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Sad but true.......think before you vote....

Six trivia questions to see how much history you really know.  Be honest, it's kinda fun and

1 287 ltcpilot 4/3/14 8:49 AM
by: tommike

So true........hahahahaha

During  the 3-1/2 years of World War 2 that started with the Japanese bombing of Pearl  Harbor

0 222 ltcpilot 12/26/13 3:35 PM
by: ltcpilot

Kettani Receives Hate Mail

No doubt from most of the Navy regulars on here who deem their service at a higher level than

10 1304 TXZoomie 7/9/13 6:50 AM
by: SplendidSplinter99

Military personnel past & present please visit my new page.

Please check out our new page which was launched just a few days ago. We ask that you post your

0 307 SealDawg 6/27/13 9:39 AM
by: SealDawg

EVERYONE PLEASE READ: Post by "application" has been

Due to this spam attack on the network Post by "application" has been activated.  This

0 343 FalconsReport 5/15/13 8:57 AM
by: FalconsReport

Humor Political/Other w/ FB but no AF BBall/Hockey

Left side and right side....   Left side.........................

2 896 ltcpilot 8/28/12 11:44 AM
by: 72EagleDriver

Very introspective look at Alex Means: Cadet/Linebacker/Dad!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

An interesting story line on a very good AF football player.  First time I had heard of this

32 2487 ltcpilot 7/17/12 7:31 AM
by: mikey269

any concern for fires approaching AFA? The pictures posted on

on yahoo's news feed is scary. The caption reads AFA has evacuated the living quarters on

0 536 boniou 6/27/12 5:25 PM
by: boniou

cold cases on KRDO 13 tonight 7 May 10 pm

Tonight KRDO channel 13 (i think?) is going to be doing a spot on the still unsolved case of my

1 743 HoustonAFAfan 5/22/12 11:47 AM
by: ltcpilot

NON-Sports....Let's all move to Cali and go on Vacation

Very interesting, shocking with the 'wow' factor.  Family member is high up in a California

0 589 ltcpilot 5/22/12 11:47 AM
by: ltcpilot

0 72 referringyou 4/15/12 11:02 PM
by: referringyou

Penn State/Sandusky Scandal

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Anyone else following the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State Scandal? We've all seen cheating and

20 1968 FoursIn 11/10/11 5:04 AM
by: GUS007

LockedTC and KN Coach Comparison

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I respect coach KN, but I have to question his post game comments.  Ripping on the refs and

34 1608 falcongoggles 10/2/11 9:57 PM
by: ltcpilot

Happy Birthday

Just thought I'd drop by and say happy birthday to the United States Air Force! I made a pit

1 584 Metallicat 9/23/11 10:21 AM
by: ltcpilot


Hey all come watch my video parody of jim carrey's message to emma is hilarious

0 645 lynzihale 8/25/11 3:52 PM
by: lynzihale

Class of 2016

AF is enjoying early success in recruiting.  Only SA with reported verbal commits as of  20 Jul

6 3744 BlueRob2003 7/21/11 5:29 AM
by: GoFalcs

For those of you that are battling physical pain

Hey Guys, I just moved to Colorado Springs Area and I am seeing if you guys can help me out

0 627 MMS2011 7/12/11 1:52 PM
by: MMS2011

Unanswered Questions For TurboG

Reposted from 8 May 11 - "Note of interest: BYU has Armed Forces Bowl invite" In

8 908 BlueRob2003 7/9/11 11:22 AM
by: TurboG


We need to show more sympathy for these people. * They travel miles in the heat. * They risk

0 752 ChicagoBlueSilver 6/3/11 5:05 PM
by: ChicagoBlueSilver

hey WGLAP....MC navy footballer goal: "to go pro" -

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

given Lap's concern for "taxpayer dollars" during his recent criticism of Ben

50 3042 cs09viking 5/30/11 7:54 PM
by: FledglingFalcon

LockedBen Garland to stay at Academy

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Ben Garland passes on pilot training with NFL dreams alive March 31st, 2011, 9:42 am by

80 2660 ltcpilot 4/6/11 5:28 PM
by: ltcpilot

04USNA302's Challenge

04USNA0302 Member but lurking 6 posts this site Ignore this Member Send

15 1428 BlueRob2003 4/6/11 3:26 PM
by: BlueRob2003

Want to pick a good fight?

