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Arizona Diamondbacks

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PinnedPlace for Desi to post "Bring Back ______"

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...14 15 16 

I don't mind Desi posting short non informative posts to vent frustration, but I'm thinking she

309 4091 AzFanatic9 11/13/14 11:14 AM
by: wildcatguy1952

Pinned and LockedPosting Standards - Please Read

This is the second time I have had to write this. Post with respect or do not post.

1 2616 TheMendozaLine 09/06/07 1:43 PM
by: RedDbackWing

Diamondbacks David Peralta pointing to Monday return

David Peralta was initially hoping he could return to the lineup for tonight’s series opener

0 0 lokupe 09/12/14 6:09 AM
by: lokupe

2014 July 2nd Coverage

I just released a free notebook of what's going as this week's July 2nd signing period opens,

0 30 KileyMcDaniel 06/30/14 10:17 PM
by: KileyMcDaniel

2014 MLB Draft Board

Just posted my Draft Board, complete with a ranked top 291, 748 total players, signability

0 29 KileyMcDaniel 06/04/14 12:38 PM
by: KileyMcDaniel


Lets make it (Phoenix) again!!.. Your Diamond Backs are embarrassing the whole state!!

2 107 CroWnDAZCaT 05/07/14 6:27 PM
by: CroWnDAZCaT


"SUKS"D.BACKS.. got sucked "N2

4 76 CroWnDAZCaT 04/19/14 11:03 PM
by: CroWnDAZCaT

What would it take to get Ian Kennedy?

What can the Diamondbacks expect to get for Kennedy?

2 113 wildcatguy1952 08/02/13 7:19 AM
by: armywopilot

Diamonbacks sign Brandon Shipley

The Dbacks were able to sign Brandon Shipley under slot . So not only were they able to grab

0 121 armywopilot 06/24/13 7:08 AM
by: armywopilot

Patrick Corbin.

3.41 ERA, 3.34 FIP, 3.74 xFIP 7.60 K/9, 2.79 BB/9 47.4 GB%, .282 BABIP

2 153 AnaheimRules 06/24/13 6:58 AM
by: armywopilot

Why is this board dead?

If anyone comes on here could you tell me what board all the Dbacks fans hang out at? I figured

0 98 armywopilot 06/20/13 6:51 AM
by: armywopilot

Is BK out there again?

Just asking. Seems like the dbacks just can't close out the Yankees!

0 95 ASUsualSuspect 04/18/13 8:00 PM
by: ASUsualSuspect

DBacks sign Kyle Schepel

Just thought I'd post that the Diamondbacks made a move recently and signed RHP Kyle Schepel

1 223 KleShreen 03/30/13 7:03 PM
by: KleShreen

Help with tix for the home opener.

One of my good friends is a die hard Cardinals fan, and his wife is looking to get him tickets

0 78 McBears 12/19/12 1:09 PM
by: McBears

Trevor Bauer traded

I cannot believe that there isn't any news being wrote on how the fans fell about the Bauer

1 211 Greenberet 12/17/12 8:02 AM
by: wildcatguy1952

Upton and Montero for Granderson, Phelps, Romine, Turley plus

Upton and Montero for Granderson, Phelps, Romine, Turley and Mason Williams.  This is a 2014

1 226 karl1958 12/06/12 9:01 AM
by: JMUplayermike

Diamondbacks linked to Hiroyuki Nakajima... (SS)

Latest rumor that i heard......

0 113 JMUplayermike 11/20/12 8:07 AM
by: JMUplayermike


1.04 ERA 16Ks, 5 walks in 26 innings pitched. So glad they kept him.

9 33 AnaheimRules 10/04/12 7:08 PM
by: DrBNic

PollBest Rotation in the NL?

