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USU has offered Keanau Post

Posted: 10/22/2010 10:13 PM

USU has offered Keanau Post -keanau-post-–-westwind-prep/

Looks like a good sized kid. Would really make the 2012 class complete.
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Posted: 1/29/2011 12:41 PM

Re: USU has offered Keanau Post 

If the kid chooses your college over WSU, then wish you the best, as the kid seems like a really good kid,and Utah State is a good College.

BUT, the kid is not likely to choose USU. WSU is in the PAC 10, soon to be PAC 12. As long as coach Ken Bone is coach, WSU will win 15 to 25 games each and every year with NCAA,NIT,CBI appearances almost every year.

WSU's big man situation is such that right now there is a hole at the 4 spot next to D Angelo Casto, altho Brock Motum would probably fill that hole if he develops,improves and if Bone gives him more playing time,insteadof playing Abe Lodwick who is a roleplayer at best.

So Keanau as a JC tarnsfer would fill that hole and would be good for both the kid and WSU, as he would probably flourish and star and shine and get lots of playing time and develop and improve under coach bone.

Also, the kid would get more prime time exposure on TV at WSU in the Pac 12. Also there is a good family atmosphere amongst the players,coach,fans,community,

and last but not least Coach Bone is a very good recruiter,with a honest,classy,likable personality,who will probably be at WSU for the next 8 to 15 years, and actively recruiting the kid.(if he wasnt,we the fans would be questioning him,as some of us dont think he has brought in enough big men and has brought in way to many guards)

So you can be sure Bone is going to be making the selling points, I have made above as to why he should choose WSU over USU.

So if I was the kid, i would WSU easily over USU. But I am not the kid. So he might choose USU, if he has some special connection to USU, or a emotional bond with the coaches,fans,players at USU.

So there is like a 13 to 25% chance that he could choose USU over WSU, but its not very likely, and he is more likely to choose WSU over USU.

So dont get your hopes up, or you will probably be disappointed.

But if he does choose USU. then I wish you and him all the best.

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Posted: 1/30/2011 3:41 AM

Re: USU has offered Keanau Post 

WSU has nothing that USU doesn't except for a good conference. USU wins 25-30 games every year. The coach will be there until he retires, despite schools like WSU trying to hire him.

USU has a hole in their 4 spot they need filled quickly. Our coach is a great big man coach. He is 6 foot 8 and easily one of the top coaches in college basketball.
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