This has nothing to do with NCAA sports.It has everything to do with helping save a cultural

5 964 CamdenMark 3/24/11 2:48 PM
by: CamdenMark

Medal of Honor Winner Passes Away........We should remember

Thoughts and Prayers to the family and friends of this true American Hero.....Never forget those

1 821 ltcpilot 3/15/11 4:27 PM
by: FledglingFalcon

Great thoughts on being an American

this has been around but it well worth a second shot......   At a time when some

4 1389 ltcpilot 3/6/11 8:00 PM
by: F16Jock

LockedGraduating Seniors' Assignments

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...7 8 9 

Last week, with 100 days until graduation, the Air Force seniors found out their service

160 3342 BlueRob2003 2/24/11 8:17 PM
by: ltcpilot

We have Mikey watching our Academy, Navy has Tate

Many of my classmates did not have the best training to attend USAFA directly. They were sent to

5 1301 M2Falcon 2/24/11 1:01 PM
by: ChicagoBlueSilver

Ever wonder why Navy chose a goat as its mascot? Me either.

0 762 F16Jock 2/11/11 4:42 PM
by: F16Jock

Most Embarrassing Loss Ever

Okay, we have had lots of threads of "Best Win Ever," or "Top Ten Falcon

1 958 81Stalagian 1/18/11 7:22 PM
by: FledglingFalcon

favorite flight video games at the Academy

Hey guys, Is there a big video gaming scene at the academy with some cadets? Excuse my

0 718 byudog1 10/28/10 3:53 PM
by: byudog1

Question - Is Air Force to Indy a possibility?

Being a Hawaii guy, and reading about the possible future happenings in the WAC and MWC, what

0 903 jediwarrior 10/11/10 12:06 PM
by: jediwarrior

Dont' read this post, Irrelevant to Air Force Football

I just have to say this.  I hate the Yankees.  I hate, really hate, everything about the

7 1066 Jinx02 10/8/10 11:27 AM
by: feelthethunder1

Best prep schools

I want to get my kid into AF. Anyone have a recommendation for a good prep school? My

0 806 oasislive 9/9/10 7:04 PM
by: oasislive

Proud Father!!! have a look!!! Rylee is 10, and in the gifted

0 910 Thomas1096 9/2/10 1:34 PM
by: Thomas1096

Nice story about two brothers at/going to USAFA

Brothers taking Air Force Academy route to the skies Valencia County News Bulletin

0 865 ltcpilot 5/22/10 10:46 AM
by: ltcpilot

Interesting look at Academies vs ROTC

Op-Ed Contributor The Academies’ March Toward Mediocrity By BRUCE FLEMING

0 1062 ltcpilot 5/21/10 7:34 AM
by: ltcpilot

Sully's Miracle on the Hudson

Credit to VARSGOAT on the Navy board for finding this.  A simulation of Sully's water landing.

6 1659 AFRugger 2/13/10 11:45 AM
by: FledglingFalcon


thread says it all...........

0 1145 ltcpilot 2/1/10 10:12 AM
by: ltcpilot

Drafting Guys over 60...definately a DogFight thread!

The truth and nothing but the on...(not intended to offend anyone)

1 1122 ltcpilot 1/24/10 7:09 AM
by: 72EagleDriver

AF's next charter that Minneapolis?

What?   It's my that Minneapolis? BEAT THE RAMS

0 1135 ltcpilot 1/7/10 8:23 PM
by: ltcpilot
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