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Quick Thoughts


Posted: 7/22/2014 1:39 AM

Quick Thoughts 

1) Look, I love Evan Gattis. Great story. Great young man. Love his talent. BUT, he is going to belong in the American League. Will he be Atlanta's catcher in three years? Will he be the starting catcher the year the Braves move into the new stadium? No. No way. He'll be 30 then. So trade him. Trade him for David Price. You put him on the table and Tampa Bay would be nuts to say not to that - a catcher who can hit and be a DH that is under control for four more years? Holy crap. They ought to jump on that.

2) Good Lord get this team another reliever - or two. The bullpen needs help. Luis Avilan is in AAA. Ian Thomas is now in AA. I know they'll get one. Can't wait to discover which one it will be. Sure, I'd love Andrew Miller, but so would 10 other teams.

3) Jose Peraza got three more hits Monday night. He's hitting .349 on the season with both clubs. He's 20. He's 20. Did I say he's 20? Amazing prospect.

4) Tommy La Stella isn't going to give his spot away, but man it's hard to imagine Peraza not being the starting second baseman next season.

5) Andrelton Simmons can certainly play defense, and I needed no statistic to tell me that.

6) So Justin Upton didn't hustle on a play Monday night. That's not good.

7) Dan Uggla is a SF Giant. Good for him. Glad he's gone, but we will see what happens.

8) Julio Teheran is a stud. Ace pitcher. Very good young arm.

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  • markrob19
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Posted: 7/22/2014 6:02 AM

Re: Quick Thoughts 

I agree with your general premise regarding Gattis, but trading him for pitching would be a huge mistake.

We are 6th in MLB in pitching ERA and 25th in MLB in batting OPS.  Evan is our best hitter.  Trading him for a pitcher would just make us a weaker hitting team than we already are.

We don't need an "ace" (as far as I'm concerned our ace is Teheran) - we need more hitters.
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Posted: 7/22/2014 7:21 AM

Re: Quick Thoughts 

Not sure where an upgrade hitter could play. I'm not sure where the answer lies.

* position can't be changed or won't be changed this season

* CF Stuck with that contract...can't improve or move contract
* RF Has been productive his past 60 games: .288 (67-for-233), .371 OBP w/ 18 XBH (7 HR), 30 RBI, 35 R. He's 8-for-17 w/ 4 XBH in past 4 games when I got these stats. Defense can't be replaced.
* LF streaky and produces does his part
* 1B best hitter streaky. All star no offense upgrade here
* 2B been hot hitter since call up so no offense upgrade here. * Has already been upgraded
* SS defense and not going anywhere so no offense upgrade here
* C Gattis Bethancourt good offense with Gattis team was 11-7 without him recently
3B battled for batting title last year has been hot hitter lately. Been hitting 6-7 most of year. Best 6-7 hitting 3B Option I can think of

The bats are here. The timely hitting has not been in place all year. Braves could try and bring in another 3rd baseman but will that player have better timely hitting?

Braves are 16-7 with .260 batting average, 3.20 ERA and 109 runs scored in their past 23 games. If they can maintain that winning Pct. They will have no trouble winning the division.

Currently the team is 54-44 with 64 games to go. Using the current playing Pct. they are on course for 32-14 that will bring their record to 86-58 with 18 games to play. 95 wins should take the division so there is wriggle room to reach 95

Better play from BJ and LaStella are just a couple of reasons for the 16-7 record. Very poor play from BJ and Uggla held the team back.

Braves are 15-6 with B.J. Upton batting leadoff. He's hit safely in 18-of-21 games, batting .250/.298/.375 with 15 R and 6 RBI. The 15-6 record with BJ leading off also has a lot to do with Heyward hitting 5th and the play of LaStella.

What a difference a year makes for Nationals in NL East race.

Braves heading into Game 100:

2013: 56-43 (Braves had a 7 Game lead)

2014: 54-45 (Braves are 1 Game back)

Price or another top of rotation pitcher would be a difference maker for the post season when you go with only 3 starters. Choose the 3 starters you would go to war with in the playoffs currently in the rotation

My confidence level would be greater with a Price- Teheran 1-2 punch over Harang or Santana pairing with Teheran.
Atlanta Braves Clubhouse Sign: Pitching and Defense Wins

Last edited 7/22/2014 7:35 AM by WilliamJames

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Posted: 7/22/2014 8:15 AM

Re: Quick Thoughts 

I dont disagree with moving Gattis for a REALLY big return but cant see how the money works in a Price deal.
Texas, Seattle, Mariners and BoSox would seem better fits for a substantial return.

Bethancourt, during the short time up, seems a better fit in the AL where his offensive shortcomings can be covered by the DH.

Why was Peraza moved off SS?  Was it because of Simmons?  Colorado is moving in the direction of moving Tulo and then there are the Yanks and Bosox who will need a SS next year.  Remember Furcal?  Came up direct from Macon.  No reason that age alone should keep him down on the farm.

IMO there is no way both JUpton and Heyward are allowed to go into FA year at the same time.  What would each bring in return this off season?  My preference:  Keep Heyward, find a LH hitting OFer and move Upton for a solid return.
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Posted: 7/25/2014 5:10 PM

Re: Quick Thoughts 

I am also inclined to believe that Gattis is the key leverage piece we have to secure additional help. Is pitching the right choice? It would seem the AL would be the best ticket for trading him and acquiring comparable returns. Who doesn't like Price, but would he be the best match for this team? With our sporadic offense, we may be better by acquiring another young outfielder to add this arsenal to our needs, BJ leaves us vulnerable, and Justin is coming up on FA.

As for Peraza, I can't see the Braves not being much stronger with him as our starting 2B in 2015. Stella is a great asset, but does not give us what Peraza can and will. Talent  and production and quality defense with Jose win out.

Go Braves

Last edited 7/25/2014 5:11 PM by JonLog

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