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**** REVISED Big Red Report Rules ****


Posted: 10/30/2012 11:05 PM

**** REVISED Big Red Report Rules **** 


Keep it civil. People will always disagree. But we ask that you respectfully disagree. Let me say it again…..respectfully disagree. That means disagree with the content of a post, not attacking the poster. If your post is about a person posting instead of the topic at hand, or the topic is about an individual poster, it will be deleted. If you make it personal, it will be deleted.

Name calling and personal attacks. It’s the quickest way to have your post deleted. If you can’t make your post without attacking a poster or calling them names, don’t post it. It’s the #1 problem we’ve had on the boards. It alienates people and affects the quality of the board.

The best of the rest:


A. Do not post ANY premium information from this site on other sites. This includes name of a player. Yes, a name is premium information. Sometimes that is the most information there is. To give away is a break in the rules.

B. Do not post premium information from other sites on this site.

C. Citing a story from another site is okay -- provided you link the article and attribute the corresponding author and website that produced the work. "Summarizing" is frowned upon, but fair-use laws typically allow a short summary of an article, provided you do not completely remove the point of reading the entire work on account of the summary.

D. Do not -- under any circumstances -- "paste" an entire article (free or subscription-based) here or anywhere else. All articles should be linked, and use of up to one quote is permitted, provided it's sourced properly.


A. Do not bring information for other sites here especially premium sites. Please keep discussion to a minimum about competitive sites. We understand we do not live in a vacuum, but we ask that people do not sling mud at opposing websites, as we are not looking to belittle anyone. Likewise, we expect people will not promote competing sites on these forums. We cannot control whether anyone else practices the same philosophy, but it's in no one's best interest to engage in a 'site war.' Nebraska is lucky enough to have a couple different places for great information and we are not here to tear anyone down or badmouth anyone.


A. Do not under any circumstance contact any current Nebraska athlete or prospective recruit. NCAA rules do not permit contact with recruits by boosters or "representatives of athletic interests," which has been interpreted by precedent as to extend to posters on an affiliated or unaffiliated website covering the team.

B. Should a recruit, or a recruit's parents, participate on a message board, no one should attempt to influence their decision or "sell" them on the idea of playing at Nebraska. Very little leeway will be given towards interaction with a recruit or their family. Questions and simple discussions are permissible, but nothing more.

C.Just a reminder on contact with recruits. Basically, unless you work for or some other accredited publication, or have been lifelong friends with the player(s), don't talk to them about coming to Nebraska, or ask them to recruit other players to come to Nebraska, or make any suggestions that Nebraska is the great place that it is.


A. Flaming -- posting with the intention of causing trouble -- will not be tolerated. A very short leash will be given to those who are only in search of stirring up problems.

B. Visitors of other sites are completely welcome, and encouraged, to post.

C. Please do not incite flames (i.e., post flame bait) with the intention of getting someone upset and possibly banned. Just as visitors should be respectful of their hosts, you should also be respectful of visitors.

D. Please do not denigrate other teams with name-calling, or use their name to in allegedly "clever," yet demeaning ways: such as using $$$ signs or messing with their name to make fun of them. This is a Nebraska board: we do not tear down the opposition in order to build ourselves up. Dignity and sportsmanship still matter here.


A. Do not post under multiple names and aliases. (Hint: Site administrators do log IP addresses on each post.)

B. Do not post under an identity that is not your own (i.e., if you're not Bo Pelini, do not claim to be him.)


A. Excessive verbal abuse of coaches or players will not be tolerated. Players, coaches and recruits, as well as their friends and relatives, do read these forums. Before posting, ask yourself if what you're about to post is something you would say to their faces (in company with your mom or little sister) -- you never know who's reading.

B. Players and recruits unfortunately are public figures, but their personal lives are still off-limits.

C. Criticism of a player or coach is within reason, but please keep it constructive. Comments such as, "I'm sorry but so-and-so *****," does not qualify as being constructive.


A. No injuries will be discussed on this board without an injury report being released from head coach Bo Pelini or someone else on the Nebraska staff. I think it's pretty easy to understand why we don't discuss potential injuries. Rumors can take off, so until it's official, we don't talk about it.


It’s not OK to abuse anybody out here, including the staff. If you don’t agree with the way we do things, inbox us or email us. Businesses don’t take care of customer service issues in the middle of the store. We’ll delete the post and/or thread. Just give us a shout. We’re always receptive.


Many subscribers are professionals and only have a few minutes out of their day while at work to get their fix. They don't  have time to wade through a lot of nonsense and clowning to get their info. A little goes a long ways. It's Hardcore Football. Let's try and keep it to that. Take the other stuff to the free boards. It doesn't belong out here.

So what is thread jacking?

To take over the content of a message thread by changing the subject of discourse to a topic outside the purview of the original subject and/or forum, while maintaining the subject line. A form of amusement for trolls. Thread jacking is distinguished from flaming, as flames are a quasi-personal attack on a poster or on a poster's style of discourse, where thread jacking is deliberately steering the discussion off topic.

Some think it's funny. We don't. If you do this on a consistent basis, you may be put on the sidelines for a while.

10.) Stop trying to beat the filter

If you have to spell a word differently to beat the filter, it shouldn't be used. From here on, everyone gets a warning. After the warning, you get a timeout. biggrin Please keep it clean. If you can't get your point across without using a swear word, you aren't trying hard enough and your point isn't probably that stellar.
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