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A message from's CEO


Posted: 8/10/2014 9:19 PM

A message from's CEO 

Dear user:

As the original founder of, Rivals and NFL Exclusive, I made a decision to return to my roots and purchase Scout back from Fox. I'm now in the process of re-launching the company with a team of executives, engineers and veteran content professionals, to bring back to you, the fans, the original vision of Scout and deliver you the highest-quality experience possible.

The dream started in the early ’90s, producing team-specific products and eventually, followed by, and it came from the understanding that big media isn't built to connect with the heart and soul of a true fan. Whether it's a life-long Notre Dame football follower, a true blue Cowboy fan or an ACC basketball die-hard, I learned long ago that the product needs to be operated and produced at the local, team level.

The irony is that both of our networks, after being turned over to major media companies, lost touch with the true team fan. The love and understanding just wasn't there. The truth is that this kind of network just doesn't fit into a major media operating plan. Fans need concentrated focus by an army of believers at the top. So, we're back to make that reality possible for fans everywhere.

I couldn't be happier to be back! And after years of operating as a senior executive for public media companies, Scout now has access to the talent and leadership capable of delivering what fans need, from a product standpoint, and all of us no longer have the big media conflict. 

Our focus is now 100%! We have that same passion for this idea that a fan has for their favorite team and now Scout members and fans will fully realize the amazing opportunity of bringing together their best friends into a single place, for their favorite team, but with the same capabilities that a world-class technical platform can deliver, from mobile, video, player feeds, social and other capabilities.

Fans should enjoy the improvements already, which will continue to be added monthly going forward. One thing I can promise you, 100% of our focus will be on delivering you a product that won't be available anywhere else.

We're in beta right now, mid-reconstruction, but by September 1, we launch several other capabilities that will help you connect easier and by the end of the year, you won't recognize this place!

Please take the time to get to know our world-class team—they are all now working for you! We've all chosen to leave some of the biggest jobs in the industry, from multi-billion dollar media companies, so we can focus on helping you enjoy what you love about sports!  

One more thing we want you all to think about. The Internet, with all of its distribution power and technical capabilities, certainly has enriched our lives, but there's been a price to pay as well. Publishing systems have allowed "fake" journalists to flourish. People, literally sitting at home thousands of miles away from the field, have been producing content and posing as experts. 

That lack of authenticity definitely sells you short, and so now with Scout's resources and experience running serious sports networks, we promise to deliver to you press-credentialed, professional content providers. This will be a major media experience from a quality standpoint, with genuine expert insights coming directly from inside the locker rooms, on the field and then relayed to you. It's not just technology that's important. When it comes to content, it's the experience, the relationships, professional training and access that makes the information benefit the true fan. 

Thanks for your years of support. Some of you have been participating in content from this team, as far back as 1987, when we ran a small team magazine - so thank you and enjoy!

- Jim Heckman, CEO

Twitter:  @joshharveyscout

Last edited 8/10/2014 10:20 PM by JoshHarvey

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