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Halas Hotel: All Bears, All the Time

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Hey guys, As some of you might have noticed, a new BETA Forum option showed up on the Forums

3 286 js11342 8/26/14 5:20 PM
by: skepticalbear

PinnedBear Report Site Survey

Hello! We know many of you have strong opinions about how we could improve Bear Report the

0 301 js11342 8/4/14 2:47 PM
by: js11342


There are many folks that post here from different teams who share different perspectives. At

0 6059 js11342 3/15/11 11:32 AM
by: js11342


Bear Report has a Facebook fan page and Twitter page. Both are updated daily with all the

5 10478 js11342 4/19/13 2:26 PM
by: grumpyybear

HotSky is falling.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

That is all.  Let's ignore the positives(we saw plenty today to be honest), and highlight to

120 1273 outkasted2006 Today 8:17 AM
by: skepticalbear

Dallas up 24-0 on the Saints

After being the worst defense in the NFL last year. I hear their DC is pretty good.

17 509 FloridaBearsFan Today 8:09 AM
by: Anytime23

HotSuh to bears?

Multiple Pages 1 2 Sounds like they think Chicago will make a

34 1304 FireMillen05 Today 8:01 AM
by: FireMillen05

Not the same ol Jay

Everyone is waiting for the day when Cutler will be 'good Jay' every game and 'bad Jay' will be

3 173 gregalynch Today 7:54 AM
by: Cubfan41

Free Video: Bears Report

Jeremy and I met today to chat about how the first quarter of the season has been for the

1 73 BethLong Yesterday 11:55 PM
by: BearsnHB

A little love for the Orange Dino?

AKA the Black Unicorn AKA everyones best friend AKA Martellus Bennett This guy has been one

10 384 Anytime23 Yesterday 11:39 PM
by: outkasted2006

Hotre Mel Tucker

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Is it time to start eating crow and apologise to badmel ? I'm feeling it. 

99 1276 lagos777 Yesterday 10:10 PM
by: marlon48

HotNever forced a punt!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Disgusting!!  This defense still sucks.  Aaron "smiley" Rodgers just sitting back

36 1158 busarider28 Yesterday 8:26 PM
by: FloridaBearsFan

What is with the refs?

I am not blaming the refs for our **** performance today.  I want to make that perfectly

16 776 ghostd00d Yesterday 7:40 PM
by: TexasBearsFan

HotOne Overlooked Bum

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Tons of posts on this and other message boards have crucified Conte, but one player on D who

28 834 GameBear Yesterday 7:25 PM
by: Muntz

stops short of the marker

Tackles short of the 1st down marker (or goal line when it's goal-to-go) are not necessarily

0 86 638507 Yesterday 6:38 PM
by: 638507

what wrong bears def-backup

let me question for bears how came hot game last week what do u mean different GB stink ever my

6 260 BOB1961 Yesterday 6:03 PM
by: Muntz

The difference in the 38-17 drubbing


17 576 DaBallCoach Yesterday 6:03 PM
by: Pendulum

Bears Defense: A quick stats review through 4 games

Since we've made it through a quarter of the season, I thought I would take a moment to look at

1 140 skepticalbear Yesterday 5:04 PM
by: Anytime23

Jared Allen Out

He has the flu and will be replaced by Young.

12 487 FloridaBearsFan Yesterday 4:31 PM
by: BearsnHB

Bizzarro World

I am ashamed of how bad this loss made me feel . Back to back Bear killers (Farve &

2 242 plank46 Yesterday 2:30 PM
by: skepticalbear

NFCN - Predicted Order of Finish

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...11 12 13 

(yes, I had to change the title... it was bugging me) Rank the division at season's end:

253 2660 Behr34 Yesterday 9:17 AM
by: njc41980

Who set the DL bar again?

Bueller? Bueller?

12 714 TexasBearsFan Yesterday 8:23 AM
by: ChuckF

Coaching vs Personnel vs Ability

I watch the Bears and can't help but be frustrated. We apparently have grade A talent on offense

11 490 SDBearsfan Yesterday 2:25 AM
by: Muntz

Is it really a rivalry?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Is it really a rivalry if one person ALWAYS beats another? If a job ALWAYS goes to another? If

23 1138 chicago bear jim 9/28/14 7:33 PM
by: chicago bear jim

HotGame 4 Discussion Thread - MIERDA - L 38-17

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...23 24 25 

After two successful, but bruising trips to either coast, the Bears return home to face their

485 1233 skepticalbear 9/28/14 5:34 PM
by: tonusaitis

It's Packers Week!!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Thoughts on how we match up and what to expect in this game? Hopefully we get Ratliff back I

50 1367 ChicagoBearsSinceBirth 9/28/14 4:39 PM
by: Anytime23

Predictions Bears - Milk Fungus 9/28

I predicted earlier that Bears win 30 - 17. Here's how they do it ( at least in part ): 2

2 251 GOAT34forever 9/28/14 4:31 PM
by: skepticalbear

Should Bears double Jordy Nelson?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Detroit essentially did. They dared them to run and their line stopped them. Rodgers doesn't

21 1166 ditka80 9/28/14 4:21 PM
by: skepticalbear

Opposite day

This team is the living incarnation of it. Instead of a great defense, great special teams,

4 180 skepticalbear 9/28/14 3:05 PM
by: skepticalbear

This is not a rivalry

Can people please stop calling this a rivalry until we are able to consistently beat the Packers

3 273 illini4485 9/28/14 2:41 PM
by: idiosyncronaut

Packers,Vikings, and Lions Gameday thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

All three games on for me. Meaning get to watch the entire Central division. Yeah I said

134 1213 outkasted2006 9/28/14 1:40 PM
by: skepticalbear

OT: Ryder Cup

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Anyone watching the Ryder Cup this weekend?  I realize not everyone enjoys watching Golf.

28 462 outkasted2006 9/28/14 11:53 AM
by: skepticalbear

Heading to Cheeseland...

My wife and I will soon be angling down to Madison from the Twin Cities to take in a Badger game

6 261 Behr34 9/28/14 10:27 AM
by: chicagoHOOSIER

Is Jeffery really not on the injury report?

I can't find it? I know this is a simple answer but I thought hamstrings linger as injuries? And

10 451 ditka80 9/28/14 9:19 AM
by: DaKnuckles

Position Coaches (DL & LB)

Might be too soon on this but I think Pasqualoni (DL) and Herring (LB) are having a definite

3 267 Muntz 9/27/14 6:55 PM
by: chicago23fan

Good bars

Hey guys. I am flying out to Chicago on Saturday for the week and am off to the packers game.

16 435 pacey121 9/27/14 7:48 AM
by: Northsiders

Alright ! Get to watch Bears v. Pukeheads at home ...

instead of venturing down to Ye Olde Watering Hole this Sunday. It's Fox's early game here in

3 224 GOAT34forever 9/26/14 5:36 PM
by: Cubfan41

The torch has been passed

The Peanut Punch to the Fuller Fist. Tillman has taken this kid under his wing to teach him how

15 604 AxleFoley 9/26/14 4:48 PM
by: GOAT34forever

Two new LB's added: Manning and Sharpton

Is McClellin injured worse than thought ? Or is this just prelude to the end of the SM

13 738 GOAT34forever 9/26/14 10:38 AM
by: TexasBearsFan

LockedGame 3 Discussion Thread - Pyrrhic Victory - W 27-19

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...31 32 33 

Bears head into the Meadowlands for a Monday night game against the Jets. The Jets front 7

657 1074 skepticalbear 9/26/14 6:56 AM
by: jimmyray78
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