14 767 SirKayGee 08/03/12 8:19 AM
by: Baseballisbest

Trevor Bauer to make ML debut Thursday

Bauer will be getting his shot at the bigs.  The Diamondbacks could sure use some help in the

1 162 TheMendozaLine 06/28/12 10:33 PM
by: TheMendozaLine

2012 Draft Thread

With about three weeks remaining til the Amateur Draft, its time for my annual draft thread! I

6 335 Dbackgod 06/08/12 1:02 PM
by: Dbackgod


The Dbacks have joined the Astros as the 2 teams in the forefront of the '1 NL team to the AL

14 641 Dbackgod 06/04/12 7:33 PM
by: SirKayGee

What's up with the Diamondbacks?

Any thoughts?  They are now 11 1/2 games back of the front running Dodgers and are only

2 170 TheMendozaLine 06/01/12 8:55 AM
by: SirKayGee

Archie Bradley

From yesterday's chat : 3:26 Comment From Evan Ok seriously, what is wrong

0 134 SirKayGee 06/01/12 8:52 AM
by: SirKayGee

Prospects/Minor Leagues

Figured I'd start a thread to post random bits about various prospects and minor league news.

6 22 Dbackgod 05/18/12 9:55 AM
by: Dbackgod

Giants vs Diamondbacks

Game one to the snakes and some much needed power.  Game two to the Giants behind some very

1 157 TheMendozaLine 05/13/12 7:21 AM
by: desifan

Cardinals vs Diamondbacks

So far, so bad.  The only real bright spot was the 6th run inning in game one.  The rest has

2 215 TheMendozaLine 05/12/12 12:34 PM
by: desifan

Diamondbacks @ Nationals

Game one to the snakes!  Cahill pitched a terrific game and Montero and Goldschmidt had solid

3 233 TheMendozaLine 05/06/12 6:53 AM
by: desifan

Diamondback @ Mets

The Diamondbacks head to the "Big Apple" to take on the surprisingly halfway decent

2 238 TheMendozaLine 05/06/12 6:50 AM
by: desifan

Injury Explosion

Yesterday, 3 different players are likely going on the DL. 1) Geoff Blum has already been

8 30 Dbackgod 04/29/12 9:36 AM
by: desifan

What has the first week shown us??

Obviously we've only played 4 games, but we've seen some revealing things already that should

8 18 Dbackgod 04/17/12 1:51 PM
by: Dbackgod

NL West Predictions

Anybody want to take a stab?  I only know three things about the 2012 NL West: 1) The Padres

5 26 SirKayGee 04/16/12 11:30 PM
by: TheMendozaLine

Reserve catcher

Buster Olney says Arizona is looking for a reserve catcher.  Is that true?

9 23 wildcatguy1952 03/29/12 1:21 PM
by: Dbackgod

Question about Chase Field

A few buddies and I are taking a roadtrip out west this summer and are stopping by Chase Field

1 52 MTowho 03/28/12 5:52 AM
by: SirKayGee


Many of you probably know that Trevor Cahill is 0-3 with a 7.88 ERA so far this spring.  You may

2 26 SirKayGee 03/26/12 9:17 PM
by: SirKayGee

Top 50 Diamondbacks Prospects's prospect rankings can now be accessed by everyone: Top 50 Diamondbacks

15 66 SirKayGee 02/23/12 2:30 PM
by: Dbackgod's Top 100 Prospects

Only three Diamondbacks crack Scout's Top 100, but each of them rank among the top 40:

3 272 SirKayGee 01/25/12 8:06 PM
by: SirKayGee

Joe Saunders non-tender candidate?

He is according to, although with the caveat that not all of the 50 players

11 496 oltrex 01/20/12 6:10 PM
by: SirKayGee

6 weeks to Spring Training

What positions on the major league roster still need to be filled and what positions are better

2 215 wildcatguy1952 01/05/12 3:22 PM
by: Dbackgod

What now??

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

So '11 was an overwhelming success for the Dbacks, but we obviously still came up short in the

54 645 Dbackgod 12/22/11 6:52 PM
by: AnaheimRules
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