bust?  7 games, 7 tackles, zero sacks.  Half the time I forget we

22 740 Muntz 10/20/14 11:50 AM
by: Cubfan41

Are the Cowboys for real? And other teams including us alot of ?

I know it's off topic but wow alot of crazyness this season with some suprising starts for

11 472 ChicagoBearsSinceBirth 10/20/14 11:01 AM
by: 638507


Multiple Pages 1 2 

That's how some of our guys seem to approach the game.  That's cool though.  It's not like they

20 812 chicagoHOOSIER 10/20/14 9:32 AM
by: nkilzer
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